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United States Championship

One of the original three CSWA singles titles, the US Championship has undergone a convoluted history of its own. It became synonymous with Mark Windham in the CSWA's early years; so much so that when he originally retired in 1991, the title went with him and replaced by the National Championship.

In 1993, after being stripped of the National Title, Mark Windham brought back the US belt, leading to both titles being defended in the league. In 1994, the titles were combined to created the USN Championship, which lasted until the CSWA closure in Summer 1997.

When the CSWA returned in Spring 1998, the title was reverted to the original name, the United States Championship.

United States Championship Kin Hiroshi
PRIMETIME in Miami (04/17/2006)
Actually changed hands in January 2006 on the PRIMETIME POOLJAM Tour (aka CRUISE of DECEPTION), Hiroshi's win did not air until April 17.


United States Championship Hornet (5)
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2004: CSWA15 (03/28/2004)


United States Championship Tom Adler
BATTLE of the BELTS XVII (05/31/2003)


United States Championship Shane Southern
FISH FUND XIII (08/03/2002)
Shane Southern defeats champion Hornet, Dan Ryan and "Triple X" Sean Stevens in a Fatal Four Way to capture the US Title.


United States Championship Hornet (4)
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2001 (12/31/2001)


United States Championship Havoc
Havoc defeats current champion Lawrence Stanley and former champion Blade in a triangle match at ANNIVERSARY 2000. Havoc later vacates the title in 2001 due to injuries.


United States Championship "The English Gent" Lawrence Stanley
SHOWTIME in Philadelphia (03/17/2000)


United States Championship Blade
SHOWTIME in Houston (11/30/1999)


United States Championship Nemesis (2)
SuperPRIMETIME POOLJAM in Nassau (08/17/1999)
Nemesis defeats former champion Steve Radder and current champion Randy Harders to begin his second reign at US Champion.


United States Championship "The Hard One" Randy Harders
SHOWTIME in Long Island (06/12/1999)


United States Championship "Iceman" Steve Radder
BATTLE of the BELTS XVI: Personal Business


United States Championship Nemesis
PRIMETIME in Lincoln (02/18/1999)


United States Championship "Total Elimination" Eli Flair
ELVIS LIVES XI (01/24/1999)
Eli Flair defeats US Champion Kevin Powers and Eliminator in a Triangle Match at ELVIS LIVES XI: One More Time.


United States Championship "Good God" Kevin Powers
FISH FUND XII (08/10/1998)
The United States Championship is revived when the CSWA returns to action. Kevin Powers defeats Preacher, Mark Vizzack and Eliminator in a one night "Elite Eight" Tournament to crown a new US Champion for the new era of the CSWA.


US-National Championship Julius Godreign
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 1997 (04/28/1997)
After defeating Joe Massacre in the semifinals, Masked Man #3 reveals himself as Julius Godreign in a losing effort against GUNS in the finals of the CSWA World Championship Tournament. He is awarded the USN Championship.

The title reign is short-lived. Godreign retires the title in August 1997 when the CSWA shuts down amid Chad Merritt's legal woes when he is charged with killing the Red Midget.


US-National Championship "Mr. Magnificent" Tom Adler
August 1996


US-National Championship Scotty Michaels (2)
BATTLE of the BELTS XIV: Holy Smokes! (07/12/1996)


US-National Championship Aaron Reno
PRIMETIME in Boston (06/02/1996)


US-National Championship Mike Randalls


US-National Championship Scotty Michaels
A CSWA Christmas (12/25/1995)


US-National Championship "Muppet Kid" Timmy Windham
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular 1995
In the "Windham Triangle Match," Timmy defeats Mark and Troy Windham to become the new USN Champion.


US-National Championship Mark Windham
ELVIS LIVES IX (09/23-24/1995)


US-National Championship Bonecrusher (2)
FISH FUND X (07/04/1995)


US-National Championship HEAT
PRIMETIME on The Consummate Tour (June 1995)


US-National Championship Bonecrusher
WINTER'S WARRIORS VI: Trial By Fire (03/06/1995)
Bonecrusher defeates Joey Melton as part of the FIREHOUSE match at WW6.


