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in Santa Fe

April 10, 1999

Main Event:
Mark Vizzack vs. Eddy Love

(Fade in on Sunshine Del Payne in her locker room, writing something in a notebook and speaking to someone on a cell phone... She looks well, though her eyes are ringed with circles and she looks a little upset...)

Sunshine:No... No, I won't be there.

(Muffled yells through the phone...)

I'm sorry, but I have to be here with Mark. He's got a big match tonight. No. NO! The business isn't as important as Mark's career is to me.

(More screams...)

I... I know... But it's like my head is telling me to do different things... Why can't you cut me some slack this time?

(She hangs the phone up, tears streaming down her face... as she sits in the corner with her head cradled on her knees....)

(Cut to:Vizzack, walking through the hallways, and stopping in front of Sunshine's door.... He knocks, and enters.)

MV:You here?

(The sound of water running can be heard...)

Sunshine(From the washroom):I'm just... washing my hands. I'll be out in a minute.

(She emerges, in her long sleeved black dress, combat boots, and sunglasses...)

Are you ready?

MV:Yeah... ready as I'll ever be. Are you sure you can handle being in my corner AND managing Del Payne Industries?

Sunshine:Yeah... no sweat. Rudy ready for the pre-match interview?

(She hurries him out of the room... but the scene wanders.... into the bathroom... and the mess that remains.... highlighted by an unravelled - but- well - used length of gauze, and a washcloth sitting in a sink....Covered in blood....)

V/O:This program is a presentation of CS Enterprises Inc., in association with U-62 Television.

(Fade in on the final moments of the Eddy Love/Mark Vizzack World Title match at ELVIS LIVES XI...)

BB(V/O):It was the crowning moment in Mark Vizzack's career.... reaching the top of the mountain.

(Cut to:Montague of Vizzack)

A superior athlete, a man who exemplified the CSWA, a man who never stopped fighting.

(Fade to black)

But this may simply be the 'eye'.... of Hurricane Season.

(Cut to:Montague of Eddy Love's best and brightest moments)

"Hurricane" Eddy Love... A man with one blemish on his record, a man with one setback on his goal... a man, who wants to Rule the World, just one more time.

(Cut to:Eddy Love and Mark Vizzack staring each other down from any one of their confrontations...)

TONIGHT.... The Elvis Lives REMATCH.

(Cut to 20,000 plus screaming fans in the arena at Santa Fe, with signs such as "HURRICANE SEASON IS OVER" and "PLR IS ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE" and "I'M YOUR ROLE MODEL" as the camera settles down on Bill Buckley and Stan Parsons...)

BB:HELLO SANTA FE!!!!! My name is Bill Buckley, joined tonight by Stan Parsons, and we've got THREE, count 'em, THREE Title Matches tonight!

SP:Of course, Randy Harders tries once more to take the Greensboro Title from Aaron Douglas, but with Commisioner Merritt in Harders' corner, the pressure is all on the Champ to survive.

BB:Nemesis defends his newly won United States title against "Hard Body" Bobby Jackson. Then, it's the big one. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack defends the CSWA World Title against the man he took it from, "Hurricane" Eddy Love. Will lightning strike twice, or is this, as Eddy states, only the "Eye" of the hurricane?

SP:Kicking things off tonight, however, is a mob war, so to speak, as "Godfather" Vito Corleone squares off against "The Bookie" Gilly Nevenrose. Let's head to ringside.

Vito Corleone vs. Gilly Nevenrose

Nevenrose tried to take this one early, catching Corleone as he entered the ring, and beating him into the mat from even before the bell. Ref Ben Worthington finally decided to call for the bell, and Nevenrose continued his domination of Corleone. Nevenrose kept the boots to Corleone, until the Greensboro Champion was able to roll outside. Nevenrose quickly followed, but Corleone dodged a clothesline, caught Nevenrose's arm and rammed it down hard around the steel ring post. From there, Corleone started in, nailing Nevenrose with a dropkick, and then a snap suplex out on the concrete. Corleone rolled Nevenrose in, following with a belly-to-belly suplex and hooking in a chicken wing. Nevenrose didn't give it up with the chicken wing, but Corleone kept it locked in, almost dislocating that right arm. Corleone finally let up on the chicken wing, but not in any other way, whipping Nevenrose into the corner and then sitting him on the top turnbuckle. A superplex from the top solidified the momentum for Corleone and got him the one-two-three.

WINNER: Vito Corleone

BB:Nevenrose looked good, but he made some rookie mistakes and Corleone capitalised.

SP:Still, neither man, in my opinion, should be ashamed of their efforts. Corleone looked a far cry from his poor showing in the Greensboro World Cup.

