Welcome to the inaugural edition of CSWA: ON TIME!


Machine vs. JJ DeVille
"The Professionals Show"
Kin Hiroshi vs. Carl Brigsby
Lance Liezure speaks...
MOA vs. Raw Deal
Shane Southern vs. Cameron Cruise
Triple X vs. Tom Adler 

With much more tucked away inside that wasn't announced! 


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(CUE UP: “Moto Psycho” - Megadeth

CUT TO:  The Professionals walking backstage, both with a cigarette in mouth

CUT TO:  Eli and Troy “playing tug-of-war” in the crowd with a chair from ANNIVERSARY 2001

CUT TO:  Triple X hitting the XXXFactor on Wicked Sight during a PrimeTime card

CUT TO:  Tom Adler walking toward the arena from the parking lot

CUT TO:  Apocalypse at the top of the ramp from Elvis Lives 2001

CUT TO:  Kin Hiroshi smiling.

CUT TO:  Mark Windham running toward the cage at ANNIVERSARY 2001

CUT TO:  Wicked Sight along the guard rail, tagging hands with a fan

CUT TO:  The Men Of Adventure standing victorious in the center of the ring

CUT TO:  Nate Logan appearing out of nowhere at ANNIVERSARY 2001

CUT TO:  A silhouette of “The Machine”

CUT TO:  Evan Aho and Hornet staring off in the center of the ring

CUT TO:  Cameron Cruise looking over the side of the stage at ANNIVERSARY 2001

CUT TO:  Lawrence Stanley proudly waving the American and British flags

CUT TO:  Shane Southern pounding on Tom Adler from ANNIVERSARY 2001

CUT TO:  Lance Liezure holding a skateboard in the center of the ring

CUT TO:  Cardigo Mysterian pointing to the sky in Mobile , AL

CUT TO:  Kevin Power flipping off the skybox at ANNIVERSARY 2001

CUT TO:  Mike Randalls in the Mojave Desert

CUT TO:  Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa standing before a CSWA backdrop

CUT TO:  GUNS revealing himself

CUT TO:  The inside of the Shark Tank, one singular pyro effect marks the beginning of CSWA: ON TIME as Praise hits its chorus…  The camera pans around to catch signs, quickly catching glimpses of “Goodbye Good God”, “A-H-O spells God”, “Ich Bin Machine”, “We LOVE Eddy”, “CSWA is BETTER than X-TREME”, “If That Is Indeed Your Real Name”, “Number One FREAK”, “SOUTHERN hospitality”… then focusing on a row of four people each holding a sign – “G – U – N – S”, and finally finding its place on Billy Buckley and Rudy Seitzer.)

ByB:  It's CSWA: ON TIME.  I'm your host, Billy "Not My Father" Buckley, along with Rudy Seitzer, here in the Shark Tank!  We’re getting ready for a night of HUGE CSWA action, we’ll be discussing what happened ANNIVERSARY 2001, quite possibly one of the greatest card sin CSWA history, as well as take a look at PRIMETIME in San Diego , but right now we’re starting this off with the “King Of Cool”!

RS:  In your expert opinion, Billy, you think he has a chance against the Machine?

ByB:  No comment.

Machine vs. JJ DeVille

Complete with an entrance as awesome as himself, Machine stood in the ring and stared at JJ DeVille with what appeared to be disgust.  JJ looked brave for a good twelve seconds, at which point Machine made his way toward “The King of Cool,” sending JJ around the ring screaming.  Eventually, as the anxiety fit subsided, the two locked up, and Machine predictably manhandled his much smaller opponent.  Several cries of agony from JJ and a few incredibly powerful maneuvers from Machine (who physically appeared to match up closely with the likes of Apocalypse and GUNS) later, and the man from Germany was wrapping the match up with a trapezius nerve lock that made JJ pass out... after a moment of uncontrollable screaming.  An impressive debut by Machine. 

Winner:  Machine

RS:  Machine was quite impressive in his debut, Billy.  I haven't been able to find many sources in my search for background on this German prodigy.  While the Machine faired well… of course… JJ didn’t. 

BYB:  Well, he did hit a karate chop in the middle of the bout that could have put away the premier German athlete within the CSWA, and to be honest…

(CUE UP:  “Ride of the Valkryes” – crowd explodes with a “cool heel” pop)


BYB:  Who would miss ON TIME, Rudy?  And look at JJ in the center of the ring, Rudy… he’s not doing the Fargo Strut!  He’s just now getting up from the beating that Machine gave him…

(Finally, GUNS emerges from the backstage area, and JJ begins to tremble visibly with fear...again.)

RS:  This won’t be pretty… these fans in the Shark Tank are making a lot of noise for GUNS, and I can’t tell whether or not they love him or they hate him, but he’s certainly causing a buzz within the CSWA, both on TV and in the locker room.  A lot of younger wrestlers are upset, from what my sources tell me… There’s an influx of new talent, but some of the rising stars that have been here for a few years apparently feel strongly about the return of The Strongest Arms In The World…

BYB:  GUNS is in the ring and he’s staring at JJ, it looks like JJ’s begging! 

GUNS:  (audible from the ring) Make a wisecrack, now, Deville… Make a joke in the face of THIRD ROW, INC…

RS:  JJ is shaking his head no, and I just hope he doesn’t wet himself! 

BYB:  GUNS is turning around… JJ just tried to hit The Strongest Arms In The World from behind, and it doesn’t look like a good move!  GUNS has been gone for a while now, but he’s in incredible shape, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man bigger than GUNS, and there he goes with a fist that may have ruptured JJ’s spleen, JJ is crumpled over…


BYB:  And now, GUNS is lifting JJ up… he’s not even screaming anymore, I think JJ Deville has been knocked out, and he’s looking out to the crowd…

GUNS:  (audible again)  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!

