December 1999

The CSWA's final PPV of 1999 marked the return of the two-day event, THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SPECTACULAR.  DAY ONE features Eli Flair vs. Deacon for the CSWA World Championship; the Unified Tag, Greensboro and US Titles on the line, as well as the Presidential Tournaments.

3:30 PM

(Fade in on the Houston Astrodome. The nice weather has left the dome open for the time being, giving the grounds crew some daylight with which to construct the TWS setting. In the front rows, the fifty or so fans who won the POOLJAM giveaway are watching the construct intently. Off to the side, it looks like Rudy Seitzer is going through a mic check...)

RS: Testing, one... two... testing. Arite, I think we're online. Marvin, can you hear me?

MP(Through the headset): Loud and clear Rudy m'boy!

RS: Great. What's the estimated time?

MP: We should be up at 100 percent within the hour.

RS: Good, because Vizzachero's coming by to do the inspection and you know what a perfectionist he is.

ByB(Cutting in): Yeah, we all know.

RS: Where'd you come from, Billy?

ByB: Right now I'm in Vizzy's office, and it looks like he's MIA.

MP: Check Sunshine's office, they've been putting this event together solo.

ByB: She's nowhere to be found either.

MP: So... you're telling us that the two driving forces behind this event are missing?

ByB: 'Fraid so.

RS: Where's your dad, Billy?

ByB: He's in a meeting with Sammy and Thomas.

RS: Great... HE can inform the Commish.

ByB: Three to one odds that he simply won't care.

3:24 PM

LADY:  I have an urgent message for you from home.

Chris Shepherd:  ...Not tonight.

4:00 PM

(Cut To: Commisioner Thomas' office in the Astrodome. On the opposite side of his desk stand Bill Buckley and Sammy Benson.)

ST: I want a good show today. I want everything to go without a hitch. Oh, and the most important thing... Bill.

BB: Yes?

ST: When I win the Presidential Tournament, make sure you're ready to go with a microphone. I'll have a few words.

SB: What about the posters? Can we get them taken down today after you win? A celebration thing?

ST: We'll see.

BB: Is that all? Anything special we should know about the World Title matches? War Games?

ST: What about 'em? You'd better get warmed up for soundcheck. Be at ringside at 6 PM, Lyle will meet you there.

(A pair of jaws DROP.)


ST: That's right. And he'll be there for BOTH days.

That's all, gentlemen... have a good show.

(The two stare at Thomas for a minute or so before they get the hint, and walk out.)

BB: I can't believe I need to sit in between you two again.

SB: I can't believe he's even going to BE THERE. Jeez, where's Vizzachero when we need him?

4:42 PM

(Cut To:  A back hallway. Sunshine is walking through it, feeling a sense of deja vu a year in the making. She's clad in a long, long sleeved black dress and combat boots, same as usual. There's an incessantly annoying drop of water somewhere in her vicinity...)

SDP: Hello? Mark? Are you here?



Why did he want to meet here? The dressing rooms were okay. Maybe it's all part of the 'awakening.'

(From behind... footsteps.)

Voice: Hello Sunshine.

SDP: You're late. We've got about an hour until soundcheck, and I've GOT to be there since Vizzachero is missing.

Voice: I know. And I am sorry. But something's happened and we need to change our plans.

SDP: What?

Voice: Listen to me, very carefully...

4:59 PM

CS:  He knows now. Of all the nights for this to happen - TONIGHT. I told him that I would leave the decision up to him. If he wanted to go look for his sister, we could do so immediately. I think that is what he wants to do, but he's pretty confused.

RS:  You know that this won't go over with the fans OR with the Front Office. The powers that be knew how much the fans wanted to see it, and the fans paid good money for their tickets.

CS:  I know. He knows, but this is family. He wanted some time alone to pray for guidance. Either he's going to go ahead with the match or forfeit his chance.


CS:  He'll make the correct decision... if such a thing exists this time.

F:  Let ME talk to him.


CS:  I'm sorry, but this is his decision. He's the man who has to wrestle tonight, not you.

F:  ...his decision? This is MY life.

5: 9 PM

(FADEIN: Eli Flair and M, getting out of a cab in front of the Astrodome. They're both dressed in street clothes, with Eli holding a large athletic bag.)

ELI: I should probably get inside.

