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Presidential Championship

Established in early 1990, the Presidential Championship was the second singles title added after the original titles (World, US, Greensboro). The title was unveiled as a tribute to veteran Mickey Benedict as part of the "Remembering Mickey II" special event.

Over the years, the Presidential Title has grown in stature and is traditionally ranked between the United States and Greensboro titles. The title has special meaning to CSWA co-founder Stephen Thomas, who regards it as his "precious."

Presidential Championship Cameron Cruise (2)
CSWA ANNIVERSARY: Coming of Age (09/10/2006)
Cameron Cruise wins the Presidential Title in the GOLD RUSH five-ring battle royal.


Presidential Championship Jay Phoenix
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2005: Rebirth (07/24/2005)
Jay Phoenix defeated "Dog of War" Jason Payne in the finals of the Presidential Championship Tournament.


Presidential Championship "Hot Property" Eddie Mayfield
BATTLE of the BELTS XVII (05/31/2003)
The United States, Presidential and Unified World Tag belts are put up for grabs in a special six-man Elimination Tag Match at BOB17 featuring a pro-CSWA faction and "The Intruders." Tom Adler refuses to compete in the tag match, choosing to concentrate on his match against Shane Southern later in the night. Instead, he sends manager Eric Wright in as his second.

Eddie Mayfield pins Wright, winning the Presidential Title. Adler goes on to defeat Shane Southern later in the evening for the United States title.

"President" Mayfield holds the title until PRIMETIME 500 (12/31/2004) when he relinquishes the belt to Commissioner Thomas in exchange for a CSWA World Title match against Shane Southern at SHOWTIME in Houston.

The belt is defunct until it is brought back in an open invitational tournament in 2005.


Presidential Championship Tom Adler (2)
SHOWTIME in Vegas (05/15/2002)


Presidential Championship "Triple X" Sean Stevens
PRIMETIME in New Orleans (11/11/2001)
Stevens defeats champion Wicked Sight and fellow top contender Gemini in a Triple Threat match to win his first CSWA title.


Presidential Championship Wicked Sight
ELVIS LIVES XII: Fit For A King (April 2001)
Wicked Sight wins the title in the Top Dog Tournament, defeating Gemini in the finals.


Presidential Championship Aaron Douglas
Date Unknown (November 2000?)
Aaron Douglas wins the Presidential Title when Hornet enters the ring after a referee bump and counts the pin. Douglas retires the title when he leaves the league following his legal feud with Chad Merritt.


Presidential Championship Cameron Cruise
SHOWTIME in Santa Fe (09/10/2000)


Presidential Championship Alex Wylde
SHOWTIME in Philadelphia (03/17/2000)
Following his match against Aaron Douglas, Harders accepts an impromptu challenge from Alex Wylde and loses the title.


Presidential Championship "Hard One" Randy Harders
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular '99 (12/01/1999)
During the PRIMETIME POOLJAM 1999 tour, co-owner Stephen Thomas announced the return of the Presidential Title in an eight-man tournament – then announces that not only is he in the tournament, but a number of other CSWA Vice-Presidents and staff.

In response, Chad Merritt announces a real 16-man tournament for the title which begins at PRIMETIME POOLJAM in Grand Cayman.

On Day One of TWS ’99, Thomas defeats VP of Security Gregg Gethard in the finals of his “tournament.” Merritt challenges him to a test of wits (“Who Wants To Be The Commissioner”) and wins, making the winner of his tournament the new champion.

In the finals on Day Two, Randy Harders defeats Dante Inferno to win the title.


Presidential Championship Steel Viper
August 1997
Steel Viper defeats Billy Starr for the Presidential Title. However, the CSWA shuts down due to Merritt's legal woes after he is accused of killing the Red Midget. The Presidential Title is left defunct until 1999.


Presidential Championship "Blazin" Billy Starr
July 1997


Presidential Championship Troy Windham
March 1997


Presidential Championship Eliminator (Eli Flair)
July 1996


Presidential Championship Jack "Summer" Samson
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 1996 (03/31/1996)


Presidential Championship Alexandr Karelin (2)
House Show (February 1996)


Presidential Championship Mike Flair
SuperPRIMETIME in Decatur (12/24/1995)
Mike Flair wins a twenty-man battle royal to become the new Presidential Champion.


