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August 10, 1998
FISH FUND Park Arena, Sweetwater, Texas

(Just outside Nice, France; a group of eight men are stomping across the countryside toward the city)

Pvt. Buckley:  Captain, why are we trying to find this Private Ryan?

Capt. Benson:  Private, I could care less about this Private Ryan.  But he's our mission.  And if finding this wet-behind-the-ears kid allows me to get out of this war, to get back to the U-S-of-A, to get back to everything I hold dear, then I'm going to do everything I can to find him.

Pvt. Seitzer:  What is it you're trying to get home to Captain?  Wife?  Family?

Benson:  I told you, Seitzer..everything I hold dear, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Bloody Mary...

Buckley:  Captain, look!    It's the 49th!

(The group of men come up on the 49th infantry, led by Captain Stan Parsons.)

Parsons:  Forgive me for saying it, but if you guys are our backup, I'm filing a complaint.

Benson:  No, Captain, we're on a different mission.  We're trying to find a kid, Private Ryan...we've been through every bombed-out town this side of the Rhine...

Parsons:  Well you've found the right one.   Ryan is part of our company.  He showed up here after that fiasco with the drop-ins.

Benson:  Well, Captain, we've got orders to get him back to HQ on the double.

Parsons:  Great....no reinforcements, and you're gonna take a man from me.  Ryan!  Hey Ryan!  Get over here.

(Pvt. Ryan runs up and stands just to the side of Capt. Benson.)

Ryan:  Yes, Captain?

Benson:  Private, we're here to take you....(he turns, and sees no one next to him)

(Capt. Benson then looks downward....and sees Private Ryan is.....A MIDGET!)

Benson:  You're dead!  YOU'RE DEAD!

(Sammy Benson wakes up in his bed, sweating)

BENSON:  (wakes screaming)   NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(Sunday, August 9; Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt is finishing up a briefing with his security team.)

CM:  So that's it, I want every entryway into the building guarded...windows, doors, anything a mouse can crawl through.  Now go get ready for tomorrow.

(CSWA VP of Security Gregg Gethard stays behind)

GG:  Why all the security and secrecy, Chad?  What's going on?

CM:  Don't worry about it, Gethard.

GG:  That's my job!

CM:  No...you're job is whatever I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it.  And I've told you what I want.  Now go do it!

(Gethard leaves.)

CM:  (to himself, quietly)  You're not going to bring me down...no matter how hard you try, you little brat.

(Monday, August 10; 5:00 pm; Timmy Windham enters FISH FUND PARK ARENA)

(Timmy seems to be searching for someone)

TW:  (to himself)  Where is he?  He said he'd be here.  I knew I couldn't trust Troy...I should have listened to Hornet.  Now what am I going to do?

(Teri Melton stops in front of Timmy.)

TM:  Going to do about what?

TW:  Teri?  What are you doing here?

TM:  Well...I do have a few wrestlers in action tonight.   What about you, Timmy, you're not scheduled for a match.

TW:  (laughs)  Who would miss this event?

TM:  Timmy....we have a lot to talk about.

TW:  What's there to talk about?  All that is ancient history.  You're not my fiance.  You're not even...

TM:  Timmy...hush.  I've missed you.

TW:  ...life goes different ways.  Different things happen to different...

TM:  Timmy...would you listen for a second for goodness' sakes?   We need to talk.  After all this... tonight..

TW:  Alright...whatever you want.

TM:  Here's the number of my hotel room...call me after the show.  (She walks away)

TW:  (looking at the number)  I can't believe it....but that still doesn't tell me what to do about Mark...

  (Monday, August 10; 5:30 pm; the FISH FUND XII pre-game show is already in progress.)

BUCKLEY:  Welcome back to this special FISH FUND XII edition of CSWA UPDATE.  Fans, we're just over thirty minutes away from this tremendous pay-per-view event.  You still have time to place your order for this four-plus hour extravaganza.  Tonight, the CSWA will crown its first World Champion since Troy Windham; its first United States Champion Julius Godreign, and two veteran tag team champions go at each other.  One of the most intriguing stories going into FISH FUND XII is that of Mark Vizzack and his valet/manager, Sunshine.  For those of you that may have missed it, here's a look at the press conference given right after CSWA PRIMETIME in El Paso.

(Fade in on the CSWA press room. CS Enterprises, JW Locke, Mark Vizzack, Julius Kessler, and several of the top brass of both leagues are sitting at one of two tables on either side of a podium. Dozens of reporters are sitting in the audience)

RS:Good afternoon, fans of the CSWA and MWC, my name is Rudy Seitzer. This morning, wrestler Mark Vizzack called a joint press conference with both CS officials and JW Locke, owner of the Multinational Wrestling Corporation. As of now, none of us have any idea what exactly he is planning to say, but one assumes that it has to do with the recent happenings with his manager, Sunshine Del Payne.

(Cut to the podium, where CSWA Vice Commisioner AJ Honold is preparing to speak.)

AJ:Thank you for coming. As you know, Mr. Vizzack is anxious to return upstairs, so we'll turn the proceedings over to him.

(AJ leaves the podium and passes Mark on the way. He is still in his wrestling tights, and looks incredibly somber.)

MV:Thank you, AJ.

(He pauses, taking a breath, as if to decide what to say)

Last night, after my match with Hornet, my manager Sunshine Del Payne complained of an upset stomach. I suggested she take a cab back to the hotel rather then wait for me to be ready to go. However, while on my way out the door, Julius received a telephone call from a Dr. Redd, who informed us that Sunshine....

(He gets a bit choked up)

That Sunshine had been found on the floor of her hotel room, after ingesting more then five hundred pills, from her six prescriptions.

(This statement ignites murmurs throughout the reporters, but only one asks the question)

#1:So you're telling us your manager has committed suicide?

MV:No, not at all. She is currently in ICU, in a deep coma. There was a note, addressed to myself, that is not for public viewing at this time.

#1:What does this mean toward FISH FUND, and your MWC committments?

(Mark takes another deep breath)

MV:As of right now, I am not participating in any sort of wrestling event until there is a change in Sunshine's condition. Be it better or worse, while she is in this state I refuse to leave her side. At Fish Fund, with the permission of CS Enterprises, I'd like my tag team partner Julius Kessler to take my place in the United States Tournament. Whether he is deemed able to win the title or not, this will, at the very least, put my first round opponent, Steve Radder, into the same condition as his second round opponent, that condition being he has already wrestled one match. The MWC? That's up to JW Locke.

#2:Mr. Locke?

JW:I'll make my decision on my OWN broadcast.

#2:Was there any sign that she might do it? Did something happen?

MV:Nothing happened. She's just... troubled.

#2:Troubled? Does this have something to do with her refusal to sign the CSWA Life and Health insurance plan?

(Mark looks exasperated, as if he's got no patience left)

MV:I suppose there's no avoiding it now. CS Officials, the reason Sunshine didn't want to disclose her past medical history is because of the extent of it. Now... now I suppose it's a moot point.

Officially, Sunshine suffers from chronic depression with psychotic episodes, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, body dismorphic disorder, dyslexia, an anxiety disorder, and a panic disorder. She spent nearly a year and a half in Green Valley Home for the Mentally Deranged in Greensboro, North Carolina.

(Commisioner Merritt motions to Mark)

CM:Um... Mark, why didn't she just tell us that?

MV:She was afraid of being refused, and of being embarrassed by her past. I tried to tell you but you were late for a meeting and I...

CM:I paid that (Merritt twitches) Red Midget when he was hurt *twitch* so why wouldn't I give Ms. Del Payne at least the same courtesy?

(Mark just looks at the twitching Commisioner and returns to the questions)

#1:Mr. Vizzack? Can we get an official statement from Sunshine's brother?

(Mark looks around.... eyes focusing on Julius... then he leaves the podium to a barrage of unanswered questions.....)

#2:Mr. Merritt! What will you do as far as the US Title is concerned? Will you allow Julius Kessler to compete in Mark's first round spot? If so, will he be allowed to advance with a victory?

(Co-Commissioner Merritt steps to the microphone to answer these questions)

BUCKLEY:  We're not sure whether Mark Vizzack will be competing here tonight, folks, or what will happen if he cannot.  However, CSWA correspondent Rudy Seitzer made his visit to the hospital yesterday, and here's what he found out.

(Cut to a closed door in what appears to be a hospital. The camera zooms in on the medical chart, specifically, the name, "Sunshine Del Payne." Zoom out. Cut to Rudy Seitzer standing in front of the now open door. Mark Vizzack is in the background, holding Sunshine's hand....)

RS: This is Rudy Seitzer with a special report for CSWA UPDATE. Doctors have been in and out of Ms. Del Payne's room all day. From what I've been able to uncover, the danger has passed, and all that remains is for her to regain consciousness. Joining me right now...

(He looks over his shoulder at Mark, who rises and joins Rudy)

RS: ..."Daredevil" Mark Vizzack. Mark, Sunshine's life is no longer at risk from this tragic happening. I think I speak for all of the CSWA fans when I ask, will you now make the journey to FISH FUND where you have the opportunity to compete for the United States Title?

MV: Out of danger or no, I'm not leaving that bedside until she leaves with me. There will be other titles.

RS: But.. but what about your recent comments toward The Eliminator? What about "no turning back" and "Legend in the making?"

MV: Rudy, there are some things too damn important in my life to leave behind to go wrestle. Sunshine is the greatest of 'em.

RS: Mark, she may be left behind anyway... I don't mean to scare you, but who's to say she won't try to kill herself again?

MV: (obviously angry) Damn it, Rudy, she didn't try to kill herself. (Rudy looks confused) Listen. She's tried many times in the past. Every single time has been with a knife. She's not the type to take several hundred pills and go out silently, okay? Something happened up there. (He thinks) You interviewed her that night, didn't you? What happened? What did she say? Was anyone there?

RS: THAT'S where I left that camera. (Lost in thought)

MV: (Rolls his eyes) Rudy... go home.

(Mark slams the door, leaving a bewildered Rudy Seitzer.)

RS:Well... that's um, that's all from here. Buckley, back to you.


BUCKLEY:  So, still no word on whether Vizzack will be here tonight; though we do know that his former tag team partner, Julius Kessler, is already in the building, and possibly ready for action in the US Tournament.  (pauses for a moment) Fans, we've just been told by our outside camera crew that Hornet is on his way into the building.  Let's cut to Rudy Seitzer, who will try to get a word with the three-time Unified World Champion.

(Camera flashes to Rudy Seitzer in the parking lot as Hornet exits limo behind him.)
RS: Hornet can I get a quick word with you?

HORNET:  Of course, Rudy.

RS:  This is a huge night for you. Do you feel like you will win your unprecedented fourth CSWA world Title?

HORNET:  It's not just a huge night for me, Rudy; it's an enormous night for the wrestling world...

(As Hornet continues to answer Eddy Love pushes Seitzer aside and faces Hornet)

LOVE: It's finally here, huh old timer. You finally get a chance to see how a real champ handles the big matches. (Hornet ignores Love, tries to push past him to the locker room)

RS: Look Love, I don't know why you try and make my job so....(Love knocks Seitzer to the pavement with a discus punch.)

LOVE: Don't turn your back on me old man!

(Hornet turns to see Seitzer on the ground. Love reaches for the back of his belt and produces a can of Raid.  He sprays the Raid in Hornet's eyes. Hornet falls to his knees grabbing at his face.  Kevin Powers and Randall Jaminson run in. Powers tosses Love what appears to be the same glove he used to beat Mark Windham. Powers and Jamison pull Hornet to his feet, Love pulls the glove on and begins wailing on the still blinded Hornet.)

LOVE: You told me to bring my protective glove and my Raid didn't you Legend? Doesn't sound like such a good idea now, huh?

(Seitzer has made it back to his feet and gestures for the men to stop their attack. Love turns and knocks Seitzer out with the glove then charges the camera. He apparently hits the camera man. The camera falls to the ground but somehow stays focused on the attack which resumes. Finally, Timmy Windham, Mark  Vizzack and Nemesis come out of the stage door and the three members of the Corporation scatter.)

BUCKLEY: Fans, you have just been witness to a brutal and unprovoked attack.  We'll try and get further information on Hornet's condition as FISH FUND XII gets underway.  You've got to wonder if Hornet will be able to wrestle in the FINAL FOUR; or if Merritt will allow Love to compete for the title after this blatant attempt to get an easy bye through the semifinals.  But for right now folks, we've got to leave you and get to our broadcast position in the arena.

  (Monday, August 10; 5:50 pm; entering FISH FUND PARK Arena)

(A young boy gives a ticket-taker his ticket, closely followed by his mother)

Taker:  Thank you ma'am, you and your boy have a good time tonight.

Woman:  (looks at the taker strangely)  My boy?  I'm here with my husband. (gestures to the man behind her)

Taker:  I'm sorry...I thought that was your....

(He looks around, considers calling the incident into security on his walkie-talkie, but the boy is nowhere to be found.)