BYB:  It looks like security is clearing people in the first few rows out of the way, and GUNS still has JJ Deville over his head.  JJ’s a small guy, but make no doubt about it, GUNS has the strongest arms of anybody I’ve ever seen, and OH LORD, JJ DEVILLE IS IN THE CROWD, GUNS JUST THREW JJ DEVILLE OUT INTO THE CROWD…

RS:  In the THIRD ROW, no less!

BYB:  Indeed he did, and without breaking a sweat, GUNS just threw 200 something pounds a good ten feet…  And now he’s grabbing a mic from Rhubarb, and I don’t think Rhubarb is going to get in his way…

GUNS:  I might stoop pretty low, but a cheap shot?  JJ, you really should watch…

(CUE UP:  “Just Got Wicked” by Cold – massive face pop)


WS:  GUNS… calm down, I know all that testosterone must really get to ya, I’ve heard of “herbal” side effects before, but ease up for a minute.  These great CSWA fans in San Jose aren’t ready to listen to you suck the life out of the first ever ON TIME.  You’re a big guy, and you get done what you say you’re going to do.  That’s more than I can say for some people around the CSWA.  Eddy Love said he’d take care of me after ANNIVERSARY, but since that night, all I’ve heard from “The Hurricane” is Mark Windham this and GUNS that, Mike Randalls this and Eli Flair that…

Eddy… you saw the STELLAR performance that I delivered at ANNIVERSARY, and now you’re starting to realize that I have what it takes.  And even though my name isn’t Windham or Hornet, I’m a star, a capable star, and you don’t want to be embarrassed by “That Plett Kid.”  That’s fine and dandy; you stay in your bubble, because it’ll get popped soon enough.  But GUNS… you, what I have to say to you… it can’t wait.

You think you’re going to kill the CSWA?  You think you’re going to eliminate the biggest stars until no one wants to watch anymore?  Forget it.  This isn’t the same place you left behind.  My name’s Mike Plett, I’m the number one contender to the CSWA Heavyweight Title, and I’m speaking on behalf of every guy that hasn’t main-evented a PPV here in the CSWA, and some of the ones that have.  I’m speaking on behalf of the locker room, minus the guys that are “too good” for the rest of us.  You’re not going to squash us.  Your arms might be large enough to carry an S-10 on each shoulder, but the fact of the matter is that while you can take out the Windhams, Hornet, Randalls… maybe you can drive a stake through his leg… while you can take out Love and you can take out Melton, for every one of them, there’s a Wicked Sight, Triple X, Cameron Cruise, Lance Liezure, Lawrence Stanley, a MAN NAMED EVAN AHO THAT’S WORKED HIS ASS OFF TO GET HERE… Take all the guys that fought you before there was any money in the CSWA, the ones that forgot why they came here, take out the ones that are so wrapped up in their feuds that they’d end each other’s careers, take out the men that would break each other’s fingers just to make each other say “I Quit”, not to win, not to put on a show, but because they’ve become consumed with each other and their ego-filled quests.  But you won’t take any of the rest of us out, because it’s OUR time.  I don’t care how many Windhams show up this month, what Hornet does next, what emerges from the anus of Eddy Love, how much money Joey Melton’s willing to pay to rape the CSWA, my class arrived a long time ago, and now the center stage is ours. 

GUNS… you can do what you want, but when you start hurting the CSWA… Then you’re going to have to deal with Mike Plett.  

And then you’re going to see just why the FREAKS run the pageantry around here…

(Crowd reaction begins to crescendo)


(Wicked Sight throws his mic down and heads back to a huge crowd pop as GUNS stands in the ring, having long since disposed of his microphone, staring at Sight.)

BYB:  Wicked Sight just moved to the top of GUNS’ hit list, if that look in his face is any indication!

RS:  We’ll be right back after these messages!

(The scene opens as Mitch Peterson and his fellow Hells Angels are riding on a long stretch on the Highway. In the distance Mitch sees a drive-in café and indicates for his friends to pull into the parking lot. He parks his bike and his friends slowly pass him on their bikes. Mitch gets off his bike.)

MP: Any of you guys wanna sandwich?

(Bomber takes off his helmet and breathes in deeply.)

BOMBER: Smell that Mitch? Bacon, sausage, eggs. Oh hell yeah!

MP: Come on, let’s go.

(Mitch and his friends walk over to the café.)


(CUE UP:  The coda of the Mission Impossible Theme.)

(FADEIN:  Greensboro , North Carolina - The CSWA Hall of Fame in Merritt Auditorium.  On top of the roof stand two guys wearing cat burglar outfits.  The camera closes in revealing, none other than THE PROFESSIONALS - 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES and 'HOT PROPERTY' EDDIE MAYFIELD.  MAYFIELD's cat burglar outfit has been accessorized to resemble a windbreaker with a hood.  Through his black mask stems a Camel, draping off his lips.  MILES' is a little quirkier - for one thing, he's not wearing shoes and the eye holes on his mask are yellow tinted.  A Newport dangles off of MILES' lips as he and Eddie are prepping some ropes and bungee contraptions…)

MAYFIELD:  "Craig, this is low man…"

MILES:  "What?"

MAYFIELD:  "Draggin' me out at 4 AM like this under the mirage of goin' to one of them Eyes Wide Shut orgies.  I knew somethin' was up when you told me to bring my Nightcrawler Cat Burglar getup."

MILES:  "Hey man, it was either that or doin' this myself.  (MILES stumbles and almost falls down, kicking some gravel over the side…)

MAYFIELD:  "Yeah, prolly a good thing I'm here.  No way I wanna find out I have to wrestle the Pink Fairies alone 'cause my partner can't stand on his own two damn feet."

MILES:  "Easy man, be cool."

MAYFIELD:  "Its (BLEEP!)'IN 4 AM AND (BLEEP)'IN COLD AS HELL!  Don't tell me to be COOL."