M: The event doesn't start for almost two hours, and you're in the Main Event. You.... don't have any time?

ELI: If I know Ivy and Melton, they're almost to the stage of throwing furniture at each other by now. I'm telling ya, M.... Having Melton join the team was a smart move, I think.... but he and Ivy just clash in every possible way.

M: Ok.... good luck tonight.

(They kiss. And it's a particularly good one.)

ELI: You know.... after that, I don't think I need luck.


5:42 PM

The scene opens in Salzburg, Austria for the Mozart Musical Festival. Austrians and visitors alike are dressed in the best clothing from the era of Mozart. Streamers, a myriad of colors, sway in the gentle breeze between these historical buildings in this historical country. Street vendors, more in the style of the marketplaces of old, line the streets selling and laughing and living the jovial life of the festival. The camera pans around to an 18th century building. On the large oak doors, ornate brass doorknockers and door handles adorn. A brazen sign simply reads Salzburg Palace. The door opens and a Gentleman opens the door dressed in a black tuxedo with tails, black tie and cumberbun. His attire, though Victorian in style, seems to blend in with the surroundings quite nicely. As the camera follows this 'servant' and goes through the palace, the viewer notes the ornate woodwork and 18th century decorations. Candles, made of wax and resting upon golden candlesticks, light the rooms. The camera follows the gentleman into a concert hall equipped with a white and gold 18th century harpsichord. Beside the harpsichord, the viewer sees a candelabrum helping the sunlight brighten this room. In front of the harpsichord, several rows of antique chairs with faded red velvet seats set. The gentleman, previously very cordial, moves in front of the camera and forces it back to the outside of the room. He pulls the door so as to not allow any vision of what lies within beyond what has already been revealed. In a 'announcement' voice he chimes…

"Maestro, they have come for you."

A clear and resonate voice is heard from the inside…

"The masterpiece is about to begin, and it is yet to reach it greatest crescendo. They shall wait outside."

The harpsichord, though it can not be seen, is heard playing Requiem (Mass for the Dead) by Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart. After a few bars of this masterpiece, we fade to three golden words that simply state…


6:00 PM

(Fade in on the broadcast table. Bill Buckley and Sammy Benson, clad in CSWA tuxedos, are awaiting the word from Marvin Parsons on the final TWS soundcheck.

There are fifty or so fans already in the arena - the lucky ones who got to see the CSWA personalities up close on the PARSONS CRUISE LINER...)

BB: Sammy, I think Flair's girlfriend just came in. You think we should get an interview?

SB: I think we need to feed Red to the wolves.

BB: You've already been arrested for his murder once, isnt' that enough?

SB: Never.

(The headsets come to life...)

MP(through headset): Testing, one, two, testing... Bill, my man. You read me?

BB(Picking up the headset): Loud and clear, Marvin.

SB(Into his headset): In case you care, I'm online too.

MP(Headset): I didn't ask.

SB(Headset): Bastard.

BB: Let it go, Sammy.

SB: Where's Red at? Wasn't his midget butt supposed to be here for this?

BB: Don't ask. Where's Sunshine and Vizzachero been?

SB: Don't ask.

BB: You know something?

SB: Don't I always?

(Buckley simply glares at him...)

Okay, okay... but seriously, think about it. Thomas got rid of the most powerful man in sports entertainment back at BOB 16, right?

BB: Right.

SB: Vizzachero and Del Payne have been Thomas' most vocal opponents. Who's to say he didn't off them the same way?

BB: Sammy!

SB: Can you honestly tell me that you don't think Thomas is capable?

BB: You... have a point.

SB: Exactly. But it'll make for an interesting two days, won't you agree?

BB: I agree... but for vastly different reasons.

6:39 PM

CS:  Well, Deacon ... I hope you are ready to decide.

CS:  Deacon!

CS:  You going out for the match?

6:59 PM

(Fade in on Poison Ivy, in the back with Eli Flair...)

IVY: Be careful out there. This is the big one. This is for EVERYTHING.

(Cut to Randy Harders, in the back on a cell phone...)

RH (Into phone): I know what I've got against me, but I'm ready. And I promise, I'll be careful. You know, hun... this is for EVERYTHING.

(Cut to Faith, alone in the back...)

F: I hope he's careful tonight... this means EVERYTHING...

(Cut to Sunshine Del Payne, still in the dark hallway...)