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BUCKLEY:  Wrestling fans, I am Bill Buckley, and you are looking at the 100,000-plus gathered together in Sweetwater's Fish Fund Park Arena for FISH FUND XII: Fire It Up!  It's the CSWA's first major event since ANNIVERSARY 1998, and nobody wants to miss out!

Twelve is tonight's magic number.  Twelve men step into the Arena with a chance at two gold straps.  Two teams that have held twelve championships between them meet against each other for the Unified Tag Titles they have both held.  

Tonight, the first CSWA World Champion since Troy Windham will be crowned.  Will it be number one seed and former three time CSWA World Champion Hornet, looking for his unprecedented fourth CSWA World Title?  Or will it be CORPORATION leader Billy Starr, who has made the CSWA World Championship his lifelong goal?  Could it be new CORP member Eddy Love, who looks to become the "Legend-Killer?"  Or Michael Sparks, the young man who goes from watching his idols on TV to stepping into the ring with them.  Tonight, after just over a month...the feild goes from thirty-two to one.

We've been told that CSWA co-owner and co-commissioner Chad Merritt has a special announcement regarding the United States Tournament, so let's head to the ring.

BENSON:  He's probably gonna give the belt to a fan out of the audience.

BUCKLEY:  Watch it Sammy, you're gonna get in trouble again.

BENSON:  What?  That's what he tried to do with my job!

(Commissioner Merritt steps into the ring, microphone in hand, to a chorus of boos.)

MERRITT:  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to FISH FUND XII.  There's been some question regarding Mark Vizzack's place in the United States Heavyweight Tournament.  I understand his personal problems have to come first.  But I can't, in good conscience, tell Steve Radder that he's got to wrestle an opponent other than the one he's planned for.  And I can't put Julius Kessler, a man not even under contract to the CSWA, in the US Tournament.  Therefore, I am announcing that Steve Radder will have a .....

(Merritt stops as Julius Kessler comes running to ringside, cellular phone in hand.  He climbs in the ring, and the microphone picks up the conversation)

KESSLER:  Mr. Merritt, I've just gotten off the phone with Mark.  He and Sunshine are touching down at the airport now....they just need another hour or so to get here.  He'll be ready to go, sir.  (crowd cheers wildly)

MERRITT:  Julius....the match is scheduled second on the card.  If Vizzack isn't here, then Steve Radder gets a bye through to the second round.  No exceptions.  I'm not changing the card to give an unfair advantage to Vizzack.  (crowd boos as Merritt steps out of the ring)

BUCKLEY:  There ya have it, folks.   Co-Commissioner Merritt has announced that things will go on as usual...although nothing seems to be usual at FISH FUND, ever.

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BILL BUCKLEY: Sammy, if I haven't said it already I'll say it now. It's good to ::coughs::

SAMMY BENSON: Out with it Buckley...it's good to???

BILL BUCKLEY: You're going to make me say this aren't you...

SAMMY BENSON: *laughs* Quit stalling or we'll be here an extra week.

BILL BUCKLEY: It's good...(Benson leans in anticipation)...to have you back.. ::sighs::

SAMMY BENSON: I know how much that pained you Buckley, and I'm glad! Before we all break into tears (Benson gives the camera a sarcastic look) why don't we fire this puppy up. (Sammy reaches for cell phone) Yeah, Eddy is Melissa busy? Aces...yes please do. Got a feeling this will be a long night.

BILL BUCKLEY: It's nice to know your suspension has you, what's the word I'm looking for... refocused? Later  tonight we'll crown a new CSWA World Heavyweight champion, but also here in Sweetwater the United States Heavyweight title vacancy will be filled. CS took largely the Elite Eight of the World Tournament and meshed them together for a single elimination US tourney. Eliminator vs Mark Windham will be our 1st match of the evening.  Sammy, Windham has held the US title 5 times before, could tonight be his 6th reign?

SAMMY BENSON: No doubt he's the favorite coming in to FF XII. A disadvantage to the new blood, is their lack of experience. The Deacon, and Vizzack have show tremendous skill over the last few months, but we must keep in mind tonight is a new level of competition. For many it'll be their first Fish Fund. Each year Sweetwater plays host to the most memorable wrestling event of the year. I hate to use the comparison "The SuperBowl of professional wrestling" but it's true. Careers are made at Fish Fund, and broken. This will be our 12th FF, so we know first hand the history of this event. Most of the historic moments over the last decade have involved  Mark Windham.

BILL BUCKLEY: Right on the money. He was born here, and the world has watched the twists and turns of his great career year in and year out. His loss to Safari Sakan ranks among the most talked about wrestling matches in CSWA   history. Great ups for the man, but in life and in the ring many downs.

SAMMY BENSON: Coming back here, bittersweet no doubt. Question being can he get down to business within these haunting walls.

BILL BUCKLEY: Survey says! Rhubarb Jones makes his first appearance of the night!


BILL BUCKLEY: Couldn't tell from the fan's reaction that it was a hometown crowd. *laughs*

SAMMY BENSON: Everyone wrestling tonight has had a couple of weeks to get mentally prepared for FF, but as Eliminator is about to find out you can't in all honesty prepare yourself. Simply a different animal. The crowd here in Fish Fund Park is ready!

BILL BUCKLEY: The Eliminator charges Windham and has him backed up in a corner as the match begins. Plummeling away as Windham's head rocks back. Eliminator thrusts his left knee through Mark's gut. The former 5-time US champ drops to his knees. Not the way he wanted to start the match I'm sure.

::Eliminator whips Windham across the ring and into the opposite corner::

SAMMY BENSON: Eliminator knows only one speed. That's full steam ahead. It's fairly obvious from watching his matches that he doesn't like to be out there for a long period of time. He'll put everything he has into finishing the opponent off early.

:::Eliminator catches Windham with a clothesline in the corner::

BILL BUCKLEY: Vicious clothesline by Eliminator! Minutes ago we talked about raising one's level of play so to speak to compete at Fish Fund. He's done it to this point! Hard body slam, followed by an elbow drop. In the past Sammy, Windham has shown his weakness perhaps is the power attack.

::Worthington delivers a 1 count. Eliminator sets Windham's neck over the middle rope and starts to choke him::

SAMMY BENSON: Who could forget Fish Fund X, when HEAT shocked the world by destroying Mark with a Top Rope PowerBomb. The US title was at stake there as well.

::Eli runs off the opposite ropes and attempts to drop his leg around Mark's throat, but Windham moves::

BILL BUCKLEY: Mark gets out of the way! Eliminator's legs go through the ropes, but he's hanging on for dear life. Windham takes a hold of Eli's hair and slams his head into the mat! Windham has his man balanced on  the middle rope.....elbow drop off the middle turnbuckle!

::Windham hooks in the Sharpshooter::

SAMMY BENSON: Bill, Marvin just told me that Rudy is in the back with a special report. Rudy, you back there?

(Camera switches to Rudy Seizter in the back..near the lockerrooms)

RUDY SEIZTER: Thanks Sammy. Just seconds ago Timmy Windham stormed out of the lockerroom and headed towards the ring entrance way. Security officials tried to keep him contained to the back area, but were unable to do such.

(camera pans over to see a security officer obviously hot under the collar. His shirt is ripped, and his hair is a little ruffled.)

RUDY SEIZTER: Timmy had a brief tussle with one of the guards, and is headed your way.

(camera switches back to Bill and Sammy)

BILL BUCKLEY: We've known over the last month that Timmy has wanted to meet with his brother face to face. Now's not the time but apparently he's on the way.

::Timmy Windham hits the aisle as the crowd cheers::

BILL BUCKLEY: Speak of the Muppet Kid, there he is. Windham sees him coming, and breaks the Sharpshooter! Trouble brewing right here and now! I'm not Richard Dawson, but this is Family Feud. The CSWA version anyway.

::Mark walks over to greet Timmy who's on the ring apron. Both men are having a heated discussion::

SAMMY BENSON: I was about to say Mark should be careful and not lose his focus, but it's too late for that! Eliminator is getting to his feet...we've seen this before from the Windhams!

::Mark turns as if to leave, but spins around and throws a right hand. Timmy blocks it, and kicks Mark to the head::

BILL BUCKLEY: Windham falls right into Eliminator's waiting arms...he has Mark up..Double Arm Powerbomb!! Windham was got flush with that move! Double Arm Powerbomb from Eliminator! He falls on Windham for the cover, this is it, Stan!!

::Worthington counts 1....2....3::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator knocks off Mark Windham, with help from Timmy! It happened to Windham again at Fish Fund! As i sit here now, I....I cant' believe it. Eli moves on, but the fate of Mark. Total disbelief.

SAMMY BENSON: (twists around and points his right hand in the air) Another haunting loss for Windham, if it's there he wins the $2500 and moves to the bonus round...is it there, survey says!!! Ding, ding, ding!!

BILL BUCKLEY: You're a riot, Benson. (Buckley writes the Eliminator's name on his US tourney draw) Surprising win, but he's through.

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BUCKLEY:  So Eliminator moves on to the second round, and becomes one of the few men to beat both GUNS and Mark WIndham!

BENSON:  If you can call those wins, wins...

BUCKLEY:  That's how they go down in the record books, Sammy.  Up next, one that a lot of people have been looking forward to.   Two young superstars, both looking to add CSWA gold to their long list of titles elsewhere.

BENSON:  Well, a lot of people may have been looking forward to it, Buckley, but it doesn't look like there gonna get to see it...because Mark Vizzack has still not been sighted in the building!

BUCKLEY:  Well, he's running out of time, because there's Radder's entrance music. ("The End Is The Beginning Is The End" begins to play as Radder makes his way out)  Radder's a young man, but he's already held a world title in the SCL.

BENSON:  Is that supposed to mean something to us?  What is that, the South Central League of Calgary?

BUCKLEY:  You're really in a foul mood tonight.

BENSON:  Just trying to make up for lost time.

BUCKLEY:  Radder is in the ring, and he's sitting on the nearside turnbuckle, just waiting for the referee to call the match.   But he stands as Vizzack's music begins!  ("Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)" begins to play)  This crowd is on its feet...but it is Julius Kessler that comes out.

BENSON:  Wasn't he told he can't wrestle this match?  What is he, braindead?

BUCKLEY:  He has a microphone in hand...

KESSLER:  Hey Radder....I just got a call...Mark is in the parking lot trying to get in.  If you can wait just five more minutes...

BUCKLEY:  I think his mic was just cut, and the referee has called for the bell.  Radder's still sitting there; he looks like he could care less whether Vizzack comes in or not.  The referee begins a standing ten-count, and it looks as though Radder's gonna get his bye.

BENSON:  Do we really have to sit through all this?

BUCKLEY:  Hold on a second....this crowd is starting to stir.....Mark Vizzack and Sunshine have just come through one of the entranceways up in the crowd, and are coming down the steps.  But there's no way that they're gonna make it by the ten-count...even with this crowd getting out of their way.   Radder and the referee seem oblivious to all of it, but Kessler takes a glance.

BENSON:  But there's nothing he can do.

BUCKLEY:  Oh really?  He jumps up on the apron by Radder and the ref and starts yelling, and it breaks the referee's count!   But Radder jumps up from the turnbuckle and catches Kessler with a hard right hand.   Kessler fires back, and now these two are going at it!  Kessler grabs hold of Radder, and the two men fall through the ropes to the outside....and now referee Ben Worthington begins the ten-count on both men!

BENSON:  Okay...so I was wrong.  I can admit it.  The kid can get the snot beat out of him to help Vizzack, who woulda figured.

BUCKLEY:  Worthington's up to five as Radder disentangles himself from Kessler, and as Vizzack climbs over the railing.  He stops to help Sunshine over the railing as well, whisperes something to her, and then dives into the ring as the referee counts eight!  This crowd is on its feet, and this match is underway!  Radder charges Vizzack, but gets caught with a knee to the head for his trouble.  Vizzack is fired up!  He drops Radder with a quick punch to the gut, then follows with a side suplex!  And this is all in his street clothes.

BENSON:  Speaking of street clothes, look at Sunshine!  She needs to come in cutoffs and a tank top more often!

BUCKLEY:  She looks timid, but smiles slightly as Julius Kessler joins her at ringside.  Sammy, is it my bad eyesight, or does she have some scars on her forearms there?

BENSON:  You're right....but I thought she took pills?

BUCKLEY:  I thought so too...maybe those are from...anyway, this is the first time we've seen her without a long sleeved dress on.   Back in the ring, Radder fires back against Vizzack with a quick elbow to the sternum that staggers Mark.  The Iceman follows up with a quick standing suplex and an elbow drop.  Impressive combination from the young man.  Vizzack has the slight size advantage in this one....as well as probably an experience advantage, but Radder is holding his own.

BENSON:  They've both got the same amount of experience here in the CSWA in championship situation, Buckley, and that's what matters right now.

