in Houston

November 30,  1999

Eli Flair/Deacon vs. Playboys Inc.


(Fade in on the backstage area. JT Tyler is pacing, as if waiting for something. And something happens - a knock at the door...)

JT: Come in.

(The door opens, to reveal the Swat Team, Colt and Beretta, as well as "Hurricane" Roger Powell. They shake hands with Tyler like old friends...)

Colt: So what's the situation, JT?

JT: Man... that bastard Peacekeeper stole my Thunder mask. And I'd like your help getting it back. Nobody should question your being here, I got clearance from that Vizzachero guy for you two to have a match tonight.

Colt: What? You know we're not ready. We can't be ready with this amount of notice.

Beretta: Who's he have in mind?

JT(Laughing): Brigsby and Paige.

(All of them begin to laugh.)

Which brings me to the task at hand, gentlemen... Here's what I'm thinking...


BB(V/O): Two men...

(CUT TO: Translucent overlays of Eli Flair and Deacon)

Two heroes...

RS(V/O): Eli Flair and Deacon are TIED in the Tribune poll!

BB(V/O): Two playboys.

(CUT TO: CSTV, the Main Event...)

EL:  Come here, doods... because it's time for us to reveal what our deal is!

(The three masked men get in the ring... the masked man who swung the chair walks up to Eddy, makes a weird "Bunny Hand Gesture" and snatches the mic.)

MM:  HOOOOOOOTIIEEEEEEEEE (The crowd leaps up, recognizing the voice) HOOOOOO! (Melissa rips off the mask and reveals that it's Troy Windham. Troy and Eddy embrace in a bear hug as the crowd reigns down in boos. The other two masked men reveal themselves to be Junior Hornet and Bandit. Ring attendents are in the aisle, getting Deacon and Shepherd out of the aisle. Security has to hold them back.)

BB(V/O): Four men... two teams... ONE NIGHT.

(Cut To: Buckley and Benson at the broadcast position. All around them, the fans are going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.)

BB: HELLO HOUSTON! HELLO CSWA! We're BACK IN THE STATES for a special edition of SHOWTIME! Sammy, do you know what makes tonight so special?

SB: Hooters?

BB: ... No. Well, yes, but that's not what I was referring to. The MAIN EVENT will see Eli Flair and Deacon take on the Playboys, and the scheduling of the Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular is such that ANY ONE of those four men could leave with the gold!

SB: But where are the HOOTERS?

BB: Stop it, Sammy. Kicking things off here tonig--

(Buckley holds a finger to his ear)

SB: Do I need to take over?

BB: Sammy! Fans, we've got a small problem in the back... we're trying to... Yes, I believe we do have a camera back there. Let's get to the backstage!

(Cut To: The backstage area. Two tables in the vicinity are broken, and a steel chair lies bent and twisted. A horde of security is swarmed around two individuals, and a lot of yelling is audible.)

Voice #1: C'mon, you bastard!

Voice #2: **** you! Let me go! Damnitt!

(As security pulls the two men apart... it's clearly Zero and Havoc... Cut To: Buckley and Benson)

BB: I'm not sure what that was all about.

SB: You need to pay attention to the sheets, Billy boy. Them two hate each other.

BB: I'll be sure to remember that. As I was saying, we've got a last minute addition to the card, as former UNIFIED Tag Team Champions, the SWAT Team, make their return against Paige and Brigsby.

SB: I wonder who's gonna win that one.

BB: I wonder if you'll ever have a clue.

SB: That wasn't nice.

SWAT TEAM vs. Carl Brigsby/Wesley Paige

If you're not sure who had the advantage, you've got some serious problems. Brigsby and Paige were outwrestled by the former Champions before the match even started. Colt didn't even need to tag out. Paige made a courageous run at the huge man, but a kick to the stomach and a powerbomb sealed the fates of the CSWA's resident punching bags. On a possibly related note, the Peacekeeper was seen in the back row of the upper deck, watching the match intently.



