in San Antonio

April 23, 1999
Featuring:  Vizzack/Hornet and the Unified Tag Tournament


(Former CSWA commentator Sammy Benson drives up to the curb in front of a house in Columbia, South Carolina.  A feeble man in his sixties is walking in the yard, slowly.  He appears to have severe arthritis.)

SB:  Carl!  Carl Young!

CY:  Yes?  (looks up)  It's Sammy Benson!  What brings you out to these parts, young man?

SB:  I thought I'd look you up and see how you're doing, old man?

CY:  (eyes narrow)  I may be old, Sammy, but I'm not stupid.  You never 'looked me up' unless you needed something.  What is it?

SB:  Never could fool you, could I?  You heard about what happened to me in the CSWA, right?

CY:  Patrick told me a little about it.  What does that have to do with me?

SB:  Well old-timer, I sat around for a long time thinking about how CS Enterprises screwed me.  And then I thought about all the other people they screwed.  You never got that pension, did you?

CY:  Nope.  I started out with those boys in that decrepit warehouse...and they fired me without so much as a "Thanks for all the hard work, Carl." 

SB:  Sounds familiar.  Well, I've been thinking.....

(Scene fades as Benson and Young walk back up toward the house.)

V/O: The following program is presented by CS Enterprises in association with U-62 Television.

(CUT TO: Screenshots of the Tag Team Title Belts, around the waists of the "big" teams who have won them.)

BB(V/O): The UNIFIED Tag Team Titles... They represent the best in the world of Tag Team wrestling. They have been around the waists of the most influential tag teams of our time. From Crazy Like a Muppet to Arrogance to Disco Express to The Dream Team of Scotty Michaels and Lex Taylor... they represent what everyone wants.

(CUT TO: ELVIS LIVES XI, the Disco Midget falls from the cage)

But now, there is no one team on top. Tonight, sixteen teams vie for those coveted belts... those pieces of history... And we will have the beginning of an answer.

And that's only half the story... as tonight, for the second time... the old guard meets the new.

(CUT TO: Screenshot of Hornet, holding the World Title in 1989 after his victory over Wall... fade to Vizzack in 1999, with his victory over Eddy Love at ELVIS LIVES)

Hornet has professed for months now that it's nothing personal... that his vendetta with Vizzack is simply about the World Title... but tonight, all that changes.

(CUT TO: Footage from Hornet/Vizzack at CSWA PRIMETIME in El Paso)

Tonight.... BUSINESS.... becomes PERSONAL.

(Fade to black... then to the CSWA PRIMETIME logo. The words heat and melt, dissolving into 20,000 plus SCREAMING fans, all of whom are on their feet. Cut to: Bill Buckley and Richard Dawson at the broadcast table...)

BB: HELLO SAN ANTONIO!!! My name is Bill Buckley, and tonight on PRIMETIME we'll see the CSWA take one step closer to NEW Unified Tag Team Champions! We take you now to Rudy Seitzer, who will run down the brackets for us one more time!

(Cut to: Rudy Seitzer up in the top tier)

RS: Hello San Antonio! We are minutes away from the beginning of the Tag Team Tournament! As you know, the belts have been vacant since Elvis Lives XI, when the Disco Express/ Arrogance match pushed Co-Commisioner Merritt to vacate the belts. Here, once again, are the complete brackets for the tournament!

#1 Disco Express vs. #16 The New Big Connection

#8 TJ/Jack Tollens vs. #9 Lunar Express

#3 Arrogance vs. #14 Armed and Dangerous

#5 Blade/Nemesis vs. #12 Destruction Crew

#2 Powers of Love vs. #15 The Dirty Duo

#7 Crazy Like a Muppet vs. #10 Crippler/Bobby Jackson

#4 Black Army vs. #13 Overseas Connection

#6 Privateers vs. #11 Steel Force

Let's get back to ringside!

#1 Disco Express vs. #16 The New Big Connection

BB: Disco Express came to ringside following the Disco Midget, and it was 1975 all over again! In the ring, however, it was ANYTHING but fun and games. Darrel Newson and Willie Biggles were completely outmatched from the beginning to the end. Boogie Man ended the pain in a little under seven minutes with a superplex, putting the former Champions into the quarterfinals.

WINNERS: Disco Express

RD: SURVEY SAYS.... The Disco Express have three matches to go to reclaim the gold! And as the Number One Seed, they're ALSO the Number One Answer!

BB: Do you ever sit back and realize that you're NOT on the Family Feud anymore?

RD: What's that supposed to mean?

BB: Never mind.... Lord, take me now...

#8 TJ Knuckles/Jack Tollens vs. #9 Lunar Express

BB: Galactic Grant and Stellar Stan made their CSWA debut here, having established themselves in JW Locke's Multinational Wrestling Corporation. They, along with their manager, William H. Bradley III, were going up against an equally new team in the CSWA, TJ Knuckles and his brother, Jack. However, TJ came out alone, with the following comments!

(TJ Knuckles walks out without a partner, and gets in the ring and grabs the mic)

Knuckles: You people make me, listen to that reception (boos) I love it, but as always shut up. Surprise, surprise Jack no showed. Oh well, like the guy had any talnet. He comes out here, costs me a match and then sends me to Japan, some brother. Then I come back and and he leaves without a trace,

haven't spoke to him in 2 months, but again oh well, I have another brother, but he will not be my partner tonight. But this guys is like a brother to me. We grew up together and he is as well known as I am in the wrestling world. ladies and gentlemen, the big surprise, "Damaging" Dan Douglas...