BUCKLEY:  Radder goes for the figure four in the middle of the ring, but Vizzack boots the young man away as he spins around the right leg.  Radder hits the ropes and bounces back....into a back suplex by Vizzack!   Radder's up....DDT by Vizzack!  Vizzack goes for the cover, but only gets a one-count!  Radder rolls outside, but he's right next to Sunshine and Kessler.   Sunshine slinks away, apparenlty scared, but Kessler stands in front of her.   Radder throws a punch at Kessler...continuing their earlier altercation at the beginning of the match.  Kessler tries to fire back but misses at Radder ducks.   Radder throws Kessler into the guardrail.....and here comes Vizzack!  PLANCHA over the top sends him flying into both Radder and Kessler, and all three men go down in a heap!  But Kessler and Radder took the brunt of that, both men slamming into the guardrail hard!  Vizzack gets to his feet, rolls Radder inside, and takes a moment to check on Kessler.

BENSON:  That may be a moment too long...he could win this match if he hurries.

BUCKLEY:  Vizzack gets to the apron, but gets caught with a shoulder by Radder.  Again, Vizzack tries to get into the ring, and Radder catches him with a shoulder to the midsection.  Vizzack fakes another go at it, but instead dives over the top with a sunset flip on Radder!   ONE.........TWO.....NO!  Radder kicks out, but Vizzack is on his feet first.   He tries for a DDT, but Radder blocks it and sends Vizzack into the ropes.   Radder nails Vizzack with a boot to the midsection, and now goes for a suplex...but Vizzack gets the leg hooked and blocks it!  Now it's Vizzack's turn to throw Radder into the ropes...as Vizzack goes across the other side and jumps off the mid-rope....they comes to the center at the same time.....DAREDEVIL FLYER by Vizzack.  He just slammed Radder's head into the canvas with that flying modified DDT-bulldog maneuver!!   There's the cover!   ONE.....................TWO.................................   THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Mark Vizzack gets the win, and will face Powers or Preacher in the second round!

BENSON:  Yeah, but Radder certainly has room for complaint after all the interference by Kessler.

BUCKLEY:  That may be true...but for now, Radder's out, and Vizzack continues his run.  Before our next match, folks, here's a look at the next CSWA card, available on basic cable's U-62, CSWA PRIMETIME in Norfolk!  

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BILL BUCKLEY: Sammy, I know many fans have wondered how the CSWA can hold FISH FUND XII: Fire It Up! when we're celebrating our 10th year.

SAMMY BENSON: And those fans are what we in the business lovingly refer to as idiots.

BILL BUCKLEY: Will you stop it. This has nothing to do with their mental abilities. You know it's not too late for me to call in Stan. He'd love to take your place, I bet on it.

SAMMY BENSON: Oh please. The only thing Stan Parsons can take is a case of hemorrhoids to the doctor. Is he still employed by these offices?

BILL BUCKLEY: Yes matter of fact he is. (Buckley shakes his head) If I can get back to my point I was laboring to make earlier.

::Sweet Melissa walks out, kisses Benson on the check and hands him a beer::

SAMMY BENSON: Ahh...who loves ya baby...Sammy does that's who. Tell Eddy, he's too much. Really, just too much.

BILL BUCKLEY: FISH FUND has been such a tremendous success in all aspects to CS Enterprises. That in the beginning FISH FUND took place twice a year! As it's gotten bigger and bigger, CS has removed that policy and now each summer FISH FUND sets the wrestling world on it's ear. With the exception to 1997, when there was no spectacular.

SAMMY BENSON: (sipping his drink) Now that you've lost half our audience, can we hop along. I might need that intermission sooner than I thought.

BILL BUCKLEY: Rhubarb can I get a little help.....


BILL BUCKLEY: A bit surprised that the Apocalypse has come out with Black. The Shepherd has never interfered before, so the move can't be justified as 'evening up the odds'. Deacon's a tough customer, you can count on him not concerning himself with Apocalypse.

SAMMY BENSON: Put that on the board as mistake #1. If he knew what was good for him, he'd have mom and pop back in Monksville light a candle or two for luck.

BILL BUCKLEY: I see you're in fine form tonight. Black kicks the match off with a dropkick to Deacon's left knee! That sends the big man to the mat. Black fires Deacon's head into the mat. Takese common sense to realize Black's only chance of winning is keeping Deacon off his feet!

::Black slings Deacon into the ropes, and attempts a flying body press but is caught by Deacon::

BILL BUCKLEY: Deacon has him up in the air....chokeslam!!! What a move! Caught up in mid air, positioned him just right..and then dropped the bomb!

::Worthington counts to 2 before Apocalypse lays the left foot of Black on the bottom rope::

SAMMY BENSON: Smart thinking by Apco....cheat to win. That's the way I always taught it.

::Deacon throws Black into the ropes, rolls across the ring before hitting Pat with a clothesline::

BILL BUCKLEY: Deacon agile as well as powerful. A deadly combination for his opponents. By the look in his eyes you can tell he's calm amid the storm. Focused on one thing..and that's beating his opponent. Deacon now fires Black's head into the turnbuckle.

::Deacon hoists Black on the top turnbuckle::

SAMMY BENSON: At what point in time do the singing monks drop from the rafters? I guess since it's Sweetwater, the Love Sisters will drop down and say a prayer for Deacon. Folks if you had plans to watch TNN, don't...we're just underway here.

::Top rope Belly to Belly by Deacon::

BILL BUCKLEY: Awesome move by Deacon! Black has been hit by an onslaught of moves early on...surely this is the end right here!

::Worthington counts a 2 and a half count::

BILL BUCKLEY: You heard the moan by the fans, they and I thought it was over. Black showing the toughness he used to defeat Randalls in the World Tourney. Slowly to his feet. Deacon lifts up him, holds him in the air for a couple of seconds.....vertical suplex! He's got the total package, no question about that.

::Deacon head to the top rope as Black staggers to this feet::

SAMMY BENSON: The world's tallest monk is up top. Don't know what he's planning to do up there. Maybe a dropkick to drive the demons out of Black.

::Deacon dives off the top turnbuckle and attempts a shoulderblock. But, Black grabs the ref by the shirt and moves him in front to take the blow::

BILL BUCKLEY: Did you see that?! Ben Worthington is down!! Deacon sees it...but he's going back after Black...this looks like a piledriver!!!

SAMMY BENSON: For a man of the cloth he doesn't seem too worried by Worthington being knocked senseless! I knew it was nothing more than a front!

::Before Deacon can hit the piledriver. Apocalypse slips in the ring...and cracks Deacon in the back of the head with a chair::

BILL BUCKLEY: There's the reason for Apocalypse being at ringside! Deacon is out cold...Black struggles to make the pin but he does... Worthington starting to come to his senses...this would be highway robbery!!

SAMM BENSON: No it'd be justice! You saw what Deacon did to Worthington! All the kids at home are probably crying as we speak! What type of a role model lays out a ref!! This is sickening!

BILL BUCKLEY: Shut up Sammy! 

::Worthington counts 1...2....3::

BILL BUCKLEY: Pat Black steals a victory from Deacon! I questioned the need for Apocalypse being at ringside, and i was right in doing so! Man alive.

SAMMY BENSON: Simmer down Buckley. My Mother always told me there's two types of work. There's working harder, or working smarter. The smarter man moves on to the next round!

BILL BUCKLEY: I don't agree with that assessment at all!

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BILL BUCKLEY: The United States Heavyweight Tournament continues in just a few moments. First, let's welcome back Teri Melton to the team! She'll be joining us for a little while tonight!

::Teri walks out and takes her seat to the left of Buckley::

BILL BUCKLEY: Teri nice to have you with us again.

TERI MELTON: Thanks Bill, the pleasure is mine. I know what you're going through tonight, I just want to say I'm so sorry.

SAMMY BENSON: Listen honey, don't come out here and throw little jabs my way and pretend I didn't pick up on it...I'll have you thrown out of the building and working at Teasers again in no time.

TERI MELTON: Sammy I hoped you picked up on it, you drunken toad.

SAMMY BENSON: Take your double D jumbies and get out of here....I didn't decide to come back just to have added to the booth one more time. I'm five seconds away from walking out...

TERI MELTON: Go for it...

::Benson stands up::

SAMMY BENSON: I mean it, I'll leave...don't force me....I'll....I'll walk...

TERI MELTON: 1....2...3....

SAMMY BENSON: I'm serious...I'm on the edge baby, don't push me or I'll push back..

TERI MELTON: Sit down, your smell is starting to make the people in the front row sick...

BILL BUCKLEY: Great we've finally identified that smell. Rhubarb if you would please!


BILL BUCKLEY: The Shepherd's already been robbed once tonight, anything short of a win by Preacher and the evening is all but lost for him. Kevin Powers a recent addition to the CORPORATION is joined by his lovely ladies. Teri I can't approve of the CORP's tactics, but they did pick a wise choice in adding this young man.

TERI MELTON: Kevin brings a lot to the fold.

SAMMY BENSON: Speaking of things you like, how's the second job? Still paying well, or have your customers grown tired of you like i have.

BILL BUCKLEY: (buckley has to reach over to restrain Teri) The match is underway, let's try to be professional! Powers stands in the middle of the ring hitting the Preacher with a combination of rights and lefts, but the big man doesn't move a muscle! He just grabbed Powers by the neck!

::Preacher shoves him back into the ropes and then smashes his face with his left foot. Sending Kevin over the ropes::

BILL BUCKLEY: Powers up and over the ropes. The Preacher eases his way through the ropes and to the floor. He measures Powers, and there's a right hand that sends Kevin off his feet! Elbow drop from the Preacher! If he has time to set and fire...he's dangerous!

::Preacher grabs Powers by the tights and throws him into the entrance steps::

SAMMY BENSON:  And he was nice enough to try and help Kevin back up the steps and into the ring. Come on Powers, he can't do it for you!

::The Preacher lifts Powers up and throws him over the top rope and back into the ring::

BILL BUCKLEY: You saw the strength he posses there. Tossing "Good Gawd" over his head with relative ease. Shepherd's man showing he's more than a brawler, as he hooks in the Ad. Stretch! With the pressure he's applying right now, Powers might be torn in two!

::Powers screams out in pain...Gina is on the outside hitting the mat for encouragement::

TERI MELTON: Seems silly now that i thought he could over come the weight and height disadvantage. The Preacher is simply too much....

SAMMY BENSON: That's why I'm here, darlin. Jumbies the size of Texas don't make you a great broadcaster. They make you a very popular one, but that's about all. Shut you cakehole and I'll bother about analyzing the match.

::Teri rips off her headset and lunges at Benson. Buckley again is caught in the middle::

::Powers manages to flip the Preacher over, and begins to stomp on his head::

BILL BUCKLEY: Knock it off. For crying out loud I'm taking more punishment that the Spanish broadcast team! In the ring, Powers goes to one knee and he lets the ol' Trick Elbow loose!

::Powers hops to the middle rope then jumps off with a double ax hammer::

SAMMY BENSON: That'll take you down every time. I just feel bad for Powers...ever since the war his elbow has been known to flare up like that.

::Worthington counts a 1....Powers grabs Preacher's legs and drops his right leg in his groin::

BILL BUCKLEY: War injury...(buckley shakes is head) I see his plan of attack must have been 'stop Preacher from reproducing'. this is getting dirty without a seconds notice. Powers finally goes to some legitimate offense, with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

::Powers bounces off the ropes and goes for a bulldog, but the Preacher scoops him up and turns it into a chokeslam::

TERI MELTON: Creative counter by the Preacher!

BILL BUCKLEY: Worthington nearly drops the hand for a 3 count, but Powers barely manages to get a shoulder up! Preacher sets Powers on his feet, whips him across the ring, SPINEBUSTER as he catches him off the ropes!! Good lance alive!

SAMMY BENSON: America's favorite Monastery sidekick is on his way through to the next round. Mere formalities from here on out.

::Preacher has Powers covered, but Susan is in the ring and has Worthington's attention. Gina rushes in and hops on the Preacher's back, raking his eyes::

BILL BUCKLEY: What's going on here?! Gina's all over the Preacher......come on Worthington you goof, turn around! The Preacher just threw Gina to ground!! (crowd cheers) He's going to chokeslam Gina! He'll drive her right through the mat!

::Powers leaps to his feet, takes out a small chain and starts to choke the Preacher ::

SAMMY BENSON: Very nicely done girls! See Buckley, (Benson sings) U-N-I-T-Y that's Unity! Didn't know i had that kind of range did you?

BILL BUCKLEY: Who cares...Powers has choked the Preacher into a pinning position....Worthington is over to make the count. I can't believe he's not picking up the chain around the Preacher's neck!

TERI MELTON: He's under contract Merritt and Thomas, if he hasn't since the 'light' by now he won't ever.

:::Worthington counts 1...2....3 with Powers' leg on the middle rope::

BILL BUCKLEY: Kevin Powers moves on....after choking the life out of the Preacher! We're seeing already that the FISH FUND has brought out the worst in our winners to this point. Sammy, I know you disagree...

SAMMY BENSON: This is the best of the best we're seeing, Buckley. You and Mountain jumbies may not like it, but it's called getting to the top! Wrestling the way I love it!

