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DAY TWO kicks off with two of the greatest...
followed by some major championship action!

(A Note from your ever-loving Prez:  I apologize for the shorter form of many of the matches on DAY TWO.  I decided that for the good of the CSWA, it was time to move on, so we could finally end the two-month hiatus. :>  I know most of you will understand...and for any of you that don't...feel free to take it up with me in e-mail.  I think you'll find that the angles and most of the action is included anyway, even in the shorter form.  Now onto the show.)

(Fadein:  Clips from Day One of TWS '99 begin to flash across the screen.  Merritt's return, X's unmasking, the rise of the Unholy, and Deacon holding the CSWA Title aloft, just to name a few.)

BB:  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Day Two of the THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SPECTACULAR.  As we saw with the return of Commissioner Chad Merritt to power last night, whoever walks away with a strap tonight is going to keep it into the millennium.  After tonight, the CSWA takes a holiday break to regroup, before kicking things off on the Road to Winter's Warriors next year!  Tonight, we'll crown a new Presidential Champion, watch the Greensboro and US Titles up for grabs, as well as see newly-crowned World Champ Deacon defend his title against nemesis and former CSWA World Champ Eddy Love.  And I've got to tell you folks...I've been doing this for more than a decade now, and I have rarely seen anything so moving as the final match we saw last night.  Two men poured their hearts and bodies out, and we were rewarded with something special.  Tonight...I expect something a little different...because along with all that...we've got the WAR GAMES upcoming between the Unholy and the Family....and I sincerely believe that someone's not gonna make it outta that cage.

SB:  We can hope, at least.

BB:  So you finally got here, huh?

SB:  What were you worried probably had another 10 minutes of wind left in you.

BB:  Folks, we're gonna kick things off with two of the best of all-time.  Two former CSWA World Champions... and two men that are looking to stay at the top of the heap in this sport.  And here they come.....


"Total Elimination" Eli Flair
"King of the Slackers" Troy Windham

(CUEUP:" Song 2" - Blur. Troy Windham enters the arena with a combination of boos and people chanting "HOOTIE HOO!" He's a little banged up from the match with Cardigo Mysterian, but he has a look of intensity on his face that doesn't fit in with his 'slacker' persona.)

(CUEUP: "Bawitdaba" - Kid Rock. Eli Flair enters the arena with a look of intensity on his face. He's got bandages and tape all over his body, and he's limping. He's not wearing his trench coat, and despite the limp, Poison Ivy has to nearly run to keep up with him.)

BB: Flair has waited THREE long years for another shot at Troy Windham, and it looks like we're gonna see what he does to take advantage of it! Troy and Eli stare down.... and a slap to the face by Troy Windham! Troy doesn't respect Flair, it'll be interesting to see what-- FLAIR GRABS TROY'S FACE! He's biting him!

SB: Disqualify!

BB: Juarez is letting it go! Flair with a HARD right hand! And another! He's choking the King of the Slackers across the ropes! Now, Manny finally gets between them. Troy is bleeding already from that bite mark on his forehead!

SB: That's gross.

BB: Your insight is breathtaking.

SB: I know.

BB: Flair sets Troy up.... CHOKESLAM! He tosses the former World Champion through the ropes, and it seems we're taking this match, VERY quickly, to Eli Flair's domain! He sets up a chair.... DDT! He just smashed Troy's face with that chair!! I can't believe this!

SB: I can't believe Manny is letting it go!

BB: Juarez is talking to Rhubarb.... and it looks like we're getting some sort of announcement.

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. I have just been informed by the referee, Manny Juarez, that this match has been modified, and is now a NO DISQUALIFICATION match!


SB: That's it, the house is getting burned down. If I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go drunk.

BB: Stay in your seat, Sammy. Troy is bleeding profusely, and Flair is taking full advantage! HE's got Troy set up on Pedro and Eduardo's table.... no.... don't do it....

SB: That's not fair to Windham!

BB: Eli is about to powerbomb Troy through the Spanish Announce Table! NO! Troy with a backdrop! Flair crashes to the floor! And a piece of the table spiked Troy on the side of the head! This match is five minutes old and is already a classic, Sammy!

