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February 18, 1999

Double Main Event:  Eli Flair/Nemesis
Powers of Love vs. ARROGANCE 


(Before the card starts, Rudy Seitzer, Richard Dawson, and Bill Buckley are walking through the backstage area...)

RD:I can't believe it. It's only my third day of work here and I've got an interview with the World Champion! SURVEY SAYS... ME!

RS:You're the man, Richard.

RD:I thought you always covered Vizzack's interviews, Rudy? Can't cut it anymore?

BB:No, um..... Rudy's just taking a step back and letting you get some glory.

(They stop outside a room marked "Mark Vizzack)

RD:Well, here's where I say goodbye to those I leave behind. It was nice working with you gentlemen, but I've moved up in the organization.

(He opens the door)

Vizzack, name something in black, that's very sad, and stands in your corner. The Number One Answer.... Vizzack?

(The room is dark. He takes a step in, and Seitzer and Buckley close the door and lock it. Peeling off the sign, the door now reads "Janitor")

RS: You're a devious one, Buckley.

BB: Eleven years of Sammy will do that to a man. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to call Parsons.

RS: What about him?

BB: Leave him. I need a night of peace and quiet.

BB(V/O): CSWA SHOWTIME in Kansas City was, in every way, dubbed "Aftermath."

(Cut to: Three-second clips of Vizz/Radder, Flair/Powers, and Nemesis/Harders/Rap Man/Apoc)

The remnants of the wars waged in Memphis at ELVIS LIVES XI still continued to this day.

(Cut to the Four-Way match... particularly the end)

Four men... all of whom want a shot at the gold... until one man did the unthinkable.

(Cut to:Vizzack vs. Radder for the World Title)

The current, gave a long-awaited rematch to his rival... and reluctant confidant.

(Cut to:Powers and Flair battling... just one more time)

Two men who may never be finished with each other... until one of them is out of the sport.

(The screen splits in three, showing each of these things in a different third... and in the middle, the forms of HORNET and Poison Ivy emerge...)

At the middle of all of this turmoil lie two people who, since their inception, have laid the wrestling world on its ear.... Two people who have managed to once again prove that they are a cut above the norm, and a step ahead of the rest....

(Slo-mo of Hornet attacking Eli Flair at SHOWTIME)

.....No matter what the cost....

(Fade to black.... and the screen EXPLODES with fireworks as the 25,000+ SCREAMING fans are on their feet, anxiously awaiting the CSWA action they're about to see tonight.... The camera pans the crowd.. with signs such as "Flair got POISONED" and "ARROGANCE to take the gold!" and a rather unusual "Sunshine Del Payne for PRESIDENT!" can be seen.... finally cutting to Bill Buckley and Stan Parsons at the commentator's table...)

BB:HELLLOOOO, LINCOLN!!!!! My name is Bill Buckley, and I'm joined tonight, THANK GOD, by the distinguished Stan Parsons! Stan, we've got a DOUBLE MAIN EVENT tonight if one has ever existed!

SP:Without a doubt, Bill. First we've got Eli Flair defending his US Title against the newest member of.. well, The UnHoly in a Barbed Wire Ladder Match, that could hold its own as a Main Event ANYWHERE in the world! But I have to wonder who truly has the advantage there?

BB:I have to disagree there, Stan. Leg injury or no, Eli Flair is in HIS type of match tonight. He wouldn't have made this a 'hardcore' match if he wasn't.

SP:Time will tell, Buckley, but my sources tell me that the doctors backstage have ALREADY advised Flair that he should not be wrestling tonight. If he pushes himself too far, we could very well see a new US Champion crowned here tonight!

BB: The Ladder Match notwithstanding, we've got a match that the fans have been requesting for more then FOUR MONTHS now, as Eddy Love and Kevin Powers, the offshoot of the CORPORATION, Powers of Love, will take on CSWA legends Joey Melton and Peyton Wright, ARROGANCE, in a tag team match! Melton is in his late thirties, Stan, but he's still one of the best in the sport! Kicking things off tonight, however, will see "The Role Model" Marcus Johnson, taking on one half of Moral Majority, The Preacher. Let's get up to ringside.

SP: Bill? Where's Dawson at this week?

"Role Model" Marcus Johnson
vs. The Preacher

BB:Marcus Johnson has really been on a tear since coming to the CSWA, and looked to continue against the veteran Preacher tonight! Johnson took it to him early on, nearly getting a quick three-count by hitting Preacher with a powerbomb and hooking the tights, but referee Pee Wee Troutman made him break the hold. Preacher wasn't done yet, however, as he fired right back with a series of punches, followed up by a running powerslam that nearly ended it! It was at that moment, however, that Johnson's manager, Tiffany, jumped up onto the apron and, well, offered to sell Preacher a "Role Model" T-Shirt. When Troutman tried to get her down to the floor, Johnson seized the opportunity - and a handful of tights - for the quick three count.


