in Long Island

June 12, 1999
Featuring:  Battle Royal for the final slot in the IRONMAN of Champions; Deacon vs. God's Protege  


(FADEIN:  The CSWA Update! Logo, which fades to Rudy Seitzer, standing in front of the ring in a half- filled arena...)

RS:  Rudy Seitzer here... earlier today, we had an event that you may have already heard on a national news broadcast. Nevertheless, we must cover what happened. Before I run the video though, I'd like to cover some situations surrounding this. In Albany, Deacon and God's Protege went into a tag team match against Pat Black and K9, or that is what Deacon thought. It was a setup, and Deacon had yet another JUDAS reveal his face - God's Protege.  Tonight at SHOWTIME, Protege was to receive his 'payment' from Deacon. All of that surrounds what happened though.

[Cut to a video of Shepherd dressed in a collar-less shirt and dresspants. Beside him sits Sunshine Del Payne and in front of him is a mob of people, all awaiting a chance to get to meet some of the stars of the CSWA.]

RS:  Nothing special was to happen, a simple autogragh session before SHOWTIME.

[A young woman walks up to Shepherd. Her long, ebony hair is pulled back into a ponytail She is dressed in a black tanktop, black skirt to her mid-thigh, black silk gloves, and white canvas sneakers. She hands him a white peice of cloth, but he simply stares at her.]

RS:  But something unusual did happen. Shepherd in this video footage seems to recognize the young lady. Our audio could not pick up what was said, but he was trying to speak with her.

[No reaction on the face of the young lady as Shepherd is saying a few comments. He looks down at the cloth, and freezes.]

RS:  Something shocked Shepherd though, moreso than ever before.

[Shepherd slowly looks up toward the lady, his face caught in an expression between fear and surprise. He stands from the table, leaving the cloth behind, and begins to walk around the table. The young woman begins to push her way through the crowd as Shepherd tries to keep up with her.]

RS:  Our cameras tried to stay with Shepherd as he pursued this woman through the crowd and into another part of the building... We did capture a small bit of audio during this unusual pursuit.


RS:  Though these cryptic comments left little help in discovering why this happened.

[The girl runs through a door, Shepherd following as close as he can. The camera is still a good 50 feet or so, but it catches one more important piece of audio...]


[...followed by a video that has been past around to every major news organization in the world.]

CAMERAMAN:  Oh my word...

[Shepherd is seen with a bloody knife in his hand, the crimson liquid all over his clothes, arms, and even face. Shepherd appears in shock, and the woman...appears dead.]

SHEPHERD:  ...[looks at the camera]...help.

(V/O): This program is presented by CS Enterprises, in association with U-62 Television.

(Fade in on the CSWA World Title belt)

BB (V/O): The CSWA World Heavyweight Title... Worth its weight in GOLD. It lies in the recesses of the Merritt Auditorium, vacant... unused. Six men will have the opportunity to claim it as their own... Six men will wrestle in the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS... Six men... with their own stories to tell...

(CUT TO: Action image of Deacon)  The Silent Giant... with his own personal Judas in his ranks...

(CUT TO: Action image of Eddy Love)  The former CSWA Champion... looking for a repeat...

(CUT TO: Action shot of Powers)  A man struggling to keep it together in the face of an UNHOLY challenge...

(CUT TO: Action shot of Hornet)  The fallen Hero... looking to Take Care of Business...

(CUT TO: Action shot of Vizzack)  And the man who has stepped up to the task of replacing him... but the story is not yet finished. Fifteen men will vie for the coveted sixth role in the IRONMAN tournament... and the very nature of this could alter the face of Anniversary.

(CUT TO: Eli Flair, coming to the ring at PRIMETIME)  The winner could be the returning hero,

(CUT TO: Joey Melton from ELVIS LIVES XI)  The former CSWA World Champion,

(CUT TO: Overlays of Matt Dexter and Jesse Solomon)  The new blood in the CSWA,

(CUT TO: Montagues of K-9, Dante Inferno, Mark Windham, and the rest...)  Or any one of the sixteen men destined to step up to the challenge... And while all of them have stories of their own to tell... only ONE... will write their names into the IRONMAN!

(Fade to black... CUT TO: CSWA Showtime logo, and the 20,000 fans in Nassau Coliseum, ready for some CSWA action! CUT TO: Bill Buckley and Sammy Benson at the commentating table...)

BB: HELLO LONG ISLAND! My name is Bill Buckley, and with me as always is Sammy Benson, and Sammy.... tonight, the CSWA takes its first steps on the road to ANNIVERSARY!

SB: You're right for once, Buckley, but this is no ordinary ANNIVERSARY!  We've got the six- man IRONMAN for the CSWA World Title, and we're gonna see Eddy Love take home the gold for the second time!

BB: He's going to have a lot of work to get there, as NONE of the men in the IOC are going to be pushovers, but who will the final man be? We're going to find that out tonight, won't we?

SB: Why are you asking me? It's not like I know what's gonna happen or anything.

BB: Point taken.

"Hard Chargin" Matt Dexter vs. Jesse Solomon
for the final slot in tonight's Battle Royal

(CUE UP: "Save Yourself" - Stabbing Westward)

SB: Here we go... Jobber Number One.

BB: Sammy! Matt Dexter is headed to the ring, and he looks ready for action!  Remember, this match will determine which of these two men are granted that final slot in the Battle Royal to determine the sixth slot in the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS!