"Arrogance" Joey Melton vs. 
"Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson

The old guard vs. the new. The Family vs. The Unholy, in their first meeting of the night, their first official meeting since the Family formed. Melton showed how he's done everything in the CSWA and in wrestling in general, and the argument could be made that he gave Sampson a wrestling lesson. However, that would take away from the skills of Rob Sampson. Sampson gave merit to his monicker of "Mr. Main Event" with a dizzying display of skill. For fifteen minutes, there was no clear advantage... until the UNIFIED Tag Team Champions, Kevin Powers and Apocalypse, along with Miso, came to ringside. Miso immediately got in Pee Wee Troutman's face, while Apocalypse grabbed Melton's arms and instructed Powers to take some shots. While Powers is a reluctant member of the Unholy, he also has no love lost for former CORPORATION member Melton. A kick to the midsection, KISS the CANVAS, and a quick exit left Melton wide open for Sampson to cover.

WINNER: Rob Sampson



Vice-Commissioner AJ Honold vs. 
Vice President of Security Gregg Gethard

These two men were on the same team in the OWNERSHIP match at FISH FUND XI, and seemed reluctant to get into it with each other. After about five minutes of locking up and breaking, with the crowd chanting "BOOOOOORING," Commisioner Thomas himself came down to ringside. He had a talk with Honold, with Gethard, and turned around with a fist to Vice- Commisioner AJ's face! AJ fell, and Thomas SCREAMED at a stunned Gethard to make the cover. He did so, and a confused Gregg Gethard is going to TWS!

WINNER: Gregg Gethard

BB: With that out of the way, maybe we can get to some REAL wrestling.

SB: What are you, daft? You're insulting the boss' tournament. Don't blame me when your contract mysteriously expires. Furthermore--

( Suddenly, the arena lights drop low, turning the arena into a cloud of darkness.

CUE UP:  "Infected" by Bad Religion

Red lights encase the stage, flickering as the music begins to pick up in it's pace. And then, suddenly, as the music reaches it's initial climax, the red lights stay steadily on, as Zero walks out out from behind the curtain. Dressed in his usual attire:  blue jeans cut off at the calves, an Archy:  Punk's Not Dead t-shirt, his Converse Chuck Taylor's, and, the numerous tattoos up his right arm, along with the many facial piercings.

The fans see him, those in the back starting up a "He's Hardcore" chant. But, Zero disregards the fans, the attention, the spotlight. His gaze ponders over the crowd, disintent on any direct focus. Slowly, he begins to walk down the stage. A slow walk, dead set on the goal of the ring directly in his path.

He reaches it, climbing slowly inside. Walking against the far turnbuckle, he slides himself down. His head low, buried deep in unspoken thoughts. As slowly, pulling a microphone from his back pocket, he motions for his music to stop.

The lights come back on. Zero sits, holding the mic loosely in his hand. He raises it to begin to speak, then lowers it again. His head begins to sink low, then rising up, as if to take a deep breath. A deep breath...

Slowly, he raises the microphone back up to his mouth... hesitant to speak at first... )

ZERO:  Unexpected. Who would of thought I would be here? Who has seen an advertisement? Who has been waiting for the arrival? Does it way on anyone's minds?

No. But, the hope of furthering ratings, or for the act of increasing profits, is not why I am here. No, there is something else that is waying on my mind. Something, transforms into a person... known as Havoc.

I arrived here, just as he decided to take a short break from the CSWA. But, what he didn't know, is that I would still be here when he returned. He remembers the last time we faced each other. The fear of having to relive that moment obviously played on his mind. But for no longer.

( Zero stands to his feet. Looking off towards the entrance, his voice begins to raise from the soft tone he had been using, to a deeper, angrier tone. )

ZERO:  Havoc, it wouldn't end the last time we met. So many problems left to be stapled into your head. So many ways and things that you have done to me; taken my life from me! Do you simply think that the last time would be the final time?

You know what I'm talking about...

(CUE UP:  'Black Sabbath' by Iron Man...)

BB:  What the--? Who's music is this?

SB:  Take a guess, Einstein.

(The crowd cheers as Havoc appears through the haze... He is dressed, surprisingly, to wrestle in his trademark Black and Gold. He appears rested. Focused.)

SB:  THIS guy is back? How did he last so long anyway?

BB:  Well... Havoc took time off to deal with the passing of his father... But I guess he could not ignore the words of his most hated enemy...

SB:  Who gave THIS kid a microphone?!?