::Powers walks back to the lockerrooms with his arms around Gina and Susan::

BILL BUCKLEY:  Fans, up next, the Unified Tag Team Titles are on the line!  But first, here's a look at the CSWA Hotline!

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BUCKLEY:   Fans, we're back and we are going to take you straight down to Rhubarb Jones for the ring introductions.

(Scene changes to the ring, where Rhubarb is standing in his tuxedo. )

JONES:  Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is for the CSWA UNIFIED TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP of the WORLD.   Introducing first, they are eight time World Tag-Team Champions,  Peyton Wright... Joey Melton... ARROGANCE.

(Cue Up:  "Jesus Christ Superstar" as Ray S. Cornette leads his tag-team to the ring. Their is a mixed crowd response as the three men head down to the ring.   They don't even acknowledge the fans as they walk to ringside. )


(Cue Up: "Disco Fever" as The Disco Midget leads his tag-team champion squad down to ringside.  All three men are dancing to the music and the fans boo them, and are trying to fight back the urge to join them dancing )

BUCKLEY: All six men now in the ring.

BENSON: That's five and a half.

BUCKLEY: Anyway, Referee Worthington is giving the final instructions and it looks like we are about ready to get this match underway.

BENSON: I hope it's a quick one.  Joey and Peyton win the belts for a fourth time here in the CSWA and we can get rid of that little pest.

T. MELTON:  What's a matter the midget got you seeing RED !!!

BENSON: DON'T GO THERE !!!  That's illegal.. check your contract... the only thing that Merritt and I agree on...  other then wanting to slap ourselves silly on your Melons, is that midget and that color cannot be mentioned in
the same sentence.

BUCKLEY: That's enough Sammy.  We've got a match that's just about underway. It's going to be Disco Inferno and Joey Melton starting things off.

(The two look to lock up, but Melton instead side steps him and does a fargo strut.   The fans of Melton cheer him on. )

BENSON: Ya got to admit that Joey Melton has a certain flair to him.

(The two try to lock up again, but Joey side steps a second time and struts back across the ring.  This time though he gets too close to Boogie Man in the corner,  who nails him with an overhead right to the head.)

BUCKLEY: He got too close to the wrong corner and paid for it.  Disco catching him off guard now.. German Suplex.  Cover.. Just a one count.

BENSON: That's cheating though..  Disco Express should be disqualified.

BUCKLEY: Then they'd keep the belts...

BENSON: Oh nevermind.

(Melton is slow to get back to his feet, but when he does Disco Inferno is waiting for him with a karate chop to the chest, then an Irish Whip across the ring, on the return Disco is waiting and sends him to the canvas with a high back body drop. )

BUCKLEY: Perfectly timed move by Disco Inferno, and he's getting right back up on the offensive.  Helps Melton to his feet and sends him to the ropes again...

(This time Disco drops for the back body drop, but Melton stops himself and grabs him for a DDT.  Inferno realizing this though, drops down and drags Melton towards the corner, making Melton hit head first into the top
turnbuckle. )

BUCKLEY: Great awareness on the part of Disco Inferno.  He realized that he made the mistake of committing too early and was still able to get out of danger.

BENSON: But remember he is facing the master of counter wrestling.  One nice move won't save them from the world's best tag-team ever.

BUCKLEY: Well that certainly is debatable, considering the many fantastic teams that have been through the CSWA.

T MELTON: For a change I have to agree with Benson.  Joey and Peyton have won eight world championships in five different promotions, they have more then proved themselves as one of the elite.

(In the ring Joey is getting back to his feet and is met by Disco Inferno who grabs him in an arm bar and drags him to his corner.  Disco tag's Boogie who quickly gets up on the second rope and drops an elbow into the arm of Joey.  He then immedietly locks on his own arm bar on Joey.  )

BUCKLEY: Disco Express trying to control the pace of this match.  They want to wear down the older Joey Melton and make him ineffective as this match progresses.

BENSON: I think that's a waste of time, because Joey Melton is known for his stamina and ability to rise to the occasion.

BUCKLEY: Melton trying to reach the ropes, but Boogie is dragging him back into the middle of the ring...  Melton reverses it... but Boogie just nailed him with a short arm clothesline.  

T. MELTON: I've got to give Disco Express some credit here, it looks like they did some homework and have a feel for what ARROGANCE is able to do. They better not get cocky though, because ARROGANCE can change things around, mix em up and confuse them in a split second.

(In the ring Melton is struggling to get up to his feet while the Boogie Man does some disco dancing.  He sees Melton reach his feet and is right on him, Irish Whips him, but Melton reverses... Boogie on the return jumps over Melton who had dropped down... and as he hits the far ropes Peyton Wright lays a knee in his back. )

T. MELTON: That's what I'm talking about, you've got to ALWAYS be on your guard against this team.

BUCKLEY: Well that was CHEATING..

BENSON: That's tag-team wrestling... they are a TEAM.

(Melton gets back to his feet and notices that Wright has hit the canvas and he immedietly goes over towards him.  He drops an elbow into the back, near where Wright had nailed him.  He then lifts him up to his feet and gives him an over the knee backbreaker.   )

BENSON: This is classic Joey Melton, going to work on one specific body part.

(Melton goes for a quick cover, but only gets a one count. )

BUCKLEY: It's going to take a lot more then that to beat this team.   Melton now making the tag to Peyton Wright.

(Wright comes into the ring just as Boogie was trying to get to his feet. Peyton scoops him right up and Body Slams him to the canvas.  Boogie quickly tries to get to his feet but is met again this time by a swinging neckbreaker.  Wright makes the cover and again Boogie is able to kick out. )

BUCKLEY: Boogie starting to get worn down it looks like and ARROGANCE is looking to make it a quick night.  They really look focused on getting the Unified Tag-Team titles back.

BENSON: That's why they set this up.

(Wright locks up Boogie Man in a reverse chinlock. )

BUCKLEY: Set it up ?

BENSON: Well why do you think that Joey Melton let the Disco Fools win the belts. When he planted that chair on the SWAT team, he was on a mission and this is the conclusion of it.

BUCKLEY: I'm not too sure of that.   Right now Peyton has Boogie Man tied up fairly well, but Boogie is trying to make it to the ropes.

(Boogie does make it to the ropes and Worthington orders Wright to break. Wright gets up and makes a quick tag to Joey. )

BENSON: Double the pleasure, double the fun.

(Wright and Melton pick up Boogie Man and give him a double vertical suplex. They follow that up with a double DDT.  Disco Inferno has taken enough and comes through the ropes.)

BUCKLEY: Inferno trying to help, but Worthington cut him off.   Inferno and Worthington are face to face yelling and Worthington keeps pointing to the corner.

BENSON: Meanwhile Peyton and Joey are just laying the boots to the Boogie Man. They are taking him apart. 

(As Disco Inferno is just agreeing to go between the ropes and out of the ring, Joey comes over and slaps him in the face.  This causes him to come charging out again, to be met by Worthington.  Melton is motioning for him to come on... )

BUCKLEY: They are really using Disco Inferno against himself right now.  He's furious and Referee Worthington won't let him loose.  Meanwhile Peyton has been just stomping on Boogie Man and now they are scooping him up. SPIKE PILEDRIVER. 

(Disco Inferno had his back turned getting out of the ring and didn't see the Piledriver.   Neither did the referee.  Wright slides under the bottom rope and out of sight as Joey goes for the count. )

T. MELTON: This could be it...

BUCKLEY: ONE...TWO... THREE....  NOOOOO  Boogie Man Kicked out... I don't believe it, but he somehow managed to escape the three count.  Melton back up to his feet and grabs the Boogie Man with him..  SNAP SUPLEX.  And another quick cover.. ONE...TWO...NO... Again somehow Boogie is able to kick out. 

(Melton goes over and tags in Peyton and while he's doing so Boogie tries to crawl towards his corner.  He doesn't make it though as Peyton grabs his leg and pulls him back into the center of the ring. )

BUCKLEY: Almost like ARROGANCE was taunting Boogie Man on that one, making him think that he could make it to the corner and make the tag.  Peyton, elbow drop... and another cover... AGAIN just a two count.  Peyton... he's got Boogie up again... it's a POWERBOMB... NO... HURRACARANA...

BENSON: I thought that was a Frank-n-Parsons...

BUCKLEY: Times change....  What a great save by Boogie Man, I thought for sure this was over.

T. MELTON: I Can't belive he was able to think that clearly and get that momentum. Even I'm impressed, but it won't mean a thing if he can't make it to his corner and make the tag. 

(We watch as both men slowly inch towards the corner, looking to make the tag.   Peyton makes his way first, tagging Joey.. but before Joey can cut off Boogie he dives out and makes the tag to Disco Inferno. )

BUCKLEY: Inferno in the ring and he just leveled Melton with a clothesline. Peyton back to his feet... DROP KICK.... Melton also back up... BODY SLAM... Peyton's turn...   SUPERKICK....  Disco now scooping up Melton... Michinokui Driver !!!!    He turns his attention back to Peyton Wright and is pounding on him with closed fists...

BENSON: This is great... All four men are up now and brawling...

BUCKLEY: It's hectic in the ring...  Disco and Peyton exchaning blows on the ropes.

BENSON: Plus we've got Boogie Man taking it to Joey Melton.

BUCKLEY:  Disco Inferno and Peyton Wright just went over the top rope.  They hit hard down on the arena floor.  Worthington going over to check on them. Meanwhile Boogie Man and Joey Melton are going toe to toe, with Boogie looking like he's getting the upperhand.  Joey's forehead has a small cut on
it from those those punishing closed fists.

BENSON: What's this !!!

BUCKLEY: Cornette is up on the ring apron.   He's in the ring.. and he's got the tennis racket.  THE SWING!!!! OH MY HE HIT JOEY.  Boogie Man turns around.. and Cornette Hit's HIM TOO.

T. MELTON: Cornette blew it, I can't believe he missed.  

BUCKLEY: The Disco Midget is in the ring now and he just tackled Ray Cornette.

BENSON: What else would you expect then for him to take out the knees. 

BUCKLEY: He's got the tennis racket and is bouncing it off the back of Cornette's head.   This is unbelievable.   Worthington turns around to find Melton and Boogie Man laid out, and Disco Midget with the tennis racket beating Ray S. Cornette.  He's got the tennis racket now and he's separating them.

T. MELTON: I think that Worthington hasn't a clue.  The Disco Midget is the only man standing.

BENSON: Is he standing ?  It's so hard to tell. 

BUCKLEY: Worthington has just sounded for the bell.  This match is over. Let's go to Rhubarb for the official word.

(Rhubarb is in the ring with Worthington for a second and then grabs the house mic. )

JONES: The referee's decision is that this match is a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION.

(The Disco Midget is furious, his little body jumping up and down arguing. Wright and Disco Inferno had slid back into the ring and they are aruging the decision too.   Wright wrestles the tennis racket away from Worthington and clears house. )

BUCKLEY: No one looks happy about this decision.  NOTHING got solved here tonight.

BENSON: NO. NO.  Not more disco.  Please no more disco.  I can't take it anymore.

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BILL BUCKLEY: Disco Express retain the titles, but Arrogance rest assured will ask for a rematch. Moderate night so far for the CORPORATION Teri, a double dq in that match and it's even better.

TERI MELTON: You take what comes your way, Bill. We'll prove soon enough that Disco is dead, and in the 90's it takes Arrogance to survive.

SAMMY BENSON: Cute sister. One good thing came out of that match, and it was Ray S. and Midget #2 breaking into fist-a-cuffs. Who do you give the height advantage to? Ray S. can't hit that low, and Disco's reach is about an inch. It's a tale of the tape like this, and a few beers in their systems that make grown men place bets on chock fighting.

BILL BUCKLEY: Can you tell me again why Merritt and Thomas pay you? It can't be for....what was that again? A joke?

TERI MELTON: It's his medication, Bill. If he doesn't take it every 3 hours he morphs into Hennie Youngman. Quite a sight to behold.

SAMMY BENSON: You may have replaced your (censored), but try as you might you can't out do me.

BILL BUCKLEY: Oh tonight is going well. Rhubarb add a little class to the show...


BILL BUCKLEY: Black got a surprise win over Deacon, but when you stop to consider that he beat Mike Randalls and nearly upset HORNET, it's not that much of a shock. A John Stockton like assist from Apocalypse didn't hurt either.

::Black and Eliminator tie up in the middle of the ring. Eli, thrusts his right knee into Black's gut::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator likes to start quickly, we mentioned that earlier in the evening. Headlock by Eliminator, but Black backs him into the ropes. Referee Patrick Young calls for the break....Black however smashes a forearm to the face.

::Black whips Eli across the ring, then tosses him over with a back body drop::

SAMMY BENSON: Teri I've nursed this beer long enough, hows about being a good girl and shuffling off to get me another.

::Black charges at Eliminator and hits a running clothesline::

TERI MELTON: How's about a kick you in the....