MILES:  "Listen, I've planned this out.  And trust me when its all over, this will be better than any orgy you coulda been to."

MAYFIELD (with hands on hips):  "You just been hangin' out with your woman too much to be talkin' smack like that!"  (MAYFIELD reaches into his pocket and pulls out two beers, opens one and chugs it)

MILES:  "What are you doing?!?  This is serious (BLEEP!) man, I don't want your drunk ass getting itself killed!"  (MAYFIELD tosses the empty can off the roof)

MAYFIELD: "Listen, Craig - no offense.  I'm HOT PROPERTY EDDIE MAYFIELD - the innovator of INCOGNITO, the Dirk Diggler of DISGUISES, the…"

MILES:  "Alright, I get it, I get it.  (MILES walks over and lifts a window pane off from the roof)  Showtime."

(MILES drops down two ropes through the pane.  CUTTO:  Inside the Hall of Fame.  A couple of security guards in their mid-60's walking around with flashlights…)

GUARD #1:  "Coffee Break?"

GUARD #2 (looking at watch): "Yeah, it's 20 past 4 - nothing going on here."

(The guards walk on by, in the background you can barely see two figures sliding down from the roof on ropes.  CUTTO:  MILES and MAYFIELD stealthily walking around the HOF - ducking into corners and behind displays...)

MILES:  "Hey, Eddie - I see a no smoking sign over there, so don't light up…" (MILES turns around to see MAYFIELD with a Marlboro dangling)

MAYFIELD:  "My bad."

MILES:  "Ah screw it.  (MILES pulls out a Newport and lights it up)  Alright ready lets go…"

(CUT TO:  Stock footage of two guys in cat burglar suits doing five consecutive backflips down the hallway and dismounting with a 1 1/4 pike and twist behind a pillar.  CUT TO:  MILES and MAYFIELD leaning behind a pillar smoking their cigs as the two guards walk by.  MILES and MAYFIELD jump out from behind the guards.  They both lock on sleeper holds as the guards flail their arms for about 15 seconds and drop limp.  THE PROS drop them to the ground and remove their masks off their head…with cigs still dangling from their lips.  They both high-five and blow out a couple smoke rings…)

MILES:  "Man, I don't know how Simply Stunning wear those masks all the time…"

MAYFIELD:  "Uh, Craig…those aren't masks."

MILES:  "Oh man, no wonder they couldn't even screw Roseanne if she was loaded."

(MILES and MAYFIELD walk into a section titled 'THE CS EXPRESS Shrin'e - shots of Gibson and Morton are all over the room. MILES and MAYFIELD walk up to two life-sized mannequins of the famous duo.)

MILES:  "Man, this gives me the heebie jeebies."

MAYFIELD:  "I don't know.  I think its great that the CSWA like to commemorate they were the first promotion to sponsor women's wrestling.  I wouldn't call these two lookers, but…"

MILES:  "Eddie - that's the CS Express, dude."

MAYFIELD:  "Oh. (long pause) They went through life looking like THAT?"

MILES:  "I know, I know.  Unbelievable.  They got more frills on them than Britney Spears…"

MAYFIELD:  "Prolly put a new one on for each sick dude that gave them…"

MILES:  "I don't even wanna hear where that was going.  I just know it ends with no wonder why Simply Stunning idolizes them…anyway, I think its time we did what we came here to do."

MAYFIELD:  "'Nuff said…let's do this."

(MAYFIELD slams his foot right into the Gibson Mannequin sending it flying and crashing into another display!  MILES grabs a nearby chair and starts swinging violently at the numerous trophy cases surrounding the room!  SFX: Alarms! Bells!  MILES starts ripping down banners and posters everywhere!  MAYFIELD grabs a can of beer out of his pocket, shakes it, opens it - spraying it everywhere!)

MILES:  "Alright, let's go!"

MAYFIELD:  "Wait dude - that beer just caught up with me!  I gotta whiz!"

MILES:  "Are you friggin' kidding me?"  (MILES looks around in a panic and grabs the John W. Boozer Tournament Cup in a hurry and throws it to MAYFIELD)

MAYFIELD:  "No way man."


MAYFIELD:  "Jesus…" 

(MAYFIELD runs off-camera, the next 15 seconds are just liquid streaming sound effects, with MAYFIELD saying "Oh yeah.."  MAYFIELD runs back on-camera…)

MAYFIELD:  "Alright, let's roll!"

(THE PROS take off through the emergency exit located in the shrine…FTB)

(FADE IN:  The ONTIMEtron - "The only way to do it, is to do it COOL…")

(CUE UP:  'VOODOO CHILE' - Ben Harper version.) 

(CUT TO:  The stage area resembling your local sports bar, sitting at the bar is 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, frayed jeans, yellow Oakleys and no shoes!  Standing behind the bar in a Marlboro Red Windbreaker and jeans is 'HOT PROPERTY' EDDIE MAYFIELD!  Both of them pull out a cigarette and light them up!)

MAYFIELD:  "Welcome to the show hotter than your Mom after a Friday Night and Tequilla - it's the PROFESSIONALS show, I'm the straw stirrin' the drink 'HOT PROPERTY' EDDIE MAYFIELD…"

MILES:  "Not bad, not bad.  But it ain't like bein' the BIG DOG at the poodle park, or bein' like 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES."

MAYFIELD:  "Touché, touché…"

MILES: "So, Chad Merritt basically begged, pleaded and finally wheeled out a large sum of money 'cause he knows his writers didn't have the mental capacity to make sure people would watch this show.  So, he said CRAIG…EDDIE…I don't know what I'm doing, you two are the PROFESSIONALS on keepin' it alive, however much you want - just make sure the kids like it."