BB:Speaking of which, the voice in my ear is telling me that there was an altercation in the back involving Aaron Douglas and Randy Harders. We'll try to get things straightened out for you during the course of our next matchup, K-9 taking on Cool Moe D.

SP: Right now we have Aaron Douglas standing by!

(FADEIN: The camera is facing Aaron Douglas' dressing room. There is a knock at the door, Douglas opens it. M. Harry Smilek is with a cameraman hoping to ask Douglas about his upcoming Greensboro title defense.Douglas is wearing sunglasses, a golf shirt, and khakis. He motions for Smilek and the cameraman to enter, he closes the door behind them.)

M. HARRY SMILEK: Aaron, thanks for giving me this interview, you're like the only wrestler here that let's me interview him! Gosh, i'm just grateful.

AARON DOUGLAS: Smilek, just remember who kept you in business, because soon...VERY SOON, i'll own this dump of a federation, and actually give this place a little diginity. I mean, Richard Dawson as an announcer? Midgets? Owners toting bats? This is a DAMN MADHOUSE! I came to the CSWAbecause I heard this is were you'll find the ELITE! Instead, I get here,and find out that the only elite thing in this company, is what's right in your face, Aaron Douglas!

M. HARRY SMILEK: Yeah, this place has gone down hill. I remember when I use to get more TV time. I remember when Merritt was a nice guy. And how can I forget, that Christmas bonus back in....

AARON DOUGLAS: ANYWAY! I said about a week ago that I had a little suprise for my pal, Commish Merritt. Now I know he was moved by that generous donation he gave the Canadian Cancer Society last week, i'msure it brought a tear to his eye. (chuckles) But tonight, tonight i'vegot a bigger surprise for my good buddy. You know that LITTLE lawsuit I filed against you, well guess who has graced our presence in the audience tonight, our good pal who came all the way from Guilford County, the Honorable Judge Antonio Connor! (laughs) And Merritt, if you think of sticking you nose in this match, giving Harders a bat, or even giving him the win, i'll GUARANTEE that i'll be owning the CSWA before the year's end! Do you want to cost yourself the trial? TEN MILLION DOLLARS!? I didn't think so!

M. HARRY SMILEK: Well since Merritt is taken care of, what about Harders?

AARON DOUGLAS: Did I ask you to talk? (Smilek shakes his head 'no'.)Then don't! As for Harders, he'll find out his destiny, tonight! Without Merritt to hold his hand and help him beat me...he doesn't stand a chance! He's undefeated? BIG DEAL! He just hasn't faced anyone worth a sh*t! Tonight, however, you're gonna be in the ring with a true master of the game, a man that can take everything you got...and come back witha hell of alot more! I can't wait until a beat you down and slap on the THIRD DEGREE BURN! I'm gonna make you wish you NEVER signed this match, NEVER came to the CSWA, and while i'm at it...NEVER been born! Now Smilek, get out of my dressing room, i've got a can of Whoop ass i've gotta serve somebody.

(Douglas escorts Smilek and the cameraman to the door, he closes it behind them. FADEOUT.)

Cool Moe D vs. K-9

Cool Moe D realized early that he'd have his hands full in this one. Ya know, I think he realized it just about the time K-9 came off the top and nailed him with elbow to the back of the head. Moe D was showboating for the crowd, when K-9 came off the top, starting the match before the bell. Moe D quickly recovered, however, dodging a kick by K-9 and dropping the "Innovator of Insanity" to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Moe D used his size and power, in which he had a major advantage over K-9, to keep K-9 down on the mat and off the turnbuckle. A fallaway slam followed by a legdrop, and Moe D went for the cover, getting only a one-count. Moe D dropped K-9 with a running powerslam, and then picked K-9 up like a rag doll, setting him up for a powerbomb. But K-9 was ready, and he used his incredible quickness to roll over the back of Moe D and catch him with a dropkick. The dropkick didn't knock Moe D down, but the following clip to the leg and DDT did. K-9 sprung off the middle of the ropes, catching Moe D with a springboard splash, and then he headed up top. Moe D got up, and tried to catch K-9 off the top for the powerslam, but a top rope Frank n' Parsons took Moe D off his feet and put him down for the three-count. The real story took place AFTER the match, however!

(The lights dim)

BB:What is going on here?

SP:I don't like it. Look at K-9, he seems unfazed by all of this!

VOICE:K-9..... Come.... Join your brothers.....

BB:That... sounded like Apocalypse.

(The lights go out completely, then just as suddenly, come back on. K-9 is gone.)