SP: Marcus Johnson continues to impress here in the CSWA, taking out the veteran Preacher. Bill, I think he could be up for a title shot VERY soon.

BB: He could very well be. Up next, however, we've got a debut match, as "The Bookie" Gilly Nevenrose, with his manager Miss Heart takes on "Hard Body" Bobby Jackson, with his brother Brian. I had a chance to look at Nevenrose's career prior to joining the CSWA, and I think we're in for a treat tonight.

SP: Let's get up to Rhubarb.


"Hard Body" Bobby Jackson
vs. "The Bookie" Gilly Nevenrose

BB: Nevenrose was able to keep Jackson off balance for a good portion of this match, showing his versatility in both brawling and high flying maneuvers. The tide turned, however, when Nevenrose came off the ropes and found his legs hooked by Brian Jackson on the outside! Jackson then PUMMELED the temporarily downed Nevenrose with multiple power moves, including a belly-to-back superplex! Gilly then showed his ENDURANCE and DURABILITY by kicking out of every pin attempt that Jackson made! Frustrated, Jackson sent Nevenrose into the ropes, only for the Bookie to catch him with a sunset flip! Two handfuls of tights was all it took for Nevenrose to get this surprising upset victory!


BB:Gilly gets the win! He made some mistakes, but he did get the three count when it mattered.

SP: Yep. When he had a handful of tights. Look at Jackson, he’s is yelling at the ref, furious about the tights being pulled.

BB: Whatever works. That's the legacy that Sammy left behind.

SP: You miss that little bugger?

BB: Only when I hear Richard Dawson speak.

SP: I know what you mean. Where did you say he was again, tonight?

BB: I didn't. Problem Child is already in the ring, and he;s got a mic...

(Cut to: The ring)

PC: I got up yesterday...got in my car, drove from my home in the Bronx, all the way to the airport. Flew all the way here. Drove a third-rate rent-a-car, but what would you expect from a third-rate state? I drove down to the roach-motel you people call four star...hell, I'd hate to see the three star motels. Woke up at 4 am this morning with a stiff back, found out I had to pay a five bucks to get into the complimentary breakfast room, and then drove down to this DUMP I gotta wrestle in tonight. (Pauses) Now I have to wrestle Alan Summers. PC's NOT going to beat this guy senseless to impress you Nebraska nimrods...

(Chorus of boos)

...no, PC's gonna beat this guy senseless because PC is PC, and PC is THE (bleep)!

(More boos. PC throws down the mic.)

BB: Problem Child’s gonna get fined for that one!


"Awesome" Alan Summers vs. Problem Child

BB: This was a knock-down drag out from the opening bell to the final three-count. Problem Child and Alan Summers just couldn't get the upper hand for very long. Both men, however, impressed. The tide of the match turned when Summers missed a top rope splash, and Problem Child scooped him up, hit him with a powerbomb/pinning combo and left this match a winner.


BB: Problem Child is successful in his debut, though Summers looked JUST as impressive. I think both of these men will have a bright future in the CSWA.

SP: And you can tell after one match?

BB: Partly.

SP: You're the same one who saw Hornet go 0-2 his first week and a half here and you decided he was never going to rise above the level of mid carder.

BB: That was eleven years ago.

SP: You brought it up... Not me.

Lone Wulf vs. K-9

BB:This one was K-9 all the way. He swept across the Lone Wulf with 'hurricane' force. K-9 was a flurry of hip tosses, snap suplex, lariats and body slams. A piledriver was K-9' set up finisher, but Lone Wulf was able to kick K-9 out of the way. K-9 hit his head full out on the metal post behind the turnbuckle! Lone Wulf wrapped him up in a cradle, but K-9 reversed it for the three count!

Winner: K-9

SP: That almost backfired on K-9, but he pulled out the victory. That's the sign of someone who can go far here, Bill... if things go sour on you but you STILL manage to pull out the victory.

BB: I agree. Up next is a man who certainly knows what that's about, as Cool Moe D takes on Jack Tollins.

SP: Moe had better watch out... Blade is still seething after the events of SuperPRIMETIME in Memphis, and with The Unholy behind him, who knows what he's capable of.

