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Greensboro Championship

The final of the "original" singles titles, the Greensboro Championship was created to honor the hometown of CS Enterprises and the the CSWA. The Greensboro Title has been proved over the years to be a stepping stone to the upper echelon of the league.

Greensboro Championship Kevin "K-9" Watson
CSWA ANNIVERSARY: Coming of Age (09/10/2006)
Kevin Watson outlasts the current champion JA and Eron in the five-ring battle royal GOLD RUSH to win his ring and the title.


Greensboro Championship JA
CSWA ANNIVERSARY 2005: Rebirth (07/24/2005)


Greensboro Championship Jean Rabesque
ON TIME in New York (11/15/2003)
Jean Rabesque becomes the longest-reigning Greensboro Champion in history, overtaking Bonecrusher and Evan Aho by holding the title for over 20 months.

(Note: Obviously overall CSWA inactivity over this time accounts for some of this; however, that should not take away from the fact that even under a heavier schedule, it is certain that Rabesque still would have been the longest-reigning champion in comparison.)


Greensboro Championship Kin Hiroshi
PRIMETIME in Richmond (04/08/2003)


Greensboro Championship "Strongest Arms In The World" GUNS
PRIMETIME in Oklahoma City (07/13/2002)


Greensboro Championship JJ DeVille
Pre-PRIMETIME in San Diego (04/10/2002)
JJ DeVille is awarded the Greensboro Championship in a political power play by Chad Merritt and Teri Melton, who strip the title from Shane Southern. Southern and DeVille face off at PRIMETIME in San Diego. Southern gets the pinfall, but, in a questionable decision, the referee disqualifies him for continuing after the bell.


Greensboro Championship Shane Southern
PRIMETIME in New Orleans (11/11/2001)
A masked man, "The Technician" defeats Evan Aho for the Greensboro Title with a superkick, then reveals himself as Shane Southern.


Greensboro Championship Evan Aho (2)
January 2001
Due to data loss from server crash the actual date is unknown. It is likely that Evan Aho won his second Greensboro Title around SHOWTIME in Birmingham in January 2001. He was certainly the champion by ELVIS LIVES XII where he defended it against Sky Suicide and Jean Rabesque in a Triple Threat match.


Greensboro Championship Sky Suicide
November 2000
Exact date is unknown due to data loss from server crash. It is likely that Sky Suicide won the title at PRIMETIME in Pensacola (11/02/2000) or PRIMETIME in Mobile (12/08/2000). It is certain that he defended the title on 12/30/2000 at PRIMETIME in Little Rock.


Greensboro Championship Evan Aho


Greensboro Championship Cardigo
INDY2K (07/20/2000)


Greensboro Championship Wicked Sight
CSTV: First Edition (11/15/1999)


Greensboro Championship Blade
SuperPRIMETIME POOLJAM in Nassau (08/17/1999)


Greensboro Championship Aaron Douglas (2)
BATTLE of the BELTS XVI: Personal Business


Greensboro Championship "The Hard One" Randy Harders
PRIMETIME in Santa Fe (04/10/1999)


Greensboro Championship Aaron Douglas
ELVIS LIVES XI (01/24/1999)
An elaborate 16-man round robin tournament for the Greensboro Championship begins in August 1998 at PRIMETIME in Vancouver and bolsters all PRIMETIME events until ELVIS LIVES XI.. The round robin leaves a Final Four of Apocalypse, Nemesis, Aaron Douglas and Rap Man. Aaron Douglas defeats Apocalypse in the final to win the title.


Greensboro Championship Xavier Virile
FISH FUND XI: End of an Era (09/06/1996)
After Billy Starr is forced to vacate the title due to injury, a double elimination tournament is held at FISH FUND X. Xavier Virile defeats Rocky Ford Meloneer in the finals.


Greensboro Championship Rocky Ford Meloneer
RF Meloneer defeats Virile for the title in late 1996. The title is eventually retired as part of the CSWA shutdown when Chad Merritt is accused with the murder of the Red Midget. The title stays vacated until a tournament begins in 1998.


Greensboro Championship "Blazin" Billy Starr (2)
House Show (May 1996)


Greensboro Championship Anarky
SHOWTIME in Baltimore (04/11/1996)


Greensboro Championship "Blazin" Billy Starr


Greensboro Championship Wild Asian
BATTLE of the BELTS XIII (02/03/1996)


Greensboro Championship "King of Guano" Overlord Bob Praxis
House Show (September 1995)


Greensboro Championship Eric Jackson
FISH FUND X (07/04/1995)


Greensboro Championship Ultimate Defender
House Show (May 1995)


Greensboro Championship HEAT (2)
WINTER'S WARRIORS VI: Trial By Fire (03/06/1995)


Greensboro Championship Bonecrusher (2)
Super Bowl Blast '95 (01/31/1995)


Greensboro Championship Kevin Dunlap
House Show (Early December 1994)


Greensboro Championship Troy Windham
House Show (September 1994)
Troy Windham's first title reign of any kind in the CSWA began when he won a rematch against Bonecrusher at a house show following FISH FUND IX.