Presidential Championship "Gentleman" Jim Williams
SHOWTIME in Baltimore (10/04/1995)
Jim Williams (later known as "Antichrist" Jim Williams) retires the title shortly after winning it to continue his campaign against Hornet.


Presidential Championship Ivan Karelin
SuperPRIMETIME in Portland (10/03/1995)


Presidential Championship Scotty Michaels
ELVIS LIVES IX (09/23-24/1995)


Presidential Championship Alexandr Karelin
House Show (May 1995)
Karelin retires the Presidential Championship after winning the UNIFIED World Title as part of the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS at FISH FUND X.


Presidential Championship Mike Chain


Presidential Championship Tsunami
WINTER'S WARRIORS VI: Trial By Fire (03/06/1995)


Presidential Championship Hiroku Yakazuma
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular '94 (11/27/1994)
Hiroku Yakazuma defeats Carl Brigsby in a one match tournament to determine a new champion. Eyebrows are raised due to the odd nature of the tournament and the fact that Brigsby, a relative jobber, was included.


Presidential Championship Wildstar
LABOR DAY LAYOUT (09/04/1994)
The title is vacated November 1, 1994 (along with all other CSWA titles except the UNIFIED) by CSWA management following a European Tour.


Presidential Championship Degadeth (4)
PRIMETIME in Greensboro (06/25/1994)


Presidential Championship Steven Flair
BATTLE of the BELTS IX (01/29/1994)


Presidential Championship Scott Waters
SuperPRIMETIME: MLK Tribute (01/17/1994)


Presidential Championship "Mr. Magnificent" Tom Adler
ELVIS LIVES VII (08/09/1993)


Presidential Championship Degadeth (3)
SUPERCLASH '93 (06/11/1993)


Presidential Championship Bill Parsons (3)
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 1993 Opening Day (03/06/1993)


Presidential Championship Lex Vicious
BATTLE of the BELTS VII (01/31/1993)


Presidential Championship Degadeth (2)


Presidential Championship Euphoria
Remembering Mickey V (08/07/1992)


Presidential Championship Alexander McFury
PRIMETIME: Night of Champions (07/31/1992)


Presidential Championship M.G. (2)
Swimming Upstream (07/15/1992)
After Mark Windham retires the belt, M.G. wins a tournament to become the next champion.


Presidential Championship Mark Windham
ANNIVERSARY Weekend 1992 (04/17/1992)


Presidential Championship Beauford Parsons
ANNIVERSARY Tour 1992 (04/12/1992)


Presidential Championship Michael Benedict
BATTLE of the BELTS V (01/20/92)


Presidential Championship Degadeth
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular (11/30/1991)


Presidential Championship M.G.
ELVIS LIVES IV: Labor Day Layout (09/02/1991)


Presidential Championship Dynamite Darren
ANNIVERSARY Tour 1991 (April 1991)


Presidential Championship Mysterious One
ULTRATITLE Tournament Special (01/31/1991)


Presidential Championship Mickey Benedict (3)
House Show (September 1990)


Presidential Championship Big Wesley Slack
FISH FUND V: Together Again (08/15/1990)


Presidential Championship Aaron Stewart
House Show (07/10/1990)


Presidential Championship Bill Parsons (2)
FISH FUND IV: Cruiser Clash


Presidential Championship Mickey Benedict (2)
Night of Champions (May 1990)


Presidential Championship Bill Parsons
House Show (04/12/1990)


Presidential Championship Mickey Benedict
Remembering Mickey II: Power Struggle (02/10/1990)
Mickey Benedict defeats Mysterious One in the inaugural Presidential Championship Tournament at a PPV in his honor.


Footnotes on Title Histories

1.  Title histories are listed in reverse order.  For active titles, the current champion will be listed first. 

2.  Numbers in parentheses ( ) denote the number of times a wrestler has held that title.  Please note that the count restarts if the title changes name.  Example:  if Mark Windham has held both the United States and National Championships and then wins the US Title again, his entry would be noted as United States Championship (2); the National Championship is counted as distinct, even though they may be similar or eventually merged.  The same is true in the case of the UNIFIED World and CSWA World Titles.

3.  Every effort has been made to keep these as accurate as possible.  Please notify us if you come across any discrepancies.  Due to the volume of records and incidents like the July 2001 server crash, some entries may be incomplete.  In these cases, out-of-roleplay notes may accompany the entry.