Cool Moe D vs. Jack Tollins

Cool Moe D. vs. Jack Tollins

BB:It would seem my colleague was more right then he knew. This match was no more then five minutes old when The Unholy crashed the party. Blade immediately went after Cool Moe D, and Tollins was 'helped' from the ring by Nemesis and Apocalypse, as Lady Death and Pat Black looked on. Blade then grabbed a microphone...

Blade: (lets out a sinister laugh) We are here for two reasons tonight, the first is to announce the newest tag-team that will soon reak havoc on the CSWA...."Death and Derangement", composed of myself and Nemesis.

(Nemesis walks over to Blade, as Blade begins to embrace him)

The other is to send a message to all of those that think they can stand in the way of "The Unholy"....It is only a matter of time before the "dark reign" eclipses over the CSWA and destroy everyone and everything that crosses our path!! You will all meet your demise because THE END IS NEAR!!

(Blade pauses from his speech as he begins to walk over to Cool Moe D who still lies in pain on the canvas, Blade bends over and begins to speak)

Blade: I told you that when we met in the ring, it would be the first time and the last time....well, my friend, NOW I am finished with you and your foolish games since I "SINGLE HANDEDLY" destroyed you!!

("The Unholy" begins to laugh sinisterly at Blade's comments, as Blade drops the microphone on Cool Moe D, the lights flash off once again and when they come back on, "The Unholy" has once again mysteriously disappeared)

Winner: COOL MOE D (via DQ)

BB: We'll be back after these words.

(Cut to:Commercial for the next Major Event.... BATTLE OF THE BELTS XVI: Coming in March!)

(Fade back... to Rudy Seitzer in the middle of the ring)

RS:Ladies and gentlemen... please welcome my guest at this time.... the CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!

(HUGE Fan Pop as "Northern Star" by Hole kicks in... Vizzack and Sunshine emerge from the curtain and the fans go even crazier. They are both dressed in street clothes - Vizzack with a "Fly like a Daredevil" T-Shirt on, the World Title Belt draped over his shoulder. Sunshine is dressed in a black skirt, tank top, and boots. They both look in good spirits, despite their recent hardships...)

RS: Welcome tonight, Mark. Sunshine. I think the first question on everyone's mind is... Are you going to grant Hornet a title shot?

MV: First of all, I think it's a TRAVESTY that the former Champion, Hurricane Eddy Love, has yet to receive word on when HE gets a rematch. In fact, ever since Elvis Lives, Merritt and Thomas haven't been returning my calls. Not the right way to treat your champion.

RS: Well, isn't your manager a minority shareholder in CS Enterprises?

SUNSHINE: Mr. Seitzer, this is Mark's time. I think you should allow him to say what he feels.

RS: Well... you mentioned Eddy Love. What do you think of his tag match later tonight?

MV: I'm not going to get into my history with Eddy Love... but one thing I will say is that I always knew where I stood with him. I knew that he'd come at me from the front, and whether he realized it or not, gave me the chance to strike back. That's a lot more then I can say for the "Greatest American Hero" right now.

(Fan pop)

It's one thing if he tells me he wants my belt. It's one thing if he gets a match signed. It's QUITE another to get blindsided by, not only someone I considered my friend, but my IDOL in this business. Well, you did the worst thing you possibly could... and that's merit my FULL attention.

RS: What are you saying?

MV: After tonight, I'm signed to wrestle Deacon in Reno. If I come out of there with the belt, I'm going to give Eddy Love his rematch.

(HUGE heel pop, some start to chant "PLR! PLR!")

I feel he deserves it. Once that's done, Hornet, all my eyes are zeroing in on you. At ANNIVERSARY... screw that. BEFORE Anniversary, we're gonna settle this.

RS: What of Eli Flair?

SUNSHINE: Miss Ivy made her choice, and if she's happy, so are we. But you turned your back on Mr. Flair, and you're not going to get away with that. You taught me how to fight, and if I have to, I'll fight you to try and make you see where you went wrong.

RS: Are... Are you challenging Poison Ivy to a match?

SUNSHINE: Yeah... Yeah, I guess I am.

RS: Mark Vizzack and Sunshine Del Payne, fans!

(Cue up:"Northern Star" - Hole, as they leave the ring area to a huge fan pop)

BB: Fans, we've got word from the back that Sweet Melissa has made her way to the Unholy Alliance Locker room... We're gonna go backstage to see if we can catch what's happening.

(Melissa is seen walking past two large janitors, who are mopping, to a door marked Unholy Alliance. She knocks and the door opens revealing Nemesis.)