SB: So they're both in the match... by rumor?

BB: Stop it, Sammy. Dexter is in the ring, and we are anxiously awaiting his opponent, Jesse Solomon.

(CUE UP: Falling Down - Goo Goo Dolls)

SB: Wait no longer.

BB: Solomon had a TREMENDOUS match against Wicked Sight in Albany, a match that was bizzare to say the least.

SB: He won the match when Seitzer played BIRDMAN again.

BB: Like I said, Sammy... it's never been proven that Rudy Seitzer is the Hooded Falcon.

SB: Yeah, and it's never been proven that Schmid smells like a disused outhouse.

BB: That was in poor taste... but it was funny, so it's allright. These two men eye each other cautiously, Dexter now offering a test of strength.   Solomon doesn't really look like he wants to do that, but Dexter keeps moving in with that arm raised for the Test of Strength. Solomon now raising his own hand to meet Matt Dexter's but Dexter is quick with a kick to the mid section and drops that extended hand down with a big elbow to the back of the head of the Solomon. Dexter quick to follow up by yanking up Solomon and sending him for a ride to the ropes. Dexter waiting for him on the return and nails him with a big back body drop.

SB: Dexter wants to show the world tonight that he's the man that should be going on to the Battle Royal later tonight.

BB: Well right now he has certainly come out here with a strong start against the his opponent. Dexter not letting up at all, he's a man possessed so far tonight. He's got Solomon up again and whips him back to the ropes...SPINEBUSTER.

SB: It's over already? I don't believe this.

BB: Dexter with the cover, 1.............2....No! Kickout by Solomon. Dexter looks a little annoyed, he thought he had it. He takes Solomon and throws him right over the ropes and down to the arena floor.

SB: That's a mistake. Why give him the chance to regroup.

BB: Well Solomon certainly looks like he's making an attempt at regrouping.  Dexter, however, has decided that he's given him enough time and reaches over the top rope to grab him and bring him back into the ring.

SB: Dexter needs a valet to keep his opponents' attention when he's wrestling. Maybe with a chair or something similar, not that wussy kind who's going to turn and run to anyone that's getting the better of him. Everyone needs a loyal woman, to be barefoot and pregnant. Like Mrs. Beyer. Or Kelly.

BB: Sammy stop it. Dexter has Solomon by the head and he's dragging him up back to the ring apron.He's got Solomon set for a Vertical Suplex Blocked by Solomon. Dexter tries again but again it's blocked. Reversal by Solomon from the ring apron and they go crashing down to the arena floor. That's quite a fall that both men just took. Both are down and not showing much in the line of movement.

SB: Well it was an effective move, but next time he should try to be a little smarter and not kill himself while he's at it.

BB: Good point Sammy, both men are still down and it's not really a surprise.  After all a big suplex like that which ended with both men on the arena floor could have seriously injured either of them. Solomon looks like he might be out! Dexter isn't much better but it now showing some signs of movement.Dexter now to his knees and he's crawling back towards the ring.He's at the steps and he's pulling himself up. He's able to roll in the ring but you can tell that he took quite a fall.

SB: We need some blood! No, don't get up and go for the ring, go for a chair!

BB: Well, much to Sammy's dismay, Solomon and Dexter are both back in the ring. Dexter is back to his feet and Solomon is finally starting to stir.   Dexter grabs Solomon and scoops him up for a Body Slam. Powers him down to the canvas. Dexter now moving to the second rope... Flying Elbow Drop! He's got him! The cover, 1........2........KICKOUT! I don't get it. Solomon looks totally out of it, but yet is able to somehow escape that pin attempt.  Dexter back to his feet and he's stomping Solomon in the head with a series of kicks.

SB: He's losing his cool, everyone knows that this match should have been over already.

BB: Everyone that is, except for the Solomon who has showed remarkable courage so far in staying alive in this one.

SB: Well he's not that bright, he can't figure it out.

BB: Sammy you never learn, do you? Dexter pulling Solomon back to his feet, SMALL PACKAGE! 1......2...... NO! Dexter escapes that one and he's even angrier now. He charges at Solomon who was waiting for him! He grabs the charging Matt Dexter and nails him with a big poowerslam. Solomon now turning it around. Dexter back to his feet but he's met by a big dropkick by Solomon not wasting any time in getting the momentum back, he grabs Dexter and pulls him back to his feet. Whips him to the ropes. Arm Drag. Dexter back up and running... another Arm Drag! Solomon is getting into it and Dexter looks a little apprehensive. He's backing off from him and holding up his hands as if to say "Enough". Solomon treading in after him as they go towards the corner... NO! Dexter was waiting for him, hits him with an uppercut and quickly follows that with an inverted Atomic Drop.

SB: The women might not want him for very long after that move.

BB:  SAMMY!!! Dexter quickly follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker.

SB: It's just my opinion, but I don't think that this is how the Solomon planned on this match going, especially with a possible World Title shot on the line.

BB: I think your right Sammy. But right now Matt Dexter is in control of this match and I'd have to say that it's all but over.

SB: Charge it, Hard Dexter!

BB: Dexter sets Solomon up... THE BINGE! There's the cover, 1.......2..........3! NO! NO! Dexter thinks he won, but Worthington is telling him otherwise! Solomon had the presence of mind to get his foot on the bottom rope, and this match is still going to continue!