(The crowd is stunned as Douglas walks out in Adidas windbreakers and a leather jacket, he gets in the ring and takes the mic)

Douglas: Well, after months of negotiations, I have finally signed with the CSWA. But I will explain further later, for now we have tag titles to win, but if you know me and you do, you know i won't stop there.

BB: The match was underway, and both teams looked VERY impressive. Lunar Express did what they've claimed, and that's bring tag team wrestling back to its glory days, in the tradition of CS Express, The Berzerk Beachcombers, or NC-17. However, things were going just as swimmingly for Knuckles and Douglas, until Galactic Grant caught TJ with a reverse DDT and set him up for a backdrop! It was all LE from that point on, with quick tags and an array of double dropkicks and double clotheslines that left Knuckles open for a DEVASTATING Superplex that scored the victory for this debuting team.

WINNERS: Lunar Express

RD: Survey Says.... That was a match!

BB: I'll have to agree, Richard... Lunar Express looked it good shape, and they certainly had the tag team coordination! Knuckles and Douglas almost had 'em, but there you have it, ladies and gentlemen! The first quarterfinal match is set, and it will see the Disco Express taking on Lunar Express. Right now, we've got some info on our next major event, BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVI!!!

(Cut to: Rudy Seitzer backstage, holding a piece of paper)

RS: Thank you, Bill, and I am holding IN MY HAND... the Main Event for BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVI: Personal Business! Are you ready for this? It's a MIXED Tag Team match, pitting Hornet and Poison Ivy against "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack and Sunshine Del Payne! Can you imagine these two teams going at it? This is one I don't want to miss!

(Cut to: Buckley and Dawson)

BB: That's going to be a wild match... quite frankly, however, I don't know if there will be a lot left of Ms. Del Payne after next week's PRIMETIME card when she goes ONE ON ONE against Poison Ivy.

RD: Can we get on with it?

BB: What's your problem?

RD: The camera isn't on me.

BB: Oh dear lord...

#3 Arrogance vs. #14 Armed and Dangerous

BB: Arrogance looked in top form, as usual tonight, with good, quick tags, and powerful double team maneuvers. Keith Armed and Paulie Dangerously were simply overmatched from the start. For that matter, with the exception of some pre-match brawling, Keith Armed didn't get into this one at all! Arrogance finally ended it in the seventh minute, as Joey Melton wrapped Dangerously up in the Figure-Four leglock for the tap out. Ray S. Cornette, after the match, made a very bold statement proclaiming Arrogance as the next UNIFIED Tag Team Champions. Bold... but if they keep this up, very... very... justified.

WINNERS: Arrogance

RD: Ray S. Cornette knows how to pick 'em... Joey Melton is just as good today as he was eleven years ago when he won the CSWA World Heavyweight Title for the first time. Add to that Peyton Wright, and you've got the makings of Champs.

BB: I have to agree. We haven't seen Melton in this good shape in years. And you know they're looking forward to a possible third round rematch with Disco Express, the former champions. Up next, we've got the first of two UnHoly teams in this tournament, as Blade teams with the United States Heavyweight Champion, Nemesis, otherwise known as Death and Derangement, to take on Chainsaw and Sledgehammer, the Destruction Crew. The Crew is already in the ring, and we are awaiting the presence of The UnHoly.

(Blade comes out... alone.)

RD: Where's Nemesis?

BB: Hold on.. he's got a mic.

BLADE: There is only one purpose for this tournament, and that's to bring Power and Glory to The UnHoly. Our brother Nemesis already has the Power and Glory, so there's been a little change.

BB: What is he talking about?

(CUE UP: "Mummified In Barbed Wire" - Cannibal Corpse)

RD: Is that...

BB: OH...NO!

(The lights are all off, with the exception of a few lighters in the air.... Two figures have emerged from the backstage area..... Suddenly, two HUGE jets of pyro take off, igniting the clothing of the larger figure. They continue to the ring, the only illumination from the burning cloak of the large man....)

BB: Ladies and gentlemen... you are witnessing a truly disturbing sight. That's Silky Rose for certain... and the man behind her... Mark Vizzack is NOT going to be happy.

(They hit the ring, and in a flash of light and smoke, the flames are extinguished. The lights come on completely... and the inevitable has happened. "The Destroyer" Dante Inferno and "The Dark Angel" Silky Rose, have made their return to the CSWA.)

RD: Well, that's gonna ruin the Crew's day.

#5 Blade/Dante Inferno vs. #12 Destruction Crew

BB: Blade and Nemesis would have been a difficult enough challenge for the beleagured Destruction Crew.. but with Dante Inferno in there, the decision was never in doubt. For that matter, although he did his share of the damage, Blade was almost inconsequential. The Crew simply couldn't hurt Inferno. They ran from him, refused to tag in to face him, and almost got counted out by escaping him. Blade ended it soon enough, in just under four minutes with the "Guillotine Blade." Afterward, he got on the microphone and announced that he and Inferno, known as "Razor Meltdown" were planning to take the titles.

WINNERS: Razor Meltdown

RD: They're going to win it. Nobody else can.