HAVOC:  This is the game we play, Douglas... This is the game we have made for ourselves... and we play it to perfection. It's a game of one upsmanship. I injure you. You injure me. I beat you. You beat me. It's a cycle... And in the end... NO ONE truly wins... I know this... but it doesn't stop me. It can't stop the hate... I see you? And I feel the inexorable need to tear your throat out. I know for a fact that when the game is done... when it's all over... neither of us will come out whole... But, god damn it... I don't care. This is the way it IS, Zero... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

BB:  Stern words from Havoc...

SB:  Havoc is edging closer to Zero... are they gonna go at it or not?

BB:  Zero turns his back to Havoc. Havoc throws the microphone right into Zero's head! They're ringing the bell! It looks like an unscheduled match has happened between these two men!

SB:  Well, if you knew the history these two have, even before their coming to the CSWA, you'd know it was probably one of the fiercest rivalries to ever witness. A rivalry that is apparantly still far from over.

BB:  I see. Zero goes down, as Havoc hit him with a running axe handle to Zero's back. Havoc with a quick stomp to Zero's head. He's grabbing him by that spiked hair, and pulling him up. And Havoc, with the crisp snap suplex!

SB:  Impressive! Havoc does have a slight size advantage over Zero, though. Smaller the man, the quicker the suplex!

BB:  Havoc is bringing Zero up by the hair again. Zero with a quick right hand to Havoc's

gut, though. Zero wouldn't be done in by that move twice in a row.

SB:  Havoc folded slightly to that shot. Zero follows up with another right hand, this time to Havoc's face. Wow, that was stiff!

BB:  Havoc lunges for Zero. Zero with a quick sidestep. Hooks Havoc's neck and leg... reverse russian leg sweep!

SB:  Havoc's face went straight down onto the canvas with that! He's stirring, though. Zero's up. He's dragging Havoc up. Irish whip into the far ropes... Havoc rebounds... and comes back with a huge cross body block . .

BB:  Zero falls to the canvas at the last moment, though! Havoc falls into the ropes, plummetting to the outside!

SB:  Oh man, he hit hard on the outside down there! Zero's up. He's going up to the top of the turnbuckle...

BB:  Havoc's getting to his feet on the outside...

SB:  Zero, with the plancha off the turnbuckle, crashing into Havoc. Havoc falls to the mats, as Zero crashes into the guardrail after contact.

BB:  They both hit hard on the outside. They're stirring, though. Too soon in the match for them to be hurting too bad...

SB:  Havoc's getting to his feet. He grabs ahold of Zero as he was making his way to his feet. Havoc, though, grabs Zero's head, slamming it into the guard rail. Zero's wobbling.

BB:  Havoc grabs Zero's arm, whip into the guard rail...

SB:  Havoc with his foot out in that move... whipping Zero into the guard rail, he trips Zero up... Zero goes falling into the guard rail back first, upside down. Man, I know that had to hurt! Just look!

BB:  Havoc's pacing around, looking at Zero, as Zero tries to make his way up. Zero's on his hands and knees, moving away from Havoc...

SB:  Havoc's charging after Zero now, though.

BB:  Wait, Zero grabs a chair in front of him. From his knees, he tosses it right into Havoc...

SB:  Havoc with the heads up move, though. He catches it, right before it hits him in the face...

BB:  But Zero grabs another chair... quickly getting to his feet...

SB:  Zero slams that chair right into the chair that Havoc was holding! Oh my God! The impact smashed that chair right into Havoc's face. Havoc stumbles to the ring apron, holding his nose. Is it broken? That was a nasty shot...

BB:  Wait, what's Zero doing? He's looking under the ring. He's getting... he's getting a table. Sliding it into the ring... wait, he's getting another table, sliding it into the ring, too.

SB:  Well how about this! Looks like the splinters are about to fly now!

BB:  Zero grabs the stunned Havoc, rolling him into the ring. Havoc's still holding his nose, though, as you can see the blood stains starting to form on his hand.

SB:  Zero in the ring. He grabs one of those tables, and wedges it between the top and middle turnbuckle in the corner.

BB:  He walks over to Havoc, raising him to his feet...

SB:  Say, Buckley, did you know what really ignited the fire between these two from months ago?

BB:  I've heard rumors about a woman being involved...

SB:  Good guess. From what I've gathered, Zero was framed for murder, and had to leave his girlfriend. Then, when he got back, he suddenly found her with Havoc. And from that moment on, it was like the two hated each other worse than they ever had before.