SB: Someone better tell Dexter that... Uh- oh, too late.

BB: SOLOMON IS UP! Dexter is still arguing with Ben Worthington! DRAGON SUPLEX! The cover, 1.........2.............3! There's the bell, and Jesse Solomon has the final slot in the 15-Man Battle Royal tonight! He's got his shot at the IOC, look at him, he's ecstatic!

SB: I can't believe that was just the opening match! What's the Main Event possibly going to look like?

BB: I don't know, Sammy... but we've got a special announcement from CSWA Vice-Commisioner Vizzachero! Mark? Are you there?

(CUT TO: Split screen, with Buckley and Benson on one side and Vizzachero on the other.)

MV: I can hear you, Bill, Sammy.

BB: I hear you have an addition to the card?

MV: Yes, I do. I'm sure I speak for more then myself when I tell you that I was simply DISGUSTED by the actions of the Unholy last week. And for once, the CSWA is going to do something to correct one of its mistakes. Right here, TONIGHT, after the Battle Royal, there will be a fifteen foot high steel cage attached to the outside of the ring, and God's Protege, no matter what happens in the Battle Royal... WILL be in attendance, and he WILL be wrestling... THE DEACON.

SB: That's not fair to Protege.

MV: Was it fair to Deacon when he was blindsided last week? Don't bother to complain, the match is ALREADY signed.

BB: Wow... Some strong words from Vice- Commisioner Vizzachero. What about it, Sammy?

SB: I don't think it's fair... who is he to make decisions? I hear he's got an obsession with SNO-Cones!

BB: That's hardly a sin.

SB: Where are YOU from?

BB: Oh, Lord...

SB: THAT'S a sin.

BB: Sammy... shut up. 

CSWA Unified Tag Team Championships

Powers of Love vs. Lunar Express

(CUE UP: "Love Lifted Me" - Collective Soul)

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen... this contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CSWA UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! Introducing first, with their manager, William H. Bradley III... At a total combined weight of 488 pounds... "Galactic" Grant... "Stellar" Stan... THE LUNAR EXPRESS!

SB: I like these guys. But they're no Eddy.

BB: Sammy, let's make a deal.

SB: What'll you give me for a slightly used codpiece?

BB: EEEWWW... NO! That's not what I'm talking about. I won't say a word about your Eddy Love obsession anymore... if you agree, that if Eddy Love does NOT win the World Title at Anniversary... You do the next event, in its entirety, wearing a "Daredevil Junior" T-Shirt. Deal?

SB: This is rich... Deal.

BB: Wait a second... Stellar Stan's got the mic...

(CUT TO: The ring. Stellar Stan has a mic in hand...)

SS:  Ladies and Gentleman, we present to you the most GALACTIC duo that the CSWA has ever seen...the 2 most STELLAR tag team members ever to grace the CSWA stage (HUGE BOO FROM CROWD). You know them, you know you love them, and frankly...LADIES, you know you want em. I now present to you the team that IS tag team wrestling, whether the CSWA front office likes it or not - Stellar Stan, Galactic Grant (quietly) along with that technically profecient financial wizard William H. Bradley the third - THE LUNAR EXPRESS...tell 'em bout it Grant.

GG:  THE Elite tag team in the wrestling world, and in a few moments - we'll prove it once again. Get Powers of Love out here already so we can get this over with.


(CUE UP: "The Power of Love" - Huey Lewis and the News)

Accompanied to the ring by Sweet Melissa... weighing in at 575 pounds... The CSWA UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... "Hurricane" Eddy Love... "Good God" Kevin Powers... THE POWERS OF LOVE!

BB: Listen to these people, they're really showing support to Powers for his current predicament.

SB: They just LOVE Eddy!

(Stan gets the mic back and begins...)

SS:  Ya know, at Battle of the Belts - something happened... something that went TOO FAR. Ya see, people seem to believe that we have the phrase "KICK ME" plastered on our ... well, you figure it out. From Vizzack putting his nose where it ASSUREDLY didn't belong to ... well, that farse of a finals, this league screwed us over. Sure, we'd heard the stories, but we thought, (Stan in a mocking voice) "We're the LE, no WAY they'll do the deed on us! We might lose, but no WAY would they try to embarrass us..." (Stan goes back to normal.) ... but ya did! After that match, people used it to 'prove' we were not the ELITE in tag team wrestling. That ain't gonna happen though. Not tonight, not at Battle of the Belts, not ever. You want to see how much we are THE tag TEAM in the World - let's see Merritt's tag division survive without us - we're outta this joint!

(With that, Stan and Grant flip the mic back to the announcer at ringside and begin to walk out of the ring as William FREAKS out. William grabs the mic.)

WHB:  GUYS! YOU can't DO THAT! The front office will...

(Grant grabs the mic to finish.)

GG:  Thanks for reminding us Willy.


GG:  WHATEVER. We have a message for the front office.   (With that, Grant throws the mic to the mat and him and Stan stand on the middle rope, jerk their shorts down to MOON everyone as the crowd EXPLODES with a huge POP! They walk back out of the ring and out of the building.)

BB: Well... that was brief.

SB: OR lack thereof.

BB: I apologize, it looks like we WON'T in fact have the Unified Tag Team Title match... we'll be right back with Steve Radder and Randy Harders.


