CSWA SHOWTIME is back on the Vegas Strip!

MGM Grand Garden Arena
May 15, 2002 


Eli Flair vs. Mark Windham

Unified Tag:  Simply Stunning vs. The Professionals
vs. Aho/ Southern

Triple X vs. Tom Adler

"Fearless" Jones/Paul Walker
vs. Machine/Kin Hiroshi

The Return of 
"The Ego Buster"


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(CUTTO:  Backstage, Gemini is walking down a hallway in the dressing room area. As he passes another intersecting hallway, he glances down it and glimpses someone as he goes by.  He stops short and steps back to take another look.  He sees a man dressed all in black...black jeans, a black leather jacket and short blonde hair combed straight back....walking in the opposite direction....)

Gemini:  (yelling) Ryan?

(The man stops short and glances back over his shoulder and lifts his sunglasses up slightly to reveal that he is, in fact...GXW Unified World Champion Dan Ryan)

Gemini:  What the hell are you doing here?

(Ryan smirks and lets out a short laugh, then lowers his sunglasses and continues on his way)

Gemini:  Weird......(shrugs)....Oh well.


BB:  Sammy, Tom Adler and Triple X have gone round after round over the past year, most notably as a part of the six man dance at ANNIVERSARY 2001, and Trip is coming off a match against Hornet at our last show…

SB:  I just… want… a beer…

(CUE UP:  “Bullet In The Head” by Rage Against The Machine – the crowd rises to its feet.)

BB:  Adler decided to get involved in the match between Hornet and Trip at 

The challenger is already in the ring, here, and the champion is marching down the aisle.  These fans love Triple X, and they respect the battles he’s went through as of late.  Tom Adler, though, he’s a cagey  veteran… he’s definitely more experienced than most of the other competitors here but he’s not exactly old by any standards.

SB:  I just… want…

BB:  Triple X goes straight in for a tie up, and Adler obliges him, Adler takes X to the corner, and there’s no clean break, Adler goes straight for the side of the head, and a clothesline sends Triple X over the top and these fans don’t take well to Adler… Adler is going straight to work on the outside now, whipping Trip… no, reversal and Triple X is on top now and he follows in with a flying shoulder dive, Adler crumples over, and now X with a legsweep and Adler is on the ground, Triple X with an attempt at rolling thunder but Adler gets the knees up.  These two will go all night if it takes, one man will come out a winner here…

SB:  That’s so cliché, Buckley…

BB:  Stick a cork in it.

SB:  Wine?

BB:  … Adler is pounding away at Triple X in the ring now, he goes for a backslide but X rolls out, with a gut to the midsection and he does for a rocker dropper, but Adler raises out and now X with a clothesline, Adler ducks and GERMAN SUPLEX, ONE, TWO… X is out but that one could have been over, we could have had a new champion right here…

SB:  Then I could try to get a beer.

BB:  What is it with you tonight?

SB:  It’s not just tonight.

BB:  Triple X shot into the ropes, with a leapfrog over Adler, Adler with a Japanese arm drag, X rolls through and now he’s got a dragon sleeper applied, Adler comes out and inverts it, NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX, TRIPLE X KICKS OUT, BOTH MEN TO THEIR FEET…

SB:  Calm down.  Have a drink.  Have one for me!

BB:  Triple X knocks Adler down with a huge flying clothesline, don’t let his smaller frame surprise you, the Presidential Champ knows how to use his momentum, and he goes for a cover… One… Two… only two, both men don’t want to go down too easy in this fight…

SB:  Damn.

BB:  Adler sends Triple X to the ropes and Triple X mounts them, Asai moonsault, but Tom Adler catches it!  INVERTED PILEDRIVER, A TOMBSTONE OF SORTS, AND TRIPLE X HITS THE CANVAS HARD, ADLER WITH A QUICK COVER… ONE… TWO… THREE!  You’re kidding me!  This one is over that fast, Adler hit a solid move and Triple X couldn’t kick out in time, he kicked out a second too late!  Adler wins Presidential gold!

SB:  Why do you sound surprised?  Adler is in his prime, Buckley, people don’t give him enough credit!

BB:  We’ve given him his due over the years, but this has to be considered an upset, Sammy… Triple X has been on a roll as of late, and don’t expect him to take this loss lying down, I’m sure these two men will fight another day… But for right now, Tom Adler is once again the Presidential Champion…