BB:  That was the general idea I had heard. I had heard Zero had turned on her, or she had turned on Zero, or Havoc was the comfort she needed when Zero was framed... Wait, back to the action, look at this...

SB:  Action? C'mon... talking about people's screwed up personal lives is better than a silly match!

BB:  Zero has Havoc hooked for the DDT. He's standing, back turned to that table. He's going to DDT him straight through it!

SB:  Wait! Wait! Havoc, using his size... he reversed it... he lifts Zero into the air...

BB:  And slams Zero back down, through that wedged table... a sitting powerbomb!

SB:  Holy God! I've never seen that done before! That table splattered into seventy pieces.  Zero head racked up against it hard as he went through it.

BB:  Havoc's not going to let up, though! He's dragging Zero up... but follows with a quick scissor take down, sending Zero back down, face first into the splinters and pieces of that table!

SB:  Using what you got to work with!

BB:  Havoc's pulling Zero back up, as you can start to see the cuts on Zero's face from going through all of the rough edges of that broken table. Havoc grabbing Zero's arm... pulls him in, with a hard knee to Zero's midsection.

SB:  He's not letting him go! Oh man, it looks like he's going to try to powerbomb Zero... again.

BB:  He lifts him up... Zero slides out... facefirst slam onto Havoc!

SB:  Havoc's face hit hard, and remember, his nose has already been smashed hard by that chair...

BB:  Zero, quickly, although wobbly, grabs the other table lying in the ring. He lifts it, walking to the middle of two turnbuckles. Pulling the middle rope out, Zero wedges the table length wise inbetween those ropes!

SB:  It looks like a friggin door stuck between those ropes. Where do you go from there?! It's not even set up right! The legs aren't out, it's not unfolded in the ring! It's jammed between the ropes...

BB:  Zero has Havoc by the hair. He pulls him up. He's going to irish whip Havoc into the ropes... err... table.

SB:  Wait, Havoc reverses it, and swings Zero off into the other set of ropes. Zero rebounds... Havoc with the dropkick! Zero gets kicked... and goes crashing into the table wedged between the ropes, and on through to the outside.

BB:  Wait, Zero's leg is caught in the mess of pieces of the table and the ropes. His leg is caught, and is left hanging from the ring.

SB:  Havoc, always the oppotunist, sees it, though. He slides out of the ring. He grabs a chair! Oh my, no! Don't do it! He can't fight back!

BB:  Wait... OHHH... Havoc, chair shot right to Zero's head... that's insane.

SB:  Havoc, again with a chair shot! This is crazy! But yet... different.

BB:  Havoc untangles Zero's leg from the ropes, as Zero falls onto the mats on the outside. But, ever persistent, he tries to get to his feet. But Havoc is there, again, with another chair shot. That chair is dented it!

SB:  Zero can hardly stand. His face has become bloodied. He stumbles to a guard rail.

BB:  Havoc charging in with that chair... Zero, a kick up at just the last moment. Kicking the chair, as it rebounds square into Havoc's face. Oh lord.

SB:  Havoc's nose begins to pour with blood again, as it had almost healed before that shot. He falls to the mat, the chair falling helpless across his chest.

BB:  Zero, looking over at his shoulder at what had happened to Havoc...

SB:  Suddenly, Zero with a leap onto the top of the guard rail... how the?... moonsault off the guard rail! Right onto the chair across Havoc's chest! Talk about a last rush of energy.

BB:  I think the two are exhausted. They have used everything on each other in this match! I think we've seen it all.

SB:  And just imagine, all of this was started by some woman. Two men, fighting over a woman as if they were children on a playground, fighting over who gets to swing the 4th grade sweetheart on the swingset.

BB:  You'd be surprised what a man will do when a woman become involved... as is the case here between these two men.

SB:  All I'm saying, is she better be something VERY special, for these two to practically kill theirselves tonight in this match!

BB:  I don't think they're done, yet, though. Zero's stirring. He's getting to his feet, tossing that chair into the ring. He's grabbing Havoc, rolling him into the ring, as well.

SB:  Zero's grabbing Havoc... picking him up...

BB:  And it's a...

SB:  Death Valley Driver, sending Havoc neck first onto that chair! Zero goes for the cover. 1... . 2.... . .

BB:  Havoc with the shoulder up! How?!