United States Heavyweight Title

"Iceman" Steve Radder
"The Hard One" Randy Harders

(CUE UP:  "Rockafella Skank" - Fatboy Slim)

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall... and it is for the CSWA United States Heavyweight CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first... weighing in at 248 pounds and accompanied to the ring by his manager, Kelly... The COOLEST of the COOL... The CSWA United States Heavyweight Champion... "ICEMAN" STEVE RADDER!!!!!!

BB: Here's Radder... but... no Kelly. What gives?

SB: Morning sickness.

BB: It's the middle of the night.

SB: Never said she was all that smart.

BB: He's got a microphone...

(CUT TO: The ring, with Radder...)

SR: Listen, Kelly had a little trouble earlier tonight so they took her to the hospital for some observation. It won't make any difference.

(CUE UP: "Turn the Page" - Metallica)

RJ: His opponent... from Long Island, New York... weighing in at 315 pounds... "The Hard One" RANDY HARDERS!

BB: This hometown boy is getting a VERY loud ovation, even with his change in attitude to the Unholy.

SB: Hey, the women wear less. What can ya say?

BB: These men are ready to lock up, collar and elbow, wristlock by Radder, quickly reversed by Randy Harders. Radder with a spin move to reverse again. Randy Harders now trying to reverse again, but Steve has him in. Harders reaches underneath and pulls out Radder's leg. Radder to the canvas, and with his free leg boots Harders right in the backside which sends Harders to the ropes.

SB: Both men coming out quickly trying to establish maybe a little bit of a \technical advantage.

BB: Both men back to their feet now and ready to start off again, lock up a second time and Harders quickly grabs Radder in a sideheadlock. Steve with a quick shrug off sends Harders to the ropes, Harders on the return but a Leap Frog by Radder. Harders continues to the far side and returns again, Radder dives to the ground and Harders runs over and continues back to the ropes again, Radder drops and Monkey Flip's Randy Harders over and to the canvas.  Randy Harders back to his feet and is immediately met by a big Steve Radder drop kick. Both men quickly back to their feet and Radder grabs Randy Harders and sends him for a Ride with an Irish Whip. Harders off the ropes, Flying Cross Body Block. ONE Kickout by Radder and both men again are up to their feet.

SB: These two guys are just fooling around with each other, and wasting my time. Let's see some real action.

BB: Harders and Radder lock up again, this time Harders sends Steve for the whip, Radder to the ropes, single leg takedown by Randy. Right back up to their feet though, armdrag by Harders sends Radder back to the canvas. Steve up again and this time it's a hiptoss which puts him right back on the canvas. Radder a little slower to get up this time and when he does he's met with a spinning kick which sends him staggering to the corner. Harders follows him in with a big splash. Radder takes a couple of steps out of the corner and falls flat on his face. Randy Harders to the ropes, he's climbing up top... SPLASH! He nails it. Rolls over Steve Radder 1........2............NO. Steve Radder manages to Kickout somehow.

SB: Well he took quite an impact from Randy on that Moonsault, but this guy didn't get to be where he is by being a pushover.

BB: Well Randy Harders is back to his feet and he's dragging up Steve Radder.  Picks him up VERTICAL SUPLEX . Holds him up there for a few seconds and then sends him crashing down to the canvas. Another cover 1.........2.......KICKOUT AGAIN. Randy Harders is starting to get angry now. He grabs Radder and tosses him right over the top rope and down to the arena floor. Harders now going up to the top rope, he's going to oh my he leaps at Radder who's on the arena floor...... Radder MOVED... HE Got out of the way. Randy Harders goes crashing into the ring barrier. It looks like he hit his leg on that barrier real hard.

SB: Really, who would have thought. He jumps from what 20 feet up ?

BB: Randy Harders is certainly withering around on the arena floor and Steve Radder is getting a little bit of rest to recompose himself.

SB: Look how Randy Harders is holding his leg. He hurt his knee I think.

BB: Thank you Doctor Benson. Radder now getting back to his feet, moves over towards Harders. Lifts him up, and slams him into the ring barrier again.    Harders back to the floor. Radder now realizing that the referee is counting, rolls back into the ring just long enough to break the count. Radder now back to the Harders and brings him back up to his feet again. Gets him back to his feet and you can clearly see how Harders is limping. Steve rolls him back into the ring and follows him in.

SB: He's hurt, Buckley!

BB: Yes, he is. This is where Steve's many skills should come in very handy. When you get an advantage like this, it's best to keep working it and wear down that injured part.

SB: I know.

BB: Radder now going to work on that injured leg. Spinning Toe Hold, and lets it go. Lifts the leg back up and does it again.

SB: He should give up now and try to rest for the next rounds.

BB: Steve Radder now going to lock in the figure four, BOOT by Harders to his rear end though sends him to the ropes.

SB: Ouch.

BB: Harders now trying to get back to his feet and you can see how uncertain he is about that injured leg. He's just about up, and doesn't really look like he's able to do much with it. Radder CLIPS IT. He clipped out that knee and sends Harders back to the canvas with a new shot of pain. Radder now quickly locks in the Figure Four. HE'S GOT IT.

SB: This one is history.

BB: The referee is asking if he's ready to submit, but Randy Harders is clearly shaking his head no. He's not going to give up this easy.

SB:  There's a first for everything.

BB: Of course there is, that explains how you actually made an interesting comment or two tonight, but I'm saying that I don't see him giving up that easy.

SB: Very funny.