BB: You can bet Arrogance is quite displeased over the reappearance of Inferno, as the second quarterfinal is set to be Arrogance vs. Razor Meltdown. We'll be right back with the second half of the first round!

(Cut to: Commercial for the new "Razor Meltdown" T-Shirt. hey - we're all capitalists. <G>)

BB: We're back, and we're ready for another first round match! This one pits former champions of another sort, in former World Champion Eddy Love and former US Champ Kevin Powers, against The Dirty Duo of Vern Peevler and Roland Stanley. This is a team that has not met with much success here in the CSWA.

RD: It's true, and I've never seen the Powers of Love against someone they couldn't handle.

BB: You've only seen them tag once before. And it was a no contest against Arrogance!

RD: Still never seen it happen.

#2 Powers of Love vs. #15 The Dirty Duo

BB: Need we say it? Kevin Powers and Eddy Love just don't look the same without gold around their waists. They don't feel the same either, I'm willing to bet. Whatever it was, they took it out on the Dirty Duo. Sweet Melissa, Susan, and Gina all took front row seats for this one, as it was pretty obvious that their certain 'talents' would not be needed in this match. Vern Peevler managed one brief show of offense as he caught Kevin Powers in a headlock. But it wasn't enough, as Powers reversed it into a side suplex and finished it off with the Kiss the Canvas. However.... they were scouted, during the contest. By Apocalypse and Pat Black.

WINNER: The Powers of Love

RD: Like I said, Powers of Love are going all the way to the titles.

BB: They could very well be doing that, however, you can't discount some of the teams in this tournament.

RD: Like who?

BB: The former champs, Disco Express? Or Arrogance? Blade and Inferno? Lunar Express? Black Army?

RD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.... Powers of Love is still the number one answer.

BB: Whatever, Richard.

RD: I still owe you one for locking me in that closet...

#7 Crazy Like a Muppet vs. #10 Crippler/Bobby Jackson

BB: The jam-packed crowd in San Antonio went crazy when they saw Timmy Windham and Junior Hornet, former FOUR TIME Unified Tag Team Champions, back together again! Timmy, for a dead man, looked almost like he never left the ring! Junior Hornet, on the other hand, is on "vacation" of sorts from the Green Valley Home for the Mentally Deranged. The familiarity that CLAM had was a definite and noticeable advantage over Crippler and Bobby Jackson, teaming for the first time EVER. Still, both teams showed a good deal of ability, conditioning, and heart. In the end, it seemed that the time away from the ring for both Windham and Junior was the deciding factor, as Crippler made the pinfall on Junior after ten minutes with the Crippling Plunge, securing the victory and 'plunging' this Cinderella team into the second round.

WINNERS: Bobby Jackson and Crippler

BB: There you have it. This is certainly the upset of the night, so far. Who knows, This team could try for ANOTHER upset at Battle of the Belts when they match skill with Kevin Powers and Eddy Love.

RD: This tournament belongs to Powers and Love. Everyone knows that.

BB: They've had OVERWHELMING success as singles wrestlers, but the Dirty Duo was hardly a test of their mettle. And we've still got two more first round matches to go.

RD: Peanuts.

BB: What are you talking about, you Gooker....

#4 Black Army vs. #13 Overseas Connection

BB: There have been some one-sided battles so far in this tournament; some upsets. But nothing compares to the Black Army against the Overseas Connection. BLOWOUT is the proper word. Kent Molitor of the Overseas Connection never got into this match... correction, he was dragged into the ring at the fifty-eight second mark by Pat Black, apparently covering Apocalypse's back while he hit the Seventh Seal on Garrett Seward, winning the match without breaking a sweat and taking out the former champs from 1992.

WINNERS: The Black Army

RD: Gooker?

BB: What?

RD: What?


RD: Gooker?

BB: Skip it. Up next, folks, we've got the final matchup in the first round, as Steel Force takes on The Privateers. You want to pick a winner, Richard?

RD: A what?

BB (Sighing): I hate my life. You want to tell us the Number One Answer?

RD: The Number One Answer of "Name the Winner of this Match" is... The Privateers.

#6 Privateers vs. #11 Steel Force

BB: This match was the most alien to the CSWA, as both teams were making their wrestling debuts here! The Privateers had been in contract negotiations for several months, and it looks like it paid off. Steel Force got the early advantage, separating Jacob Drake from his partner on the other side of the ring, but the Privateers weren't done. A desparation backdrop enabled Jacob to tag in his partner/brother Edward, who immediately went to work. Neither team seemed to be able to get the advantage, however, until the Privateers' manager, "British Bad Girl" Lisa Drake jumped up on the apron. When referee Patrick Young assisted her in getting down, Jacob Drake secured the victory with a roll of quarters.

WINNERS: The Privateers

RD: Can I call it or what?

BB: Allright... you were right. There, I said it. Fans, the first round is complete! We need to take a quick commercial break, but first, let's head on up to Rudy Seitzer in the upper deck for some updated brackets! Rudy?

(Cut to: Rudy Seitzer, surrounded by loud, drunk fans...)

RS: That's right, Bill! The first round is done, which means we are mere minutes away from Mark Vizzack's World Title defense against Hornet! First, however, let's run the brackets on the tag team tournament! We saw some GREAT action here tonight, and we've got a lot more as the tournament continues! Here's the second round!

