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Wrestler Profiles

The TRIBUNE continues to add to its library of information with CSWA Wrestler Profiles.

We're currently working on updating a profile for every active wrestler in the CSWA.

Click the link above to take a look.

Coming soon:  your favorite commentators will add their thoughts on the profiles!


Who is your pick to challenge for the World Title at ANNIVERSARY?
Lawrence Stanley
Alex Wylde
Mike Randalls
Steve Radder

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Who should win the CS Enterprises court battle?
Thomas 3   9.68%
Merritt 10 32.26%
They're both greedy! 18 58.06%



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The Dark Carnival Suspended!

Following the events at PRIMETIME in Phoenix, CSWA co-owner and commissioner Chad Merritt has suspended former Unified Tag Team Champs Kevin Powers and Apocalypse for a month without pay.

CSWA officials also mentioned that Merritt is still reviewing whether he will sue TDC for breach of contract for their actions, including 'defending' the Unified Tag Titles in the EWI without authorization from the championship committee.

Merritt still has announced his intentions for determining the new Unified Tag Team Champions, although Simply Stunning appears to have the inside track, having at least partially won the tag team Ladder match at INDY2K.  

Santa Claus at Santa Fe

The TRIBUNE has learned that unnamed sources within the CSWA, including both wrestlers and officials, are astonished at Merritt's choice to put Hornet in the World Championship match against Deacon in Santa Fe.

While no one doubts Hornet's credentials as a former World Champion, since his return to the CSWA at Thanksgiving, he's had little interest in moving up the rankings.  Instead, he's focused on Aaron Douglas's comments about him, ending in a loss to Douglas in the ring at INDY2K.  Hornet has also expressed his concern about Mike Randalls' recent involvement in the company.

Merritt's attempt to bribe Hornet into a contract seems shady at best.  Since the CSWA went public in 1992, Merritt has received criticism from detractors about his long-time relationship with Hornet and other 'past' CSWA stars.

And what happens if Hornet should win the title... but he isn't signed to a CSWA contract?  With all the recent talk about Stephen Thomas starting a new league, a scenario is conceivable where Hornet could win the title for a fifth time, only to jump to a rival promotion.


It shouldn't be any surprise that the CSWA's annual ANNIVERSARY mega-event brings all sorts of people formerly associated with the CSWA out of the woodwork.  Although still weeks away, we're told that celebrities such as long-time CSWA fan and Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi will be attending, along with possible "First Nephew" George P. Bush, son of the Florida Governor.  Rumor also swirls that CSWA co-owner Steve Thomas has invited 80s sitcom child stars Jason Bateman and Ricky Schroeder to attend in his private skybox.

Merritt Auditorium has come a long way from where it started.  Little, if any, of the original warehouse which bore the name still exists in the new structure, which now holds just over 32,000 attendants.  The CSWA home office is separated from the arena area by the CSWA Hall of Fame.  While no new entrants to the Hall of Fame have been announced, you never know what surprises ANNIVERSARY might hold.

For more info on the twelve-plus-year tradition, be sure to take a look at the TRIBUNE's HISTORY section.

Along with features like "The Backpage" event archives, the TRIBUNE features the First Card ever in the CSWA, along with a special behind-the-scenes look called "The Real Story."  We'll continue to add to the History section as time permits...but you can only imagine how much there is to go through.

Let us know if you have any specific questions about the CSWA's history, or anything specific you'd like to see...we're always happy to oblige.

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