SDP: You know, if this doesn't work, if we're not careful we risk losing EVERYTHING...

(Cut to Kevin Powers and Susan in the back...)

S: You sure you're ready to do this? You know he won't be careful, and we've got EVERYTHING on the line here...

(Cut to Commisioner Thomas in the back, in his wrestling 'tights.' He's talking to Ben Worthington...)

ST: I was careful, I was exact. And I'm not about to lose EVERYTHING in the blink of an eye. So do your job, man.

(Cut to the technical nerve center of the Astrodome. An intern brushes past the PPV feed controls to get a better look at the crowds...)

MP: BE CAREFUL! If we lose those feeds, EVERYTHING is up in smoke!

(Cut to Buckley and Benson at the broadcast table...)

SB: I think we're ready to start.

BB: ... AND?

SB: And what? Do you really think I'm gonna continue this ridiculous joke any longer?

BB: Point taken...

(Fade Out)

(The camera pans the Houston Astrodome, to reveal a sold out, SCREAMING group of the CSWA's biggest fans. In the front row, the fifty lucky winners of the POOLJAM contest have been treated to VIP seats.

The cool, crisp air has allowed the dome to remain open, letting in the last few rays of sunshine for the day. The CSWA blimp flies high overhead.

Cut to the broadcast table, where Bill Buckley and Sammy Benson are standing, dressed in CSWA tuxedos...)

BB: WELCOME, TO THE HOUSTON ASTRODOME!!! WELCOME TO THE MOST ANTICIPATED EVENT OF THE YEAR!!! WELCOME TO THE THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SPECTACULAR!!! Hello, fans, my name is Bill Buckley, and I'm joined, as always, by my co- host Sammy Benson.

SB: ONLY Sammy Benson.

BB: Yes, ONLY Sammy Benson. We were scheduled to be joined by the Red Midget as well, but he's nowhere to be found!

SB: And he's not the only one, Buckley. Before the show went on the air, you remember what Parsons told us. Del Payne and Vizzachero are BOTH missing! I suspect foul play.

BB: Yeah, and I'm sitting next to it. Folks, we've got a great lineup for you tonight, as we kick off DAY ONE of the Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular!



#1 "The HARD One" Randy Harders 
#3 "Hot Stuff" Aaron Douglas

(CUE UP: "Sabotage" - Beastie Boys

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is our first semi- final matchup in the CSWA Presidential Tournament! Introducing first, is the NUMBER THREE SEED! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 233 pounds... He is the former TWO TIME Greensboro CHAMPION... "HOT STUFF" AARON DOUGLAS!!

BB: Here comes Aaron Douglas, the former two- time Greensboro Champion, to the ring. Look at that, Sammy. He's got that bandaged shoulder.

SB: Well he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by Mark Vizzack in the last round.

BB: X attacked him, not Vizzack. We haven't seen hide nor hair of the former World Champion since Anniversary.

SB: Who else would have reason?

BB: Should I list 'em in alphabetical order?

SB: It's Vizzack.

BB: He wears a mask. It could easily be someone, ANYONE else completely.

SB: I've got a skill with masked men.

BB: Last time, you thought Julius Godreign was Hornet. And you were SEVERELY mistaken.



(Cue Up:  "Down in the Park" - Marilyn Manson)

From Long Island, New York... weighing in at 315 pounds, he is a former GREENSBORO and UNITED STATES Heavyweight Champion... This is... "THE HARD ONE" RANDY HARDERS!!!


SB: Who?

BB: Sammy! Ever since Harders quit the Unholy his popularity has shot right back up to where it was earlier in the year.

SB: Still, Aaron Douglas IS the 4.8 Million Dollar Man!

BB: ...Whatever. But no matter who wins this match, they'll have a rough day tomorrow. In addition to facing Steve Radder or Dante Inferno for the Presidential Championship, Douglas is signed to wrestle HORNET, and Harders is, of course, a part of the WAR GAMES Main Event!

SB: Yeah Unholy! They have better women.

BB: We're ready to go here, as Douglas and Harders lock up! Harders SHOVES "Hot Stuff" into the ropes! Oh, give me a break! Douglas is claiming Harders had a handful of hair.

SB: He did.

BB: Just because YOU don't have any...

SB: That's not nice.