MAYFIELD:  "See, when you're a PROFESSIONAL - you don't need writers, scripts or a hand in our back 'cause when you're a PROFESSIONAL, anything you DO - IT'S ALWAYS COOL, brutha.  'Cause were the innovators and dominators of this scene.  And you better believe that tonight 'cause we lined up the guest the chicks with (BLEEP!) stroke it to…HURRICANE…"


MAYFIELD:  "No, Craig.  And I don't think that cat is even paid anymore.  (MILES sulks)  Cheer up man, Let's give it up PROFESSIONAL STYLE for the 'HERO OF THE HICKS'!  THE 'CHAMPION OF CHAW!' HURRICANE EDDY LOVE!"

(CUEUP: Instrumental "Trampled Under Foot" by the ON TIME house band.  CUTTO:  Out walks EDDY LOVE with a small fire extinguisher in hand!  Love rushes up on the stage, grabs the cigarette of MILES, pulls the lit Camel from MAYFIELD's lips throwing it on the floor and giving it a short blast from the extinguisher.  MAYFIELD stands slack jawed for a moment then tries to jump over the bar before MILES puts his arm up, stopping him.  LOVE throws the extinguisher off-camera and takes the mic from MILES who is still trying to calm MAYFIELD, so the segment will at least get off the ground.  LOVE nods to the two as he begins to speak.  MAYFIELD leans back and pulls out a cigarette, puts it in his mouth, but doesn't light it…MILES does the same…)

LOVE:  "Hello Craig.  (MILES stands motionless, LOVE smirks at him) And good morning… (LOVE pulls a note card out)  Ha!  Hello Eddie…(LOVE nods approvingly) that name should take you far in this business."

MAYFIELD:  "You better do better than that.  You're our first guest, Love - the heat you're drawin', we're gonna get cancelled."

(LOVE chuckles and nods…) 

LOVE:  "Ok, Ok…now up front let me apologize for dousing your square, my brother, but even though its not the monumental task it was a few months ago, Eddy Love don't have the extra three hours to be washing that nasty smoke smell outta his golden locks.   (LOVE rubs his hair, with a grimace he realizes its not fully grown back in yet) Now I know you two boys have just gotta be all jacked up that right here on CSWA first ever ON TIME, the name not the description, you get the rub of pulling the number uno Nielsen grabber in the history of this illustrious sport, Hurricane Eddy Love. 

Now let me first give you boys a little prop,  I've seen the screwjobs you been  getting from those paper champions Simply Stunning, and boys I know that you two are a much better team than them.  I've talked it over with Playboys Inc., and if y'all get screwed just one more time, me and Troy will beat those guys up and take their belts just for you two, because we know true professionals when we see them"  (LOVE smirks when all of a sudden, both MILES and MAYFIELD light up their cigarettes and blow smoke right in LOVE's face, making him cough.  MILES takes the mic from MAYFIELD…)

MILES:  "Don't get me wrong, Eddy.  We like your comedic stylings.  In fact, you're right on par with names like Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos.  But in no way are YOU (points at LOVE) a PROFESSIONAL.  Now in the spirit of our recent tragedies here, me and Eddie (MAYFIELD nods in approval) want to keep this as peaceful as we can.  As far as I can tell, you shouldn't need to feel the need to ONE-up us tonight.  When your gimp of a partner comes back, you can talk 'till all the cows come home - only problem I know the cows are scared of a Carolina boy like yourself, with all 'dem purty feelings you get…oh, I'm sorry I got lost…what was I trying to say?  You get off our backs, we'll get off your Mom.  Yeah, that's it…"  (LOVE leers at MILES for a sec, shakes his head and continues as the PROS take a drag off their cigs and blow the smoke upwards this time…)

LOVE:  "Alright, I got 'ya Craig.  I'll play it (quotes the air) COOL like you.  (LOVE rolls his eyes) But enough about semi-pro wrestling lets talk about the Southern Dandy, Playboys Inc. and all that makes the wrestling world go round.  Now we've all seen Eddy Love dominating every phase of the CSWA,  we've seen me batter Hornet and Randalls over the last months.. We saw me allow GUMMS the flappingest mouth in the world get his foot back in the door by forcing that door open with the strongest influence in the world.  We saw me drop Eli Flair on his head repeatedly, in Greensboro , just to teach him he doesn't lay his hands on any of Playboys I-N-C and we've seen that Joey Melton has returned from the dead to call Eddy Love's name.

Now as much as I know you two (points to the PROS) would LOVE to interview me about these three men, and I have heard you mentioned in the same breath with Jack Arute…(LOVE chuckles) I'm gonna do you one better. I'm gonna have Sweet Melissa (crowd pops!) bring these three superstars out and do you the favor of having Eddy Love, the Bob Caudle of the 21st century interview them right here live on the CS Express own show.  Come on out guys!"

(LOVE puts on Cauldesque glasses!  CUTTO:  From behind the curtain walks SWEET MELISSA followed by JJ DEVILLE who is wearing a gray wig with a pony tail and a T-shirt that reads "ARROGANCE",  he walks shakily depending heavily on a walking cane.  A midget with long sleeve T-shirt, the forearms stuffed to Popeye proportions and the biceps stuffed to Billy Graham in his prime size.  This Midget has on a T-shirt that reads "Strongest Smell in The World".  Finally dressed in a "King of Extreme" T-shirt walks a green-haired midget with a neck brace wincing in pain.  CUTTO:  THE PROS even smirking at the development.)

LOVE:  "(straightens his glasses) First let me ask you, Joey Melton, it appears you have a dislike for God's country, the great state of South Carolina .  What is the history there?"

DEVILLE:  "Well as you know Eddy I've been dominating the CSWA since the late 1930s and I've made several trips through the state for various cards.  Early on a man expressed his thoughts on me and my fellow New Yorkers and I didn't care for the comparison."

LOVE:  "And that comparison was?"

DEVILLE:  "The man said that New Yorkers were like hemorrhoids… if they come down and go back up its no problem, but if they come down and stay down they're a pain in the ass." 