SB: That's a matter of opinion.

BB: .... Shaddup.

SB (Shocked):....

BB: Flair and Troy are both climbing back to their feet! Flair fires an elbow, but Troy ducks it! He hooks Flair.... T-BONE SUPLEX on the floor! Troy is climbing to his feet.... what is he doing?

SB: He's going to leave an Eli Flair sized stain on the concrete!

BB: Troy has entered the ring with a chair.... and he's climbing the turnbuckle! What is he.... Flair is getting up down below! Troy is on the top turnbuckle.... and he jumps! HE CAUGHT FLAIR ACROSS THE BACK WITH THAT CHAIR! And Flair is........ STILL GETTING UP?!?

SB: This isn't fair.... How many gallons of painkiller is Captain Schitzo sucking down?

BB: Sammy, he could be seriously hurt! Troy rolls Flair back into the ring, and makes a nonchalant cover. ONE.... TWO.... KICKOUT by Flair! Troy isn't wasting any time, Sammy, he's setting him up for the SLACKNIFE! He hits it, and it's over! THERE IT IS! The cover, ONE.... TWO.... THREE! NO! Flair got his foot on the bottom rope! Troy can't believe it! What do you have to do to beat Eli Flair?

SB: Troy took a hellacious beating at the bell, and he's taken command. What do you have to do to beat TROY WINDHAM?

BB: Point taken. Troy is pulling Eli to his feet again.... NO! Low Blow by Flair! Troy is doubled over! DDT! He sends the Boy Troy into the ropes.... Fist to the gut! Bulldog! Both of these men are battered, bloodied messes! They're both going to need medical attention when this match is over. Flair with a cover, ONE.... TWO.... THR--Kickout! He picks Troy up.... setting him up for a chokeslam! Troy with a thumb to the eyes! Somersault! Enzuigiri! Flair goes down! What's Troy doing?

SB: It's the right thing, whatever it is.

BB: Troy is motioning toward the back, what's this? BANDIT! Bandit, Eli's former partner and member of Troy's NO LIMIT soldiers! He's coming to ringside, and he's armed with a chair! Remember, folks, this is a NO DQ match now, this is all legal! Troy whips Eli into the ropes.... REVERSAL! Troy into the ropes, and Bandit catches Troy in the back with that chair!


BB: Troy turns around and starts to admonish Bandit.... and Bandit brings that chair down RIGHT ON TROY'S HEAD!

SB: That's so WROOONG! What is Bandit thinking?  He's supposed to be a No Limit Soldier!

BB: Troy staggers backwards.... Flair with a Dragon Suplex! ONE.... TWO.... NO! Troy escapes! Flair stays on him, however! Small package! ONE.... TWO.... Troy reverses! ONE.... TWO.... Eli reverses! ONE.... TWO.... NO! Troy escapes! This crowd is giving these two men their due!

SB: C'mon, Troy!

BB: Troy is crawling to the corner.... and he's actually climbing the turnbuckle. He stands on the top rope, and Flair is pulling himself back to his feet as well! Troy almost slipped, but he comes off the top rope with a dropkick! HE CAUGHT FLAIR ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Eli Flair might be out!

SB: Make the cover, Troy!

BB: Troy isn't going for the cover! He's.... He's grabbing Flair's legs! What is he doing?


BB: Troy is hooking "The Eliminator" onto Flair! This was Eli's old finisher, and NOBODY ever found a way out! Troy has it locked on, and this match is all but over! Flair will either submit, or he will get hurt!

SB: Get Hurt Get Hurt Get Hurt....

BB: Sammy! That's a terrible thing to say! The look of agony on Flair's face is incredible.... He's fighting to keep from yelling out in pain, I think. Manny is asking him if he wants to give up.... but he's shaking his head!

SB: YES! He tapped!

BB: He did not.

SB: So? He should.

BB: Flair is trying to inch toward the ropes.... but Troy cinches in and stops that in a hurry! WAIT! Flair has Troy hooked around the neck! He's trying to roll over! But Sammy.... from the look of it, rolling over will put MORE pressure on his back and legs!