BILL BUCKLEY: Alrighty.  Vicious clothesline by Pat Black! Black, pulls a swinging neckbreaker out of the bag of tricks! Looks like an STF! It is....Eliminator has had the tables turned on him! He came out with the intent of ending Blacks' night in a New York minute, but it's Black who has the Eliminator on the defensive!

::Eliminator grabs the ropes to break the hold. Black hammers him as he attempts to get to his feet::

SAMMY BENSON: New York minute. Buckley we're in Sweetwater, Texas. The only thing these people can relate to with New York is the filth.

TERI MELTON: What are they paying you for?

(Benson throws off his headset and goes after Teri)

::Black grabs Eliminator's hand and slings him across    the ring. He attempts a side-slam, but Eliminator stops him with knee lift::

BILL BUCKLEY: THAT'S IT!! You two have hit my last nerve!!! Now, either shut your mouths...or get the Fudge out of here!!! I'm tired of it! In 10 years I've never seen two people as incapable of working with each other as the two of you appear to be! For heaven's sake, grow up!

(Benson and Teri appear stunned)

::Eliminator lays Black out with a leaping DDT::

SAMMY BENSON: Satisfied Teri?! You've given Buckley a seizure.

::Apocalypse jumps to the apron. Eliminator knocks him off the apron with a boot to the head::

BILL BUCKLEY: I hate my life. Eliminator has the crowd to its feet.. Lady Mo is in his corner! Eliminator delivers a hellacious powerbomb!! Black's in serious trouble! Incredible rush of energy by Eli! If he can finish Black off he'll move into the Finals!

::Eliminator scoops Black up, and lays him out with a Tombstone Piledriver::

TERI MELTON:  The lights just went out on Pat Black.

::Eliminator covers him, and Young counts 1...2....3::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator wins!

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BILL BUCKLEY: And he'll advance to the Finals, awaiting the winner of our next semi-final Mark Vizzack or Kevin Powers. Vizzack's had an interesting week, seeing that Sunshine nearly passed on. Thankfully she's still with us, although although the events surround the entire ordeal are to say the least sketchy.

SAMMY BENSON: I realize that Midgets, Muppets, and every sort of Misfit you can label, stamp, and post has walked through the doors of the CSWA. My point is we have to draw the line somewhere. I say it's with Sunshine. Women in this company are paid to do one thing, and it's not speak up for equal rights. The "I'm not worthy, mom beat me too much" Soap Opera is a story you'd expect to see on Montel. This is the CSWA. There's no CRYING IN WRESTLING! Okay, I'll admit she's nice to look at. Then again so is freshly cut grass. I'm tired of it Buckley.

TERI MELTON: You finished?

SAMMY BENSON: (Sammy thinks for a second) yeah.

BILL BUCKLEY: Good. The young woman came extremely close to losing her life, and you can sit there and tear her down? Sammy that's a new low, even for you.

SAMMY BENSON: I see, you'd rather me stand and do it? We've already established tonight that I've got range.

TERI MELTON: How about what you *need*. You need a good....

BILL BUCKLEY: Let's not go there, Teri.

SAMMY BENSON: Yeah Melons...cool'em.

BILL BUCKLEY: Sammy. You're coming off a suspension....I can only assume you're close to another one. Honestly, enough.

SAMMY BENSON: (sarcastically) Honestly enough....

BILL BUCKLEY: Rhubarb...I'd like to buy a vowel please.


BILL BUCKLEY: Vizzack assures Sunshine that he'll be okay. Or she'll be okay. Meanwhile, Powers gets some last minute advice from Gina, and Susan.

SAMMY BENSON: That's called getting some 'sugar'.

::Julius Kessler helps Sunshine out of the ring. Ray S. Cornette escorts Gina, and Susan out.::

BILL BUCKLEY:  Collar and elbow tie up as the match gets underway. Powers with an arm drag! Powers with a dropkick that pops Vizzack squarely in the chops! He wastes no time in staying on his man....wrestling him to the mat with a headlock.

TERI MELTON: This match should virtually be assured of a clean ending. As Kessler makes sure Ray S. and Powers' Pretties don't try to 'tip the scales in their favor'.

::Vizzack to his feet. He backs Powers into the ropes and slings him across. Catching him with a dropkick::

BILL BUCKLEY: Dropkick by Vizzack! Leaps in the air, and onto Kevin's shoulders....flying leg scissors!! He's got a wide range of aerial moves does Mark Vizzack. Again Powers sent off the ropes, this time it's Vizzack with a flying back kick!

::Mark rushes outside the ropes...vaults himself to the top..and flies off with a clothesline::

BILL BUCKLEY: The Daredevil using the ropes to his advantage! He'll use every inch of the ring, to create odd angles and attack points during the course of the match! Vizzack slips in a right that levels Kevin. He's got Powers up, Fallaway slam!

::Vizzack goes to the top turnbuckle. Tries for a shooting star    press but Powers moves out of the way::

BILL BUCKLEY: He went for it, but came up empty.

SAMMY BENSON: Maybe if he went for it with Sunshine she wouldn't be so standoffish.

::Powers bulldogs Vizzack::

BILL BUCKLEY: Stop it. Patrick Young counts to 2...but that's all. Powers now, slingshot suplex! No questions asked he's the better mat technician of the two. Powers backbreaker! Again the cover....

::Young with another 2 count::

SAMMY BENSON: Only way to pin after the backbreaker is to pull the tights. He's young, he'll learn.

TERI MELTON: The match isn't over yet...never know what he might try.

::Powers makes a hand gesture to Ray. Cornette reaches in his coat pocket, gets his cell phone and makes a call::

BILL BUCKLEY: Powers and Cornette have a plan put in motion, I'm sure.

::Vizzack kicks Powers in the gut. Nails Kevin with a Double Arm Hook DDT:::

(Masked Eddy Love runs out)

SAMMY BENSON: Who placed a call for Room Service? *laughs*

BILL BUCKLEY: We know who! That's the masked Eddy Love! To heck with it, that's Eddy Love! Eddy just cracked a chair over Kessler's head....he's out cold!! (fans boo)

TERI MELTON: Scratch what I said earlier about the odds being even...

:::Masked Eddy Love makes his way towards Sunshine. She's terrified...and turns to run. But she's caught by Gina and Susan. Susan holds her, while Gina begins slapping the fire out of her face::

BILL BUCKLEY: Vizzack rushes over to the edge of the ropes, he's reaching for the two women but Eddy Love has him by the hair...Cornette just tossed in his phone!!

::Cornette is holding on to Patrick Young's shirt, so he can't move to see what's going on.  Masked Eddy Love let's go of Vizzack, and just as he does Powers shatters the cell phone over Mark's head! Powers moves him to the center of the ring and hooks in the Figure 4::

BILL BUCKLEY: NO WAY! Young turns around to see Vizzack knocked out....but not from the pain of the Figure Four! This is sick!

SAMMY BENSON: The will to win Buckley. The will to win...

:::Young takes a hard look at Vizzack and calls for the bell. Powers gets the submission victory::

BILL BUCKLEY: Kevin Powers moves on to face the Eliminator!! The CORPORATION file out of the ring, and leave a beaten Sunshine and a fallen Mark Vizzack. With all she's been through, Eddy Love and Corp beat the taste out of her mouth.

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BENSON:  I can't figure out why Vizzack persists in bringing that Sunshine down to the ring with him.  Granted she a good looking broad, but I mean, if you can't handle the heat, then get the woman back in the kitchen...where she belongs. 

BUCKLEY:  That's enough, Sammy.

BENSON:  Why, Buckley?  Because she's an insane freak who runs around popping pills and slashing herself up to get the sympathy of Vizzack so she can keep using him for money...and whatever else she's using him for.

BUCKLEY:  Sammy!

BENSON:  I mean, how stupid is Vizzack.  You'd think he'd be like the rat that had two options....go to the right and get the cheese, go to the left and get banged on the head.  Even the rat eventually learns to go to the right....but Vizzack keeps getting banged over the head.

BUCKLEY:  I'm not gonna let you go on any more, Sammy.

BENSON:  Oh really?  Who are you Buckley, my boss?

MERRITT:  No, that would be me.  And I'm telling you to get up and go backstage before I decide to simply fire you.

BENSON:  You wouldn't...

MERRITT:  Don't test me, Benson.  Get up and go...NOW!   (Benson and Merritt stand eye to eye for a few moments...finally Sammy turns and walks to the back).)  Where's Melton?  Get her up here now.  (Merritt walks away.)

BUCKLEY:  Folks, I apologize for Sammy.  Teri Melton is making her way back up here, after briefing Billy Starr on his upcoming matchup.

MELTON:  Sorry, Bill, I had to spend some time with Billy.

BUCKLEY:  We all understand you've got another job here, Teri.

MELTON:  All of us except Merritt, apparently.

BUCKLEY:  Fans, it's time to move away from the United States Tournament for a moment, and move on to the FINAL FOUR!  We began with thirty-two men on July 8th, and now just over a month later, we're going to finally shave it down to one.   Without further adieu, let's move on to the semifinals of the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament!  While Merritt and Sammy were jawing, "X-Man" Michael Sparks made his way to ringside...and while I've been talking, Billy Starr, the self-proclaimed leader of the CORPORATION, has been taking his slow walk down the aisle as well....with Sweet Melissa by his side.

MELTON:  If I can't be down there, somebody has to....even if it's her.

BUCKLEY:  You don't sound too thrilled.

MELTON:  No...because I should be down there...commentator's job or not.

BUCKLEY:  Referee Patrick Young calls for the bell, and the first of three FINAL FOUR matches is underway.  Michael Sparks charges Starr, but gets pushed away.  The two men lock up in a clooar-and-elbow tie-up.  Low blow by Sparks puts Starr down, and brings a stern warning from Patrick Young.

MELTON:  It ought to be more than a warning...that's a disqualification!

BUCKLEY:  Young tries to keep Sparks from following-in and getting an advantage, but the 24 year-old pushes his way by and piles on Starr, throwing some hard rights and lefts to the body of the former CSWA Presidential Champion.   Starr gets his back against the corner and his fighting his way back up to his feet.  Now the two men are throwing haymakers back and forth as this one breaks loose.  We've got a donnybrook building here!

MELTON:  Which is exactly what Billy has to avoid.  He's got the expertise and experience to beat Sparks on the mat.

BUCKLEY:  But it is the former ASWF North American Champion who goes to whip Starr out of the corner...Starr gets a foot down and reverses it, and it's Sparks who takes the ride across into the other turnbuckle.  Starr follows in and catches Sparks hard with a shoulder before the can get out of the corner.

MELTON:  Now Billy's gotta get him on the mat and keep him there.

BUCKLEY:  Starr pulls Sparks out of the corner with a monkey flip, and then catches the young CSWA superstar with a clothesline that sends him for a loop.  Starr with the early cover....barely gets a one-count.

MELTON:  Way too early to try for that one.

BUCKLEY:  And it seems to give Sparks a little motivation, as he battles to his feet.  Starr sends him across the ring for the ride...Sparks ducks the clothesline attempt and comes back across with a flying lariat!  Starr is down, and it's Sparks with all the momentum!  Sparks follows with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that puts Starr down obviously in pain...and now Michael Sparks is going up top!

MELTON:  Sparks may be making a huge mistake here, especially if Billy is playing possum.

BUCKLEY:  Sparks is hovering on the top rope...and Starr is slow getting to his feet.  Sparks measures him as Starr stands and turns around......Sparks off the top.....MISSILE DROPKICK.  He was dead on with that one, catching Starr right on the chin!  Starr hits the mat hard, and Sparks quickly rolls over and hooks the leg in a grapevine cover!  Young hits the mat for the count.....ONE.....................TWO.................. NO!  Starr is up!

MELTON:  Did you ever doubt it?

BUCKLEY:    Actually yes after that missile dropkick from Sparks!  Sparks pulls Starr to his feet, delivering a hard knife edge chop, and then dropping Billy with a snap suplex!  Sparks bridges over without letting go....ONE!     TWO!    NO!  Again, Billy Starr kicks out!

MELTON:  You don't listen, do you?

BUCKLEY:  Apparently not.  Starr rolls outside for a self-imposed time-out, and Sparks follows....but while Starr goes over to get some comfort from Sweet Melissa, Sparks reaches under the ring and is pulling out a table!

MELTON:  That had better be a strategy session.

BUCKLEY:  While Melissa apparently licks Billy's wounds, metaphorically of course, Sparks has the table set up...and something tells me that it's not for an early dinner.  Starr pulls himself away from Melissa and rolls back into the ring, breaking the ten-count by Patrick Young.  Sparks does the same, but the time-out gives Billy a second wind, as he catches Sparks in the gut, then suplexes the young star back into the ring.  Starr follows with a reverse chinlock, keeping Sparks down on the mat, and away from that table.  Sparks struggles to power out, but Starr has a slight weight advantage, not to mention positioning.

MELTON:  Sparks isn't getting out unless he can maneuver his way to the ropes.

BUCKLEY:  But as he begins to do that, Starr lets up, pulling Sparks to his feet by the hair.  Starr with a russian leg sweep, follows with an elbow to the throat!  That leaves Sparks kicking and pawing as Starr follows up with a double-hand choke!