BB: Well he's taking Radder's Figure Four now and he's not showing signs of giving up yet. The fans are still very much behind him, urging him to make it to the ropes, which unfortunately aren't that close.

SB: In the mood for a growth spurt?

BB: The referee again asking if Randy Harders wants to submit. And again Randy says no. This is really taking a toll on him though, he's really in trouble.

SB: What tipped you off?

BB: Harders's shoulders are now down. The referee counts 1.........2.........NO. Harders lifts his arm back up. He's got it back on the canvas 1.........2.......NO AGAIN as Randy Harders is able to get that shoulder back up off the canvas.

SB: It looks like he's just conserving his strength a little bit. It's easier to just lie back for a few seconds then constantly hold one arm off the canvas

BB: Harders now, trying to roll it over, can he do it can he get the reverse YES....... NO..... Steve Radder is able to keep the momentum going and roll right through so that he is still has the upper hand... but look how close they are to the ropes now. Harders hasn't really noticed.

SB: Now he has!

BB:  He looks over now and sees that he can more or less get to the ropes, he's reaching but falling just an inch or two short.

SB:  Short? Inches? No no.. not the midgets again.

BB:  It's not midgets Sammy, calm down. Harders trying to get that extra little bit that he needs to get to the ropes he's got it. Worthington forces the break.  Radder back to his feet, but Randy Harders isn't going to be able to get up anytime soon.  Radder back to work on Randy Harders, scoops him up big Body Slam. Covers ONE TW....Kickout by Harders. Radder grabs him back up, Slingshot Suplex...that might be it......1.....2..... NO! KICKOUT again by Randy Harders.  Radder back to work now on the leg, he wraps up that knee in some kind of leglock that I don't think I've ever seen before.

SB: From the look of it, it seems painful.

BB: That it certainly appears to be, but still Randy Harders refuses to give up. He is sticking it out, holding on barely it appears at this point.

SB: He might just have to go home and wait till he's got some more experience.

BB: Like I said, don't expect him to give up on anything, anytime soon.  Radder lets up, and he drops an elbow on Harders' chest! 1..........2.........3! NO! Harders kicks out AGAIN!

SB: Where's he getting this from?

BB: I don't know, but he'd better keep feeding from it unless he wants to lose this match! Radder picks Harders up... sends him into the ropes... SHOULDERBLOCK BY HARDERS! Radder stumbles backwards, but he's still on his feet! He fires a fist! Harders fires back!

SB: This has degenerated quickly.

BB: Radder tries to sweep the leg, but Harders scoops him up! Whirlwind! He holds him up for a few seconds, and DROPS him down, face first! There's the cover, 1.........2................3! NO! YES! Radder kicked out, but Worthington is ruling it a three count!

SB: Told ya so, the revealing clothing makes the champ!

BB: Be that as it may... Randy Harders has lost the Greensboro Title only to climb a step and grab hold of the United States belt.   Uh oh, Blade and Pat Black are making their way down to ringside...it looks like the Unholy might not be finished with Steve Radder!  No, wait a sec....here comes the cavalry as Eddy Love and Sweet Melissa have just made their way down the ramp.

(Eddy Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "it’s all about LOVE". He has a heavy gauge solid brass chain draped across his shoulders and is pointing at the Unholy members at ringside. Melissa trails him and is carrying a hand bag and the steel plated baseball bat that Kevin Powers and Eddy Love have wielded so often.)

SB: There’s my pal Eddy always looking out for the little man.

BB: Melissa has moved behind Eddy, whlie he takes the opportunity to move to the other side of the ring backing off the Unholy.  Radder and Love are back-to-back as they keep an eye on Black and Blade.  Wait...what is Melissa getting out of her purse?  Uh oh, I smell a Pearl Harbor job.

SB: Melissa just sprayed whatever she pulled from that purse in Steve Radder's eyes!!!!

BB: It’s de-icer, that witch sprayed de-icer in Radder’s eyes and now begins kicking him in the stomach. This is ridiculous, Sammy something’s gotta be done about this coward Love.

SB: It doesn’t look like Steve Radder’s going to be doing anything about it because Eddy is going to work on him with that chain.

BB: Irish whip by Love and he pops Radder with the chain.... Steve Radder has been busted wide open. Love is tying the chain around Radder’s neck and he tosses him over the top rope.

SB: I think Radder actually jumped over trying to get away.

BB: Yea Sammy, and I guess Steve is asking Eddy to hold onto the chain and choke him out now too.

SB: Sure looks like it.

BB: Love is literally hanging Steve Radder over the top rope and now Melissa has that bat.

SB: OH, she’s really swinging for the fences.

BB: Melissa is pounding Steve Radder in the ribs with that bat.   Finally Love has dropped Radder.... he ismotionless on the ground while Melissa kicks him one last time and joins Eddy Love in the ring.

SB: Eddy’s grabbed a microphone... let’s hear what he has to say.

