CSWA SHOWTIME is back on the Vegas Strip!

MGM Grand Garden Arena
May 15, 2002 


Eli Flair vs. Mark Windham

Unified Tag:  Simply Stunning vs. The Professionals
vs. Aho/ Southern

Triple X vs. Tom Adler

"Fearless" Jones/Paul Walker
vs. Machine/Kin Hiroshi

The Return of 
"The Ego Buster"


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(CUEUP:  "Live Again" by Sevendust as the NCN and CSWA logos fade from the screen, giving way to an exterior shot of the golden lion entrance to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Fireworks explode over the hotel's exterior.  As the screen dissolves to an interior shot of the arena, we see that pyro is going off at the same time inside.)

BB:  Wrestling fans, the CSWA is coming to you LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  As always, I'm Bill Buckley, joined by co-host Sammy Benson.  Our show is PACKED tonight folks, so we're going to get right into the action.

SB:  Action?  I'm looking at the schedule, and I don't see The Great One, so there will be no 'action.'

BB:  Are you talking about the card tonight, or your personal life?

SB:  That's just not right, Buckley.  It's just not right.

BB:  Up first, it's a battle of four men that are making names for themselves in the CSWA, as well as elsewhere.  All four men have met in the ring before, but never at the same time.  In their last meetings, Machine defeated Paul Walker by going underneath the ring, and Kin Hiroshi defeated Fearless Jones in a close battle.

SB:  Are these names supposed to mean something to me?

BB:  Shut up, Sammy.

SB:  I think that's a record.

BB:  What?

SB:  I think that's the earliest into an event that you've told me to shut up.  You're getting old and cranky, Buckley.

BB:  I wonder why.  All four men are in the ring, and it looks like Machine is going to start out against Jones.

RECAP MODE (Sorry for the short form guys, but this has gotta get posted)

Machine took control early, using a slight power advantage to toss Jones around with a belly-to-belly followed by a quick german suplex.  After a few quick exchanges, Machine worked on wearing down Jones, locking in a nerve hold on the trapezius muscle.  Jones got the crowd behind him and finally powered out, backing Machine into the ropes with a series of chops, a kick to the gut and a big swinging neckbreaker.  Machine kicked out after two.  Later, after ducking a clothesline, Machine dove into the corner for a tag, bringing Hiroshi in.

Kin Hiroshi took over on Jones, hitting the larger man with a quick dropkick, and taking him to the mat with a crossbody block off the crossover.  Jones recognized the need to get to the ropes and get a fresh man in, but Hiroshi kept the ring split in half, making sure Fearless couldn't get anywhere near his corner.  But even the owner of the Hiroshi-Berry Muffin Company makes a mistake every once in a while.  As he went for a crossbody from the top rope, Jones got in position to catch him, driving him into the mat for the powerslam, and allowing Fearless to get to the corner, bringing in the Lone Walker, Paul Michaels. 

Michaels quickly laid into Hiroshi, working out some frustration on the cruiserweight.  The biggest man in the match used an ankle lock to ground the smallest, then locked in a bow-and-arrow hold, that was only broken up by Machine's illegal interference.  Michaels continued to take control after a quick run by Hiroshi, dropping the smaller man with an inverted DDT, and then locking in a surfboard.

Machine once again ran in to break up the submission hold, but this time, Fearless Jones was right there.  He knocked Machine out of the ring and quickly followed him outside.  After a minute or two of mayhem, both men ended up in their corners.  Inside the ring, Hiroshi dodged a figure four leglock and made it to the corner for the hot tag.

Machine charged in, only to get caught in an ankle lock by Michaels.  The man with the face paint quickly grabbed the ropes to break the hold... but once Walker gave the clean break, Machine went outside.  With the two legal men outside, Jones and Hiroshi charged in against each other inside the ring.  On the outside, Machine once again tried to go under the ring, but this time, Michaels caught him halfway in.  Michaels dropped a knee on the back of Machine's, then dragged the smaller man back to the ringside area.  On the inside, Jones dove full force into Hiroshi, driving both men hard to the mats outside.  

Michaels slammed Machine into the apron before rolling him inside, where he hooked on the Indian Deathlock to get the submission win for the Jones/Michaels team.

BB:  What a win for the team of Paul Michaels and "Fearless" Jones!  In just a few moments it'll be time for the Presidential Title match.  We'll be back after...

(CUE UP: “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” – Filter and The Crystal Method.)

BB:  Apparently not.  It looks like Kevin Powers is on his way out to the ring.

The video wall shows images of Kevin Powers’s recent action to include his ‘retirement’ in San Diego, and his attack on Merritt. With the music continuing to blare 'Good God' Kevin Powers, along with Nate Logan, make his way to the top of the rampway and is greeted by a huge face pop by the crowd in attendance. Looking out into the crowd, Powers holds out his arms to make a 'T' pattern and, behind him, a white fountain like pyro goes off exciting the crowd even more. Once the fountain goes out Powers and Logan make their way inside of the ring and continue to spark up the crowd by standing on the second turnbuckle looking out into the crowd. Powers then makes a move towards one of the ring attendants, calls for a mic, gets it, and begins to speak.)


(The crowd gives up a huge roar hearing their city's name.)

KP: LAS VEGAS! Live and in living color! For the last couple of days 'The Risqué One' and 'The Double G KP' have been livin' the nightlife 'Good God' style at this local hole in the wall … I think everyone has heard of it. They call it … Club Utopia ….

(Another huge cheer after hearing about the local party establishment.)