LOVE:  "I see, that would sorta make you feel unwelcome.  How bout you Gumms,  what would you like to say right here on the show?"

GUNS MIDGET:  "Have I mentioned I am the straw that stirs the drink, The biggest mouth in the world, that when you're as short on talent as me anything you do seems like you do it in a big way. That I am the toothpick that churns the butter here in the CSWA."

LOVE:  "Quite impressive.  How bout you Eli,  any comments on recent events??"

LITTLE FLAIR:  "Well Eddy my recent victory over your partner just goes to show if at first you don't succeed try, try again.  Troy Windham must have beaten me up 200 times over the last 8 years, but now I've beaten him, and I hope this is the only one people remember.  As for you and Melissa, I just want to thank you for the physical lashing you've given has returned my faith, my focus, my self worth.  By actually beating Troy Windham one out of two hundred and one times had left me over estimating my self worth and underestimating the need for the world to know that I'm really a bit timorous in this business, and that despite the fact I've fallen on top of a few guys for a three count I'm not very tough."

LOVE:  Well Mills and Mayflower.. There you have it straight from the collective horses mouths. Now--"

(SFX: Stirring in the crowd that distracts Eddy and company - some form of pop is building. Eddy and JJ, the Professionals, and Melissa all look in its general direction - and each react with an alternating facade of disbelief and amazement.......

(CUT TO: ELI FLAIR, THE REAL ELI FLAIR is making his way through the crowd! He's dressed in a sleeveless EDDY LOVE "LEGEND KILLER" T-Shirt, faded blue jeans cut off below the knees, and VANs. His hair is jet black with a single streak of blue on the left side, pulled back in a ponytail. He has a bandage on his forehead, dark sunglasses that almost cover stitches below his left eye, and several discolored splotches on his face.)

MAYFIELD:  "Look, Loverboy - it's one of your fans!  Special moments like these brought to you by THE PROFESSIONALS!"  (LOVE shoots a leer at MAYFIELD, with a little sign of panic on his face.)

(FLAIR's left arm is bandaged to the 9's, His right, is fairly clean, but there is two separate sets of stitches visible - one on his forearm and one on his bicep. His knees are both heavily wrapped - there's a well- defined limp in his step. Surprisingly, he's not wearing any kind of neck brace.  FLAIR eases himself over the guardrail and slowly makes his way up the ringsteps. DEVILLE gets in his way, but FLAIR slowly and deliberately grabs him by the shirt with his less- damaged arm and pushes JJ aside, snatching the microphone out of his hand as he does so. The crowd continues to cheer - but it's more of a simple round of applause in memory of what FLAIR and TROY WINDHAM both showed them at ANNIVERSARY.)

FLAIR: "Legend Killer, Eddy?"

(LOVE looks at him questioningly, as he nonchalantly keeps himself in between Eli and Melissa.)

FLAIR: "I'd say I've earned the moniker as well as anyone else you've taken out in the past four years.... but you haven't quite killed me yet. What's stopping you? Mark Windham? Sunshine Del Payne? I don't see either of them here, now. So c'mon, Eddy.... take your best shot. I can't stop you."

(FLAIR removes his glasses and steps right in front of Eddy. Both his eyes are bloodshot, and both are bruised and discolored around them!)

FLAIR: "There's no Claimstakers anymore, Eddy. Hornet isn't coming to my rescue. Mike Randalls isn't coming to my rescue. Poison Ivy isn't coming to my rescue. I'm all alone, Eddy.... finish the job. FINISH THE JOB!"

(FLAIR spits at Eddy's feet, blood mixed with the saliva.)

FLAIR: "You'd better do it now, Eddy, because you've kicked off something that can no longer be stopped. You've kicked off something.... that you might live to regret."

(He glances at MELISSA for a moment.)

FLAIR: "One of you might, anyways."

(MELISSA tries to get around LOVE but he holds her back, interested in what FLAIR is about to say.)

FLAIR: "Y'see, Eddy.... about a year ago I drew first blood between us when I went for you at your weakest spot and splintered a table with Sweet Melissa's body. You both retaliated at ANNIVERSARY when you went for me at my own weakest spot, following that bloodbath of a match with Troy . That made me realize something, Eddy.... you and I? We're exactly the same. We're both willing to do whatever it takes to get to our opponent.... when they're at their weakest. I pushed the limits, Eddy.... and you two shattered 'em. We both know that there's nothing we won't do. No depth we won't sink to.  So, y'see, Eddy.... if you don't finish me off now.... you'll forever have to keep an eye outside the ring to make sure Melissa is.... 'safe.'"

(CLOSE UP: FLAIR's face on the left, LOVE's face on the right, and the microphone in between them.  In the background, the PROS are yukking it up!)

FLAIR: "It's funny, Eddy.... it was a matter of sheer luck that you didn't cripple me at ANNIVERSARY.... where you're sore, I'm shredded. Where you have aches, I have stitches. Where you took asprin.... I took morphine....and I can still see the fear in your eyes."

(LOVE nails a right cross right across FLAIR's face sending him staggering back!  The mic flies out of FLAIR's hands!  MILES runs over and picks it up!)

MILES:  "THIS IS GREAT!  CAN ANYONE SAY KA-CHING for US?  Talk about a show!"

MAYFIELD:  "OH!  Flair strikes back with a left to the jaw!"

MILES:  "We're callin' this?"

MAYFIELD:  '"Why the hell not?  We're PROFESSIONALS!"

MILES:  "You know when you're right, you're right…and you're right!  OH!  Love with a kick to the gut and he's trying to rip that shirt off of Flair!"

MAYFIELD:  "Either he's picky about his fans, or Love sure likes to check out other guys' pecs!"