MELTON:  Sometimes you've got to bend the rules a little.

BUCKLEY:  The CORPORATION is certainly a group that knows about that.

MELTON:  Watch it, Bill.

BUCKLEY:  The referee forces the break as the five-count expires, warning Starr of a disqualification if he continues the illegal activity.   Starr breaks the hold and stands, but not before he boots Sparks to the head for good measure.  Now Starr quickly follows in...he's going for the STF!

MELTON:  IF he hooks in tight, this one's over.

BUCKLEY:  Starr gets the legs hooked and now the chin....and Sparks is in grave danger of being put out of the Final Four!  But Sparks quickly reaches out and just barely gets his fingertips on that bottom rope.  Starr pulls the arm back, but Young is calling for the break....and this time he's not being as generous with the five-count.  Sparks stays alive in this one...barely.

MELTON:  Barely is right.  Billy  is ready to put this one away.

BUCKLEY:  He may be ready to, but I don't know if Sparks is quite yet.  Starr catches Sparks with an elbow to the chest, but misses with a second.  Starr dodges a right hand from Sparks, then hooks in a full nelson.   Standing switch by Sparks...and the X-Man uses the full nelson to send Starr toward the corner...Starr walks the turnbuckle and escapes the hold.  He follows in with a hard short-arm clothesline but Sparks rolls through to his feet.  Starr grabs hold of Sparks and irish whips him into the ropes...for the secon time in the match, Sparks ducks a clothesline by Starr and comes off the ropes ready for another lariat of his own......BACK DROP by Starr!  That sends Sparks over the top....AND ONTO THE TABLE!!!   His own table...and he just got put through it!  Referee Young is ruling incidental contact...that the over-the-top was not intentional.

MELTON:  Good no-call. And to be honest...I don't know if Starr knew the table was there.

BUCKLEY:  He does now...Starr rolls outside and picks up the downed Sparks.  POWERBOMB on the remnants of that table!  Good gracious!

MELTON:  There's just one part left...

BUCKLEY:  Starr rolls Sparks back inside, and quickly hooks the leg!  ONE.........TWO.......................... THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Billy Starr is moving on to the FINALS of the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.   This has got to be one of, if not THE biggest wins in his career

MELTON:  Without a doubt, Bill, and he deserves it.

BUCKLEY:  Starr rolls outside, and now he's celebrating with an ecstatic Sweet Melissa...who gives him more than just a little peck on the cheek.

MELTON:  That's it....you'll have to excuse me for a minute, Bill.

BUCKLEY:  Teri, don't....you'll be....  Folks, Teri Melton is on her way down to ringside...she is obviously not thrilled with the fraternizing between Starr and Melissa.  Melton pulls Melissa away from Starr, who seems oblivious to the staredown between the two.  They are really yelling at each other now...and Melissa slaps Teri right across the face  Teri returns the favor, and then tackles Melissa.  She's straddling Eddy Love's valet and smacking the tar out of her!   And Melissa's fighting back just as hard.  Oh dear....now Poison Ivy's making her way out of the crowd again, just as she did in El Paso!  Ivy grabs Melton by the hair and pulls her off Melissa!  And now she decks Teri with a right hand of her own.   Melissa's up....and she jumps on the back of IVY!!!!  What in the world!   She's gouging at Ivy's eyes...and now Teri joins in, as the two women go after Poison Ivy!  Ivy flips Melissa off of her back and onto Teri...but not before a significant portion of the top part of Melissa's dress comes off in her hands!  Ivy jumps back over the guardrail into the crowd....Teri pushes Melissa off of top of her and starts marching back this way.  I guess the CORPORATION gals stick together. And it's only now that Starr gets involved, covering Melissa with his ring robe...much to the disappointment of all the male fans in the audience, who got more than a glimpse of Melissa.  Folks, were going to cut away to a promo for the CSWA's next big PPV, ELVIS LIVES CELEBRATION XI!

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(Backstage, off-camera, during the Starr/Sparks match)

(Merritt is just outside the entryway, watching a monitor with all the action.  A crew member approaches, cell phone in hand.)

Peon:  Mr. Merritt, there's someone on the line that wants to speak to you.

Merritt:  Can't you see we're in the middle of a pay-per-view?  Lord, what do I pay you people for!

Peon:  But sir, he says it's urgent.   Something about a deal you made...he says it's an emergency.

Merritt:  Give it here.  (Merritt grabs the phone)  What is it?

Red:  I know you're busy, Chad, but surely you have time for little old me...

Merritt:  What do you want this time?  I don't have time for your inane midget babble....I've got a pay-per-view to run.

Red:  Oh, I think you'll make time.  All I want is a little game of hide-and-seek.

Merritt:  I'm not going to play your games.

Red:  Oh yes you are.  You are...unless you want to be responsible for a fire that destroys this arena...and some of the people in it.

Merritt:  You know...I'm really tired of your threats.

Red:  Oh, my threats are over.  It's the actions that have just begun.  The game has started, Chad.  Your clue:  the warmer you get...the warmer you get.  And now, you've got twenty minutes...or I start without you.  (The line goes dead...Merritt throws the phone to the floor and heads down a stairwell toward a lower level)

(Sammy Benson comes crashing through the curtain)

Benson:  Where is he?!  Where's Merritt!?   (Two crew members point to the stairwell.  Benson throws the door open and heads downward)

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

MELTON:  Sorry about that Bill...I had some CORPORATION business to tend to.

BUCKLEY:  I noticed...I think the entire crowd of 100,000-plus here noticed...not to mention those at home who may have had the best view.

MELTON:  All I know is commentator's job or not...I'll be down there for the finals.  So Merritt, be prepared...either get Benson back out here, or send Stan Parsons or somebody up...cause I've got work to do.

BUCKLEY:  And on that note, we're ready for the second and final semifinal match of the World Tournament.  Let's head to Rhubarb Jones for the introductions.  Hit it, Rhubarb.

JONES:  Ladies and gentlemen, entering the ring first in this semifinal match of the CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament...  ("I Feel Like Making Love" begins to play) hailing from Clemson, South Carolina and standing at six feet five inches, and 258 pounds...he is accompanied to the ring by the lovely, the exquisite, Sweet Melissa....he is the eye of the storm...here is HURRICANE.... EDDY LOVE!!!!!  (crowd pops)

BUCKLEY:  One of the newest members of the CORPORATION, Love is looking to make the World Final an all-CORPORATION affair now that Starr has already claimed his spot.  We've been told that Kevin Powers was orgininally going to introduce Love to the ring...but he's gearing up for tha all important US Final.

MELTON:  Having a CORPORATION member win both the US and World Titles is more important than a ring intro, Bill.

JONES:  And now, his opponent, hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina.  (Theme from "Greatest American Hero" begins to play)  This man stands at six feet five inches, 263 pounds.  He is a three-time CSWA World Champion, a three-time Unified World Heavyweight Champion, and he is BACK in Sweetwater, Texas... he is "The Greatest American Hero"  HORNET!!!!!!  (crowd pops huge)

BUCKLEY:  Hornet's on his way down, but look at his eyes.   The last time I saw eyes that red, Sammy was coming out of an alcohol-induced mini-coma.  Of course, Hornet's was caused by the attack by the CORPORATION just before the event started.  I don't think I've seen anything quite so diabolical...well, since the last Ray S. Cornette scheme.

MELTON:  I don't know that Cornette was behind this one...it may have been an Eddy Love-original.

BUCKLEY:  If so, then Love has come up with a new low in strategy.  Although he apparenlty rationalizes it by saying Hornet 'told him to.'   Ben Worthington is the referee for this one, and he's calling for the bell.   The two men lock up in a collar-and-elbow, and Love takes the advantage by thumbing Hornet in the eye!  Hornet doubles over in pain and Love slams his head to the mat.   I guess he's planning to add another knot along with the one left by the loaded glove on Hornet's head.  Hornet quickly rolls out of the way of an elbow drop, leaving Love to find nothing but mat. 

MELTON:  Love has to be careful not to underestimate Hornet, even in a weakened condition, if he truly is.

BUCKLEY:  Hornet hooks Love in a full nelson, but Love quickly grabs the ropes, forcing a break.  Hornet gives Eddy a clean break, but Love quickly kicks Hornet in the gut and follows by rubbing the eyes of Hornet across that top ring rope!  Hornet jumps in reaction and elbows Love in the sternum.  Love back away, laughing, and Hornet is ostensibly blind!  Love steps in and catches Hornet with a light right hand to the side...Hornet swings, but misses Love completely.  Love comes in from the other side, tapping Hornet again, and again Hornet missed completely.   Eddy Love thinks this is some kind of game!  He steps in again....but this time, Hornet's hand reaches out and grabs him by the throat!  Hornet pushes Love backwards into the ropes, and nails him with a flying dropkick!  Love goes down...but is quickly back up to his feet....flying forearm by Hornet takes him back down!  Love quickly rolls outside for a breather, and Sweet Melissa is quickly at his side.

MELTON:  What did I say, Bill?

BUCKLEY:  You were right, unfortunately for Love.  Love gets ready to step back onto the apron, but Hornet has him measured...and takes him down with a baseball slide!  Love crashes into the guardrail, and Hornet follows outside.   Contrary to popular belief, Hornet has spent quite a bit of his time outside the ring in his career.  He clotheslines Love OVER the railing and into the first row!

MELTON:  Good thing for Love that those fans in the first row seem to be CORPORATION fans!

BUCKLEY:  Hornet pulls Love back over into the rail and slams him into the ring apron, then rolling him into the ring.  Injured or not, Hornet has taken control of this match.  And if Love doesn't mount a comeback, then it'll be Billy Starr and Hornet in the final!  Hornet follows up with a brainbuster that leaves Love laying...and now he's going up top!

MELTON:  This could be a *major* mistake.

BUCKLEY:  Or it could be a straight shot into the finals.   hornet off the top...SHOOTING STAR PRESS!  He nailed it!  He hooks the leg!  ONE...............TWO.............NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!   Eddy Love kicks out!  This crowd can't believe it, and I don't know if I can either.

MELTON:  I talked about not underestimating Hornet...well, don't ever underestimate Eddy Love either, or you're get burned.

BUCKLEY: Or sprayed with a can of Raid I guess.  Or maybe hit with a loaded glove.

MELTON:  A little bias coming out there, Buckley?

MELTON:  I figured I might as well make the sides even, Teri.

MELTON:  Touche.

BUCKLEY:  Love ducks the full nelson and hooks in an abdominal stretch on Hornet.  But Hornet slips his way out and reverses the hold, somehow.   Love grabs the ropes, but this time Hornet pushes Love away from him before giving him a clean break.

MELTON:  Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice...

BUCKLEY:  Hornet goes for a clothesline, but Love dodges, and Hornet goes through the ropes to the outside.  He hit hard on the floor.  And Love is going to waste no opportunity going outside after him.  He returns Hornet's earlier favor, sending Hornet back-first into the apron.  Now he's got Hornet on the mat, and he's raking at those already-injured eyes, sending Hornet into convulsions of pain!  Hornet lashes out, and Love gets thrown off of Hornet and against the railing.   But Love has done his damage, and he slides back in, avoiding the ten-count.   We could have a count-out on Hornet here if he can't get back in the ring.

MELTON:  As much as it pains me to say it...I don't think he's gonna stay down.

BUCKLEY:  Once again, you're right.  Hornet rolls back in, but love has a hard knee to the ribs waiting for him.  Now Love has Hornet by the hair, and he slams him back-first into the corner.  Now he turns the former World Champion around and starts rubbing his face into that top turnbuckle, going after that previous injury consistently.

MELTON:  As much as you may not like his methods...they work.

BUCKLEY:  It's the un-level playing ground I don't like.   You don't see Hornet with a can of Raid or a loaded glove.  Love pulls Hornet out of the turnbuckle and whips him across into the far corner.  Hornet hits hard, and Love follows in...but gets caught with a high knee by Hornet!  The former Unified Champion  rockets out of the corner and grabs hold of Eddy Love.  He sends him across....and follows.....HORNET SPLASH!  This could be the beginning of the end for Love's title hopes!  Love falls out of the corner, and now gets dragged to the center of the ring by Hornet!  SCORPION DEATHLOCK!!!!!

MELTON:  Well...this is a familiar sight.

BUCKLEY:  Sweet Melissa jumps up on the ring apron, yelling to referee Ben Worthington to make Hornet get off of her wrestler...apparently she doesn't know the rules.

MELTON:  Or else she's been coached very well.