BB: Harders and Douglas lock up again... Douglas with a handful of hair! Patrick Young calls for the break... Douglas slaps Harders in the face!


BB: Douglas is showing off to the crowd... and Harders is incensed! SPEAR BY THE HARD ONE! And he's PUMMELING Aaron Douglas with fists!

SB: Disqualify him!

BB: That won't happen, Sammy. These two have had nothing but controversial matches earlier in the year, and Young, like everyone else here, wants to see who the better man is!

SB: The man with the dollars!

BB: Harders is up, and he kicks Douglas in the side! Aaron Douglas backs into the corner, and Young holds Harders back while the former Greensboro Champion gets back to his feet. Look at Harders, Sammy. He knows he's got the momentum, and Douglas is trying to break it up.

SB: Good move! C'mon, Aaron, take a breather!

BB: Aaron Douglas... leaves the ring? Young is telling him to get back... oh, for Pete's sake! Douglas tries to call for a "time out"? There ain't no time out in the CSWA, Douglas! Young begins to count!

SB: Don't rush! Take some time!

BB: The count is at three!

SB: Don't hurry! You've got seven seconds.

BB: Harders exits the ring behind the referee's back, and we've got a chase around the ring! Douglas slides under the bottom rope! Off the opposite side... BASEBALL SLIDE! Harders was reentering the ring and he flew backwards, hitting his back on the guardrail!

SB: Thank you!

BB: Douglas has turned the tide of this match around! He goes back outside... BODYSLAM on the concrete! He picks up the HARD one and sends him back in... and he's climbing the turnbuckle! GUILLOTINE LEGDROP! There's the cover, 1.......2..............3! NO! NO! NO! Harders draped his leg across the bottom rope!

SB: That might have saved it for him.

BB: Douglas pulls Harders to the middle of the ring and hooks the leg! 1..........2...........NO! Harders kicked out! Harders kicked out!

SB: Whaaa...?

BB: The intensity of the HARD one is incredible, Sammy!

SB: He... kicked out?

BB: Douglas pulls Harders to his feet... and sets him up for a powerbomb! NO! Harders reverses with a backdrop! But he can't follow through, as he falls to his knees!

SB: Douglas!

BB: Douglas is back to his feet first... and he's off the ropes! Dropkick to the head of the HARD one! And another cover! 1.........2......NO! Harders kicks out with AUTHORITY! And he's climbing to his feet! He's telling Douglas to give him another one!

SB: It's a trick!

BB: Douglas doesn't look like he's sure what to do!

SB: Don't do it, Aaron!

BB: What's he gonna do, Sammy? Stand there?

SB: Ummm...

BB: Doesn't matter, as Douglas bounces off the ropes... and slides underneath Harders! Dropkick to the knee, and the HARD one is down again!


BB: He's back to his feet!


BB: Harders is a man POSSESSED tonight! Douglas fires a left hand... CAUGHT by Harders! HEADBUTT! Douglas is down! Harders wastes no more time here... and picks up the former two- time Greensboro Champion... WHIRLWIND! He's got Douglas locked in the Whirlwind!


BB: NOBODY has ever broken it! THERE IT IS! Douglas has surrendered! Doulgas has submitted, and Harders will move to the finals!


BB: Harders moves on to the finals, and we've got one more semi- final match to go tonight! TWS '99 is off to a great start, Sammy!

SB: Whoopee.

BB: Bitter doesn't suit you.



#2 "Iceman" Steve Radder 
#5 "Destroyer" Dante Inferno

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is our second and FINAL match in the Presidential Tournament Semi- Final Round!

(Cue Up:  "Freak on a Leash" - KoRn)

Introducing first... from Long Island, New York... Weighing in at 234 pounds... Former United States Champion... This is... "THE ICEMAN" STEVE RADDER!!!

BB: Listen to the fans in the arena! They love Radder! This is a man who thought his career was over, only to return to the sport that missed him and find that he still has a place here!

SB: And now he gets to wrestle Dante Inferno. I bet he wishes he'd stayed in bed.

BB: You might be right.


(The lights go out... Cue Up:  "Mummified in Barbed Wire" - Cannibal Corpse)

From Parts Unknown... weighing in at 385 pounds, and accompanied to the ring by "The Dark Angel" Silky Rose... One half of RAZOR MELTDOWN... "THE DESTROYER" DANTE INFERNO!!