SB:  It doesn't matter! These two men won't quit! Zero, on his knees, looking at Havoc. Quickly, dragging him to his feet.

BB:  Wait, Havoc with a counter... grabs Zero's head... DDT onto that chair . .

SB:  I think Zero's head bounced off of that chair! That doesn't even look like a chair anymore! Zero's down, possibly unconsciouse. Havoc with the cover. 1... . .2... . . NO! Zero with the kickout!

BB:  HE KICKED OUT! Can you believe this?

SB:  Havoc certainly can't! He's trying like hell to get to his feet...STAY DOWN! BOTH OF YOU!

BB:  These two were not even scheduled to wrestle... and they are putting on a show... Havoc gets to his feet and drags Zero to his knees...

SB:  Havoc slowly and deliberately sets Zero up... for a tombstone piledriver!

BB:  NO! Zero turns it over into a tombstone of his own! What a reversal! And what impact! That had to do damage to Havoc's fragile neck! Zero goes for a cover!  1.....2....3. NO! Kickout by Havoc.

BB:  Zero with a flurry of energy from seemingly out of nowhere... he picks Havoc up and whips him into the ropes...

SB:  Zero goes for a dropkick but there's no one home as Havoc hangs onto the top rope... Havoc has just picked up that mangled chair! It looks like a can opener! Can I borrow that for a minute?

BB:  Sammy! Havoc has that chair... and he's going upstairs... What is he thinking?

SB:  I'd be thinking 'Band-Aid'. Look at this kid's face! It's a bloody mess! Zero doesn't look much better off! He's just exhausted... laying there...

BB:  As Havoc clims to the top rope... He holds the chair to his chest... NO! FROG SPLASH WITH THE CHAIR!!

SB:  Is he an IDIOT?

BB:  I don't think he cares, Sammy! both men are clutching their respective ribs... theyre rolling around on the mat... The ref has no idea what to do...

SB:  Whoa! Buckley-- look! Look at this broad!

(Just then, a woman slides into the ring... She charges to Havoc's side... her eyes glancing back at Zero, back to Havoc...)

BB:  That... That's Karen! That's the girl that this fight is all about!

SB:  I can see why... Now that flying chair-splash doesn't seem so misguided. Yowza.

BB:  She is helping Havoc to his feet... propping him up in the corner... It looks like Zero is still having trouble standing up...

SB:  These men are going to need medical attention after this is said and done. Zero, stumbling, falls against the opposite corner. Blood is streaming off of his face, as well.

BB:  It looks like Havoc isn't finished yet, though. He's rushes Zero in the corner, stomping on Zero. Zero, almost as if, the pain has become too much to even feel the stomps.

SB:  Wait! Wait! Karen... she's grabbing Havoc's arm! She's pulling him off of Zero! Can you see the fire burning deeply still in Havoc's eyes?

BB:  I see it. Karen's doing all she can to keep him back from attacking Zero in the corner. But, do you see Zero? The look, the expression on his face? As if, the essance of life is no longer availible in the man. Could, the fact that Karen has once again returned to his life, caused such the bleak expression?

SB:  Hell, you never know. If I lost something like what Karen looks like, I'd be rolling over forever in remorse!

BB:  Wait... Karen, she's telling Havoc something. Look... Havoc... he's slowly backing off... further back, falling in exhaustion into the far turnbuckles... resting, as Karen stands next to him. Karen, looking down at her man, Havoc, and back across the ring, at Zero, the man who was once hers.

SB:  I tell you, she just gets everybody, eh?

BB:  Wait... she's walking across the ring... to Zero?! Havoc stops her. Wait, she's sliding his arm away, as if to tell him it's ok.

SB:  Havoc doesn't look to happy about that, but he's letting her go. The trust and assurance, because you know he knows that there is nothing that Zero would do to harm Karen in any way.

BB:  She walks to Zero, getting down on her knees. Zero, it looks as if he wants to reach out to her, to embrace her once again, but he won't. She wipes some blood off of Zero's face. Speaking, whispering, something to him. Look at Zero's eyes. The loneliness, the way he's looking into Karen's eyes. But, what is she saying to him?

SB:  She's helping him to his feet! Look, he's standing, her hands around his arm, helping him up. Havoc, who was leaning against the turnbuckles, comes to his feet, walking slowly towards Zero... and Karen.