#1 Disco Express vs. #9 Lunar Express

#3 Arrogance vs. #5 Razor Meltdown

#2 Powers of Love vs. #10 Crippler/Bobby Jackson

#4 Black Army vs. #6 Privateers

We'll see all this action in a few weeks at BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVI: Personal Business! Right now, we need to take a short break, then we'll be back with VIZZACK/HORNET!!!!!

(Cut to: Commercial for the new PLR T-Shirt: "PLR: It's All About Attitude")

For the CSWA World Championship

"Daredevil" Mark Vizzack
(with Sunshine)

defends against

(with Poison Ivy)

BB: Fans, it's all come down to this. Three months have boiled down to one confrontation. Last August, the match these two men had was billed as "The Old Guard vs. The New." But now, the stakes are different. Last time, these two men were wrestling a friendly match, some might say a "Dream" match, with tournaments on their mind for FISH FUND XII: Fire It Up. Now, it's more simplified. One fall. No time limit. One man will leave this arena as the CSWA World Champion. One man says it’s all about business.. the other says it has become personal.. tonight we find out which one is right.

RD: Wow... that was good.

BB: Rhubarb can do it a lot better... and he's gonna earn his paycheck.

RJ: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... This contest is scheduled for one fall, with NO TIME LIMIT. And........ It is for... the CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!

(HUGE Crowd pop.)

Introducing first... accompanied to the ring by Poison Ivy, is the challenger!

(HUGE chorus of boos, evened up with a HUGE heel pop)

(Cue up: "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray)

From Greensboro, North Carolina... weighing in at 268 pounds... formerly known as the "Greatest American Hero," this is the former three-time CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, the former three-time Unified World Heavyweight Champion.. "The One and Only" HORNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Hornet emerges from the curtain with Ivy a step behind, holding her singapore cane. Rather than the usual facepaint and tights, Hornet’s face is bare, and he wears knee-length black tights and yellow-and-black boots. As he walks by the announcer’s table, he makes a gesture to the title belt, as if to say, "This will REALLY be mine tonight." He is also seen mouthing the words, "Where’s Merritt?")


(Cue up: "Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple...HUGE fan pop)

Accompanied to the ring by Ms. Sunshine Del Payne... From Baltimore, Maryland... weighing in at 228 pounds, he is the man on top. His victory at ELVIS LIVES XI over Eddy Love was marred by Hornet’s vicious backstabbing. But nevertheless,he is THE CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, "DAREDEVIL" MARK VIZZACK!!!!!

(Vizzack comes crashing through the curtain and walks VERY fast to the ring. He's got his eyes on Hornet, and nothing else. Sunshine hangs behind, trying to smack some hands. Vizzack hits the ring, and he's anxious for this one to start.)

BB: As you heard fans, Mark Vizzack is still the champion. Vizzack threw the belt at Hornet back in Santa Fe, trying to get him off his back. It didn't work, however, as it only strengthened Hornet's resolve to BE the Champion.

RD: I can tell you though, there are three men in the locker room who are not going to be happy to see Hornet as the Champ. Steve Radder, Eddy Love, and Deacon were all victims of Hornet interfering in their title shots against Vizzack.

BB: There's the bell, and we're off! This match has been in the making for MONTHS now! Collar-and-elbow tie up, and Vizzack is shoved into the corner! Ben Worthington calls for the break, and Hornet slaps him in the face! That's gonna make Vizzack angry!

RD: Remember what Hornet told him last August... and that's to watch the focus. Hornet is getting Vizzack completely out of focus. That could cost him everything.

BB: I think that has been Hornet’s plan since before ELVIS LIVES! They lock up again, and Vizzack takes Hornet down with an armdrag into an armbar! He's not taking any risks in this one, he's just trying to wear Hornet down! And he drives a knee to the back! And another! Vizzack has done his homework in this one, keep on the back!

RD: That is DEFINITELY the number one answer, as Hornet looks in a lot of pain! He grabs the ropes, and Vizzack will have to break!

BB: Vizzack gives a clean break, and I'm surprised by that, frankly. Hornet getting to his feet, and he locks up with the Champ one more time! IVY WITH A CHEAP SHOT TO VIZZACK'S KNEE! Come on, Ref!

RD: Vizzack goes down, and Hornet capitalizes with a belly-to-back suplex! Vizzack's shoulders are down! 1......2........NO!

BB: He didn't beat Eddy Love for that belt to go down so easily. Hornet sets Vizzack up on the turnbuckle, he could be going for a superplex... NO! Vizzack with a right hand! And another! A third, and Hornet hits the canvas! Vizzack climbing the turnbuckle... MOONSAULT! The cover, 1.....2.......NO! Talking about the resilience of Mark Vizzack, we can't leave out three-time former UNIFIED Champion Hornet, either!   Vizzack delivers a kick to the back of Hornet...and it looks like we're seeing the start of a game plan.  Everyone in this business known the legendary back trouble of the legendary wrestler...and Vizzack is smart to go after it.

RD: Vizzack sends Hornet into the ropes.... Scoop... NO! Hornet rakes the eyes, and Vizzack goes down! But Hornet lands on his back, and can't follow through!

BB: Wait a second... Ivy is approaching Sunshine... Remember, folks, these ladies are set to meet in the ring at PRIMETIME in Orlando - we could get a preview here! Not to mention the huge announcement we heard earlier about the mixed tag match between these four at BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVI in just about two weeks!