SB: He's lost it.

BB: Flair is still trying to roll over.... He's on his side. WAIT! TROY'S SHOULDERS ARE DOWN! ONE! TWO! THREE! THREE! Manny calls for the bell, and he's awarding the match to Eli Flair! Medical personnel are coming to the ringside to help Troy and Flair get to the back.... they gave it their all tonight, and the night is just STARTING for Eli Flair. Listen to these fans, Sammy! A standing ovation for both men!

SB: I hope Troy is okay.

BB: What about Eli?

SB: Serves him right.

BB: That's horrible. Flair is refusing to get on the stretcher! I don't understand this! He's calling for a microphone!

SB: What's Captain Schitzo got to say now?

(CUTTO:  The ring. Flair is bloodied and bruised.... but he looks somewhat happy.)

ELI: If Troy is the King of the Slackers.... then the rest of the CSWA better hope he never gets motivated. Do I hate his guts for what he did to me years ago? Yes, without a doubt. But I can't take away from his skills.

Last night, in what was one of the hardest fought matches of my career, I lost the CSWA World Title to Deacon. No excuses, no apologies. He was the better man, and I give him my best. For that matter, with this victory over Troy, I don't know if it was made official, but I'm probably still ranked #1 on the contender's list. Well.... I'm afraid I can't take that spot.

The rumors have been floating around, and I'm going to put a stop to them right here. I've been evaluated by the CSWA physician several times over the past few months, and there IS a problem. To stay in the ring would be to risk life- threatening injury. Yes, every time I've wrestled since my title defense against Eddy Love, I have essentially been putting my very LIFE on the line. But I knew that as the CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, I had committments, and I owed it to the CSWA and all of their fans to be at every single event in some fashion.

Well, now I'm doing something different. My immediate future is benefitting nobody except myself. I'd like to officially announce that I am leaving the CSWA effective this evening, as soon as the WAR GAMES match is over and done with.

(A buzz begins to go through the crowd.)

Now, calm down. I'm not leaving forever. The only thing that can help me right now is time away from the ring. And I've given so much of myself in the past six years to the ring, to the fans, to the business.... that I feel I'm owed this.

Put simply, I'm tired. And I'm taking a long overdue rest.

After I won the CSWA World Title at last year's ANNIVERSARY, I met a girl by the name of M. And for the first time since I lost Alicia.... I can see a future in her. So I'm going to see if I'm right.

But leave a light on for me, CSWA.... because you'll see me again.

(CUEUP:"Only God Knows Why" - Kid Rock, as the entire arena is chanting "ELI! ELI! ELI! ELI!")

BB:  That's a shocker folks.....Eli Flair is taking a break from wrestling...something he hasn't done in six years!

SB:  He can't hack it...he lost the World Title...he beat Troy by a fluke....

BB:  That's not true, Sammy.  Other than his injuries, Eli Flair has been at the top of his game...including during his five month World Title reign!  This sport is going to miss the man known as the "King of Extreme" while he heals up and works on his personal life.  If there's anyone in this sport...and maybe in this world that deserves a shot at happiness after all he's been's Eli Flair.

SB:  Awww...I'm tearing up.  What about me!?  Where's MY STUFF!?

BB:  That's a question all your ex-wives have been asking for years.  Up next folks, the Greensboro Championship is on the line.  Wicked Sight defends the title against a relative CSWA newcomer...a man that beat out nine others last night in a top contenders battle royal...the man called Zero!


Wicked Sight

BB: Good grief!  Before they could even be announced, these two are at each others throats!  Ring announcer Rhubarb Jones had to dive out of the way, title in hand, to avoid being caught between these two!  

SB:  Man...if he had only been a step slower...

