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PRIMETIME in Vancouver

  Apocalypse def. Ego Buster
  God's Protege def. Disco Stu
  Nemesis def. Randall Jaminson
  Mysterious def. HBK2000

PRIMETIME in Norfolk

  Eli Flair def. Crippler
  Rap Man def. Vito Corleone
  Page Michaels vs. Enforcer (nc)
  A. Douglas vs. Ti. Windham (bye)

PRIMETIME in Seattle

  Apocalypse def. God's Protege
  Disco Stu def. Ego Buster
  HBK 2000 def. Randall Jaminson
  Nemesis def. Mysterious


SuperPRIMETIME in Charleston

  Eli Flair  def. Vito Corleone
  Rap Man def. Crippler
  Aaron Douglas def. P. Michaels
  Enforcer def. Ti. Windham  (bye)


PRIMETIME in Baltimore

  Apocalypse def. Disco Stu
  God's Protege def. Ego Buster
  Mysterious def. R. Jaminson
  Nemesis  def.  HBK2000
  Eli Flair  v. Rap Man
  Crippler  def. Vito Corleone
  P. Michaels def. Ti. Windham

  Aaron Douglas def. Enforcer


SuperPRIMETIME in Memphis Semifinals

  Apocalypse def. Nemesis
  Aaron Douglas def. Rap Man


   Aaron Douglas defeats Apocalypse



The Greensboro Heavyweight Championship has a long, storied history in the CSWA.  As one of the original three titles, along with the World and United States Titles, the Greensboro Championship has served as a stepping-stone to greatest by men such as Mark Windham and many others.

The latest Greensboro Tournament began in August 1998 and continued until ELVIS LIVES XI on January 24, 1999.  Below were the competitors and their groupings, as well as an explanation of the round-robin format.  To the left, find the schedule the Tournament followed.

Group A

God's Protege
The Ego Buster
Disco Stu


Group B

R. Jaminson
HBK 2000


Group C

Eli Flair
Vito Corleone
Rap Man

Group D

Page Michaels
Aaron Douglas
Ti. Windham*

*Timmy Windham was scheduled to compete.  Since the FISH FUND XII tragedy occurred; all Group D members receive a bye against him and one point in the standings.

The first round of the tournament is round-robin format.  Each member of a group will have three matches in the first round, against the other three members of the group.  Points will be assigned based on wins, losses and draws.

One wrestler from each group will advance to the second round.  The four wrestlers reaching the second round will compete in a single-elimination tournament.

Round Robin Standings
(see the left sidebar for the full results)

Win = 3 pts.
Draw = 1 pt.
Loss = 0 pts.


Group A

Group B

Win-Loss Pts. Win-Loss Pts.
Apocalypse 3-0 9 Nemesis 3-0 9
Disco Stu 1-2 3 HBK 2000 1-2 3
God's Protege 2-1 6 Mysterious 2-1 6
Ego Buster 0-3 0 R. Jaminson 0-3 0


Group C

Group D

  Win-Loss Pts.   Win-Loss Pts.
Eli Flair 2-1 6 A. Douglas 2-0-1 7
Rap Man 3-0 9 P. Michaels 0-1-2 2
Corleone 0-3 0 Enforcer 0-1-2 2
Crippler 1-2 3

See the left sidebar for the full results.

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