MELISSA: Just the man I was looking for... you know Eddy just hasn't been taking care of business lately... annnd... weeeell.. I saw how you were really the man who was leading that beating on Steve Radder sooo... I was wondering...(Nemesis carefully looks both ways seeing no sign of trouble steps outside.)

NEMESIS: You liked that, huh? You know that Radder’s got some kinda ego and I just felt who would be a better first victim than....(As Nemesis continues the ignored janitors move closer, finally wacking Nemesis over the head with the mop handle, knocking him to the floor. Melissa begins kicking away at his head as Love and Powers shed the janitors outfit.)

POWERS: So you little *&^%, you thought you could just thrash one of us out then walk around here safe. (Powers pulls Nemesis to his feet and holds his arms behind him.)

LOVE: And if I hafta listen to you make one more excuse for me dropping your dumb ass on your head, I'm gonna pull every one of your teeth out. (Nemesis spits at Love as Eddy begins throwing right hands) So boy you go back and tell Patsy Black, Slade and Hypocolypse that when you mess with the Powers of Love on the Rocks there's more than hell to pay.

(Melissa kicks the mop bucket closer to the three wrestlers. Powers releases Nemesis to Love who positions him for a Piledriver with Powers holding one leg and Melissa the other. The three count to three then all jump at the same time crashing down with all their weight on the neck of Nemesis. Nemesis lays on the ground with legs shaking)

LOVE: Now there's a Hurricane piledriver you can legitimately whine about. (Powers and Love pick Nemesis up and dunk his head in the bucket until his legs quit convulsing.)

POWERS: I think he's had enough Eddy. (They let his head up and throw him back to the tile. Back to the announcers booth.)

BUCKLEY: How despicable, on the night of Nemesis biggest match in the CSWA ever, Kevin Powers and Eddy Love decide to administer their form of vigilante justice, while Nemesis' partner is on his way to the ring. Let’s go down to Rhubarb.

"Iceman" Steve Radder

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall.

(Cue up:"Bulls On Parade" - Rage Against The Machine)

Heading to the ring, with his manager Kelly.... From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the 'Self-Proclaimed' EXTREME Champion, "THE ICEMAN" STEVE RADDER!!!!!!

(Radder and Kelly come through the curtain... Radder's T-Shirt reads "EXTREMELY Cool" on the front. The fans give a pretty good response, and they look like they're eating it up.)


(Cue up:"Du Hast" - Rammestein)

Accompanied to the ring by Lady Death..... THIS....IS....BLADE!!!!

(The lights go down, and a lone spotlight shines on Blade and Lady Death, emerging from the curtain and heading to the ring.... no sooner does he enter then the two men begin to fire punches...)

BB: Well, here we go! They meet in the center of the ring, and Blade hits the Iceman with a right hand to the jaw! Blade hits him again, and Radder fall to the mat! Blade lifts him to his feet and delivers a sidewalk slam! Steve Radder just has not been able to get any offense going here so far ... I wonder if he's recovered from that spill he took at SHOWTIME just yet.

SP: That's an interesting point, Bill.

BB: Back in the ring though, Steve Radder has managed to get back to his feet, only to be met with a dropkick by Blade from the top rope! Blade is going to try tot ake advantage here, one, two .. and a kickout from the Iceman.

SP: I've got a feeling this isn't going to be a very easy match on either man here ...

BB: And I've got a feeling you're right there ... Blade has Radder to his feet again, and he hooks in an

abdominal stretch! Steve Radder is just absolutely screaming here, the ref is asking him if he'd like to submit, but Radder says no - and Blade finally lets Radder go. Blade scoops the Iceman up, and hits him with a tombstone piledriver! This should be it as he goes for the pin, one, two ... and another kickout by Steve Radder! There's still some fight in him I guess.

SP: Either way though, Blade is making his way to the top rope, which Iceman is using to get back to

his feet! He shakes 'em, and Blade finds himself a sudden soprano!

BB: He did indeed! The Iceman finally notices, and he climbs the top rope for a superplex, but Blade blocks, and sends Radder down to the mat! He seems to have hit his head pretty hard there ... and Blade lifts Radder back to his feet, and props him up on the top rope again ...

SP : This could be it- if it is, Steve Radder's going to need some help getting out of here tonight ... and he might just have it…it looks like someone has stepped out onto the aisleway…who is that?

BB: I’m not sure…wait, it looks like Jim Philips, a former wrestler in the WOW.

SP: How did you know that?