BB: Here comes the big man of the Unholy. The lights are out, and as usual, his robes have been set ablaze to light the arena.

SB: Silky Rose! But you forget a few things, Buckley... Inferno and his partner Blade have been distancing themselves from the Unholy these past few weeks... you can bet the Iceman's happy about that.

BB: Indeed, it all but negates outside interference. In theory, of course. But Inferno, with or WITHOUT the Unholy, is a dangerous, VICIOUS opponent with no regard for himself or his opponent.

SB: And Silky Rose! Ooh La La!

BB: We're ready to start this one off, and you know Randy Harders is in the back watching this one! Radder and Dante lock up... and Radder is tossed into the corner! The last time these two faced off, Radder won by disqualification when Inferno threw him over the top rope. Let's hope the big man has learned since then.

SB: Radder should save himself and go home.

BB: That might be wise, Sammy. But there's no quit in the Iceman! He's fought back from so much this year! They lock up again... NO! Radder with a kick to Inferno's knee! And another! He clips the leg from behind and Dante Inferno goes down!

SB: But he's right back to his knees!

BB: Radder off the ropes... and a faceslam on Inferno! Rolls him over, and a quick cover! 1.............2...NO! Dante with the powerful kickout! Sammy I'm impressed with the way Radder has gone right after the big man so far!

SB: Don't be. Dante's got a plan.

BB: Inferno back to his feet... and he's just standing there staring at Radder! What's going to happen here, Sammy?

SB: Mind games.

BB: Radder circles... and bounces himself off the ropes! Clothesline! NO! Inferno steps to the side and grabs Radder's arm! We've got Inferno holding Radder in a very well executed armbar!

SB: Wh...a?

BB: Dante Inferno has some wrestling skills, it would seem! He's applying pressure at the shoulder... and he's FORCING Radder to his knees! He's trying to wrench that arm out of the socket! Pee Wee Troutman asking Radder if he wants to give it up, I doubt he'll do that!

SB: Why do you say that? Radder's known throughout the world as a quitter.

BB: That's blatantly untrue.

SB: I don't make 'em up, I just report 'em.

BB: In this case, you also made 'em up. Dante slaps the back of Radder's head! And he's biting Radder! Come on, Pee Wee! Do your job!

SB: Dinner is served, though it's a tad cold!

BB: Reese finally makes Inferno break the hold, and admonishes the big man for his actions! That's a bad move! Inferno's just as likely to snap on an official as on Steve Radder.

SB: But Radder's got a HOPE of getting back to his feet.

BB: Radder is taking a moment to regroup, and he jumps up onto Dante Inferno's back! He's got a sleeper hold on the big man! NO! Dante backs into the corner! Radder lets go, and Dante is firing lefts and rights! I think the Iceman is split open! Inferno with a choke! Get in there, Pee Wee!

SB: Why? Radder's gonna lose anyways. He might as well let nature take its course.

BB: That's not true, Sammy! Inferno whips Radder across to the opposite corner... and he follows in with a HUGE splash! Oh my! This is gonna end it, Sammy!

SB: Hornet... eat your heart out!

BB: NO! NO! NO! Radder slumped down in the corner! Inferno's head crashed against the metal ringpost! Blood is POURING out of the "Destroyer"'s forehead! I believe Radder simply needs to make the cover!


BB: Radder is coming back to his senses... and he sees Inferno laid out! Both men are bloody messes, Sammy... and Reese begins the standing ten count!

SB: Why is Radder getting up? WHY?

BB: Radder is on his knees... he's getting to his feet! These fans are on their feet, Sammy! They are IN LOVE with Steve Radder right now!

SB: I find that remark personally insulting,

BB: Bitter?


BB: Radder is bringing the prone Inferno to his feet... and he's setting him up... can he get the nearly four hundred pounds up? He's lifting... HE GOT HIM! ABSOLUTE ZERO ON INFERNO!


BB: There's the cover, but... Pee Wee Reese is preoccupied with Silky Rose! She's on the ring apron, and her skimpy ring attire is currently holding ALL of the referee's attention! Radder looks confused... he sees Rose and immediately, his confusion makes way for anger!

SB: You touch that beautiful flower, Radder... and so help me...

BB: Radder and Rose are now arguing... and Reese is checking on Dante Inferno! Radder, make the cover!