RD: I hope Ivy tears into that dress of Sunshine's.

BB: Why is that?


(Bill Buckley grabs Richard Dawson by the nose and pulls as hard as he can)

RD: OUCH!!! What the heck was that for?

BB: Just making sure Sammy wasn't under there. Back to the match, Hornet is trying his luck up top. Vizzack is still down, but he's stirring... Frog splash... NO! Mark got his knees up and blocked it! Hornet is down! Now Mark is returning to the top rope... Frog splash of his own! NO! Hornet raised his foot! Vizzack is down! Hornet gets back up!

RD: He's inhuman tonight, Bill! He wants that TITLE.

BB: Hornet whips Vizzack into the ropes.... Double clothesline! Both men are down! And both spring RIGHT back up!

RD: Like looking into a mirror.

BB: Hornet offers a test of strength to Vizzack. You have to think Hornet would have an edge power-wise.

RD: If Vizzack thinks he's gonna toe-to-toe power-wise with Hornet, he's got another thing coming. His strength lies in his aerial attack.

BB: The two men lock up, and Vizzack immediately hits his knees on the mat as Hornet squeezes down with tremendous power. But Hornet almost immediately lets up. Vizzack stands slowly, not sure what to make of all this. But Vizzack comes across quick with a kick to the head!

RD: At least he's done one smart thing, when a man gives you an opening, take it.

BB: Hornet's still on his feet, and Vizzack follows up with an abdominal stretch, once again going for Hornet's back.  Hornet tries to edge towards the ropes, but Vizzack locks it in.  Hornet's in obvious pain here...but once again he makes the move toward the ropes.  This time Vizzack can't quite hold him, and Hornet breaks free of the cinching maneuver.  These two athletes stand across the center of the ring facing each other again in a sort-of staredown. Vizzack goes for another kick to the head, but Hornet ducks and then comes up with a heart punch on Vizzack!!!

RD: That'll knock the wind out of your sails.

BB: Hornet follows up with a full nelson, but he's very close to the ropes. Vizzack grabs them, and Hornet immediately breaks the hold and steps back. Vizzack rushes at him with a clothesline, but Hornet sidesteps him. Vizzack wheels around just in time to be on the receiving end of a dropkick that sends him through the second ropes!

RD: Uh oh, Hornet can be VERY dangerous outside the ring.

BB: Hornet does indeed follow Vizzack out...but he immediately rolls him back in...that's not real characteristic of his recent mood, or his career in general. Hornet has never been afraid to work his opponent over on the outside. Hornet pulls Vizzack to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Vizzack comes off the ropes with a cross body block, but he gets caught by Hornet and slammed down hard. Hornet hooks the leg. 1.....2......NO! Vizzack gets the shoulder up. Hornet stands up and walks over to the corner, where he sits on the second rope, waiting. This is definitely not the Hornet we know.

RD: He may be a little too cocky in this one, Bill. He could get himself into some trouble.

BB: Hornet backs up into the corner and starts running across the ring, he launches....HORNET SPLASH!!!! He almost got too high on that one, Richard!

RD: No kidding, a little more momentum, and he might have sent himself over the top rope on his own!

BB: Hornet pulls Vizzack out of the corner and pushes him to the mat, where he lies, apparently not all with it. Wait a second... Poison Ivy is climbing into the ring with a that Singapore Cane!

RD: They want to make sure that Hornet wins this match. Simple as that.

BB: He may be wasting too much time here. Vizzack grabs Hornet's tights from the mat! He rolls him up in a small package, Worthington dives to the mat. 1...........2..........NO, Ivy kicks Vizzack in the head! Worthington removes her from the ring, and now we've got Hornet staring down Vizzack. He apparently didn't like that very much.

RD: Would you?

BB: Hey, Vizzack realizes that this is every man for himself. As if the title on the line wasn’t enough.. he’s got plenty of payback for Hornet from the past three months. They lock up.... BELLY TO BELLY suplex. But Hornet doesn't cover. He gets to his feet and slaps on the SCORPION DEATHLOCK! This one could be over right here. Vizzack isn't in a position to make it to the ropes. We could have a submission win right here for Hornet.

RD: Not so far, Bill. Do we have a ring mic?

(Marvin brings up the volume on the ring mic)

REF: Vizzack, do you want to give?


REF: Do you wanna give it up?

MV: I....SAID....NO.

H: Vizzy, Vizzy, Vizzy... Save some face and tap. You're gonna lose the title anyway.

MV: Don't be too sure, Bugbrain.

BB: Wow! THAT got Hornet's attention. He's cinched that Scorpion Deathlock in even TIGHTER! Wait... VIZZACK HOOKED HIS ANKLE! He's pulling... Pulling...

RD: He won't make it.

BB: HE MAKES IT! Vizzack caused Hornet to lose his balance! VIZZACK'S HOOKING IN A SCORPION DEATHLOCK OF HIS OWN! NO! Hornet lunges forward and grabs the ropes before Vizzack can lock it down!

RD: I have NEVER seen that before… at least not against Hornet. Mark Vizzack may be the first man to EVER escape Hornet’s Scorpion Deathlock without getting the ropes. This has been an AMAZING match, Buckley! How much time do we have left?

BB: This match HAS no time limit. However, we've only got about forty minutes of television time left! These men have been beating on each other for the past twenty minutes, and we're right back where we began! Both men on their feet, staring each other down!