BB: It’s what I’m paid to do. He appears to be watching the match…I hadn’t even heard he was here tonight….let alone possibly under contract. On the top rope, Steve Radder shoves Blade off, but Blade lands square on his back. Steve Radder now, steadies himself, and lands a splash from the top rope! He goes for the pin, one, two, and Blade manages to kick out of that one ... the Iceman goes back to the top rope, while Blade manages to stagger to his feet, and Radder leaps and hits Blade with a flying dropkick ... Blade has got to be worn out after all that offense earlier, or he's still injured, because these shots really seem to be affecting him a fair bit. And Radder has that full nelson hooked in! He's looking around at the audience, and here we go ...

SP: Here comes the rest of the Unholy!

BB: Apocalypse and Pat Black head to the ring! They break the hold, and there's the bell! Radder is going to win this one by virtue of a disqualification! They’re doing a number on Radder, apparently paying him back for what Powers and Love did to Nemesis.

SP: Speaking of which…where are Powers and Love?

BB: No idea, no idea at all. But inside the ring…the big man is coming down with a leg drop on Radder while he’s held by Pat Black! Man! You could see Radder almost come off the ring with the force of that one. It finally looks like they’re done with him, as Apocalypse and Black help Blade out of the rin. Fans, up next, we're about to see the most ARROGANT Greensboro Champion, perhaps of all time, as 'El Volcano' Aaron Douglas defends against 'The Hard One' Randy Harders. This looks to be a great match.

SP: Rhubarb? Take it away.


Greensboro Championship
"El Volcano" Aaron Douglas
defends against
"The Hard One" Randy Harders

RJ: This contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CSWA Greensboro Championship!!

(Cue Up:"Got The Life" - KoRn)

Introducing first, the challenger... Accompanied to the ring by Mrs. Beyer, from Long Island, New York, weighing in at 315 pounds... "THE HARD ONE" RANDY HARDERS!!!!!

(Good pop for Harders, as he comes out with Mrs Beyer, carrying a baseball bat. He looks a little banged up, and he's bandaged in a few places, but he looks in good enough shape to wrestle. He hits the ring, hands the bat to Mrs. Beyer, gives her a kiss, and sends her out of the ring.)


(Cue Up:"Sabotage" - Beastie Boys)

Weighing in at 227 pounds... The CSWA's own eruption, and the current Greensboro Champion.... 'EL VOLCANO' AARON DOUGLAS!!!!

(Douglas walks to the ring with an arrogant swagger, flashing the title belt to anyone who gets close enough to see it. He takes his time getting into the ring, but no sooner does he do so then Harders attacks him!)

BB:A nd they're off! Harders has taken it to Douglas right off the bat here, no pun intended.

SP: For those of you who didn't see ELVIS LIVES, Bill is referring to Harders attacking Douglas with that baseball bat immediately after he won the belt. Harders with a headbutt! And a HARD right hand to the face! I think he gave him a black eye! Harders isn’t even supposed to WALKING, let alone wrestling tonight ,according to his doctors.

BB: Douglas is a smart man, he heads to the outside.. You’re right, Stan, Harders signed a medical waiver to be able to compete tonight…but you better believe that Douglas knows it too. Wait, what's this? Co-Commisioner Merritt is coming down the aisle, and he's telling Douglas to go back into the ring! Douglas is arguing with him! HARDERS GRABS HIM and sends him back into the ring! Running clothesline! There's the cover, 1.............2..........NO! Harders almost had him!

(Merritt comes over to the broadcast table)

SP: Welcome to the arena, Commisioner.

CM: I'm not staying long.

BB: What's on your mind? Douglas with a low blow! He follows up with a vertical suplex! There's the cover, 1..........2.............NO!

CM: Pay attention to me, Buckley, not the monkey in the ring. Last time I looked, I paid your salary.

BB: My mistake.

(Merritt looks toward the ring and sees Douglas with the advantage)

CM: Pardon me, I've got some business to attend to.

BB: Where is he going?

SP: Making himself a champion, I believe.

BB: WHAT? Merritt has taken that baseball bat from Mrs. Beyer and has tossed it to Randy Harders! Harders lines up a shot... NO! Patrick Young steps in front of him and tells him that the bat is illegal!

SP: Young needs to realize something. He just essentially told Merritt that he can't do something. Worse, that he can't do something with regard to the CSWA.

BB: Harders looks angry, but he does drop the bat. DOUGLAS CLIPS THE KNEE! Harders comes down HARD on that bat! Merritt is yelling something at Young!

SP: Not a good idea... Douglas takes the bat.... BATTER UP! Harders takes a HARD shot to the head and screams for Young to make the count!

BB: He checks the shoulders, 1...............2...................3. That's all she wrote, and Douglas gets the better of Merritt one more time. Worse yet, Harders is the big loser, because he had CONTROL of this match for most of it.