BB:  Sight wrenches in on that right arm of Zero's which still has to be smarting from last night's beating.  Zero dislocated that right shoulder and had to be tended to by paramedics after the last few minutes of that battle royal against Ellis Jackson and Cardigo Mysterian.  Zero is able to roll through the arm bar, whipping the Greensboro Champion across the ring.  Zero quickly follows, putting a boot on the throat of Wicked Sight in the corner as referee Patrick Young calls for the break!  Zero finally breaks, well after the three-count, and Sight rolls outside for a time out.  But no such Zero stalks him on the apron........HUGE ELBOW to the head of Wicked Sight as Zero jumps down from the apron!  He may have reinjured that shoulder when he hit!

SB:  This guy is a lunatic!

BB:  Sight trips up Zero and pulls him to the floor...and now he's wrapping camera cable around the throat of the challenger!  He's trying to choke the life out of Zero....and now ref Young is on the floor trying to break these two up!  He gets pushed away into the railing as these two continue to go at it!   Zero finally gets free from the camera cord...just in time to dodge the metal steps that Sight just threw across the confined area outside!!!  He almost caught a fan with those steel steps!

SB:  That's what happens when you're dumb enough to pay hundreds to sit in the front row.

BB:  Sight runs across....runs up the steps...and dropkicks Zero back down the aisleway!!!  Zero fell straight onto Patrick Young!

SB:  Hey...that's what a good ref is break a fall.

BB:  And here comes Zero!  He climbs up on the apron with a leg drop!!!!!!!  GOOD GRIEF!!!  He connects.... and Patrick Young is down underneath both men!!!  This one is out of control!  Zero gets to his feet and stumbles up the rampway...but Wicked Sight is in hot pursuit.  Zero turns around just in time to catch a standing dropkick from the Greensboro Champ!  ZERO JUST WENT OFF THE RAMPWAY!  He just fell about six feet to the concrete....and they aren't done yet!!!!  Sight dives off the platform onto Zero!!!!  And Young is still out!  These two are UNDERNEATH the rampway...and our camera can't even get a shot of them anymore!!

SB:  They may go at it all night down there!  They're lunatics, I tell you!

BB:  We've got paramedics out to attend to Patrick Young....and it also looks like ref Manuel Juarez has come down....he's issuing a ten-count inside the ring....but I don't think there's any chance that those two are coming back.  Good grief....if Zero can go all-out like that when he's got a separated shoulder blade....not to mention Wicked Sight....who simply had to avoid being pinned to keep the title......I don't think we've seen the last of these two...not by a long shot.

SB:  How many times are you gonna say that tonight?

BB:  As long as it annoys you...every chance I get.  Juarez has called for the bell...this one's gonna be thrown out as a double count-out.  We'll be right back...after this special look back at DAY ONE of TWS '99!



(joined in progress)

BB:  We're just moments into this match, and neither man has made any attempt to get back into the ring.  I'm not even sure if referee Manuel Juarez has officially started this thing or not....but the US Title is supposed to be on the line.

SB:  Yeah....and Blade has made a point of making sure that the title is never risked in these things.  Look at the number he and his fellow Unholy B-Team rejects did on Melton last night.

BB:  That's true, Sammy....but the fact is...they had a plan....and that was to attempt to put Melton out of the WAR GAMES.   But's almost like Blade and HaVoC are in the backyard having some fun....they almost look like they're enjoying this.  Blade just pasted HaVoC for the second time with a chair....and HaVoC barely took a step back!  Blade rolls inside the ring, and now we finally have an official bell.  Not that it does any good...because HaVoC simply grabs Blade's foot and pulls him right back out!  

SB:  Smart move....if he wants to get hit by a chair again.

BB:  But this time it's HaVoC that's got the chair...and he pastes Blade solidly in the forehead...sending the US Champ to the concrete.

SB:  Hold on....we've got something going on up top!

BB:  Two masked men have just appeared to the rampway...and now they're making their way down to ringside.  I thought at first it might be Windham and Vizzack...but I don't think so.  Blade and HaVoC haven't seen them yet.....HaVoC drops Blade throat-first on the railing...and now slams his head into it.  Blade may be busted open.  

SB:  Yeah...see that nasty red stuff...that's blood...that's what busted open means.

