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UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship

The UNIFIED World Championship is an amalgam of over 40 titles, starting with the CSWA World Championship. The CSWA World Title served as the company's first "big gold belt" from 1988 until it was merged as part of the EN Superleague Title in 1992.

With the industry move to superleagues/interfeds, the question of "who's the best" became even larger. The CSWA Unified Title pulled together various superleague and individual World Titles. The question was finally settled in 1993 when the CSWA Unified Title was merged with still more league titles as companies from around the world sent their top champions to compete in the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS. The UNIFIED World Championship became the true benchmark in the sport, not only representing the CSWA, but traveling a circuit and facing all comers.

Months after the CSWA closed in mid-1997 (in-roleplay due to Merritt's jail time; out-of-of-roleplay due to CS working to start, the UNIFIED Title became defunct and was retired. When the CSWA returned in the spring of 1998, it was with the CSWA World Title once again at the forefront.

The UNIFIED World Championship was revived in 2005 when a tournament was held inviting preeminent champions from around the world to compete.

UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship Dan Ryan
CSWA ANNIVERSARY: Coming of Age (09/10/2006)
During the GOLD RUSH battle royal, Dan Ryan wins his ring and a future title shot opportunity at the UNIFIED Title. Ryan is later eliminated by Troy Windham in GOLD RUSH. Immediately after the five-ring battle royal, he calls in his title shot and defeats Troy Windham.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship "The Epitome" Troy Windham
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2005: Rebirth (07/24/2005)
In the Final Four of a 16-man tournament featuring champions from the CSWA and outside, Troy Windham defeated "Vacant" ("Black Plague" Ruben Ross) in the semi-finals, then "Ego Buster" Dan Ryan in the championship match.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Shane Southern
PRIMETIME 500 (12/31/2004)
Southern vacates the title on April 11, 2005 due to a knee injury. Days later, Commissioner Stephen Thomas announces the return of the UNIFIED World Title, with the winner to be determined in a 16-man tournament.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Joey Melton (2)
Press Conference (August 2004)
In a corporate takeover, Stephen Thomas resumes control of the company and installs Joey Melton as his champion, stripping Dan Ryan of the title over a trumped-up doping charge.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Dan Ryan
SHOWTIME in Seattle (08/03/2003)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship "The Living Legend" Mark Windham
FISH FUND XIII (08/03/2002)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Evan Aho
PRIMETIME in St. Louis (12/26/2001)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Steve Radder
ELVIS LIVES XII: Fit For A King (April 2001)
Radder wins the title in the finals of IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS V at ELVIS LIVES XII: Fit For A King.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Deacon
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular '99 (12/01/1999)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Eli Flair
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 1999 (07/25/1999)
Eli Flair defeats Hornet in the final match of the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS IV which also included Deacon, Mark Vizzack, Kevin Powers, Eddy Love.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Hornet (4)
SHOWTIME in San Antonio (04/23/1999)
Hornet is stripped of the title by Chad Merritt and the Board of Directors at BATTLE of the BELTS 16 (05/13/1999). The title is put up in IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS IV.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack
ELVIS LIVES XI (01/24/1999)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship "Hurricane" Eddy Love
FISH FUND XII (08/10/1998)
Eddy Love wins the title in a 32-man tournament, defeating Hornet then Billy Starr in the finals.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Troy Windham
SuperPRIMETIME in San Antonio (07/15/1997)
Troy retires the title after the CSWA goes into hiatus following the arrest of co-owner Chad Merritt for the murder of the Red Midget (Lyle Tallman).


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship GUNS
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 1997 (04/28/1997)
After a power-play in the Merritt-Thomas feud that sees the Enterprise World Championship no longer recognized by the CSWA, the league restores the CSWA World Championship. In the Final Four, GUNS defeats Troy Windham and then Masked Man #3 (Julius Godreign) in the final of the 32-man tournament to win the title.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship "Devastating" Mike Randalls (2)
Pierce resigns the Unified Championship at BATTLE of the BELTS XIV. The Unified Championship Committee puts the title up in the third IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS. Mike Randalls defeats Hornet in the finals to start his second reign. Randalls reign continues until July 1997 when the Unified Title is dissolved as the CSWA goes on hiatus due to the arrest of co-owner Chad Merritt for the murder of the Red Midget (Lyle Tallman).