LOVE: The only thing I hate about beating Steve Radder down in front of you imbeciles is forcing all those Eddy Love Lovers to sit through another one of those Radder at the hospital with his little girlfriend crying promos. Steve Radder I didn’t like it but I could’ve put up with that babyface New York kid act of yours, I coulda put up with you cutting promo after promo where you didn’t mention Powers or Love while I sung your praises like you were my own son, I even tolerated you bringing Mary Poppins around and watching her cry every time someone put you in a head lock, I learned to accept that you and Kelly wanted to be the next Vizzack and Sunshine even though you couldn’t fill that worm’s shoes, Steve I didn’t even object when I found out you were going to bring a bastard child into yall’s unmarried relationship.......(Love pauses drops the mic by his side and shakes his head.)....You know in my CSWA debut, Mike Randals pile-drived my Melissa right on the hard concrete..... a few weeks ago that trashy wench Silky Rose threw a fire ball right into my Sweet’s face..... and while I was pissed at both, I felt I could only blame myself. I know when I bring Melissa ringside I put her in harm's way and so we deal with it. What I can’t tolerate is when I’m not around and a man that calls himself my friend goes to the locker room and starts pushing around my lady. Steve Radder when you put your hands on my Melissa you took the rocks outta the Powers of Love and if you ever put your hands on my Melissa again, Ice Man, we’ll be seeing that next Kelly crying video from your grave instead of the hospital. (Love drops the mic and lays a long wet kiss on Melissa)

BB:  This is sick.  Fans, we're going to cut away for a moment while Radder is given some medical attention.

(CUT TO: Commercial for ANNIVERSARY!)

SB: The ring is COMPLETELY full of s---

BB: Sammy! Fans, while we were at commercial, the participants for the Battle Royal were announced and came out, one by one! It's taken the ENTIRE CSWA Security team to keep some of these men separated until the match started, but here we go!



BATTLE ROYAL for the final slot in the


BB: There we go! The bell sounds, and some obvious fights are breaking out!  Mark and Timmy Windham... Nemesis and Apocalypse... K-9 and Pat Black... Blade and Cool Moe D... MARK WINDHAM WITH A FACE BUSTER ON TIMMY! Timmy's down already!

SB: Good thing you're not OUT until you're over the top rope!

BB: True, and now Dante Inferno's got a hold of Mark Windham! CHOKESLAM!

SB: No! Chokeslam him TO THE OUTSIDE!

BB: Apocalypse has Nemesis by the throat... BLADE off the ropes... DROPKICK!  He might've snapped his neck! K-9 lets go of Pat Black and takes a second to look at his brother... APOCALYPSE GRABS K-9 by the throat! NO! Jesse Solomon with a forearm to the back of Apocalypse!

SB: He's looking pretty good for someone who was already IN a match tonight!

BB: Speaking of which, Eli Flair just caught God's Protege with a DDT! He's got Deacon to look forward to! Flair hobbles a bit, and Aaron Douglas kicks him in the knee!

SB: The achilles heel of Eli Flair rears its ugly head!

BB: Mark and Timmy are still going at it! NO! God's Protege just blindsided Mark from behind!

SB: Where you gonna blindside someone from? The front?

BB: They're trying to get Mark over... THEY GOT HIM! NO! NO! Mark Windham slid back under the bottom rope as Protege takes a shot at Timmy! They're fighting each other!

SB: Look out from behind!


SB: We can subtract... have a cookie.

BB: Apocalypse sees Aaron Douglas, and he pushes him into the corner! He's choking the life out of Aaron Douglas! On the other side of the ring, Dante Inferno and Jesse Solomon are trading punches! Julius Godreign just caught up with Cool Moe D and he's gouging his eye!

SB: Need... Unholy...

BB: What?

SB: They've got better looking valets.

BB: Whatever, Sammy. Wait a second...(FAN POP)



SB: Wait until their eyes meet... Too late.

BB: Apocalypse sees him... He's daring him to come to the ring!

SB: Don't do it, Kevin!

BB: He's daring APOC to come OUTSIDE!

SB: Nope! Aaron Douglas just occupied more of his attention!

BB: Joey Melton has been lying low in this thing so far... and now he's going after Pat Black! They're trading blows! Godreign off the ropes... and he takes a knee to the stomach by Eli Flair!  Flair and Godreign are going at it like crazy!!!   These two veterans are trading punches, and neither one is going down!

SB: So many bodies moving around this thing, it's gonna be hard to move around!

BB: You're right, Sammy... Fans, in case you're just joining us, God's Protege and Timmy Windham have both been eliminated! Nemesis with a takedown on Cool Moe D!  Godreign got a clear shot....and he clotheslines Flair!!!  Both men go over the top!!!!

SB:  Look at that!

BB:  Godreign goes over and hits the floor...but Eli still has a grip on the top rope!  He skins the cat and gets back into the ring....he's still in this thing!  That's one more on the floor!

SB: Make it two! Jesse Solomon has just eliminated Melton! ROOKIE... Jesse Solomon... Has Just Eliminated the FIRST CSWA World Champion EVER... Joey Melton.

BB: You sound surprised... I knew he had talent.

SB: Talent is one thing... but this is MELTON.

BB: I know. We're down to eleven men, fans, and they're still pounding away!  Inferno with a faceslam on Flair! I think he's busted open, Sammy!

SB: What would Captain Schitzo be without blood? Think about it. The longer this match goes, though... the more advantage the big guys like Inferno, Apocalypse, and Flair will have.

BB: How's that?

SB: Well, when the ring starts to clear a little bit more, some of the lighter guys are gonna start some of those high risk maneuvers that you simply CANNOT DO in a match like this. And the men like Flair, like Apocalypse and Inferno, simply don't DO maneuvers like that.

BB: Point taken. Back to the match, however... Eli Flair has found Nemesis!

SB: And Nemesis doesn't look too happy about it.

