SuperPRIMETIME in Portland:

The Wild, Wild West RECAP


The CSWA returned to its SUPERPRIMETIME cards by hitting the arena in Portland. The CSWA shared the arena with the NWC, holding its Monday Night RAW card. The card featured championship matches, as well as some big grudge matches. The results of the card follows:

"Gentleman" Jim Williams continued his winning ways, defeating "Lord of Darkness" Carl Brigsby in an impressive fashion. Following the match, Williams had some words for the crowd and the world, condemning Generation X, and proclaiming that the signs were here, showing Hornet to be the Antichrist.

Bandit, coming back after a loss in the Pres. Tourney at ELIX, took out his frustration on Tre. He dismantled the newcomer quickly, even sending the rookie into the ring steps.

Disco Inferno and the Boogie Man celebrated with a disco ball above the ring after the DISCO EXPRESS used a shooting star press to get their debut win over the Japanese Nightmares.

In a great match, Alex Roiter tried to continue his winning ways, taking on former CSWL wrestler Kevin "Wild Thing" Slater. With a gutwrench suplex turned into a powerbomb, Kevin Slater got his debut win in the big leagues.

Lex Taylor came off his loss from Adler at ELIX with a great win against Tracy Studd. A fast pace match ended with a flying clothesline and a three-count for Taylor.

Mike Roiter caught Mike Day with a rollup from behind to get the win for the Roiters in a long-awaited match between the Roiters and the Electric Express.

"Hawaiian Hurricane" Sama Natioua made his singles debut against IC Champ Eliminator in an incredible "extreme" match that took place outside as much as inside the ring. We saw some great moves by both men in this 20-minute time limit draw.


The Minutemen got the win after a third-fall dq in their match against NC-17. The match was tied at one going into the final fall, when Savage was pulled over the top by Tsunami.

We saw a Chicago Street Fight where Mike Randalls and the Street Assassin used poles, handcuffs, and even tore down part of the wall in a match that was a bloody mess. When Randalls has SA almost unconscious, he pulled out the infamous bloody stake he had used on GUNS months ago. The Predator Cartel made their debut, saving SA from a bloody fate.

The debut of the Mad Midget as Scotty Michaels' manager happened during this Presidential Title Match against Ivan Karelin. The action outside the ring was like that inside, as Mad Mike and the Midget got into a brawl. Karelin got the win with some help from Mad Mike, after the Midget was dealt with. Karelin is the new Presidential Champion, following in his brother's footsteps.

The USN Title was on the line, but it was secondary as two cousins collided. Troy Windham dropped the slacker image, taking it to Mark early. While Mark took over the match, we saw some flashes of brilliance from the former Greensboro Champion. In the end, however, Mark showed his psycho side once again, pulling the mats back and piledriving his cousin into the concrete floor. Junior came down and took it to Mark, while Tom Adler was quickly down to ringside as well. Adler and Mark left together, as did Junior and Troy after a tentative handshake between the two.

In a Top Contenders match, Bonecrusher dominated the match early against Alexandr Karelin. BC had multiple chances to pin, but couldn't put Alex away. Alex caught BC with a desperation sickle and put BC to the mat with the german suplex/bridge combo for the recovery win. After the match, Unified Champ Steven Flair and new Presidential Champ came to the ring and helped Alex attack BC. BC and Flair will lock up on CSWA SHOWTIME.

The final match of the night was to be a cage rematch between Tom Adler and Agony. However, the match was a no contest as Agony attacked Adler with a chain. Mark came to help Adler, but was attacked by the mysterious masked man, as the 'bum' watched on, laughing.