BB:  They're almost nose to nose. Karen is inbetween them, though. Almost as if, she's stopping the two from continuing this fight any further.

SB:  Wait, she's saying something to Havoc... turning, saying something to Zero. What is she saying?!?! That's what I want to know.

BB:  Zero looks at Karen... holding the expression for a moment. Then, turns, and looks at Havoc square in the eyes.

SB:  Zero drops to his knees... rolling out of the ring... what's going on here?!

BB:  Zero, on the outside, looks up at Havoc and Karen, as Havoc puts his arm around Karen. Turning and lowering his head, Zero begins to walk away? He's walking away? What was it that Karen said to them, to end the match like this?

SB:  The expression on his face... the look of a man who's life has shattered... Zero has that expression right now.

BB:  Havoc holds Karen in his arms, as they watch Zero walk away... his head down, as he pauses at the curtain. His head begins to look back... wait, no, he stopped it. He lowers it back down, and walks behind the curtain.

SB:  Havoc and Karen watch as Zero disappears behind the curtain. She's saying something to him again, patting and rubbing his back! What is this?

BB:  I think this is a match that has been thrown out... but, that's hardly the issue here. What was Karen saying to these two men, to have them end the match, right before they were to just about kill each other in this ring?

SB:  I guess we won't find out tonight. Havoc and Karen are slowly leaving the ring. Karen wipes some blood away from Havoc's face, as they now walk slowly back towards the back.

BB:  I don't know really what to say, Sammy.

SB:  Some things are better left unsaid.

BB:  We'll be right back.

(Cut To: The Peacekeeper is walking through a hallway backstage. He looks around nervously, as if he's expecting something to happen. And it does, as the door to the left of him opens, revealing Colt and Beretta, SWAT team.)

COLT: Gotcha.

PK: So you do.

(They begin to back him up into the opposite door)

BERETTA: You might as well give it up, boy. You got nowhere to go. Give us the mask and we'll be done here.

PK: I would... but I still have something to do with it.

(Peacekeeper is backed up to the opposite door. Suddenly, it opens up, revealing Roger Powell and two sets of handcuffs.)

RP: Gotcha!

(Peacekeeper ducks a second sooner than he probably should have, and gets out of the way. Powell's handcuffs come down on SWAT team, as Peacekeeper takes off...)

COLT: Now how did he know you were there...


#1 "Hard One" Randy Harders vs. #4 Apocalypse

Apocalypse looked well, sporting his brand new UNIFIED Tag Title belt. He and Harders wrestled a match like two men possessed. Apoc took an early advantage by backdropping Harders to the outside, and the waiting boots of Miso. Harders came right back, however, sending the Korean vixen headfirst into the steel ringpost! Apocalypse came out after him following this, but the former Greensboro and United States Champion caught the Unified Tag Team Champion with a headbutt to the groin, and tossed him through Pedro and Eduardo's broadcast table! It took a good deal of assistance from Miso to help Apocalypse back to the ring, where he TORE into Harders with a flurry of fists! Patrick Young was a little confused by Harders' suddenly deteriorated offense, until he saw the brass knuckles that Apocalypse had put on BOTH of his hands! Young immediately called for the bell and for security to escort the enraged Apocalypse from the ring. Harders was bloodied, but was on his feet in less than ninety seconds, and although with a limp, he walked back to the dressing rooms with his head held high, and a standing ovation from the crowd.

WINNER via DQ: Randy Harders



#3 "Hot Stuff" Aaron Douglas vs. #11 X

The mysterious X, who has shown a great deal of both aerial and technical skill, went up against former two- time Greensboro Champion Aaron Douglas to see who would face off with Harders at TWS. To be honest, the match never got underway. As referee Ben Worthington was checking Douglas for weapons, X pulled a lead pipe from his bodysuit, and began to ATTACK Douglas with it, focusing on the shoulder. Security was on the spot relatively fast, and X left the ringside area, left the Presidential Tournament, left Aaron Douglas holding his shoulder and SCREAMING in pain.