BUCKLEY:  Maybe so!  Because as she distracts Worthington, the masked man rolls out from under the ring!  He rolls into the ring, and Hornet sees him coming...and lets go of the Scorpion on Love.  Hornet and the masked man face off....the masked man just through something into the eyes of Hornet!!!  Some kind of powder of spray or something, but Hornet is doubled over in pain again!   NECKBREAKER BY THE MASKED MAN!  The masked man rolls outside the ring....and now Eddy Love is slowly but surely getting to his feet!  Melissa jumps down off the apron, allowing the ref to turn back toward the action.  Hornet tries to get to one knee....but he's still clawing at his eyes!  Eddy Love inverts Hornet......HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!  Love hooks the leg!   ONE..................TWO.............................. THREE!!!!!!!!  This one is over!  We've got an all-CORPORATION final as Eddy Love moves on to meet Billy Starr!  Sweet Melissa runs into the ring and Eddy Love's arms.  Eddy Love has done the unthinkable...in just four months, he has defeated Mark Windham and Hornet, and now will have his shot at wrestling's crown jewel.

MELTON:  It's been a pleasure, Buckley, but I've got to get backstage.

BUCKLEY:  Thanks for your help as always, Teri.  Fans, after this special montage showing you clips from the entire World Tournament...we'll be back with the finals of the United States Tournament!  Kevin Powers takes on the Eliminator!

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

(Backstage, off-camera, during the Hornet/Love match)

(Merritt is just in the middle of a hallway, deep in the recesses of Fish Fund Park Arena.)

Merritt:  "The warmer you get, the warmer you get?"  (looks around for a moment...then begins advancing on a doorway)   You little toad...I've got you now.

(Merritt slowly opens the door to the boiler room, a vast area filled with crates and boxes...and of course, the boiler.  One other doorway is lighted by a red 'EXIT' sign...it stands at the top of a metal stairway, in the center of a catwalk like upper level.)

Merritt:  Here...midget midget midget.

Red:  (standing on the upper level)  Well, I see it only took you fifteen minutes.  I underestimated you.

Merritt:  And I see we're now about the same height.  Not heightening are you, shorty?

Red: (grabs chest in mock pain)  Ah...you've hurt me, Chad.  (turns serious)  And now I'm going to hurt you.

Merritt:  So what's all this about, Lyle?   What are all these threats about a fire just so you can get me here.

Red:  Not threats, Chad, promises.  You see, you've got a little decision to make to finish the game.  (pulls a small remote control out of his pocket)  Two simple choices....either way you're finished, but I'm curious to see if I'm right.  This room is wired to start a rather significant fire.   You can either stay here and go up with it all by your lonesome in about an hour....or I can start it right now, probably taking out a quarter of your audience up there.  Lawsuits, settlements...you'll be finished that way too.

Merritt:  Quite a little Hobson's choice.   But riddle me this little man, if it goes up now, you go up with it.

Red:  Sorry to disappoint you, Chad, but this little remote will work from wherever I want....and I guarantee you I can get out of here to safety faster than you can.

Merritt:  And what if I don't like any of your choices?

Red:  (wags finger)  Sorry, Charlie.   This is my game...I make the rules.  I'll be generous, I'll even give you to a count of ten to decide.

(As Red begins counting, the upper door bursts open against him, sending the remote control flying out of his hand....and into the boiler.   Sammy Benson steps into the room.)

Benson:  (to Merritt)  You!
Merritt:  (to Benson) You!
Benson:  (to Red)  YOU!
Red:  (to Benson)  YOU....IDIOT!!!

Benson:  You're dead!

Merritt:  Sammy...always quick on the uptake.   Let me guess, Red...now we're in....

(The door to the  boiler explodes, shooting a jet of flame.  The flames catch a stack of wooden crates, which quickly begin going up in smoke.)

Red:  You idiot...now the whole place is going to burn down!

Merritt:  Sorry Lyle...guess your Hobson's choice didn't work...

Red:  If I'm going, then you're going with me!   (Red launches himself down the stairs toward Merritt)

Benson:  This is ridiculous, I'm getting out of here.  Screw you both. (The door closes behind Sammy with an audible 'click,' locking from the outside)

(Merritt sidesteps Red, who goes head first into a nearby metal barrel.  Merritt starts for the steps, but is quickly stopped when Red smacks him over the head with a two-by-four.  After a couple more hits for good measure, Red starts up the stairs.  The boiler sends out another jet of fire as the flames continue to consume everything in their path.  The pile of crates nearest the lower door collapses, blocking that exit.  At the same time, Red finds out the upper door is locked.  He grabs a nearby crowbar and begins trying to pry the locked door loose.  As he does so, Merritt begins to stir, picks up the two-by-four and starts quietly up the stairs.  Red hammers on the door with the crowbar with no effect.   He turns at the sound of Merritt approaching....and gets clobbered with the two-by-four.  The force of the blow sends Red over the low railing....and down into a stack of crates just below the catwalk.  The stack crashes...and Red is left in the middle of the debris, blood seeping from a wound in his side.  Merritt, bloodied from a gash in his head and lip, picks up the crowbar...just as the boiler shoots another arcing jet of flame.)

Merritt:  You're not taking me with you, you sorry peabrained bag of filth.  (He begins banging on the door with the crowbar)  Do you hear me?!  You're not taking me with you!!!!! 

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BILL BUCKLEY: They didn't get the UNIFIED Tag Titles, but nonetheless they've ruled FISH FUND XII. The CORPORATION are assured of taking home the World Title, and a win by Powers in this match would give them  the US Heavyweight title. All in all a good night, wouldn't you say Stan?

STAN PARSONS: Ray S. has dreamed for 10 years to have a hold on the CSWA like he does now. Trouble is with the CORPORATION comes corruption. That's been evident tonight. I feel for guys like Vizzack, Sparks, and Hornet who have to deal with the rebirth.

BILL BUCKLEY: Two more matches to go, then we bid farewell to FISH FUND XII: Fire It Up! Every FISH FUND is special, this one must rank up there among the best. If anything I'll set a record tonight for number of co-hosts in one show!

STAN PARSONS: I keep trying to retire, but it's 'Stan we need you to fill in...Sammy's been suspended'. This is murder on my golf game.

BILL BUCKLEY: Oh behalf of CS, I apologize. *laughs* Before we get the introductions started..let's talk a little bit about the Final. A surprise to see both men advance, correct?

STAN PARSONS: Eliminator and Kevin Powers have the talent to do the US title justice, yet when one takes a look at the draw. Mark Windham, Vizzack, the Deacon... yes it is a surprise. By hook or by crook though, it's the finals...Eliminator vs Kevin Powers.

BILL BUCKLEY: (puts finger on right ear) According to Marvin we're pressed for time. Rhubarb, earn a living!

(Camera switches to Rhubarb in the middle of the ring)

RHUBARB JONES: Ladies and Gentlemen! Are you Raaaaaaaeaddddddyy?? (crowd laughs. Rhubarb cracks a smile for the first time all evening) We've waited for this moment for over a year. For the thousands in attendance, and millions watching at home! (crowd laughs again) The following match is for the UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

::Eliminator's music plays::

RHUBARB JONES: From New Waterford, Idaho..standing  6'6 and weighing in at 375 lbs! This is ELIMINATOR!!! (mixed reaction as Eliminator walks to the ring. He's got a noticeable limp. He's accompanied by Hot Scott, Rap Master, and Rap Man.

::Kevin Powers' music plays::

(Music suddenly cuts off, Powers walks out with a mic in hand. Susan, Gina, and Ray S. Cornette are by his side)

KEVIN POWERS: No...no...no..no...no. It ain't goin down like this, kids. (Powers turns to a fan hanging over the security railing) You keep your mouth shut, boy! (crowd boos) No way I'm wrestling with his goons at ringside. I'm not as Dumb, as Rhubarb looks. If Merritt has dreams of the US title being around my waist, he needs to get the Golden Goofs outta here. Besides...look at the man he can hardly walk! Merritt I'll save you the trouble of coming out.... (Powers grabs the US title) He can't go, therefore forfeits. (puts mic in Rhubarb hands) Announce the NEW US champ, Jonesy!

::As Powers raises the US belt in the air, Eliminator places a forearm in the back of his head::

BILL BUCKLEY: Hot Scott, Rap Man, and the Rap Master chase Cornette and the girls out of the ring! Eliminator is all over Powers! There's been a injury to his left knee it appears. Stan, did you see it happen in the last match?

STAN PARSONS: Obviously Bill, Powers and Co. played a part in dealing him that hand. He didn't want to wrestle for the title, he wanted to have it handed to him! CORPORATION has struck once more!

::Eliminator scoops Powers up and slams him to the mat::

BILL BUCKLEY: Hate to accuse Powers of a crime he didn't commit, but it's highly likely that his prints are all over the crime scene. Eliminator's got the US belt in hand, and whips Powers repeatedly! Kevin's done nothing more than stir up a hornet's nest!

::Eliminator care barely stand to put pressure on his leg, but whips Powers to the ropes. He takes the US belt and cracks it over Kevin's head off the rebound::

STAN PARSONS: There's an old saying, Bill. Beware of the Wounded Animal. Powers didn't finish the job, that looks to be his biggest mistake.

::Eliminator throws his hands in the air...then sets up for the Tombstone Piledriver::

BILL BUCKLEY: Tried to get him up, but his knee gave out! Eliminator clutches his left knee... what happened before the match!! This is awful....Powers kicks the back of his leg as Eliminator tries to make it to his feet. The game plan apparently was to do the bulk of their damage off camera. They've succeed.

STAN PARSONS:  Can't count out the Eliminator yet, Bill. He may have a bad wheel, but this is for the US title... he'll do whatever it takes!

::Powers clips Eliminator's knee. Pulls him to a turnbuckle...goes outside...then slaps on the figure four around the iron post::

BILL BUCKLEY: Point was, I think Powers already has. Figure 4 around the post by Powers! Hot Scott should consider throwing in the towel. Much more of this, and Powers might rip apart his ACL.

::Patrick Young breaks the figure 4. Powers gets a chair, and smacks it over Eliminator's knee::

STAN PARSONS: I'm not even sure what an ACL is, but that could have been it snapping.

::Powers rolls back in the ring. Goes to suplex Eliminator, but is blocked. Eli DDTs Powers::

BILL BUCKLEY: DDT by Eliminator! He's still fighting! Slowly making is way to the top turnbuckle! A move out of desperation! Stan, this could very well be his only chance of winning the US title!

STAN PARSONS: What was that Bill? Sorry....Gina and Susan....two distractions a man doesn't need.

::Eliminator leaps off the top turnbuckle, but his knee gives out::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator's leg couldn't hold out! We need a doctor out here in a hurry. Powes not wasting a second, going for the figure 4!! It's hooked in!! Somebody please call for the bell, before the man's career is ended!!

::Patrick Young calls for the bell ending the match. Powers wins by submission::

BILL BUCKLEY: Eliminator didn't give, partly because I don't think he could have! Young mercifully calls for the end of the match. Kevin Powers wins the US title...tainted win albeit.

::Powers rolls outside...hugged by Gina and Susan. Ray S. kisses the belt then gives it to Kevin::

KEVIN POWERS: (looking into a camera) Good Gawd....what a night! (Powers kissed Gina)

STAN PARSONS: Like it or not, Kevin Powers is the new US champion... We shouldn't hold our breath for Merritt to overrule.

BILL BUCKLEY: Championships should be decided in the middle of the ring, not in the streets..or wherever the attack on Eliminator occurred.

images/spiline.gif (1968 bytes)

BUCKLEY:  And so it all comes down to this.  Thirty-two to two...and in just a few minutes, one. 

PARSONS:  It doesn't get any bigger than this, Bill.

JONES:  (Bell rings three times)   Ladies and gentlemen....this is the MAIN EVENT for FISH FUND XII: Fire It Up!  It is for the...(holds up belt) CSWA World Heavyweight Championship!   (crowd pops)  The following match is one fall, with a sixty-minute time limit.   Ladies and gentlemen.....this is it....so let's fire it up!   (huge crowd pop)

Making his way down the aisle one more time...("I Feel Like Making Love" begins to play) hailing from Clemson, South Carolina, he is accompanied by Sweet Melissa.  Standing at 6'5", 258 pounds, he has become one of professional wrestling's most elite clubs by defeating both Mark WIndham and Hornet.  Tonight, he looks to end the hunt for a World Title....here is the newest member of the CORPORATION....here is HURRICANE.... EDDY LOVE!!!!!  (crowd pops)

And his opponent is his stablemate.   The self-proclaimed leader of the CORPORATION, he hails from Atlanta, GA and stands at six feet five inches, 265 pounds.  Accompanied to the ring by the uncomparable Teri Melton, he ends his long journey back from a tremendous neck injury right here, tonight.  Former CSWA Presidential Champion....this man looks to take the World tonight.  Here is.......BILLY STARR!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Crowd pops)

BUCKLEY:  Tonight the CORPORATION turns inward.  They have captured the United States Title...and no matter what happens, they'll also have the World Title.  I think we can safely say that the CORP, whether led and bankrolled by Starr, Cornette, Melton, or whoever, has been resurrected to the position it occupied just a few years ago.

PARSONS:  Without a doubt.  I can remember the last time that the CORP had the World Title around its waist... and if I remember correctly, Joey Melton also had one-half of the tag titles around his waist at the same time.

BUCKLEY:  Referee Ben Worthington has called for the bell, and this World Championship bout is underway! 