RD: And Poison Ivy has left Sunshine alone. Think about that!

BB: Maybe Hornet’s "all business" motto has gotten to her too. They lock up once more... and it's HORNET sent into the ropes! Irish whip... reversal... Leapfrog by Vizzack... FRANK'N'PARSONS! Hornet gets up... DROPKICK! Vizzack with a scoop and a slam! He's headed up top! 360 SPLASH! The cover, 1........2......NO! Vizzack sends Hornet into the corner... Whips him to the opposite end...NO! Hornet reverses! He's got him set up.... HORNET SPLASH! NO! Vizzack ducked! He whips Hornet to the opposite end again! VIZZ SPLASH! HE HIT! HE HIT! Hornet slumps in the corner!   Hornet's back took a beating with that one!

RD: Survey Says, Vizzack has the chance to WIN this match!

BB: Indeed he does! The World Heavyweight Champion sends Hornet into the ropes.... DOUBLE AXEHANDLE TO THE STOMACH! Hornet's doubled over! You know what's coming!

RD: Clear the runway... here comes the Flyer.

BB: Off the ropes.... DAREDEVIL FLYER! It's all over! Vizzack covers... ONE..................TWO................... THREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Hornet kicked out!!! I don't know how, but Hornet got that right shoulder up!!!  Ben Worthington raises his hands to let everyone know that it was just a two-count.... and Poison Ivy NAILS him with that cane!!!  What is she doing!?  She just knocked Ben Worthington out cold!

RD: Vizzack looks up, and he sees Ivy standing there, mocking him!

BB: Sunshine's had enough! She grabs Ivy from behind and LEVELS her with a right hand, knocking her off the apron!!! The crowd is going CRAZY! Wait... what's this?

VOICE: Not....So....FAST.

RD: Oh lord.... here come the troops.

BB: Fans.... Apocalypse, Nemesis, Pat Black and BLADE have all hit the ringside... in their usual fashion, from the RAFTERS! All four men tear into Vizzack! This is a travesty!  US Champion Nemesis and Apocalypse have grabbed hold of Vizzack, and are setting him up for Black and Blade!  Sunshine has gotten out of harm's way, but she looks like she wants to get in that ring and help out her man!  Black and Blade light into Mark Vizzack, kicking him in the midsection.  This is a travesty!

RD: Not so fast, Buckley! Help is on the way!

BB: PLR? For who?  What are they gonna do!?

RD: Every UnHoly member that PLR gets in there against is one less that Hornet and Vizzack need to worry about.

BB: You've got a point there, as Eddy Love TEARS into Blade! Kevin Powers goes right after Apocalypse! Vizzack himself is fighting off Pat Black, and the ICEMAN is going after Nemesis! But it's all giving Hornet a chance to recover a little!   But not for long!!!  Love knocks Nemesis through the ropes and goes after the man who interfered in his match for the title against Vizzack!  But Hornet quickly rolls outside...and the chase is on!  But Blade catches Love with a clothesline as he comes around!!!

RD:  This PLR/Unholy thing is getting out of hand.

BB:  Nemesis and Radder have both fallen through the ropes...and yet they're still brawling on the outside.  These two men have no love lost for each other...especially since Radder is on the books to get a shot at that US Title Nemesis has at Battle of the Belts!

RD:  Or the fact that the Unholy laid Radder out as their first victim not too terribly long ago.

BB:  Wait a second....now what?


BB: What is SHE doing here!?  And where she is...you know HE isn't far behind!

RD:  You better hang on to your hat, Buckley.  Last time Inferno was around, he through a fan off the balcony!

BB:  Hat?  What hat?

RD:  You boob!  Silky Rose has got an eerie grin on her face...and she's about to get her hands on Sunshine, who seems frozen in place!

BB:  Not so fast... LOOK!

RD:  Is that who I think it is?

BB: MARK WINDHAM COMES OUT OF THE CROWD! He stands between Rose and Sunshine! In the ring, Powers has stripped a turnbuckle and he's laying Apocalypse into it! Eddy Love is still battling with Blade on the outside...and Hornet is still catching his breath all by his lonesome over her by our broadcast position!

(Hornet grabs a headset, pushing Dawson out of the way.)

H:  I heard that, Buckley.

BB:  What are you doing over here?  You're supposed to be having a match!

H:  You tell me, Bill.  Ben Worthington is out cold in one corner...and there are seven extra guys in and around  the ring.  Does it seem like a smart place to be right now?  Besides, by taking a moment as commentator, I get an extra paycheck.  It's all about business, Buckley.

BB:  That may work with everyone else, Hornet...but you'll never convince...

H:  It doesn't matter, Bill.  None of this matters...because Unholy or no Unholy, PLR or no PLR, I've already predetermined what's gonna happen here.  (throws down headset)

BB:  He has really lost it.

RD: I can't believe Worthington is STILL out!

BB:  Well, the fact that he's received a couple of additional inadvertent kicks to the head in this melee....hold on...HERE COMES TIMMY! TIMMY WINDHAM IS IN THE ARENA! He goes after Mark, and they start to brawl! Oh... wait just a second.   That leaves Silky Rose all by herself....and she's motioning toward the curtain!  

RD:  That can't be good.