BB: Flair's removed the turnbuckle covering, and he's SMASHING Nemesis across the face with the exposed ring! By the hair... and he's thrown over the top rope! Nemesis is eliminated!

SB: Watch out behind you... and keep an eye on your checkbook, because Pat Black has just sent Aaron Douglas sailing over the top!

BB: The Greensboro Champion does not look happy about that, no sir! But he has no choice but to return to the dressing rooms!

SB: Solomon is still in there too! And Flair is still walking!

BB: Impressive showings by both men! Solomon sends Apocalypse into the ropes... NO! Kevin Powers with a chair to Apoc's back! No, Apoc... He hasn't left yet! Apocalypse reaches for Powers! He's got him by the hair! He pulls... but so does Powers! Apocalypse comes over the top and eliminates himself!

SB: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he cares.

BB: You're right, Sammy, because Apocalypse simply tears into Powers on the outside! Here comes Gethard with security!

SB: Hold on to your underwear, Kevin!

BB: Back to the match... we're down to eight men who can claim the IRONMAN of CHAMPIONS slot. Mark Windham, Blade, Dante Inferno, K-9, Jesse Solomon, Cool Moe D, Eli Flair, and Pat Black. And Black is almost out, courtesy of K-9!

SB: That's why the Unholy works together!

BB: Dante Inferno and Blade both grab K-9 from behind, and they send him out!  He's eliminated!

SB: Spoke too soon.

BB: K-9 isn't out of it yet, no! He's on the ring apron, having grabbed hold of Pat Black's arm! Inferno is trying to loosen his grip, but it's not working! MARK WINDHAM WITH A DROPKICK FROM BEHIND! BLACK GOES OUT! And Dante Inferno grabs Windham by the throat! CHOKESLAM!

SB: Look at K-9, he's got a chair and is LAYING into Black!   Black goes down, and now K-9 is headed towards Apocalypse and Powers!  K-9 is looking really rough.

BB: Can you blame him, after what all has happened?   He tears into Apocalypse from behind with that steel chair.  Apocalypse takes the first shot, turns around, and gets BLASTED with another shot to head...and another...and another!!!!  K-9 has busted the big man open...and he continue to hammer away with that chair.... look at it....the top of the frame has almost come loose!  Apocalypse drops to the floor...but K-9 won't quit hitting him with it.  Powers actually looks...amused as he heads back up the aisleway. 

SB:  Uh oh, somebody let K-9 have a mic.

K-9:  The time has come....Insanity is upon you!!!!

BB:  And K-9 is STILL going after Apocalypse....but here comes Pat Black and friends...and K-9 quickly makes his exit.

SB: Cool Moe D has found Blade once again, and they're trading blows in the corner!

BB: Look, though... Jesse Solomon has just DROPKICKED Dante Inferno in the knee, and he barely flinched! But it was enough to make him drop Mark Windham!

SB: Look at Flair, he's still mixing it up! He's trying to eliminate Blade and Cool Moe D all by himself! He can't do it.

BB: Wanna bet? Windham ran over to help him, and they........ GOT 'EM! Blade and CMD are out of there! The NCAA has their Final Four... and so do we!

SB: What an unlikely four it is, too... Flair... Solomon... Windham... and Inferno. Maybe not so unlikely.

BB: They're all backing off... and each one is standing in a corner... Who will be the first to move?

SB: Inferno! He's lunged at Windham, while Solomon and Flair are still just standing there!

BB: Windham and Inferno... they're actually toe to toe! Windham isn't losing ground! Inferno sends him into the ropes... FLYING CROSSBODY by Windham! Inferno collapses into the ropes but DOES NOT GO DOWN! And FLAIR MAKES HIS MOVE! He sends Inferno into the opposite ropes, where Solomon waits with an axehandle, and Flair sends Windham over the top!

SB: Yes!

BB: Inferno tosses Solomon over the top... Solomon hangs on! Inferno off the ropes... FLYING CLOTHESLINE! NO! Flair ducked... and INFERNO TO THE OUTSIDE!

SB: It's Flair or Solomon!

BB: They just saw each other... and they lock up! Flair's got the weight advantage, he shoves Solomon into the corner! Whip to the opposite end...NO! Solomon hangs on and tries to reverse... NO! He couldn't budge Flair, who sends him chest first back into the same corner!

SB: Flair!

BB: NO! Solomon came out of the corner with a superkick to the jaw! Flair is down!

SB: Solomon!

BB: Make up your mind.

SB: Why? I'm a front runner, and proud of it!

BB: Solomon picks up Flair... he's setting him up for SOMETHING... Irish whip... Duck- down... NO! Flair stopped himself! He whips Solomon into the ropes... BACKDROP! SOLOMON WENT OVER THE TOP!

(CUE UP: "Another Brick in the Wall" - Pink Floyd)

SB: I can't believe it!


SB: You can bet Hornet and Poison Ivy won't be happy about this!

BB: Fans, we've got one more loose end to take care of before we leave you tonight... we'll be right back with Deacon vs. God's Protege!


God's Protege

BB: It's been a great night of action so far, and Sammy we're going to top it off with a cherry on top.

SB: Hunger pains aside, Buckley......there's nothing more entertaining that watching two men of God beat the holy snot out of each other. Gotta love the brass of the CSWA.

BB: It doesn't take much to get you started does it?

SB: Do I make you randy, baby, yeah do I?

BB: Uh...no. And I know you're leading your way into a Mini-Me joke, so please save us.