RJ: The winner of this match, and STILL Gree--

CM (Cutting him off on another microphone): The winner of this match is Randy Harders. Young, I think you need to take the rest of the month off to get your head outta your behind. Douglas used that bat on Harders. That's a foreign object, and last time I looked at the rules that -I- wrote, that meant DQ. So the winner of this match by DQ is Randy Harders.

(Merritt leaves the ring area, and Douglas follows very rapidly. Medics come out to see how Harders is)

BB: Looks like this war between Merritt and Douglas is going to continue.... Regardless, Harders comes off with the victory and still has yet to be handed a loss in the CSWA. We'll be right back.

(Cut to:Commercial for ANNIVERSARY '99: Eleven Years In The Making)

SP:We're back folks, and we're ready for the night to go EXTREME.

BB:First of all, preliminary reports say that Randy Harders will be allright. He was wrestling with a mild concussing stemming from a car accident that was further exacerbated by Aaron Douglas and that baseball bat, but he did walk out of the arena under his own power, and he was answering the questions of those around him. Now, however, we're about to see a fight of a different sort, as the ropes have come down, the barbed wire has gone up, and a ladder has been placed in the middle of the aisle. Let's get up to Rhubarb for the slow and skinny of it.

UNITED STATES Heavyweight Title
Barbed Wire Ladder Match

Eli Flair vs. Nemesis

RJ: For the following contest, there are NO RULES. The only way to win this match is to ascend the ladder, and remove the title belt from the wire it is suspended on. The first man to do so will be declared the winner, and the United States Champion!

(Cue up:"Breathe" - Prodigy)

Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Lady Death.... The challenger. Weighing in at 244 pounds, he made history in Kansas City, throwing his name in the hat with The Unholy... THIS... IS... NEMESIS.

(LOUD chorus of boos as Nemesis comes to ringside with Lady Death... He's wearing an unstrapped straitjacket and appears to be drooling JUST a little bit... Still, he looks more then a little nervous to enter the ring surrounded by Barbed Wire, to say nothing of the ladder in the middle of the aisle...)


(HUGE POP, even before "The Dope Show" by Marilyn Manson cues up, as these fans are already on their feet.)


(Flair enters the arena with a SEVERE limp... though he is still able to get the fans into it like NOBODY else in the CSWA... The US Belt is draped over his shoulder, and he needs to lean on the guardrail to get to the ring more quickly, but he does it, and he doesn't complain about it... He hands the belt to Ben Worthington, who hooks it to the wires and watches it ascend...)

BB: This was a mistake. Eli can't wrestle tonight. He can barely WALK.

SP: Don't let him hear you say that. He refused help in Philly, he refused help in Memphis, he refused help in KC. He's gonna get into this ring with Nemesis and he's gonna show the world what 'Hardcore' means. And look at Nemesis, he’s got that head bandaged…he’s almost certainly got a concussion.

BB: Yeah, but he can still walk…he may be seeing double, but he’s on his feet. Ben Worthington finishes giving instruction to these two men, and we're ready to get it on! Nemesis runs at Eli, but Eli sidesteps and Nemesis eats barbed wire! Oh my! He's cut open already!

SP: I don't think he notices. I do, however, like Eli's strategy... Let Nemesis come to him. And here he comes again!

BB: Nemesis makes another run at Flair, who stops him with a standing clothesline! He picks Nemesis up... HIPTOSS into the corner! Nemesis looks MUCH worse for the wear! He needs to rethink his strategy here.

SP: I think he heard you, because instead of trying another frontal assault, he's just clipped Eli's leg! He goes down HARD. Sets him up.....

BB: NEMESIS TOSSED ELI TO THE FLOOR! OH MY GOD! Through FOUR layers of Barbed Wire! Eli has been taken to the limits by Nemesis, of all people! Nemesis goes for the ladder! In front of us, Eli is attempting to get up, but he took a fall that a lot of people wouldn't have survived! He's up... and he grabs a chair! On the other side of the ring, Nemesis has folded up the ladder and sent it under the Wire! He slides in under it and begins to set it up! This match is almost over!

SP: What did you tell me once? Never count out Flair?

BB: OH MY GOD! Flair didn't bother getting back into the ring, he FLUNG that chair at Nemesis! It catches him in the face and he falls from the ladder to the mat! Eli is getting back into the ring now... and he's wrapping that chair up in some loose strands of Barbed Wire! OH MY GOD! He spiked Nemesis with that chair! Now he lays it on the mat.... POWERBOMB! Nemesis is down! Now it's Flair climbing the ladder!