Greensboro Championship Bonecrusher
While the records are spotty for 1993 and 1994, it is likely that Bonecrusher's title win came at LAST CALL in May 1993.


Greensboro Championship Devil's Masked Warrior (2)
FISH FUND VIII: Muppet Mayhem (02/20/1993)


Greensboro Championship Blazing Bomber
BATTLE of the BELTS VII (01/31/1993)


Greensboro Championship HEAT
SHOWTIME: MLK (01/18/1993)


Greensboro Championship Killer Khan
CSWA Christmas Eve (12/24/1992)


Greensboro Championship Alexis Vann
PRIMETIME in Newport (12/10/1992)
Vann is forced to give up the title due in late December due to a failed drug test. The title is put up in a tournament on CSWA Christmas Eve.


Greensboro Championship El Nino
Thanksgiving Weekend Spectacular 1992 (11/26/1992)


Greensboro Championship Devil's Masked Warrior
CSWA Veteran's Day Tribute (11/11/1992)


Greensboro Championship Monte Farriss


Greensboro Championship Hot Rod (2)
Elvis Is Everywhere: Heartbreak Hotel (10/10/1992)


Greensboro Championship Degadeth (2)
PRIMETIME (07/20/1992)


Greensboro Championship Alexander McFury
California Cruisin: A Coastal Collision 06/09/1992
Alexander McFury wins the title in a tourney.


Greensboro Championship Brian Johnson
ANNIVERSARY Tour 1992 (04/12/1992)


Greensboro Championship "Hollywood" Kerry Allen
Pre-ANNIVERSARY Bash (03/01/1992)


Greensboro Championship Lord Thunder
WINTER'S WARRIORS III (12/28/1991 - 01/01/1992)


Greensboro Championship "Lights Out" Kerry Bonds
ELVIS LIVES IV: Labor Day Layout (09/02/1991)


Greensboro Championship Black Thunder
ELVIS LIVES IV Pregame Show (05/31/1991)


Greensboro Championship William Parsons
Myramania (FISH FUND Spinoff) (05/18/1991)


Greensboro Championship Dustin James
ANNIVERSARY Tour 1991 (April 1991)


Greensboro Championship Bill Parsons
ANNIVERSARY Tour 1991 (April 1991)
As the road to ANNIVERSARY: SKYDOME Returns continues, Bill Parsons continues the Greensboro carousel by defeating Dunn, only to lose the next day.


Greensboro Championship "Luscious" Johnny Dunn
ANNIVERSARY Tour 1991 (April 1991)
At the beginning of the ANNIVERSARY: SKYDOME "Days of ANNIVERSARY", Johnny Dunn enters the eight-man tournament as the #5 seed, defeating #4 Gordon Grant, #1 Degadeth, and #6 Ray Condor in the finals to win the Greensboro Title.


Greensboro Championship Hot Rod
FISH FUND V: Together Again (08/15/1990)
Hot Rod retired the belt on November 10, 1990.


Greensboro Championship Beauford Parsons
Remembering Mickey III (08/13/1990)
Formerly known as the Dark Knight, former tag team specialist Parsons captures his first singles title.


Greensboro Championship Vladimir Rushevcof
Remembering Mickey III (08/13/1990)
Beauford Parsons' title reign lasts one day as Rushevcof takes the title on the final day of the Remembering Mickey III: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet event.


Greensboro Championship Brad Davis
Late July 1990


Greensboro Championship "#32" Russ Jackson
ELVIS LIVES III (07/13-14/1990)
Russ Jackson defeats Captain Freddie Mitchell in the finals of a tournament to win the title.

Note: There were additional Greensboro champions in the interim between June 1988 (Degadeth) and July 1990; however, the records are unclear as to the full list and order.


Greensboro Championship Degadeth
Greensboro Tournament II (late June 1988)
Degadeth defeats Purple Hayes in the finals of an eight-man tournament. He retires the title when he wins the CSWA World Championship later in the month at the first ELVIS LIVES Celebration.


Greensboro Championship Mark Windham
June 1988
In a rematch of the tournament final, Mark Windham defeats BWS to win the title. He retires the title later in the month when he wins the CSWA (League) Championship.


Greensboro Championship Big Wesley Slack
Greensboro Tournament (May 1988)
Big Wesley Slack defeats Mark Windham in the finals of an eight-man tournament to crown the first Greensboro Champion.


Footnotes on Title Histories

1.  Title histories are listed in reverse order.  For active titles, the current champion will be listed first. 

2.  Numbers in parentheses ( ) denote the number of times a wrestler has held that title.  Please note that the count restarts if the title changes name.  Example:  if Mark Windham has held both the United States and National Championships and then wins the US Title again, his entry would be noted as United States Championship (2); the National Championship is counted as distinct, even though they may be similar or eventually merged.  The same is true in the case of the UNIFIED World and CSWA World Titles.

3.  Every effort has been made to keep these as accurate as possible.  Please notify us if you come across any discrepancies.  Due to the volume of records and incidents like the July 2001 server crash, some entries may be incomplete.  In these cases, out-of-roleplay notes may accompany the entry.