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship "The Golden Boy" Paul Pierce
ULTRATITLE Tournament Finals (March 1996)
After Hornet is stripped of the title (January 1996) due to injury at the hands of "Antichrist" Jim Williams and his minions, the Unified Championship Committee puts the title up in the 256-man ULTRATITLE Tournament.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship Hornet (3)
SHOWTIME in Baltimore (10/04/1995)


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship "Stylin" Steven Flair
SuperPRIMETIME in Washington (08/08/1995)


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship Alexandr Karelin
FISH FUND X (07/04/1995)
Karelin wins the second IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS over Unified Champion Tsunami, Enterprise World Champion GUNS, Hornet, Scott Waters and Steven Flair.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship Tsunami
PRIMETIME on The Consummate Tour (June 1995)


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship JT Tyler
BATTLE of the BELTS XI (05/13/1995)


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship "Devastating" Mike Randalls
Special PRIMETIME Event (03/09/95)
In their third match, a return match from the famous-electrified steel cage match at WINTER'S WARRIORS VI, Randalls' plan comes to fruition as he exercises his return clause immediately and defeats an injured Hornet.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship Hornet (2)
SuperPRIMETIME in Greensboro (09/24/1994)
Hornet reclaims the title in a two-out-of-three-falls match over Windham. in the third fall, Windham attacked Mickey Benedict, who retaliated with a microphone shot to the head. Hornet, unaware, rolled Windham up for the three-count, ending his first World title reign.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship "The Living Legend" Mark Windham
LABOR DAY LAYOUT (09/04/1994)
During a dispute between the CSWA and smaller member federations over the title, Hornet gives the title back to CS Enterprises. The Unified World Tournament starts at FISH FUND IX, whittling the field down to the Final Four of Hornet, Patrick York, Mike Roiter and a masked man, "Mr. Magnificent."

The Final Four was busted to two otuside the ring, after York was involved in a car accident and Hornet was viciously attacked by Zack Sirus. In the finals, "Mr. Magnificent" defated Mike Roiter, then revealed himself as Mark Windham, who had previously been banned from the tournament in response to a brutal attack on Jack Roiter.


UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship Hornet
LAST CALL II: Series Finale (10/24/1993)
In the finals of the three-day IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS, Hornet defeats Joey Melton, merging the CSWA Unified, AAWC World and IWWC World Titles, creating the UNIFIED World Heavyweight Championship. Hornet goes on to merge the UWL Superleague Title (def. Polaris, 01/03/94) and the AR Superleague Title (def. Billy Freedom, 01/17/94) in two separate unification matches as part of ULTRATOUR '94.


CSWA Unified World Championship Joey Melton (2)
PRIMETIME in Knoxville (10/08/1993)


CSWA Unified World Championship Tom Adler
PRIMETIME in Virginia Beach (10/01/1993)


CSWA Unified World Championship Joey Melton
CSWA Unified World Tournament (07/21/1993)
After Hornet retires the title due to an extended leave of absence in Romania, Joey Melton defeats Zack Sirus in the finals of a 32-man tournament to win the title.


CSWA Unified World Championship Hornet
January 1993
Hornet creates the CSWA Unified World Championship after merging the EN Superleague Title with other World Championships.


EN Superleague Championship Hornet (2)
Remembering Mickey V (08/07/1992)


EN Superleague Championship Dream Warrior
FISH FUND VII (06/26/1992)


EN Superleague Championship Lex Vicious
ELVIS LIVES Celebration V (05/30/1992)


EN Superleague Championship Hornet
Bloated Fish Tour '92: Interleague (05/20/1992)
Hornet retires the CSWA World Championship after merging it into the EN Superleague Unified Championship.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Hornet (2)
CSWA ANNIVERSARY Celebration 1989 (04/16/1989)
Hornet defeats Wall in a ninety-plus minute match remembered by many as the greatest match of all time. CSWA ANNIVERSARY Celebration 1989 was a month long tour running from March to April.


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Wall
CSWA ANNIVERSARY Celebration 1989


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Hornet
ELVIS LIVES Comeback Special (June 1988)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Degadeth
ELVIS LIVES Celebration (June 1988)


CSWA World Heavyweight Championship Joey Melton
First Card (03/17/1988)
In a four-man tournament, Melton defeats Mark Windham and then Dark Knight to become the first CSWA World Champion.


Footnotes on Title Histories

1.  Title histories are listed in reverse order.  For active titles, the current champion will be listed first. 

2.  Numbers in parentheses ( ) denote the number of times a wrestler has held that title.  Please note that the count restarts if the title changes name.  Example:  if Mark Windham has held both the United States and National Championships and then wins the US Title again, his entry would be noted as United States Championship (2); the National Championship is counted as distinct, even though they may be similar or eventually merged.  The same is true in the case of the UNIFIED World and CSWA World Titles.

3.  Every effort has been made to keep these as accurate as possible.  Please notify us if you come across any discrepancies.  Due to the volume of records and incidents like the July 2001 server crash, some entries may be incomplete.  In these cases, out-of-roleplay notes may accompany the entry.