US-National Championship Joey Melton (3)
Post-PRIMETIME in San Diego (December 1994)


US-National Championship Flic Rair
BATTLE of the BELTS X: The Fall Classic (11/12/1994)
Flic Rair finishes as the runner-up to Mike Randalls in the Enterprises World Championship Tournament and is awarded the USN Title.


US-National Championship Joey Melton (2)
SuperPRIMETIME in Greensboro (09/24/1994)
Melton defeats Prosser to win his second USN Title as part of SuperPRIMETIME in Greensboro: Pre-ANNIVERSARY Bash. CSWA management orders the title vacated (along with all other CSWA titles, not including the UNIFIED Title) on November 1, 1994, following the CSWA's European tour.


US-National Championship Avery Prosser
PRIMETIME in Norfolk (09/09/1994)


US-National Championship Joey Melton
LABOR DAY LAYOUT (09/04/1994)
On the second day of LABOR DAY LAYOUT '94, Joey Melton defeats Mike Roiter to win his first USN Title. Joey becomes the first wrestler to hold all three "US" Titles (United States, National, USN).


US-National Championship Mike Roiter
LABOR DAY LAYOUT (09/04/1994)
Mike Roiter becomes the first US-National Champion by virtue of being the runner-up to Mark Windham in the Unified World Tournament held as part of the two-day LABOR DAY LAYOUT '94: Memphis Mystery event.


United States Championship Hornet (2)
CSWA COMEBACK: Going Through the Graceland Gates
Hornet retires the title October 24, 1993 after winning the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS and becoming the first UNIFIED World Heavyweight Champion. The US Title is merged with the National Championship in June 1994.


National Championship Mark Windham (2)
Long Live The King Tour (early October 1993)
In June 1994, after a savage, unprovoked attack on Mike Roiter's father, Jack, Windham is forced to retire the belt. The National Championship is merged with the United States Title to create the US-National (USN) Championship.


National Championship Kerry Bonds
House Show (September 1993)


United States Championship HEAT
ELVIS LIVES VII (08/09/1993)


United States Championship Mark Windham (4)
June 1993
After being stripped of the National Title, Mark Windham revives the US Title, beginning his fourth reign as US Champion.


National Championship Steven Flair
SUPERCLASH '93 (06/11/1993)
Steven Flair is awarded the belt by CSWA officials after a disputed match against Mark Windham.


National Championship Mark Windham
FISH FUND VII (06/26/1992)


National Championship Mickey Benedict (2)
ELVIS LIVES Celebration V (05/30/1992)


National Championship M.G.
BATTLE of the BELTS V (01/20/92)


National Championship Mickey Benedict
House Show (12/06/1991)


National Championship Joey Melton
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular (11/30/1991)
On Day 3 of TWS 1991, Joey Melton defeats Mickey Benedict in a tournament to determine the first National Champion.


United States Championship Mark Windham (3)
January 1991
Mark Windham wins the US Title for the third time. In October 1991, Windham retires the belt when he retires from wrestling.


United States Championship Joey Melton
January 1991


United States Championship Terminator
WINTER'S WARRIORS (December 1990)


United States Championship Mark Windham (2)
FISH FUND Telethon (August 1990)


United States Championship Safari Sakan
Monkees Musical Celebration II (June 1990)


United States Championship Mark Windham
ELVIS LIVES Comeback Special (June 1988)


United States Championship Monte Farriss
ELVIS LIVES Celebration (June 1988)


United States Championship Hornet
May 1988


United States Championship Jay Youngblood
April 1988
Jay Youngblood defeats Big Wesley Slack in the first United States Championship Tournament.


Footnotes on Title Histories

1.  Title histories are listed in reverse order.  For active titles, the current champion will be listed first. 

2.  Numbers in parentheses ( ) denote the number of times a wrestler has held that title.  Please note that the count restarts if the title changes name.  Example:  if Mark Windham has held both the United States and National Championships and then wins the US Title again, his entry would be noted as United States Championship (2); the National Championship is counted as distinct, even though they may be similar or eventually merged.  The same is true in the case of the UNIFIED World and CSWA World Titles.

3.  Every effort has been made to keep these as accurate as possible.  Please notify us if you come across any discrepancies.  Due to the volume of records and incidents like the July 2001 server crash, some entries may be incomplete.  In these cases, out-of-roleplay notes may accompany the entry.