SP:That's spooky, Bill... It looks like The Unholy just got a little stronger.

(CUT TO:Commercial for BOB16)

BB:An impressive win for K-9, as he seems to have found a "place"in the CSWA. We're joined now by the Greensboro Champ, Aaron Douglas.

(Douglas sits in between Parsons and Buckley. He's got a black eye, his hair is in disarray, and he's wearing a ripped and torn "El Volcano" T-Shirt.)

AD:Good to see you.

BB:Good to see you too, Aaron.

AD:No, not you. That guy in the fourth row with the Canadian flag. GO CANADA!

SP:What happened backstage?

AD:Nothing. Nothing at all. Why? And why are you sitting so close?

(He nudges Buckley and Parsons aside)

SP:Tell us, Aaron, what's the status of the lawsuit?

AD:All in good time, gentlemen... Let's just say that Merritt won't be handing Harders a bat any time soon. Uh! There's my buddy the judge! Excuse me, morons.

(Douglas leaves the announcing table and heads for a man in the stands.)

BB:It's about time.

SP:Let's head up for more action.

TJ "Knuckles" Tollens vs.
"The Role Model" Marcus Johnson

Tollens came out first, surprisingly wearing a "Role Model" T-Shirt. He was also carrying a microphone, and had the following to say:

TJ:Thank you for that nice warm reception, it really touched me now can it. Marcus, marcus, we meet face to face. I know you have seen my interviews and I know that you know that you are my Role Model, and I appreciate this whole scam you came up with, but its time for me to take over. You see after tonight this is the only T-shirt you will see that has the name Role Model on it.

(He rips the Johnson T-shirt to reveal one has "Knuckles" on it and says "THE NEW ROLE MODEL")

Johnson and Tiffany made their way to ringside next, with Tiffany still carrying her collection plate. She was actually overheard saying to people, "Save the Children!" At long last the match was on. These two men seemed evenly matched for a good fifteen minutes, until Tollens reversed an Irish Whip into a powerslam. It was precisely at this moment that Tiffany chose to solicit the referee himself for money for the children. Tollens himself attempted to remove her from the ring, but Patrick Young, the official, did his duty and did it himself. Unfortunately for Tollens, Tiffany dropped the collection plate in the ring. Even more unfortunately, Johnson was a good aim. A look of "He made me do it" and a three count later, and the Role Model was off with another victory.

Winner: Marcus Johnson

Blade vs. Preacher

A couple of words could sum this one up: no contest. Blade, along with Nemesis, are two of the favorites to win the upcoming Tag Team Tournament, and he proved it, taking out The Preacher in just under five minutes. Preacher did get a dropkick in, but the onslaught from by the man known for his high-risk maneuvers was too much. Blade came from everywhere, over the top, off the top, under the bottom, even around the ropes! Preacher just wasn t quick enough to keep out of the way of this moving train. Blade mercifully ended it with the Guillotine. Blade in just under five minutes, showing the world that he, as well as The Unholy, means business.

Winner: Blade

"Iceman" Steve Radder vs. Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips is the man who everyone "wants to be" according to him. However, it seemed like Steve Radder took exception to that statement, as he more or less gave Phillips a wrestling lesson. The self- proclaimed EXTREME Champion didn't miss a step, and didn't seem to suffer any ill effects from his recent string of attacks at the hands of The UnHoly. Radder ended it in just over ten minutes with the Absolute Zero, securing the pinfall. After the three count, however, all hell broke loose. Apocalypse, Pat Black, and Blade bungeed down into the cage, catching the outnumbered PLR member once again. Radder quickly exited the cage, only to turn and see K-9 approaching from the backstage area! It looked like trouble once more, until Eddy Love and Kevin Powers hit the ringside area, making the save and giving The UnHoly a run for its money.

Winner: Steve Radder

For the Greensboro Title:
"El Volcano" Aaron Douglas vs.
"The Hard One" Randy Harders


CSWA Greensboro Champion Aaron Douglas, hasn't made too many friends in CS Headquarters, but that doesn't diminish the fact that he's one of the up and coming stars in the sport. Randy Harders, is in the same boat as well. The Greensboro title, as it's sure to be a stepping stone for Douglas, could serve the same purpose for Harders if he could wrestle the title away from Douglas. Which is what he did, in a grueling 20 minute match that saw both men take a beating outside the ring. Harders came to ringside with one arm in a sling. A rumored attack by Douglas the cause. As his nickname implies, Randy, fought through what had to be incredible pain to dethrone Douglas. After nearly 20 minutes in and out of the ring, Harders cracked Douglas over the head with the hockey stick he brought to ringside. As he said afterwards, "A high stick for a high stick."  CSWA Co-Commissioner Chad Merritt was seen watching on from the backstage curtain.