BB:  No indeed, because there's DANTE INFERNO!  He joins Silky Rose at ringside...and now those two are stalking Sunshine on the outside!!!

RD: Where's Hornet gone to?

BB: Hornet finally gets back into the mix! But he's helping Timmy attack Mark Windham!  Apparently Mr. All Business doesn't mind getting in a few shots for an old grudge.  Wow....I still can't believe Timmy Windham is back....when are we gonna find out what happened...



RD: That distracted Silky Rose, and Sunshine slipped past 'em!

BB: Vizzack grabs a chair to keep Dante and Silky Rose at bay...but they seem to back off in order to regroup.  That leaves Vizzack with an opening...and now he's looking for Hornet, who seems to be making his way back over toward us.   Here comes Vizzack!!!!!   VIZZACK JUST SLAMMED THAT CHAIR INTO HORNET'S BACK FROM BEHIND!  Hornet doubles over, and Vizzack catches him in the back again!!!   Hornet could be seriously injured here!

RD: Um.... isn't this where Hornet's supposed to fall down?

BB: Hornet looks like he doesn't even feel it! What is going on here?

RD: PLR has taken the UnHoly into the crowd! That's thinned things out a little!

BB: Indeed it has! Ben Worthington finally shows some signs of life! We've got Hornet and Vizzack trading punches on the outside, we've got Mark Windham and Timmy Windham trading punches on the outside, and we've got Dante Inferno and Silky Rose coming up from behind Vizzack!  But I don't get this....how is Hornet still on his feet?  Mark Windham just dropped his little brother with a DDT on the concrete!!!   He may have reinjured Timmy's neck.  He's.....that PSYCHO!

RD: POWERBOMB on Apocalypse by Powers... put him down on a row of chairs!

BB: INFERNO SPINS VIZZACK AROUND!  He grabs him around the throat.  He's gonna chokeslam the World Champ on the concrete!!!!  NO!!!!   Mark Windham is there, and he catches Inferno from behind!  Inferno barely seemed to feel the double axehandle blow...but he releases Vizzack and turns his attention towards Windham...and now these two start to slug it out!!!! 

RD:  It looks like CSWA Security is finally making its way down.  That's VP Gethard for ya.

BB:  Security is trying to drive PLR and the Unholy back towards the aisleway.  Windham and Inferno have fallen into the crowd, and poor Timmy Windham is still laid out on the concrete.  Vizzack grabs hold of Hornet by the hair and shovels him back into the ring!  Hornet yells to Ivy...and she pitches the Singapore cane up into the ring....BUT VIZZACK catches it!!!!  What a miscue by Ivy!

RD:  And she's not sticking around to see what happens....Poison Ivy has just headed up the aisleway folks!!!

BB:  What is going on!?  Vizzack catches Hornet upside the head with that cane, and then hammers down on the back again.  But again, Hornet shrugs it off.  He catches Vizzack with a right hand, and the cane goes flying.   Now these two are trading punches.

RD:  Sunshine appears to be trying to wake Ben Worthington, but she's having little luck.

BB:  Vizzack ducks a right hand by Hornet and delivers a kick to the midsection.  Jawbreaker by the World Champ....now there's something that Hornet felt.

RD:  Now what's Ivy doing?

BB:  Fans, Poison Ivy is RUNNING back down the aisle...she appears to have something wrapped up a towel...this can't be good.  In the ring, Vizzack sends Hornet down with a dropkick and follows with a hard elbow.  The World Champ pulls Hornet to his feet and sends him into the ropes......FLYING DROPKICK MISSES by Vizzack!!!  Hornet held onto the ropes!!! 

RD:  And that's what Ivy has been waiting for...she hands that bundle to Hornet as she pulls that towel off.

BB:  Wait a second...that's some kind of...that's......OHMYLORD....IT'S A BRANDING IRON!!!!!!!!!!!!

RD:  And there's STEAM coming off it!!!!

BB:  Vizzack gets to his feet.........AND GETS BLASTED IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!!!  Hornet just KOed Vizzack with the side of that branding iron.   What in the name of all that is good and pure is Hornet thinking?

RD:  Bill.....normally this would be time for a Survey Says...but this is even too bizarre for me.

BB:  Vizzack is facedown on the mat...and I think he's bleeding from the back of the head, Richard.  Hornet walks over and stands over Vizzack.   He's got that branding iron poised..........

RD:  Somebody's gotta do something!!!!!!

BB:  He's going to....he's......CUT AWAY!!!  DO IT!   CUT THE CAMERA AWAY NOW!!!  HE JUST PLUNGED THAT METAL ROD ONTO VIZZACK'S BACK!!!!  HORNET JUST BRANDED MARK VIZZACK!!!  And Vizzack didn't even react...he is out cold.

RD:  About three fans have just jumped the security rail here...they're charging the ring.

BB:  Normally I'd be enraged about that...but...I just don't...this can't...

RD:  Poison Ivy catches one of the fans with her retrieved Singapore cane.  Oh no....two are trying to get into the ring to get at Hornet.   Hornet runs across and knocks one off the apron and into the security rail.   The other gets in....and Hornet raises that branding iron!!! NO!  Apparently he thought better of it....he sidesteps the fan and sends him through the ropes.

BB:  This is getting out of control...we could end up with a riot.

RD:  Security has just come down here in droves...this crowd is furious.