SB: Mini-me? Buckley if there was a man on this great earth dumb enough to clone you, I.... I curse the thought. Seizter might, he can't seem to get enough of you. And then there's "Can I get ya something else, Mr.Buckley" Marvin...

BB: Sammy, I refuse to let you sit here and begrudge a man because he likes to wash my car when I ask him too. He's got a family.

SB: Ick. I knew a couple of years ago he was looking into mail order brides...but who knew. Did i miss the wedding?

BB: Matter of fact you were there?

SB: Buckley, stop foolin around.

BB: I'm serious. You were wasted for days afterward..

SB: I'm wasted most days, what's your point? Okay! So I was there. But can you blame me for wanting to wash the image out of my mind. A country western wedding is more than enough to make you drink.

BB: (thinks about the wedding) Get me a shot of that.  (Buckley, takes a sip of Benson's cup)

BB: Main Event time. Rhubarb, if you will.

BB: Deacon backs GP into a corner to start off the match. Fans, I apologize for my blatant drinking..

SB: Don't. The commoners don't deserve it.

BB: Deacon demanded this match after what happened at PRIMETIME a couple of weeks ago.  After saying he has 'seen the light' God's Protege offered to tag with Deacon against the Unholy.   But in the end, of course, Protege showed his true colors, turning on Deacon and joining the Unholy.  Tonight, Deacon wants revenge.  And here we go!   Deacon sends GP to the middle of the ring with a huge hip toss! Protege to his feet, but Deacon remedies that with a vicious clothesline!

(2 count from Worthington)

BB: Almost an early pin! You can see why, Sammy, that many are predicting the gold to be around the waist of Deacon! An awesome, awesome man.

(Deacon lifts GP off his feet, and slams him to the mat)

SB: Yeah, he's a Ninja in a half shell, turtle power, Deacon.

BB: Deacon follows that body slam by heading up to the top rope....God's Protege isn't finished yet, and he meets Deacon up top.

(GP throws a right hand that stuns Deacon)

SB: We can all give thanks and pray that this match goes on. I know, for one I'm thrilled.

(GP again rocks Deacon, and then tries to DDT him off the top)

BB: Deacon pushes GP off the top rope! The mountain of a man, stands on the top of the turnbuckle, if he hits any sort of offensive from here you can mail the paycheck to GP because he won't be awake to pick it up tomorrow.

SB: You're toasted, Buckley.

(Deacon leaps off, but GP side steps away and Deacon falls flush on the mat)

BB: Saved himself with that move, did God's Protege! GP helps Deacon to his feet...this looks like a tombstone piledriver!

SB: The the smart money says it is...

(GP plants Deacon through the mat)

BB: That's it, for sure. All of Deacon's weight came crashing down on this head and shoulders. Sammy, please no cracks.

SB: You're handcuffing me here.

(Worthington gets to 2 and a half)

BB: Deacon is up! His left shoulder barely saw the light of day!

(A man, standing around 6'6" tall and well build, comes to ringside  dressed all in black with a pastoral collar similar to what Deacon wears. His hair is coal black, and he is obviously of Meditteranean decent.)

SB: Buckley, you didn't tell me tonight was Monk's night out.

BB: Who in the? Marvin may need security...and chances are my car needs another coat of wax.

(The man holds his hand out toward Deacon and begins to chant.  The camera  pans over and catches a strange marking on the palm of his hand. The marking is a deformed star.)

BB: Sammy did you see that?

SB: I think it's time for me to leave, Buckley.

BB: The mysterious man saying a prayer of some sorts. This is bizarre to say the least.

(God's Protege goes for a leg drop, but Deacon seemingly out of it catches the leg, and takes GP off his feet. Deacon hops to his feet and catches GP)

SB: Buckley, the prayer has awakened Deacon!

(Deacon has GP up in a vertical suplex, then drops him into a piledriver)

BB: What a move!!! Deacon, dead a second ago..now covers GP!

(Worthington counts 1.....2......3)

BB: IT'S OVER Deacon has won it!!

SB: I need a drink.

(Deacon leaves the ring and the man comes up to him. Deacon seems to pull back from the man but the man persists. The man bows low, and then touches Deacon on the shoulder with a smile on his face. With that, they leave together...Deacon still bewildered.)


[Deacon and this new 'confidante' leave through a sidedoor. The camera sees a limo parked outside awaiting them, just before the door slams shut. The camera pans around to show Sunshine sitting outside of a locker room saved for Mark Vizzack. She holds a small piece of cloth in her hand and is staring at it inquisitively. Through the door steps Mark drinking a sports drink and...]

MV:  You ready to go?

SUNSHINE:  Yeah, I guess so... what do you think happened today... with Shepherd I mean.

MV:  In this world, you never know what someone could do. I'm still a bit shocked...[shaking his head] ...murder.

SUNSHINE:  What do you make of this then?

[Sunshine shows the white piece of cloth to Mark. The cloth is the same as the one given to Shepherd from the young woman.]

MV:  What do you mean? Looks like a used snot rag to me.

[Sunshine stares at it for a long moment, and then tosses it into a garbage can beside her and begins to leave. Mark takes his last drink from his sports drink and tosses it into the same can.]

MV:  So...where do you want to go to eat?

[The camera pans up to show the spilled sports drink and the white cloth.

The white cloth has a symbol on it, the symbol of a deformed star...]

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