WINNER via DQ: Aaron Douglas



#2 "Iceman" Steve Radder vs. #10 Peacekeeper

Steve starts it off quick with a dropkick, but Peacekeeper counters with a piledriver! Peacekeeper follows up with a back suplex, and then a brainbuster! But the short Radder is up, and he catches Peacekeeper in leg scissors. He pulls Peacekeeper to the mat and then hooks in a figure four leglock!! The Peacekeeper is in trouble, but he grabs the ropes, breaking the hold! Peacekeeper is up first, and he hooks in a step-over-toe hold. Radder grabs the ropes, but Peacekeeper follows up with a DDT! But apparently nailing his head into the mat doesn't face Steve, because he just whipped Peacekeeper into the ropes and nailed him with a flying dropkick! Peacekeeper is laid out on the mat, and now Steve goes for the Absolute Zero! But Peacekeeper throws the Iceman off of him and across the ring.

Peacekeeper is furious, and he takes it out on Radder by hooking in a camel clutch! Steve's just inches away from the ropes, but he can't reach them. Peacekeeper lets up for a second and then follows up with a brainbuster!!! Radder's in trouble! Implant DDT by Peacekeeper! He covers! 1.............2...............NO! The Iceman kicks out! Peacekeeper doesn't let up though, there's a back suplex! Peacekeeper tries to strap on the step-over-toe hold, but Radder kicks him away! Radder's up, and he catches Peacekeeper with a flurry of heart kicks! Radder's got a second wind, and he whips Peacekeeper into the ropes. There's a flying clothesline! Now he hooks on a Boston Crab! Peacekeeper grabs the ropes, but that doesn't stop Radder, he's up and he's on the top rope! He comes off with a dropkick! Peacekeeper got nailed! Radder lifts him up for a Torture rack! But as he turns around, Peacekeeper' legs hit the Juarez and knocks him down hard!

That was all it took for the SWAT team to hit the arena! They made a beeline STRAIGHT for the Peacekeeper, who hightailed it outta there! Radder was confused, obviously, but there was nothing he could do about it. Juarez gathered himself a minute or so later, and counted Peacekeeper to the ten.

WINNER via COUNTOUT: "Iceman" Steve Radder



#5 Dante Inferno vs. #8 Alex Wylde

Both men are in the ring, and there's the bell. is overseeing this match, that proves to be brutal. There they go! Both men tear out of the corner. Inferno gets the early edge because of his power, hiptossing Wylde across the ring. He follows up with a savat kick, and then a spinebuster! But Wylde rolls out of the ring quickly to avoid the powerbomb. Inferno follows, but Wylde is waiting, and he delivers a belly to belly suplex on the big man onto the concrete floor. Wylde karate kicks Inferno to keep him down, and then grabs chair from the audience! He cracks it over Inferno's head! He goes to do it again, but Inferno grabs it and tears it out of Wylde's grasp. Wylde rolls back into the ring to avoid the chair. Inferno follows, catching Wylde with a short clothesline. Wylde fights back with a karate chop, followed by a headlock. Inferno powers out, and he delivers a belly to belly. Inferno pulls Wylde up and sends him into the ropes. Inferno follows through with a clothesline, sending Wylde over the top rope and down hard! Inferno quickly follows outside the ring, and slams Wylde into the steel ring post. Inferno goes to follow up, but Wylde dodges out of the way! Inferno careens into the post himself!!! Wylde DDTs the hurting Inferno onto the concrete floor! Now Wylde pulls another chair from the audience and lays it on the floor! He DDTs Inferno into the chair!!! My Lord! Inferno has been busted open! Wylde rolls him back in the ring, and belly to bellys him to the mat. Wylde heads up to the top and catches the bleeding Inferno with a dropkick! The cover, 1............2............NO! Inferno is up! Wait... so is Silky Rose! Inferno's manager is on the apron... and she just FLASHED Alex Wylde! Wylde is distracted for a second... and Dante makes his move! The hands go around the throat... SECOND CIRCLE! SECOND CIRCLE! Wylde is trying to get out of this hold... but he stops struggling! Troutman checks the arm... it falls once! Twice! Three times!

WINNER: Dante Inferno

BB: The quarterfinals are done, Sammy! Let's take a look at what we'll see on Day One of TWS!


#1 Randy Harders vs. #3 Aaron Douglas
#2 Steve Radder vs. #5 Dante Inferno

SB: Long as my Silky Rose is in the house, I'm a happy camper.

BB: We've got just two matches to go until the pay- per- view, Sammy! Are you excited?

SB: ... Completely enthralled.

BB: Let's get to it!


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