Winner and New Greensboro Champion: "The Hard One" Randy Harders

For the United States Title:
Nemesis vs. "Hard Body" Bobby Jackson

BB: There's the bell, and Nemesis wastes no TIME and attacks Jackson in his own corner! He's nailing him with left and right hands! Now with Reverse KnifeEdges! Nemesis climbs the turnbuckles! He's pounding him with rights!

(with crowd)

ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN! Nemesis comes down, Jackson walks out of the corner, and LANDS FLAT ON HIS FACE! Nemesis off the ropes, LEGDROP TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!

SP: I'd be worried if I was Jackson.

BB: Yeah, well Jackson is big trouble right now. Nemesis with a SNAP SUPLEX... Nailed it. Nemesis picks up Jackson, and throws him off the ropes and gives him a BIG BACK BODY DROP!

SP: He was in the LIGHTS on that one. I don't believe the height on that hold.

BB: An upset Nemesis is a dangerous one, especially with The UnHoly behind him. Nemesis is taking Jackson up to the TOP ROPE! He lands a right hand, and now is GOING FOR A TOP ROPE SUPERPLEX! HERE IT COMES...... Jackson is in huge trouble! Nemesis gets up, and WILL NOT PIN HIM! That may be a mistake, Stan. Nemesis is too angry to be smart.

SP: But I think Jackson is too hurt to do anything about it....so it really does not matter. Nemesis with an Irish Whip, he goes for another BACK BODY DROP....NO! Jackson COUNTERS WITH A DDT!

BB: Great move by Jackson. He sets Nemesis up... KNEEDROP, and goes for the pin, 1...............2.............NO! Nemesis with a kickout. Jackson goes for a SWINGING NECKBREAKER...!

SP: I think the neck and spine of Nemesis may have gotten separated on that one.

BB: I doubt that Stan. Jackson is still holding his back in pain, after that TR Superplex given to him. Jackson is going for a PILEDRIVER......! Jackson hit that perfectly! He covers, 1................2....................3!NO! Nemesis with a kickout. Jackson with an Irish Whip, and nails a CLOTHESLINE! Jackson is heading to the TOP ROPE, Stan!

SP: This could make or break the match! Nemesis gets up, AND IS DECAPITATED WITH A TOP ROPE CLOTHESLINE!

BB: This could be it folks! 1................2................. NO! NO! The ref said, Nemesis got a shoulder up! Jackson is up, and arguing with the referee Ben Worthington. He's not paying attention to Nemesis! Nemesis gets up, and DROPKICKS Jackson INTO THE REFEREE! THE REF FELL OUT OF THE RING! Jackson up again, AND MET WITH ANOTHER DROPKICK! Nemesis off the ropes, and Jackson gets up....BIG LARIAT! The fans love it, and Nemesis is going ballistic! Nemesis with an Irish Whip....! BIG POWERSLAM!

SP: He's going to work on that back again!

BB: Nemesis with an Irish Whip again.... BACKBREAKER! Wait... He's getting a chair! He caught Jackson in the back with it! And again!

SP: I've never seen Nemesis like this! HE DID IT AGAIN! Now he throws the chair out of the ring, and the ref is getting up. What is he doing now?

BB: Nemesis HOOKS IN A BOSTON CRAB! A groggy Worthington is asking for a submission, and HE GOT ONE! Nemesis WINS THE MATCH! BUT HE'S NOT LETTING GO OF THE HOLD! Officials are trying to get him off, but they can't! Here comes the VP of Security, Gregg Gethard, and he threatens Nemesis with a suspension! Nemesis gets off, but Jackson may be seriously hurt. We'll be right back!

BB:  No more commericals, no more forced breaks, fans we are here to stay! We're received word from U-62 that we're on the air until the Main Event is decided! In theory we could be here for a month, but some how I doubt that. Besides it's never been a policy for CS to keep their fans waiting. As I said, we've heard from U-62, but sadly I've heard from my boss as well. Chad...

(Buckley gets instructions through his ear piece)

BB: I'm sorry, Commissioner Merritt has signed a guest color man for tonight's Main Event! We're counting down the days until STAR WARS: Episode I The Phantom Menace, with that in mind...

(Star Wars theme by John Williams plays over the PA system)

BB:(Buckley feigns a look of joy for the camera)   I'll be joined tonight by Luke Skywalker himself, MARK HAMILL!