BB:  HaVoC finally sees the two masked men...and he takes a step back....Blade's in no condition to react.... what's going on here?

(The lights go out as the audience screams.  When they come back on, Blade and HaVoC are unconscious outside.)

BB:  The masked men have struck...apparently!  Both Blade and HaVoC are out....and Juarez is beginning a ten-count.  That's two in a row, Sammy.

SB:  Amazing...your short term memory has returned.

BB:  This is ridiculous...who were those two masked men.....

SB:  Can't you guess?  You take out one of ours...we take out one of yours.

BB:  But if it's the Family....why would they attack HaVoC as well?  He's not part of the Unholy....

SB:  Wrong place, wrong time.

BB:  I think you're wrong about this one,, we'll see if we can get Rudy Seitzer and Stan Parsons to actually earn their keep in the back by doing some investigating.

SB:  Good luck there....Rudy's pulled up a chair in front of the catering.

BB:  Hold on...folks, I'm being told in my earpiece that someone in the back is asking to come out and speak to Rudy Seitzer!

SB:  Uh oh...Rudy's gotta leave his eats...he won't be happy.

BB:  Let's send it to Rudy.

RS:  Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, it is my pleasure to re-introduce to you a man who has been called one of the top technical athletes of all-time, a former Unified Champion, a former World Champion in various federations and countries, a former Navy SEAL, and a man you all is.....JT TYLER!  (crowd pops)  Mr.'s an honor.  We saw you attend the recent SHOWTIME event...but....

JT:  But you're wondering why I'm here tonight.  Because tonight I'm calling out a man who has stolen from me...and has become a menace here in the CSWA.  That's right, Peacekeeper, I'm calling you out tonight!  I took you in when you were green and taught you the ropes.  In fact, I taught you everything you know.  And how do you repay me?  By stealing the mask I used to break into this sport and parading yourself around in the shadows.  Well, guess what, you may have been able to slip through the cracks before...but not now, not this time.  I hold all of the cards, and I'm making it my business to know your business.  You're worried about people knowing who you are?  Well, get reaady to worry some more.  Because if you don't bring my mask to me by the end of the night....then tomorrow, the world will know exactly who you are.  (crowd reacts)  Or do you want them to know about Philadelphia?

(The video wall lights up as a figure in a corner is slowly and dimly illuminated)  

Peacekeeper:  You think you hold the cards, Tyler?  You believe you have the ace in the hole?  You do not understand the game you are playing.  You taught me nothing I didn't already know.  Well, that's not exactly DID teach me that everyone has a dark side... that everyone is capable of sadomasochism.  You DID teach me that everyone is capable of evil.  One thing I learned on my own is to always know your opponent.  Or have you forgotten Grenada?  

(The screen splits, showing a long-time associate of Tyler's, Roger Powell, handcuffed to a pipe.)

You see, I know what you're planning.  I'm not dumb.

(screen splits again, showing the SWAT Team, Colt and Beretta, handcuffed to a forklift on the other side of the backstage area)

And I also know that I am not the only man with secrets tonight....or have you forgotten Montreal?  (Peacekeeper holds up a dog collar.)  You're worried about a mask?  My've taken away a lot more from me, and I'm coming to take it back.  There's a new player at the table....and "John", you won't like the hand that you've been dealt.  It's time to ante up!

(The light fades to black, as does the screen.  Tyler shakes his head and walks through the archway to the backstage area.)

BB:  Well...that was certainly....

SB:  Bizarre.

BB:  Exactly.  And speaking of bizarre....


"Hot Stuff" Aaron Douglas

BB:  This following match was added late to the card, folks....and while I'd love to say that it's gonna be the real deal....I have a feeling something's not quite right here.  I mean...we're talking about a man who has named himself "El Volcano" or something to make himself a luchadore...a man who sued Merritt for discrimination... and a man who has promised to bring Hornet out to face him on more than one occasion.

SB:  So you're saying he's a bit quirky?