SB: He can't hear you.

BB: RADDER SHOVES SILKY ROSE OFF THE APRON! He's pointing at her and telling her to stay down there! OH MY GOD! Rose just shot a fireball in the Iceman's face! Radder stumbles backwards! INFERNO GRABS HIS LEGS AND ROLLS HIM UP! He's got the tights! 1............2..............3! NO! Radder kicked out! NO! Reese calls for the bell! He's awarded this match to Inferno!


BB: I can't believe it... Steve Radder was ROBBED here tonight! And now Dante is laying into the prone Iceman with kicks to the chest! HERE COMES RANDY HARDERS! Harders is all over Inferno! These two men will meet for the Presidential Championship, but we're getting a preview right now!

SB: Nope. For once, of all times, Gethard is on time.

BB: Gregg Gethard has indeed shown up. His security team pulls Rose and Inferno to the locker room area, as Harders helps Radder to the back. I can't believe this, fans... this is a travesty.

SB: For who?

VOICE: For the CSWA fans, who have missed me!

SB: Great... the circus is in town?

RM: I can't believe you two started the show without me.

BB: You weren't here, Lyle. Case closed.

RM: I'm here now. Let's get it on!

SB: I think that's copyrighted...


Wicked Sight vs. "English Gent" Lawrence Stanley

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is for the CSWA Greensboro Championship!

(Cue Up: "God Save the Queen")

Introducing first, is the challenger! He is accompanied to the ring by his manager, Lord Alfred, and he weighs in at 320 pounds! From London, England, a Charter Member of the Multi-National Corporation... "The English Gentleman" LAWRENCE STANLEY!

RM: Stanley's not too popular amongst the CSWA fans, but popularity isn't what he's after.

SB: If it was, you'd be gone.

BB: Sammy!

SB: I'm sorry, Lyle.

BB: Thank you.

SB: You ARE half gone already.

RM: You're just jealous.

BB: Will you two stop it? Lawrence Stanley is not endeared to this capacity crowd, true, but he has the height and weight advantage, as well as the presence of Lord Alfred in his corner, has given him the definite advantage.


(Cue Up:  "Lotus" - REM)

Weighing in at 216 pounds... he is the CSWA GREENSBORO CHAMPION... THIS IS... WICKED SIGHT!

BB: Mixed reaction for the Greensboro Champion. He's got promise, but a lot of fans think he won the title in a rather cheap way.

RM: He did.

SB: Cloudy screwed Blade.

BB: Sunshine, or "Cloudy" as you put it, did NOT screw Blade. Blade screwed Blade. However, his current position as CSWA United States Champion has not exactly prompted him to dispute it.

RM: Would you?

BB: Sight hands the Greensboro title over to Ben Worthington, and the battle for the belt is underway! Collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring!

SB: Is it over yet?

BB: Stanley with a hip toss, another... Sight rushes in... superkick! We could have a new champion right here! 1.........2........NO!

RM: That kickout just saved the league, I kid you not.

BB: What?

RM: The English don't like midgets. If he wins I'm gone.


BB: Stanley stays on top of things, he's got a camel clutch hooked in! Sight, hasn't started this match, the way he would like I"m sure.

RM: After that brutal match with Blade, and the added pressure of not knowing who he's wrestling tomorrow. I'd say he's a little distracted, yes.

SB: May I?

BB: Please.

RM: OW!! What was that for?

BB: Sight..manges to get to his knees... doing his best to break out of the camel clutch! Stanley applying more and more pressure doing everything he can to keep Sight down!

SB: Try biting... usually works for me!

RM: No wonder you're single.

BB: Sight, to his feet... he falls backward and Stanley is crushed up against the turnbuckle! Smart move to get out of that hold!

SB: Very smart, now if he only would grab a chair, we could move on to EDDY!

BB: Eddy isn't wrestling tonight.

SB: Why am I here?

RM: We ask ourselves that same question every day.

BB: Sight, is on the middle rope, whaling away at Stanley! NO! Stanley hooks the legs... inverted atomic drop... NO! Sight blocks it... CLOTHESLINE!

SB: Obviously you have things under control here, I'm headed out to get a drink...

BB: You're not going anywhere, Benson! Park it!

SB: Must you always be such a drag...

RM: No, Sammy... GO.