PARSONS:  Let's get it on!

BUCKLEY:  Starr and Love each have a final word with their managers, as both Teri and Melissa climb out of the ring.

PARSONS:  On opposite sides of course.

BUCKLEY:  Definitely after what happened earlier tonight.  Starr and Love meet in the middle of the ring, exchange a few words, and then shake hands.

PARSONS:  It's amazing how nice the CORP can be when they aren't busy spraying people with cans of Raid or the like, isn't it?

BUCKLEY:  Isn't it, though?   The two men back away from each other and begin circling.  They may be friends outside...but in that ring, across from each other, they're both thinking about the twenty pounds of gold on the line.  They lock up, and Starr quickly takes the upper hand, forcing Love to his knees in the test of strength.  Love uses his legs to push back up...and Starr sends Love for the ride.  Eddy Love ducks the sleeper attempt by Starr, and catches the former Presidential Champion with a flying forearm!  Starr rolls through and back to his feet...and now these two men are standing across the ring from each other again.

PARSONS:  These two are so well-matched.  Not only are they both CORP members, but physically they're almost identical in height and weight.

BUCKLEY:  Melton yells something to Starr from the outside, which prompts Melissa to yell encouragement to Love.  I think these ladies have more bad blood between them then the gentlemen.

PARSONS:  I think that's obvious after the way Teri went after Melissa earlier.  But did you see Starr and Melton on the way in?  Teri was talking....but Starr didn't seem to be paying much attention.

BUCKLEY:  The two men rush to the center, once again locking up collar to elbow.  Starr backs Love into the corner, where Worthington calls for the break.  Starr backs away, giving Love a clean break.  

PARSONS:  How refreshing...

BUCKLEY:  The two men lock up for a third time....but this time it's Love with the advantage, sending Starr into the turnbuckle.  He follows in with an elbow, but Starr quickly rolls out of the way.   Love finds nothing but turnbuckle, and backs away in pain.  Starr follows in with an elbow of his own, then hip tosses Love to the mat.  Starr leaps on top of 'Hurricane' with a knee drop to the lower back.  Reverse chinlock by Starr.

PARSONS:  Starr is obviously going to work on the lower back of Love...hoping, no doubt, to set him up for either the STF or the powerbomb.

BUCKLEY:  But Love powers out of the chinlock!  He puts an armbar on Starr, but Billy quickly pulls into the ropes, hooking one arm.  Again, Worthington calls for the break, and this time, it's Love's turn to give the clean break to Starr.  These two lock up one more time, slowly and deliberately.  Love spins Starr around into a full nelson....standing switch by Starr....dragon suplex!!!  Starr tries to bridge it over, but Love rolls through.   Starr charges and takes down Love with a swinging neckbreaker!  Billy foregoes the cover and follows with a roll-through.  An elbow drop misses, however, as Love rolls for the ropes and outside for a breather.  Starr takes a breather of his own, sitting in the corner.

PARSONS:  These two already know each other well...and it shows.  The minute one is ready to make a move, the other is ready to counter or get out of the way.

BUCKLEY:  Starr waits for Love to make his way back in the ring, and he does so on the count of five by Worthington.   Starr allows Love to get in cleanly, but wastes no time in taking it to Love.   A quick knee lift doubles up Love, but he still manages to block a DDT attempt by Starr.  He pushes Starr away and into the ropes.  Starr ducks a running neckbreaker and catches Love with a knee to the midsection.  Starr hooks the leg, and sends Love over in a bridge suplex.  He gets only a one-count, before Love breaks free.  Both men back to their feet...

PARSONS:  I don't know how long they can keep this up.  Neither man has gotten true momentum going for a long period of time.

BUCKLEY:  There's another tie-up...this time Starr maneuvers Love into an armbar, then sends him up and down with a Death Valley atomic drop!  Starr gets stunned and goes chest-first into the ropes....Love follows him in...belly to back suplex!  Now Love hooks in a step-over-toe hold!!!  Starr is stuck...but he's quickly fighting to try and power out of the move.  He gets one leg free before Love can truly get it cinched in.   But Love lets loose and pulls Starr to his feet.  He hooks the arm.....and puts Starr up in a vertical suplex....he slingshots Starr off the top rope and onto the mat hard!  Melissa yells encouragement form the outside as Love quickly hooks the leg!  ONE...........quick kick-out by Starr....and now it's Starr turn to roll out and take a breather. 

PARSONS:  Love got a string together....but it'll be interesting to see if he can capitalize on it.

BUCKLEY:  Teri Melton quickly steps over, but Starr steps away from her and rolls back in the ring.  Love grabs hold of Starr and pulls him to hs feet....snap suplex.  Love hooks the leg!   ONE........TWO....no!  Starr kicks out easily...and gets back to his feet.   He's getting a second wind here.  He fires away with a right hand to Love's midsection, then hooks the head....vertical suplex!  Love goes down, and Starr bounces off the ropes...and comes down hard with an elbow.

PARSONS:  Love has got to weather this storm or he's in massive trouble here.

BUCKLEY:  Starr quickly hooks in the STF!!!!  This could be it!  But Love quickly has the presence of mind to grab the bottom rope.

PARSONS:  Having Sweet Melissa in front of him yelling "Grab the rope!" may have helped.

BUCKLEY:  Look at Starr's face....he does NOT want to break this hold, not when he's so close...but he does.

PARSONS:  Would he have done it were it not a fellow CORP member in that ring?

BUCKLEY:  Starr pulls Love to his feet....FLAPJACK!  He hooks thelg!  ONE............TWO.........no!  AGAIN, Love kicks out!

PARSONS:  Starr looks frustrated...but he keeps going.

BUCKLEY:  He pulls Love to his feet and looks toward the audience as if saying 'one more time.' Starr whips Love HARD into the far turnbuckle, and follows in with an elbow to the chest...forcing all the wind out of Love's sails!

PARSONS:  Now what's he doing?

BUCKLEY:  Starr is sitting Love backwards on the turnbuckle....he's going for the finale right here!  Starr gets his arms under Starr...setting him up for a powerbomb from the top!

PARSONS:  But Eddy Love is fighting it!  He may have found just the right time for his second wind!

BUCKLEY:  Indeed, Love has one foot hooked under the turnbuckle!  Love pulls...and pulls again..... POWERBOMB!  BUT EDDY LOVE HOOKED THE HEAD OF STARR!  DDT!!!   I don't know that I've ever seen anything like that!  Both men are down!

PARSONS:  Sweet Melissa is *screaming* for Love to roll over for thecover!

BUCKLEY:  And he does just that, laying his arm across the chest of Starr!  Worthington goes down for the count.....ONE.............................TWO............................................THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!   Eddy Love has done it!

JONES:  Ladies and gentlemen, the winner and new CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, "Hurricane" EDDY LOVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!!

BUCKLEY:  Jones hands the CSWA World Title to Love, who holds it above his head with Sweet Melissa by his side...but just for a moment before kneeling down to check on Starr, who is still recovering from that top-rope DDT.  Starr gets to his feet, and Love raises the his arm along with Starr's as well as the World Title as he rest of the CORPORATION comes in to celebrate.

What a night, Stan.   We haven't seen anything like this in a long time.  The CORPORATION regains its dominance for the first time in years...with Kevin Powers taking the United States belt, and now "Hurricane" Eddy Love celebrating his first CSWA World Championship.

PARSONS:  But the questions is...can the CORP stay together.  Success brings enemies, Bill...sometimes from within.

BUCKLEY:  Fans, that's all we.....hold on, Rhubarb Jones is back in the ring.

JONES:  Ladies and gentlemen, we want to thanks for attending FISH FUND XII.  However, at this time, I need your full attention.  We need you to calmly exit the building.  There has been a fire detected in one of the lower levels.  We ask your cooperation in making sure that you exit the building completely.

BUCKLEY:  Folks, we'll keep you up to date on all the happenings after FISH FUND on CSWA UPDATE with Bill Buckley.  For Stan Parsons, Teri Melton, and even Sammy Benson, I'm Bill Buckley, and it's been a privilege to have you with us.

(fade to black)

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(After the cameras go off)

(Below in the boiler room; Chad Merritt is hammering at the door.  His tuxedo shirt is spotted with blood, which still streams down his forehead and lip.  Flames cover nearly the entire room...and are now at the  bottom of the catwalk.)

Merritt:  I won't (hammers on the door)....lose....(hammers)...to a (hammers)....MIDGET!

(Merritt stops, caught by a coughing fit caused by the thick black smoke.  He reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief to put over his face...and something else falls on the catwalk.)

Merritt:  (He reaches down and picks up his CSWA FISH FUND American Express)  Never leave home without it.  (He begins fumbling at the lock with the credit card...and suddenly it clicks!)  (Merritt laughs)  So long, sucker!  Parting is such sweet....aw forget it. 

(Merritt exits the room, and the boiler explodes, filling the room and attached hallways with flame)

(Outside the Arena, in the parking lot, fire trucks, ambulances, police cars sit, lights flashing, while CSWA officials and wrestlers stand just outside surrounded by a throng of people.  Timmy Windham runs up to Hornet, just at the edge of the crowd.)

Timmy:  Have you seen him?

Hornet:  Who?  Mark?

Timmy:  Yeah...I shouldn't have done it, Hornet.  I shouldn't have cost him the match again.  He's my brother!   And now he's missing...and he's probably in there in the middle of that fire!  

Hornet:  Calm down.  I'm sure Mark's out.  Let's ask around...I'm sure someone's seen him.

Timmy:  I already did that!   He's in there, Hornet.  I know it....I'm his brother....I know he's in trouble!  (Windham runs back toward the Arena, as fire alarms begin to sound)

Hornet:  Timmy!  TIMMY!   Come back!

(Teri Melton runs up to hornet)

Melton:  Where's he going?

Hornet:  He thinks Mark may still be in there.  I tried to stop...

Melton:  He went back in there!   What is he thinking!?  Mark is right over there!

(Teri and Hornet rush over to where Teri last saw Mark)

Hornet:  Mark, you're here!

Windham:  Where else would I be?   We can't get back in the building.

Hornet:  But that's where Timmy just went.  He thinks you're in there!

Melton:  You've got to do something.  He'll be hurt!

Hornet:  She's right, Mark.   We've got to get him out of there.

Windham:  (laughs)  You want me to go in after him...he's not even my brother.

Hornet:  That's no way to talk, Mark.  No matter how you feel about him....he's your brother.

(Out of the door Timmy Windham ran into...Chad Merritt runs out.  He's covered in soot, blood covering his shirt.   He staggers toward the parking lot, until two paramedics rush up with a gurney.   Merritt is rolled toward a nearby ambulance.)

Merritt:  Stop....STOP!

(The paramedics stop just in front of Sammy Benson.)

Merritt:  You...come here.

(Sammy leans in.)

Merritt:  (whispers)  If you ever....ever tell anybody what happened in there...you'll have more than your job to worry about.

(Merritt waves the paramedics on, and they wheel him to the ambulance...as he mutters "It's over...it's finally over...")

(Back on camera, on U-62)

BUCKLEY:  Fans, this is Bill Buckley with a special CSWA UPDATE here on U-62.  We wanted to update you on the fire that has begun raging at FISH FUND Park Arena.  We've been told that the entire audience has escaped unharmed, although word is there still may be some CSWA employees inside.  Firefighters have not yet gone in to try and put the fire out...hoping it remains contained to the lower levels and will burn itself out..... (Buckley stops as a shrill yell interrupts him)

MELTON:  You bastard!  You won't even try to help your own brother.

WINDHAM:  I told you....he's....

HORNET:  I don't care!  I never thought I'd see the day when Mark Windham became a coward.

(Hornet takes off running toward the stage door.)

MELTON:  If either of them get hurt, it's your fault...do you hear me!?

BUCKLEY:  Fans, apparently Timmy Windham is still inside.  Hornet has just made his way toward the Arena to look for the youngest of the Windhams........

(Buckley's voice is drowned out as a large explosion rocks the nearby parking lot like an earthquake.  Flames jet out of part of the Arena's roof, while chunks of rock are hurled straight into the air.  The camera rocks, then steadies, as we see the stage door explode outward, carrying Hornet with it.  Hornet is thrown outward like a ragdoll against the pavement, as the stage door crashes on top of him.)

MELTON:  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!   TIMMY!!!!!   TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fire engine sirens begin to wail as debris continues to fall just short of the caution barrier erected in the parking lot.)

BUCKLEY:  Oh my Lord....sweet mother of all that's good and pure.  Somebody get some help.  Please...somebody get some help!  (Buckley drops the microphone and rushes toward the scene.)

(The camera centers on a still Hornet, buried beneath the bent and twisted stage door and the rest of he rubble.  Near the camera, just beneath the sounds of sirens, Teri Melton can be heard sobbing.  The camera shifts as the cameraman sets it on the ground.  We can see his feet as he too runs towards the scene, where a crowd of paramedics, firefighters, wrestlers and other CSWA employees can be seen trying to move rubble off of Hornet.)


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