SP: He's gotta incapacitate Nemesis on the outside... Look at him climbing the ladder. With that busted wheel, he's gonna take twice as long to get up there.

BB: This is very true, as Nemesis stirs ALREADY. These two men are both highly resilient, as they're proving tonight, but Nemesis has the advantage in that Flair was previously injured! What are THEY DOING HERE??

(Fans begin to boo as Poison Ivy and Hornet walk the aisle. They don't appear to take a direct interest in the match, though Ivy is carrying her Singapore Cane.)

SP: This is bad. Very bad for Flair.

BB: Flair doesn't see them... He's got his eye on the belt! Two more steps and he'll be able to reach. NEMESIS SHAKES THE LADDER! ELI CAN'T HOLD ON! OH MY GOD! Eli falls a good six feet, onto the Barbed Wire and the ringpost! Flair is GASHED on his chest and side!

SP: I don't believe it... STILL he gets up?

BB: Nemesis folds up the ladder and CRACKS it across Eli's back! Now he sets it up... he's climbing! STILL, Eli is getting up!

SP: It has been more then two years since his last taste of CSWA gold, Bill. He liked it, and he doesn't want to lose it now. That adrenaline is definitely pumping now. You have to know that.

BB: Flair gets to the ladder, and he knocks it over! Nemesis was only on the second step, so he keeps his balance, but the ladder is set RIGHT back up and he begins to climb it!

SP: Now, THIS is interesting. Poison Ivy has taken a length of wire and has wrapped the end of her Cane in it. In the ring, we've got Nemesis climbing one side of the ladder, and Flair climbing the other!

BB: This has turned into a race... Both these men have been put through hell in the last ten minutes, and they both want it to end here... Nemesis reaches the top first, as we thought he would, and he sends a right hand into Flair's face! Flair fires back! He steps up one more step!

SP: Flair may be hurt... but he still has more power behind those punches then Nemesis does.

BB: They're on the second highest step, on opposite sides of the ladder, and they're trading punches! Neither men are giving ground! NO! Flair hooked Nemesis' hand, and pulls him in! BODYSLAM FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!

SP: The King is still the Champ!

BB: It looks that way! Nemesis landed on his back on the mat, and he's barely stirring! Eli, on the other hand, is merely a step away from grabbing his belt!

SP:Not if Hornet has anything to say about it! LOOK!

BB: OH MY GOD! Hornet has that Barbed Cane... and he CLOCKS ELI IN THE LEG! HE DOESN'T GO DOWN! Hornet comes to the other side and catches him in the kneecap! ELI HAS FALLEN! HE LANDS ON THE BOTTOM STEP OF THE LADDER!

SP: Look on the other side... Ivy is trying to rouse Nemesis!

BB: Hornet tosses the cane aside, and he wraps Eli up in the Scorpion! Nemesis is stirring... and he's got an unmolested path to the US Title!

SP: Do you think... do you think Hornet is a member of the Unholy?

BB: After SHOWTIME, and tonight? Anything is possible. Nemesis climbs the ladder, and he removes the belt! There's the bell!

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match...... and NEW CSWA US Champion, NEMESIS!

SP: I'm not condoning it... but this match WAS a No DQ match.

BB: There's a difference here, Stan. Hornet has still not let up on the Scorpion... and Nemesis looks at his 'mentor' with awe... and Poison Ivy takes a chunk outta Nemesis with that Singapore Cane!

SP: I guess he's not in the Unholy.

BB: HERE COMES MARK VIZZACK! He hits the ring, just as Hornet and Ivy leave! He doesn't go after them, however, he is checking on Flair. Nemesis is stirring as well, as he stares unbelievably at his new gold belt! Wait a second, Hornet and Ivy stop at the top of the ramp.

H: Eli…..it was nothing personal. But it was fun. See ya in a few months.

BB: This is a mess, folks... we'll be back with the Main Event.

(Cut to commercial)

BB: We're back folks, and as you can see, Eli Flair refused help from the medics in returning to the locker room area. He did allow Vizzack to help him, but that's all. Now. I think we're ready for a tag team match.

SP: Take it away, Rhubarb!


ARROGANCE vs. The Powers Of Love

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time, for the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! This contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

(Cue Up: Jesus Christ Superstar)

Approaching the ring with their manager, the legendary Ray S. Cornette... Weighing in at a combined weight of 502 pounds, Joey Melton and Peyton Wright, ARROGANCE!!!!!

(Cornette, Melton, and Wright come through the curtain to a pretty good reaction, but a MAJOR heel pop. The Corporation is the folks you love to hate.)