SB: No. Because you want me to leave, I'm staying.

BB: Sight scoops up Stanley, belly to back suplex! Now a quick pin, 1..... and that's all he gets! Sometimes you just might surprise your opponent with a quick pin like that, Sammy!

SB: I'm sorry, I'm protesting the rest of the match until I get a drink, or until Red is kicked out.

BB: Sight whips Sight into the ropes, side slam! He really drove Stanley's body into the mat! There are no smiles from Lord Alfred, as Sight has this match in control!

RM: And there's no smiles from us, because Sammy's still here.

SB: You snotty little--

BB: Stanley struggles to his knees, grabs Sight's tights and flings him through the ropes and crashing onto the floor!

SB: There you go kid...nice move!

RM: What? Commentary from the Fat Man?

SB: Shove it, shorty!

BB: Will you two stop? Stanley runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes, and dives through the middle rope, and onto Sight on the outside!! What a move!

SB: Follow it up kid, go find yourself a lead pipe or something and beat the champ senseless!

BB: Stanley has a chair... what's he going to do with that?

SB: What do you think, genius?

RM: Bill, may I?

BB: Please.


BB: Thank you.

RM: No problem.

BB: Stanley sets the chair up... gets a running start, leaps off the chair and tries to do a Frank'n'Parsons on Sight!!

SB: Denied!

BB: Sight catches him in mid air, powerbomb!! He was so close to following through with that move, Sammy, but at the last second Sight scooped him up and drove him through the cement floor!

SB: Come on folks, let's all count. 1... 2... 3... 4...

BB: Sight rolls Stanley back in the ring, worse for wear, certainly!

SAMMY BENSON:  5... 6... 7...

BB: Sight hooks the arm back and now he's applied an abdominal stretch!

SB: He's stretching Stanley out like a cheap condom.

RM: I don't want to know...

BB: Stanley reaches back and tosses Sight over his hip... he didn't have that move cinched in too well, and Stanley took advantage of it!

SB: For Sight's sake I hope he has a loaded boot or something... I've just got a feeling he's not going to win otherwise.

BB: Stanley suplexes Sight, and drops him on top of the top rope! Stanley trying to seize the moment, runs across the ring, and charges in at Sight...

RM: Everyone out of the pool...

SB: HEY! Don't even mention his name.

BB: Sight slings himself over the top rope and clotheslines Stanley! He saw that one coming from a mile away!

SB: WHAT did he see?

BB: Sight powers Stanley up, Shoulderbreaker!! He's got it in gear now, Sammy, he knows the end is near!

RM: Yeah, Sammy. The end is near.

SB: With you, the end isn't far from the start.

BB: Sight to the top rope...Stanley to his feet...a little dazed, but he turns and Sight catches him with a dropkick off the top rope!

RM: It's over.

BB: Sight, signals to his fans...everyone on their feet...they sense it as well! He's setting Stanley up for the View to Kill!

RM: Wait a sec - turn around Wicked!

BB: Ellis Jackson has hit the ringside area, and Wicked Sight has turned toward the other member of the MNC! Ben Worthington is telling Jackson to leave the ringside area...... and Alfred has sent that cane to Stanley!

SB: What do they call that in Cricket?

BB: In the CSWA, that's called a KNOCKOUT!

RM: But it was effective. Sight is DOWN AND OUT!

BB: There's the cover, 1..............2...........3! Wicked Sight has been ROBBED of the Greensboro Championship!

SB: Robbed, beaten... They mean the same thing.

BB: Lawrence Stanley has a microphone... let's hear what he has to say.

LS:  Now the world has seen that the MNC will go to any lengths to get the job done. No hard feeling Wicked Sight, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. At least you can say you have had the honour of being the first in ring victim of the MNC. With that we bid you all a good day.

VOICE: I don't think so.

(Cut To: The video wall. Sunshine Del Payne's face is on the screen... HUGE pop.)

BB: Sunshine! Where has she been all day?

SDP: I'll be up and around a little later, friends. But Worthington... I think you should take a look at this.

(Scene cuts to the replay of Sight getting kobashed with the cane.)

RM: I think Stanley is angry.

BB: Ben Worthington has taken the belt back from Stanley and handed it back to Wicked Sight! Sight wins via DQ and he'll defend against the Battle Royal Winner on Day Two!

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