KP: Now I know what is on the minds of EVERYONE in the CSWA and that is what is up with Powers and Logan. After all, in San Diego, I was supposed to be retired, but that got thrown back in Chad Merritt’s face. In Anaheim it looked as if nasty Nate and I was about to throw down, but instead we made Leizure Suit Larry our own personal kickball. And no matter where you turn you keep hearing those three little letters G … X … W.

(A mixed reaction begins to brew after the GXW announcement.)

KP: Are we associated with the GXW? Yes, that is a true statement, but that is as far as it goes. Just because two people team up from a different federation doesn’t mean that fingers should begin pointing. If you wanna call people out how about those fWo’ers. Maybe there are some SCW’ers in the back not afraid to raise their hands saying they’re apart of said group? I’m sure there are plenty of people in the back who have other contracts with different federations, but are they called out? Obviously not because certain people wanna spread their hate against Logan and myself.

So I say HEY! Stop spreading the HATE! This is the CSWA! The land of Eli Flair, Mike Randalls, Hornet, GUNS, Joey Melton, and … Sammy Benson’s sole reason for living the life as his personal salad tossing chef …

(Powers and Logan shoot a quick look to see if Benson reacts … which he does.)

SB v/o: WHAT? I’m no chef!

BB v/o: (laughing) I would stop talking if I were you.

SB v/o: (annoyed) Oh what do you know!

(Snickering Powers looks back towards the crowd.)

KP: … Eddy Love. Now it seems Eddy Love has been getting around as of late, but then again he must’ve learned that from Sweet Melissa since she is the top … the bottom … on the SIDE … full FACIAL … and from BEHIND THE MOUNTAIN on THAT subject matter! Eddy Love has even gone as far as to say he, AND HE ALONE, was the force that put The Corporation out of business forever. If that dirty ingrate could keep quiet for a second and remember history then he would recall that it was POWERS and Love that beat down The Corporation. Even on Melton’s one of MANY comebacks he was beat down by …oh wait let me think … yes that’s it … POWERS and The UnHoly at the EVER-MEMORABLE Thanksgiving Pay Per View, but he probably doesn’t remember that cause he was too busy looking in his mirror saying, ‘Mirror mirror on the wall … who is the biggest spotlight hog of them all …’

This, of course, brings me back to San Diego. He just couldn’t resist taking away my moment, but maybe he couldn’t help himself. I mean, after all, it was I who made sure that he kept the title WAY back in the day. Why there wasn’t a match he had that I wasn’t involved in making sure he kept the title, but how does he repay favors? Whenever he mentions my name he is always quick to say that he beat me in my hometown, but he’ll never mention that Ironman match nor how The Dark Carnival, Apocalypse and I, beat down Troy Tickle-Me-Pink Windham and The Southern Dud himself. Oh no he’ll never mention that.

I’ve put up with Love’s little one liners one too many times so I decided to go out and find somebody who could put him in his place. Now, granted, I could’ve picked myself, but why should I prove something I’ve proved so many times before. Besides, he would only forget it and continue to ride the coat tails of Chicago … the prelude to FISH FUND. I wanted this to be special. I thought to myself what would be the ultimate insult to Eddy Love … The Southern Dandy. I needed help to think about this so I went to Clemson, South Carolina and I asked around. I asked everyone and anyone what would get the goat of Eddy Love. Now some didn’t claim to know you. Some even told me they never want TO know you again. Oh, by the way Eddy, if you are listening, Benny the Barber says you still owe him a dollar and two bits from the handful of suckers you took from his top drawer after your hair cut.

(Laughter erupts from the crowd as Powers tries to continue.)

KP: Then it hit me. What would more upset a South Carolina resident … than to get beat down by a NORTH CAROLINA resident! So I went to Charlotte, North Carolina and I was told about the myth … the story … the LEGEND of … The Southern Fox! And now … the question is answered. Why has Powers and Logan teamed up? Why do they have an alliance? Because I, The Double G KP, has finally found The Southern Fox! Nate ‘Zero’ Logan! And … I’m gonna let him do his thing.

(Powers hands over the microphone to Nate Logan as the crowd’s cheers get louder.)

NL: Eddy Love. Ever since I broke into the wrestling world I have seen you flaunt your way around thinking that the world owes you, but they don’t. You walk around thinking that everyone should bow to your feet. Maybe (pointing at Benson) that’ll work for the weak minded, but it will NOT work for me because you aren’t all that. If anything, the only thing you have proven is that you are a big mouth, a moment stealer, and an all around jackass! You’ve proven nothing to me. Your name? Meaningless. Your career? Worthless. Your manager? Shameless!

Therefore I call you out Eddy Love. I want … no … I DEMAND you face me in the ring cause I know deep inside that I can beat you to the ground!

(Logan gives the mic back to Powers.)

KP: I swears this thar sounds like a Battle of the Carolinas! The Southern Fox versus The Southern Dandy! Main Event caliber! Oh Chad Merritt, if you are hearing this, release the choke chain off of your teddy bear thief and let him gleam in the ring like a bald man should! And you can bet the house and car on Logan taking the win in this one cause The Double G KP is gonna make this his Last Call Pick O The Night! What else can you expect from The Ayatollah of Rum and Cola!

(A HUGE roar from the crowd.)

KP: Powers and Logan? You think we just started this? Well then … you ain’t seen NADDA YET!

(“(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” – Filter and The Crystal Method cues back up as Powers and Logan slowly make their way out of the ring and head towards the back.)

SB:  Surprise, surprise.  Kevin Powers comes out and makes a full of himself AGAIN.  Who woulda thunk it?

BB:  It looks like Powers is leaving the 'dirty work' to Logan.  Fans, we'll be back with Triple X and Tom Adler for the Presidential Championship.

SB:  "Good God..."  More life "good grief."