BB: These men have redefined tag team wrestling in the last few years. Possibly the greatest US Tag Team Champs in CSWA history. They've had some issues lately with Disco Express, however.

SP: Can you blame them? Disco Express is one of the most unorthodox teams in CSWA history. That, coupled with the Disco Midget, makes them highly unpredictable.


(Rhubarb stops, as if expecting to be cut off.... when he isn't, he continues... and cue up:"Power of Love" - Huey Louis and the News)

Accompanied to the ring by Susan and Gina, as well as Sweet Melissa... at a total combined weight of 568 pounds... "Good God" Kevin Powers and "Hurricane" Eddy Love.... THE POWERS OF LOVE!!!!

(The PLR contingency heads to ringside to a HUGE heel pop)

BB: These are the future of the CSWA and the Corporate Legacy.... It's men like Eddy Love, Kevin Powers, and Steve Radder that have what it takes to continue in the Corporation's tradition.... only, I don't think Melton, Wright, and Cornette are quite ready to give it up.

SP: This is very true... and it looks like it's gonna be Melton and Love starting things off! Wait! We've got a shouting match between Powers and Wright, but they're letting their partners do the fighting.

BB: Wright leaves Powers in his corner, and goes over to the opposite side... a normal tag team match, wow what a concept!!! Melton throws Love off of the ropes and catches him coming back at him with a power slam. Melton quickly gets to his feet, just to drop a series of forearms into the forehead of Love.

SP: After the circuses that Arrogance wrestled against Disco Express, a normal tag match is a refreshing change. Melton picks up Love and makes the tag to Wright. Wright comes into the ring and kicks Love in the gut. He then picks up Love and slams him back down to the mat, as Melton leaves the ring. He goes to pick him up again, but is met with a punch to the stomach from Love.

BB: Love hits Wright again, and again with punches, and he turns and makes a quick dash over to Powers to make the tag, but Wright is still aware enough to drag Love away from making the tag. You can tell that Arrogance are trying a new approach, they are wrestling! It's something they didn't seem able to do against the Discos, due to the actions, or reactions, of the Disco Midget.

SP: Joey Melton is tagged back in, and he suplexes Love to the mat. He lifts him up, and connects with a piledriver. Melton makes the cover, and Worthington makes the count. 1...........2........ NO! Powers dives in and makes the save, and after this Wright comes in and starts to brawl with Powers.

BB: All four men are now on their feet and it seems that all the rules have been thrown out the window, oh well it was good while it lasted. Love staggers Melton back to the ropes, and with a diving cross body, both of them go over the top rope and to the floor. They are now fighting like crazy on the floor, grabbing various things around the ringside area. I think Worthington has given up on trying to DQ anyone.

SP: Looks like Love is geting the upper hand on the outside, and he turns and sees that Wright is getting the upper hand on Powers! Wright powerbombs Powers, and calls for a elbow drop from the top rope. I think Love realizes the match might be over if he connects with it, but he's on the outside!

BB: OH MY GOD! Love grabbed a chair and threw it at Wright who is on the top rope!! The chair hits Wright in the head, and he just falls from the top rope, but Powers is close enough to the corner and is hit with an unintentional headbutt.

SP: Eddy Love is more 'extreme' then he realizes, after all, he fought Randalls to a standstill in his debut match!

BB: Wright and Powers are both down, and Love tries to get into the ring, but is caught from behind by Melton. These two are now trading punches again on the outside, and on the inside Powers is getting up. He sees what is going on outside the ring, and he runs off the ropes and hits a baseball slide onto Melton. Melton is now down, and Powers and Love set up a table near Melton. Powers grabs Melton, and brings him up for a belly to back over the head suplex, and as he releases it Love catches him and gives him a neck breaker onto the floor. They then pick up the limp body of Melton, and roll him into the ring. Love goes to make the cover!

SP: Powers has to turn around! Wright is getting up!

BB: Peyton Wright is indeed getting up behind Powers, and he hits him with that chair! Worthington never got rid of it! The cover, 1.........2..........NO! Wright broke it up! NOW Worthington tries to remove the chair, but he gets hit by an errant swing! We've got a downed referee!

SP: Here comes Troutman... and he's telling the timekeeper to ring the bell!

BB: He does so, and this match will be ruled a no contest! I don't think these four men care, however, as they continue to pound away at each other! We'll see you in Reno! Goodnight, fans!

(Fade away as PLR and Arrogance are still battling it out with each other... then fade onto a certain janitor's closet...)

RD: Hello? Is this a joke? Bill? Rudy? It's dark in here... Helloooooooo........

(Fade to black)

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