MILES:  "And Flair just tackles him to the ground!  He's all over him like Troy and the smack back in '93!  Flair pounding him with lefts and rights!  (crowd starts getting into it!)  Uh'oh!  Flair just grabbed one of our barstools…"

MAYFIELD:  "HE'S HARDCORE! HE'S HARDCORE!  (SFX: WOOD SHATTERING!)  YYYYYEAAAAHHH!  I LOVE THIS SPORT!  Too bad he missed!  Love is a lot more nimble than most southern hicks…"

MILES:  "And Eddy dives right into Eli's knees!  Eli just went down like he's shot!  Get up 'ya wuss!  I don't care if both ACLs are torn!  Oh man, he's stomping on him like he went to the Police Academy !  Wait, Sweet Melissa just gave Eddy a barstool!  (SFX: WOOD SHATTERING!)

MAYFIELD:  "Fuhgeddaboutit."

MILES:  'That hit the mark!  Right on the knee again!  Flair trying to pull himself up, but he can't!  Alright this is getting out of hand…are we supposed to do something?" 

(MILES looks at MAYFIELD who shrugs.  LOVE picks up FLAIR and DDT's him on the floor!  MELISSA starts screaming at LOVE to do more!  LOVE is taken aback a little, but obliges…LOVE reels in FLAIR, setting him up for the HURRICANE PILEDRIVER!  All of a sudden, MILES and MAYFIELD jump on the scene and push EDDY off of FLAIR!  MELISSA lunges at MILES trying to tear his eyes out!  LOVE pulls her off gives the PROS a look-over, smirks, turns around and walks with one arm raised and one arm around MELISSA.)

MILES:  "Well, that's all folks.  Once again, everyone had too much fun until the barstools got smashed…can we get some janitors out here?"


(CUT TO:  Commercial, as people help FLAIR to his feet…) 

(The scene opens inside the café where Mitch and his friends have pulled over at. The diner is loud with lots of people talking and laughing. Mitch and his friends walk over to the counter and take their order.)

MP: Errr, we’ll have five Hungry Man breakfasts.

WAITRESS: Coming up!

(A young man gets to his feet.)


(The waitress walks into the kitchen.)

MP: We done anythin’ wrong?

YOUNG MAN: Errr no, but –

MP: Then I suggest yer keep yer comments to yerself. You understand?

YOUNG MAN: You talking to me?!

MP: Yeah. Yer want me to smash yer lights out?!

BOMBER: C’mon Mitch. Let’s get outta here!


BOMBER: What the (bleep) did you say man?!

YOUNG MAN: I said –

BOMBER: I know what ya (bleep) said! My bike is no piece of (bleep) junk.  You hear me?!

(Bomber walks over to the young man and starts twisting his ear.)

BOMBER: You hear me?


BOMBER: It’s a free country, little man. We can do what we want. We aren’t doing anything wrong. All we came for was a bite to eat, we didn’t come here lookin’ for trouble, lookin’ for a fight. But, ya might just get one if ya not careful. So. Ya gonna let us have somethin’ to eat?


BOMBER: Good. Good.

(Bomber walks back over to the counter.)



Kin Hiroshi vs. Carl Brigsby

Kin Hiroshi came out to a surprisingly huge crowd response, showing that there are “X-Treme” fans within the CSWA crowd, and Hiroshi lived up to this noise.  Running through Brigsby with a fast paced, high impact arsenal of suplexes, martial arts kicks and top rope maneuvers, the Japanese American dazzled the crowd.  Brigsby came back with some veteran maneuvers and cheap shots, but there was never any doubt that Hiroshi had Carl’s number.  The owner of Hiroshi-Berry Muffin Company went to the top for his variation of a frog splash called the Hiroshi-ma bomb and hooked the leg for a debut victory.  

Winner:  Kin Hiroshi

BYB:  Rudy, there’s a lot of new talent that we’ll be showcasing on CSWA programming for hopefully a long time to come… they might be new to the CSWA, but the fans may recognize these names from elsewhere, and let me be the first to say that I’m excited at this wave of international talent, from the Machine to Kin Hiroshi, and also Nate Logan who’s apparently been sighted in the arena… Let’s not forget  “Lone Walker” Paul Michaels, who is set to wrestle later here tonight, as well as “Fearless” Jones and right here, a man who had an impressive Pay Per View debut at ANNIVERSARY 2001, Lance Liezure.

(CUE UP: "Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie – surprising to Lance, a fairly large response from the crowd ensues.  Lance Liezure steps out from behind the curtain carrying each half of his old board in each hand.)

BYB: Lance Liezure was extremely impressive in his assault of JJ Deville at ANNIVERSARY, but Nate Logan…

RS:  A GXW reject…

BYB:  Entered the ring and took care of him from behind.

(Lance calmly walks down the aisle then rolls into the ring. He grabs a mic)

Lance: So.... Nate Logan tells us here at the CSWA that WE don't know hardcore. (Crowd Boos) He tells us that we don't know what the meaning of a street fight is. (Crowd boos more) Well, that sounds like there's about 15,000 plus here that disagree with your outlook on it.  Did you see Love and Flair a minute ago, or Flair and Troy ?  At ANNIVERSARY I showed that wimp JJ Deville what happens when you mess with Lance Liezure. I THRASHED him all around that ring. Now granted that JJ didn't stand much of a chance in the first place, I tried to give these great fans the show they deserved and give them a great street fight like they deserved, but Nate you just had to stick your nose in it. Now you say that you don't have anything against me and that you don't hate me but you just hate what I stand for. Well, Nate... I HAVE SOMETHING AGAINST YOU! You came out here and embarrassed me in front off all my fans! And that is something...you just.....don't......do......

So, Nate, I'm calling you out right here and right now. So I can show you what hardcore TRULY is and give you the THRASHING of a lifetime!

(CUE UP: 'Zero' by the Smashing Pumpkins. Nate Logan runs down the aisle and slides into the ring, getting in Lance's face. He snatches the mic out of Liezure's hands.)