BB:  Can you blame them???  He just....and now what's he doing???  Hornet is pulling Ben Worthington over to the center of the ring.   Worthington seems about half-conscious from where Sunshine has been trying to wake him up.

RD:  Where is Sunshine?

BB:  She's down by the rail, Richard....I didn't see it, but Ivy must have caught her from behind with that cane.  This is a travesty...a real...

RD:  Everything's a travesty with you, isn't it?

BB:  Shut up, Richard.  Fans, Hornet is yelling at Worthington to make the count.  And here it comes.......... ONE......TWO......THREE.   Mark Vizzack's reign is over, and Hornet's fourth CSWA World Title reign has become.  I can't believe this, Richard.  I never thought Hornet would stoop so low.  I mean...he knows what's it like...Jim Williams attacked him with a branding iron...Mike Randalls drugged him...scores of people have tried to take him out...but this...this is....

RD:  A travesty...we know.  Look Bill, it's simply if you were listening to the man.  He doesn't care about all that.  Sure he knows what it feels like...he also knows what a ton of bricks feels like.

BB:  Sunshine is on her feet and is climbing in the ring.   Poison Ivy almost goes after her, but Hornet pulls her to his side.  Look at the smiles on their faces....it's disgusting.

RD:  And it looks like Hornet is taking the time to wave to you, Bill, and say 'I told you so.'

BB: Meanwhile, we've got the paramedics coming down for Mark.   Sunshine is obviously distraught...she's looking at that brand-mark on Vizzack's lower back...and now she's yelling at Ivy and Hornet!

RD:  What was that brand, by the way?  And speaking of backs...what is up with Hornet's?

(Hornet sits down at the booth.  The camera goes to an overhead view of the ring.  Vizzack is still knocked completely unconscious, with Sunshine kneeling at his head, cradling it in her lap.  Paramedics are tending to both he and Timmy Windham.)

H:  Hey there, fellas.  I figured that while they take care of that mess in the ring, and while Chad gets his sorry behind ready to get down here, I'd join you for a little victory speech.  What was that you were asking, Richard?

RD:  Two things actually.  I was asking about how you took those shots to the back, when common knowledge is that you're back is never at one hundred percent?  I was also asking what that brand mark was......but by that branding iron in your hand, I can see is says 'TCB.'  What's that?

H:  First things first, Richard.  You wanna know about my back?  You're right...it was never at a hundred percent, especially not after having a wall fall on it at FISH FUND XI.  But it's amazing what doctors can do these days.  All those weeks I was sitting in the hospital and wouldn't allow anyone to see me.... see Richard, I was thinking...thinking about what I've gone through in my career.  I got to the GUNS part... and I thought about how the doctors fixed his knee....I had them do the same thing to my back.  (laughs)  Medical wonders never cease, Richard.  And as I was recuperating, Mark Vizzack and Sunshine insisted on seeing me...they wanted to talk about the CSWA.  Well, as they came in...I had been thinking about Jim Williams, and what his branding iron cost me.

Vizzack should feel proud, Richard.  He gave me a nice little match...and I had this specially made just for him.  You see....TCB is "Takin' Care of Business."  I figured you guys would get a kick outta that, what with the Elvis Presley infatuation the CSWA has. 

BB:  Get a kick out of it?  GET A KICK?  I'll give you a (bleep) kick!

H:  Now now, Buckley..is that any way to talk on live television.

BB:  YOU are gonna talk about conduct on live television....after we almost had to stop the show because of that stunt...and now a man's getting stretchered.  What in the name of all that is good and pure are you thinking?!

H:  (leans in toward Buckley)  I told you exactly what I was thinking before, Buckley.  No pretenses, no stunts... I gave Vizzack, you, and the world, fair warning.  Don't condescend to me with your pathetic smarmy little tone... because I won't listen to it from a man who watched Mike Randalls put a stake through a man's knee...a man who 'reported' the story when I was being drugged senseless.   Don't sit there and patronize me, you stupid little man.  I don't care if you're on the CSWA Board of Directors or not...I don't care if you're the President of the United Staes...I can buy and sell you, and I sure as h*ll can break you in half with the twitch of my arm.  Now get the trash out of the ring and get Merritt down here with my belt.  (throws down headset and walks over to Ivy)

BB:  I don't have to take this.  (throws down headset and leaves)

RD:  Apparently the new champ gets what he wants.  They're wheeling Vizzack away....and CSWA Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt is on his way down to ringside.

RJ:  Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match, and your NEW CSWA World Heavyweight Champion... HORNET!  (huge chorus of boos)  (Jones hands Merritt the title strap)

RD:  Um.....I guess I'm here by myself now.  The fans are livid, folks...many of them have already started heading toward the exits...while a few are contemplating throwing some debris...but CSWA security has the ring area surrounded.

(In the ring, the camera gets a shot of Hornet saying something to Merritt.  Merritt begins to turn around and walk away, but Hornet grabs him by the arm and won't let go.)

RD:  Hornet is adamant about this....he's not letting Merritt leave.  Merritt tries to give him the strap, but Hornet wanted Merritt to put it around his waist.  And once again....the new champion, the man that has proclaimed hmself the most influential man in the sport...gets what he wants.  Fans, we're desperately out of time.  We're see you next week in Orlando with CSWA PRIMETIME.

(In the ring, Merritt straps the CSWA World Title around Hornet's waist....fadeout)

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