BB:  Something like that.  Oh..speaking of's come "Hot Stuff" now.  (crowd boos as Aaron Douglas makes his way to the ring)  Douglas lost in the semi-finals of the Presidential Tournament last night to Randy Harders....but tonight I guess he has something to prove.  There's just one thing that doesn't sit right, Sammy...and that's the fact that almost three months ago in Negril, Hornet walked out on Douglas during a tag match against the Powers of Love...and afterwards he walked out...and he quit.  Since then, we've heard nothing...and it's hard for me to believe that Douglas has somehow gotten Hornet to come back...and we haven't heard a word from him.  Hornet said he was tired of the sport, tired of what he had become...and that none of it was worth it.  And Douglas has done nothing but spout off about Hornet for the last three months.  So let's go down to the ring and see what "Hot Stuff" has planned.  He's got the mic.

AD:  Well, well, well, the time has come...and "Hot Stuff" finally gets his revenge on the man that walked out on him.  For the last week, everyone's been telling me how scared I should be of "The Franchise", "The Legend", "The Greatest."  The only thing I'm scared of Hornet, is that some of your old, bald and ugly might rub off on me.  So hit the music, Rhubarb...let's bring out "The Greatest American Heroin Addict."

BB:  This is disgusting.  And now what's he doing?  Douglas is putting on a headset...what's he going to do, commentate during his match?

AD:  You got it, Buckster.

SB:  Hey...I'm supposed to get the wisecracks around here.

AD:  It's time to learn how to share, Sammy.

(The theme from "The Greatest American Hero" begins to play.)

BB:  This crowd is on its feet....that's a song we haven't heard in a long while.  Oh.....that's just not right.

(A 450-pound fat, balding, apparently out-of-work sumo wrestler begins waddling down to ringside.  He is wearing traditional sumo gear, except for face-paint.  "Hornet" begins waddling down to ringside as Douglas continues his commentary.)

AD:  See what I mean?  I don't even wanna have to get close to that....that thing.  But it's my job.  It's my job to show the world that the legend of Hornet is dead.  Maybe Eddy Love couldn't kill it....maybe a ton of cinder blocks couldn't kill it...maybe even Hornet couldn't kill it....but I can.  Come on, old's go time!

BB:  Go time is right...I've only got one word to describe Aaron Douglas....

SB:  Crackhead?

BB:  Exactly.  Well, this obese man that Douglas is calling Hornet has stepped into the ring.

AD:  Come on, fatboy.  I tell ya what, Bill.....if I can't beat Hornet in under five minutes...I'll retire from the sport...I'll leave the CSWA forever.

BB:  Be still my beating heart.

AD:  There's the bell...and they're off...

SB:  Does he think this is a horse race?

BB:  He's not actually gonna call his own match is he?

AD:  Douglas with a boot to the very obese midsection of the former World Heavyweight Champ.  Side headlock by "Hot Stuff", and Douglas is commanding this one from the outset.  

BB:  Oh brother...

AD:  Irish whip by Douglas....Hornet off the ropes after almost breaking them....dropkick to the mush by Douglas.  He's back up...what an excellently executed dropkick by the future World Champ.

BB:  Future World Champ?

SB:  Kids....this is your brain on drugs.

AD:  Elbow drop by Douglas......he heads to the second rope....another elbow drop.  He could go for the pin right here...but he takes a moment to yell at the crowd.  See you idiots....see your "Hero" now....he can't even move!

BB:  This guy is sick.  Part of the crowd reacts...but it looks like there's a fight around section 122.

SB:  You're truly bored, aren't you?

BB:  To tears.

AD:  And it's time to put Hornet away with his own finisher.  It's time for the Scorpion!  (Douglas howls)

BB:  Surely he's not gonna put the Scorpion on a 450 pound man.

AD:  Hell yeah!

BB:  Well, the fans seem to be a whole lot more interested in the fight than the action in the ring.  Inside the ring.....good grief.

AD:  Now is it right leg, step around, twist and turn...or step around, right leg....oh forget it.

BB:  Um....he just hooked the figure four in...that is NOT the Scorpion Deathlock.

AD:  Shut up,'s close enough....and it'll still end Hornet's career.