NL:  You know nothing… NOTHING… of “X-Treme”.  I haven’t yet begun to show YOU… or the rest of the CSWA, exactly what “X-Treme” is…

( Logan turns around and begins to head away.)

BYB: Well it looks like Nate is leaving. He turned his back to Lance and is started to head out of here.

RS: NO! Nate just laid Liezure out with a huge right hand! He swung around and caught him right in the jaw, and now Nate stands over Lance and holds his head as he pounds on it.

BYB:  What a cowardly way to attack Liezure, but it’s definitely a sign that the CSWA had better watch ot for the likes of Logan

RS: Nate picks up Lance and whips him off of the ropes but Lance puts on the brakes and rolls outside of the ring.  He’s got to collect himself and it looks to have been a good idea by Lance, but wait...Nate is following! Nate grabs Lance and whips him into the steel steps. NO! Lance with a reversal and slings Nate into the cold steel! Lance grabs Nate by the head and slams it into the ring then rolls him into it.

BYB: I think Lance is about to show Nate he's already had that hardcore course. Lance just grabbed a steel chair and slid it into the ring. But Nate is able to stand up and get it just as Lance is stepping into the ring. Nate swings! NO! Lance rolls out of the way! Kick to the gut and Nate drops the chair and Lance delivers that Rocker Dropper which he calls the Liezure Suite RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! And it looks as if Logan is OUT! And Lance is standing over him talking trash.

(CUE UP: "Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie as Lance rolls out of the ring, leaving Nate Logan laid out in the center of the ring.  Logan is standing up with a look of anger on his face as the screen cuts to commercial for the replay of ANNIVERSARY 2001.)

(The scene opens in the diner. The Hells Angels have finally been served and they sit at a table next to a window looking out on to the parking lot and their bikes. Mitch is just about to take a bite from his sausage when he can hear a loud rumbling sound.)

MP: What the hell is that?

(Mitch and his friends look out the window and a big Monster Truck comes into view, it drives slowly and stops near the bikes. It starts to move again – but over the bikes.)

MP: HOLY (bleep)! (A long string of bleeped-out words continues for a few seconds before fading away.)


“Lone Walker ” Paul Michaels 
vs. “Winless” Wesley Paige

Dressed in a t-shirt and blue jeans, Paul Michaels did not look like something to be taken seriously when he entered the ring, and the fans gave that sort of reaction. But by the end of the bout, the crowd was fired up for “Lone Walker”.  Using his agility and speed to bring submission maneuvers out of seemingly thin air, he began to win the crowd over with his calm attitude and “tall man” vibe.  Wes Paige came out with a series of maneuvers that also surprised the crowd, setting Michaels off.  His attitude was the calm before a storm, and when Winless struck back, the storm was unleashed, with Michaels pummeling Paige into the corner, then dropping him with an inside toehold and applying the Indian Deathlock, making Wesley Paige quickly tap out.

Winner:  “Lone Walker ” Paul Michaels

RS:  Folks, when we come back from the break, we’re going to have words from a man who we may never again see wrestle… don’t flip that dial, next up we’ve got a big tag team match!

(CUTTO:  A CSWA Commercial) 

You want to be like the King of Cool?  Of course you do… but we can’t all be Mr. Love’s assistant.  Fortunately for you, the home viewer… IF THAT IS INDEED YOUR REAL NAME!… the KING OF COOL t-shirt is available at CSWAwrestling.com! 

(JJ Deville steps out, doing his gyrations and showing off the shirt, which reads “Avoid The Noid” on the front and “KING OF COOL… It Is Indeed My Real Name” on the back)

Men of Adventure vs. Raw Deal

The Men Of Adventure’s bellows of vulgarities delighted a CSWA crowd that seems to be torn between the storied tradition of yesteryear and the growing legacy of today’s competitors.  They took to Raw Deal with a long series of powerhouse moves, and drawing a huge crowd response from the “ATOMIC RIGHT HAND.”  The Mills brothers quickly fought back though, with more traditional holds, including a wide array of suplex abilities and finally turning the tide with a leaping spine buster to a decidedly heel crowd reaction.  WJ took care of “Iron” John after a failed “ River Of Men ” finisher by the Men of Adventure, and RJ took the opportunity to get the pinfall with a surprising display of power in executing a gut wrench powerbomb on “Big Tom” Remus.

Winner:  Raw Deal

BYB:  Rudy, PRIMETIME in San Diego looks like it could be a pay-per-view caliber event and it’s right here on our network broadcasting partner, NCN.  Wicked Sight gets a shot at Evan Aho and the CSWA World Championship.  "Good God" Kevin Powers gives his retirement speech… who knows what could happen there?

RS:  Also, we saw GUNS earlier, who knows if he’ll have any repercussions for Wicked Sight who gave GUNS a warning earlier… and GUNS looks to be involved in a bout with Mark Windham who also came back at ANNIVERSARY, as well as Eddy Love and Mike Randalls… there’s a LOT of bad blood in San Diego folks, you don’t want to miss a minute of CSWA television these days.

BYB:  And after the break, here on the premier episode of ON TIME, we’ve got Greensboro GOLD on the line when Shane Southern defends against Cameron Cruise!

(CUT TO:  Backstage.  Preparing to leave the arena, Wicked Sight is picking his leather jacket up off a counter top and putting it under his arm alongside a small suitcase when Sammy Benson catches up to him.)

WS:  Sammy… what do you want?

SB:  Plett, nothing made me happier than to see you go out there and smart off to GUNS!  You’re a dead man! 

WS:  I’m in a damn good mood, Sammy, but you’re just BEGGING me to call Rose and have her send the tar and feathers to San Diego… you wouldn’t want to do color looking like Foghorn Leghorn again, would’ya?