(Mark Hamill takes a long walk down the aisle. He's met by wild cheers from the crowd)


For the
CSWA World Championship

Champion "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack
Former Champion "Hurricane" Eddy Love

BB:  Mark, great to have you here tonight!

MH: Who loves ya Bill? JOKER...THAT'S WHO!

BB: Uh, as our viewing audience may or may not know Mark is also the voice for the animated Batman series..

MH: This town needs an enma!

BB: (Bill's frustated by yet another insane Merritt ratings ploy) Mark, I'm a huge fan of the trilogy myself. Do you mind if we take a few minutes of air time and talk about your experience filming the movies?

MH: I'd love to!

BB: I'm just kidding, let's head down to Rhubarb Jones for tonight's Main Event Introductions!

MH: Putz.

(ya ya introductions)

BB: Vizzack's world title run has been perhaps the most emotionally charged reign in CSWA history. From Sunshine's ongoing personal demons, to being the subect of HORNET's mid-career crisis...Vizzack has had a ton of baggage to work through.

MH: Did you just call that sweet girl, Sunshine, a bag?

BB: No I didn't, Mark.

MH: By the way, what's her status. She does date, right?

BB: That's good, hit on the workers in your only appearence.

MH: Only? Sorry, Yoda I signed a 3 show deal.

BB: Oh lord.

MH: Now give up the goods on her..

BB: She's single, Mark..but what makes you think..

MH: I was in Star Wars!!

BB: Yeah, but what else!!

MH: That was uncalled for....

BB: I guess the old saying is true. By putting down someone else you really can make yourself feel better.

MH: I hate this job.

BB: The bell sounds, as Vizzack and Eddy Love square off! Love trying to become one of the few mult-CSWA World Heavyweight champions! Eddy throws a knee into Vizzack's gut!

MH: Remember your failure in the cave!

BB: You have a serious problem, you know this right?   (mumbles...and I'm not just talking about your face...) Love catches Mark off the ropes, nice powerslam by the former champion! 2 count from Worthington.

:::Love picks Vizzack up and drops him with a backbreaker::

BB: Eddy off the ropes with an elbow, but Vizzack moves out of the way! Vizz rolls outside and pulls Love feet first into the turnbuckle! Mark, if does what I think he will..

MH: Eddy won't be lovin for a while..

:::Vizzack grabs hold of both of Eddy's legs and racks him through the iron post::

MH: His bio says he doesn't want kids, and I'm glad for that...because it ain't happin' now.

BB: Vizzack to the delight of the crowd isn't done yet! Mark with a figure four on the iron post! What a move!

MH: If I'm not mistaken it was that same move that robbed Jabba of the use of his legs.

BB: Stop. Vizzack finally breaks and head back into the ring.

::Vizz clips Eddy's right knee::

BB: Smarty now, Vizzack working over the knee of Love. Vizz dropkicks the knee, and Eddy is in serious pain! Not that he wasn't before, but   now...the knee may be hurt!

MH: Gee, Buckley...you'd think. Kicking a man in the knee isn't GOOD for one's health!

BB: Thanks, Sammy.

::Vizzack climbs to the top rope::

BB: The World Heavyweight Champion is going up top. He may finish Love here and now!

::The crowd screams, as HORNET springs down from the rafters with the use of a harness. As he passes Vizzack, HORNET cracks him over the head with a plate of glass::

BB: What's going on here??!! Hornet has just come out of nowhere and taken out Vizzack!

MH: Did I see that in.....

::As Hornet begins getting out of the harness, Love with the help of Sweet Melissa head for the hills leaving Vizzack and Hornet to do battle::

BB: Hornet enters the ring, and there's Sunshine pleading with him not to hurt Vizzack further!

::Hornet picks Sunshine up and places her ontop of a turnbuckle. As he turns around, Vizzack flying through the air clotheslines him over the top rope::

MH: That was cute.

BB: Vizzack somehow, is up! He's bleeding like a pig, but the World Heavyweight Champion is alive and kicking! Hornet tries to make his way back in the ring, but there's Vizzack daring him in with a broken off piece of glass.

::Vizzack calls for his belt, and the house mic::

VIZZACK:(on mic) "Hornet! You want this belt so bad? Huh? If this is all  your life is worth at this point, take it!

::the crowd is stunned as Vizzack tosses Hornet the World belt::

VIZZACK: Keep it polished, old man...because at Battle of the Belts I'm reclaiming the greatest prize in sports!

::crowd cheers, as Hornet hoists the belt up in the air::

BB: Fans, we have to go... for Stan Parsons, and........Mark Hamill, this is Bill Buckley saying see you next time on CSWA PRIMETIME! What a night!


Thanks to Pete Russo for his help on the card!

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