BB:  Douglas is wrenching back on that Figure Four as "Hornet" seems almost unconscious from the pain.   This is ridiculous.

SB:  Would these fans shut up?  I'm trying to watch a master in action.  Is that stupid fight coming this way?

BB:  How can they.....hold on....that's not a fight!!!

AD:  What is it, Bill....I can't see....see, I'm busy down here doing my job, putting a legend out of the sport, while you're babbling.

BB:  I'm not telling him...and Benson, if you do, I'll hit you with this briefcase myself.

SB:  Don't look at me....I'm hoping for fireworks.

(The camera swivels away from the 'action' in the ring, revealing Hornet making his way through the crowd to ringside.  He's wearing a UNC sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes.  He climbs over the rail, slides into the ring and sits on the top turnbuckle.)

AD:  Are you ready for me to finish this, Bill? (Douglas releases the figure four and stands up in the ring facing Buckley, still unaware of Hornet.)

BB:  By all  fact, now I'm couldn't pull me away from this thing.

AD:  Glad to hear it.  I knew that "Hot Stuff" could win you over.

BB:  Oh...and Aaron....

AD:  Yeah, Buckster?

BB:  Turn around.

AD:  What the......

(Douglas begins backing away as he sees Hornet in the corner, just a few feet away.  Hornet points to the fat man lying prone in the middle of the ring, and then to himself, as he has a one-sided conversation with Douglas.  Douglas throws his headset down and appears to be leaving, but Hornet jumps out of the corner and knees Douglas, sending him through the ropes and hard to the floor.  Hornet climbs throught the ropes to the apron and jumps down on Douglas with an axehandle.  Hornet throws Douglas into the aisleway, and then into the metal barricade.  He continues to do so down the aisleway, then finally throws Douglas through the curtain at the back.  Hornet stops for a moment, almost turning toward the crowd, then heads behind the curtain.)

BB:  I haven't had that much fun in a long time!  Last night Vizzack appears after an absence...and now Hornet appears after apparently quitting four months ago?

SB:  If he starts doing that "Hero" stuff again, I'll puke.   Better yet, I'll hire a hitman.

BB:  I don't know if he's here for any other reason than to deal with an out-of-control Aaron Douglas...but we'll try to find out.  

SB:  Rudy's up from the table...tell him to go hunt down his best buddy.

BB:  A hotdog at a CSWA event...$5.

SB:  What are you....

BB:  A program for TWS '99...$15.

SB:  Have you lost it?

BB:  The look on Aaron Douglas's face...priceless.

SB:  (laughs)  Every once in a while, Buckley...every once in a while.

BB:  Thanks, Sammy.  We're being told something's going on in the back, folks...let's send it to Rudy.

RS:  Thanks, Bill..the masked man known as the Peacekeeper just blew by here...and now...look out!

(JT Tyler storms down the hallway.  The SWAT Team comes from the other direction.  They meet in the middle and speak for a moment, almost knocking over Seitzer.  Tyler apparently doesn't like the news he gets, and turns over a nearby table.)

Tyler:  He can't have just disappeared!  I want him found now!  (Tyler and the SWAT Team scatter.  Seitzer shrugs.)

BB:  That was sort of bizarre...  Folks, up next, after a long tournament involving some of the best, we're down to two men looking to be the first to carry the new CSWA Presidential Title.  The new belt has been pulled out of the hands of former Commissioner Thomas and his farce of a tournament...and tonight the storied title will go to either a member of The Family...or a member of the Unholy.  It's the next chapter in the conflict between these two huge groups....and we've still got WAR GAMES later tonight!


Randy Harders
Dante Inferno

BB:  This one's for the whole ball of wax....good grief!  As Randy Harders was being announced, Dante Inferno came from behind the curtain and nailed him in the back with a chair!  Harders goes tumbling down the rampway.  This one's not even officially underway, but Inferno's got the upper hand.  

SB:  At least he didn't fireball the guy.