SB:  Shut up!  My question to you is this, Plett… why do you keep smarting off to everybody?  Eddy Love… GUNS… you got a death-wish?

WS:  When Aho won the World Title, this place changed.  The atmosphere, the mood… the whole game changed, Sammy.  But after ANNIVERSARY, with everything that happened… something’s not right.  I can’t put my finger on it, Sammy, but I’m not the only one that feels it.  It feels like there’s so many new opportunities, but something’s trying to snatch it all away, like there’s a force pumping life into us and there’s another force choking us out.  I don’t know if it’s the threat of GUNS, or the fact that we sat in the back watching two men we’ve wrestled come within moments of killing each other – literally, no “work”… Troy   might not ever fight again.  I don’t know what it is, but I… I feel like a lot of us are slowly being backed up against a wall.  You can feel it in the air, Sammy, when you walk through the locker room… it’s like something big is always about to strike and it’s got the potential to lift us all up to the stars or sink us all straight to Hell.  Well… me going out there and taking care of my own business, and doing my best to help the others back here that feel the same way but don’t have the nerve to speak out… If no one else wants to step up to the plate and take care of business, then by damn I will.  And in San Diego , I’m going to take that personal responsibility and make it an official job, because in San Diego …I become the CSWA;s Heavyweight Champion of the world… And the loyal, dedicated fans of the CSWA – the greatest company in the world – are going to be reminded of the fact that the FREAKS really do… run the pageantry.  Take care of yourself, Sammy…

(Sight makes his way toward the outside area as we cut back to the ring for Greensboro title action.)


Shane Southern vs. Cameron Cruise

(joined in progress)

BYB:  And now, Cruise whips Southern back into the corner, the Greensboro Champion as taken a lot of punishment thus far, from a man who is as bitter as they come in Cameron Cruise.  He still hasn’t gotten over his problems from ANNIVERSARY 2000, let alone 2001!

RS:  Indeed he is an angry man, but it seems to be paying off right here.  Cruise with a knife edged chop, and now he shoots Southern to the ropes and follows in with a twisting elbow, he quickly makes the cover, but there’s a kickout from Shane Southern. 

BYB:  Now Cruise lifts Southern back up, and he fires a right hand, but Southern is blocking it, he blocks another, and now he fires off two of his own, an Irish whip to the ropes and there’s Southern with a back body drop.  Cruise right back up and goes for a dropkick, but Southern swats him down like a fly!  He goes for the cover but Cruise kicks out at one, these two men have a lot of fight in them.  They’re driven by different factors, but that’s the beauty of the CSWA… these men all have different reasons, but they can all get the job done when the time calls for it.

RS:  You sound so much like your father…

BYB:  Why’d you have to go and say that?  I ought to get my name changed, I can’t just be known as Billy Buckley, you have to refer to me as the “son of…”

RS:  Sorry, Billy…

BYB:  Excuse me.  Back to action, Cruise and Southern are battling it out, Shane certainly knows how to dish out punishment… and now with a whip to the corner, follows in with a clothesline, and a running bulldog on Cameron Cruise!  He’s hooking the leg of Cruise, and Juarez makes the count, but only two for the Greensboro Champion…

RS:  Shane looks like he’s setting up for something now, Billy, Cruise gets to his feet and Southern scoops him up for the ride, but Cruise wiggles free and sends Southern in chest first, Southern stumbles backward into a school boy rollup, and Cameron Cruise gets a two count, but Southern is back up, and swings a clothesline but Cruise ducks it… LOW BLOW BY CAMERON CRUISE, A BLATANT LOW BLOW AND MANNY JUAREZ CALLS FOR THE BELL !  JUAREZ JUST DISQUALIFIED CAMERON CRUISE AND RIGHTFULLY SO!

BYB:  Cruise isn’t happy, Rudy… Southern’s crumpled over, but look at Cruise, he disagrees with the call and THAT’S NOT RIGHT, CRUISE JUST LEVELED MANNY JUAREZ

RS:  And he’s getting a steel chair… he wonders why the world’s against him, he’s so bitter about his misfortunes and then he blows a shot at Greensboro gold by doing something like this…

BYB:  HE JUST LEVELED SHANE SOUTHERN!  Cruise is leaving now, and he looks almost proud of what he just did…

RS:  I don’t think these two have seen the last of each other…

Winner:  Shane Southern (by DQ)

BYB:  And we’re going straight from that into our main event, Rudy… right after this break, we’ve got Presidential gold on the line…

RS:  Triple X takes on Tom Adler, don’t flip that dial!


“Triple X” Sean Stevens vs. Tom Adler

Considerably younger and fresher than Tom Adler, Triple X came out to a large face reaction.  But take nothing away from Tom Adler, the crafty former champion came into the bout with a game plan in mind and took it straight to the heart of the Presidential champion, keeping him grounded for much of the contest.  Triple X fought back with a series of kicks, freeing up space and giving him room to ht some aerial maneuvers, including a somersault splash from the middle rope that got him a two count.  Adler clearly had a sour taste in his mouth from the six-man at ANNIVERSARY, and although Poison Ivy was not at ringside, Adler continued to look over his shoulder, and both commentators presumed he had backup waiting just in case someone did attack.  

Triple X barely avoided the MasterLock, keeping close to ropes as Adler took the upper hand.  In the end, XXXstasy was able to get back on his feet, and though he didn't command the match... he got one shot in at the right time, catching Adler with the XXXFactor superkick. The match would have continued, had referee Manuel Juarez realized that Adler has his foot on the bottom rope to break the pinfall.  Instead, Trip retains the Presidential Title by pinfall.

Winner:  Triple X

RS:  What an ON TIME debut!  For Billy Buckley, this is Rudy Seitzer, good night and we’ll see you LIVE from San Diego for CSWA PRIMETIME!

ByB:  And don't miss ON TIME in Anaheim in ten days!