BB:  Or throw him off a balcony.  That's the thing with Inferno...he's so unpredictable that you never know what he's gonna do...especially with Silky Rose by his side.  Inferno grabs hold of Harders by the hair and trunks, and tosses him under the bottom rope into the ring.  Inferno follows him in and quickly lays the boots to the midsection of Harders.  Randy tries to cover up, but Inferno continues the assault.

SB:  Watch out....we've got company!

BB:  It's those two masked men again!  What are they doing down here?

SB:  Nothing....for now....

BB:  They're standing at the entranceway, apparently watching the match.  Inside, Inferno goes for an elbow drop, but Harders rolls out of the way.  Harders is up on his feet...and he levels the big man with a standing dropkick right to the skull!!!  Inferno gets knocked back into the corner and now Harders is choking the life out of him with a boot to the throat.

SB:  And here come the masked guys!

BB:  They're slowly advancing to the ring.  But look behind them....that's the Peacekeeper!  He levels one of the masked men from behind, knocking off of the ramp, and now he's trading punches with the other!  Apparently even with Tyler chasing him, the Peacekeeper has decided he's going to continue what he sees as his 'duty.'  

SB:  This guy is wild...

BB:  In the ring, the referee finally forces the break.  Harders backs away, and Inferno quickly pulls himself up.  The two lock up, and Inferno forces Harders back towards the ropes, then irish whips him across.  He catches him with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam!  Quick pin only gets a one-count.  Inferno pulls Harders to his feet, turns him over and puts him down with a tombstone piledriver...this could be it!  ONE...........TWO......NO!!!!  Harders kicks out, and now Inferno locks in a reverse chinlock.  Outside.....the other masked man has found his way back to the platform...and now they're doing a two-on-one on the Peacekeeper!  Look out!!!  DOUBLE SUPLEX on the Peacekeeper....and he just went off the ramp to the floor!!!!  That's at least another six foot drop!

SB:  Well...Tyler doesn't have to worry about the Peacekeeper anymore...he's dead.

BB:  Inferno continues to wear down Harders inside...he could be just moments away from winning the title.  The referee checks the hold, making sure it's not a choke...and now he lifts Harders hand.  He goes down once.....twice.....but Harders is able to raise his hand on the third try...much to the delight of this crowd.  And now Harders has his second wind...he's trying to make his way out of this one.

SB:  Oh's the stupid crowd clapping thing....

BB:  Inferno lets up on the reverse chinlock, and levels him with a vicious chop to the throat!!!!  He could've crushed the windpipe with that one!!!  Harders is kicking furiously and grasping his throat...and the referee is forcing Inferno to step away as he checks on him. 

SB:  Look out...the Peacekeeper doesn't know when to quit....he's getting back up.

BB:  And he's got a chair!!!  He levels one of the masked men....and now catches the other with a chair to the head!  

SB:  Hey....wait a second....look!!!

BB:  The Peacekeeper's mask appears to be torn....when he hit that last chairshot, it came loose.  It can't be!!  it's JT TYLER!!!  What in the world is going on here!?  The Peacekeeper is JT Tyler???  But he just came out and....and he was chasing....

SB:  Don't try and figure out the logic, Buckley....your pitiful brain can't comprehend it.

BB:  And now Peacekeeper, or Tyler, I should say, covers his face and runs toward the back...leaving the two masked men down.  And as he comes JOEY MELTON!  And he's got a baseball bat in hand!  He hurdles the two masked men and continues to make his way down.  He's heavily taped...but he vaults onto the apron.  The referee is still checking on Harders as Inferno stands near the corner.  Melton NAILS Inferno with the bat to the back of the head!  Inferno goes down...Melton jumps down and heads back to where he came from!!!  Joey Melton just got his revenge for last night!

SB:  And look at Harders....all of a sudden he's was all show!

BB:  Harders dives over and covers Inferno!!!!  ONE........TWO.........THREE!!!!   Randy Harders is the new PRESIDENTIAL CHAMPION!  I can't believe everything we've just seen....and we've still got the WAR GAMES to go tonight!

SB:  The Family just evened the score a little bit.  I've gotta say...I'm impressed.

BB:  Fans...we'll be right back with the DOUBLE MAIN EVENT! 

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