500 Memories

They'll Let Anybody In These Days

Final Countdown

Math and History

It's Over?


Triple Threat:
Kevin Powers vs.
Evan Aho vs.
Steve Radder


There's Been A Change In Plans

Greensboro's Champ

Jean Rabesque vs.
Open Challenger


Um... Did Somebody Tell Him?


CSWA World:
Joey Melton vs.
Shane Southern


Hail To The Thief


Branding Iron Match:
Dan Ryan vs.
Timmy Windham
vs. Hornet

It's Over


(CUTTO: Rudy Seitzer, somewhere in the backstage. The fans cheer at the sight of the man standing next to him – Eli Flair.)

Seitzer: There’s one match to go before PRIMETIME 500 officially wraps up, but we’ve got one more moment to share with you, and to bring it down, Eli Flair!

(The fans pop again as Eli steps forward toward Rudy’s microphone)

Flair: This company’s got a hell of a lotta history to look through… when I heard that we were going to be showing some PRIMETIME moments, I naturally started to think about what that meant. What this show has done for the wrestling business in general, the CSWA specifically… and all of us, t’boot. And I think I regained something I lost in the process.


It’s funny, how I started to look for a PRIMETIME moment that changed the course of the CSWA, and ended up reading years’ worth of TRIBUNE columns to my daughter.

Seitzer: And… your moment?

Flair: July 15th, 1997… when Troy took the belt from GUNS.

(Rudy backed up half a step, a mixture of confusion over Eli’s choice, and confusion over how nobody else had thought of it.)

Seitzer: What made you choose that one?

Flair: GUNS was the last of the old guard… black and white heroes and villains, the color of their hat only determined by the name on the marquee. GUNS was a mighty hero in the AAWC, a hated joke in the CSWA. Troy was different… Troy was the f**kin’ rockstar of the wrestling world, and when he took the belt… that was that. Everything… EVERYTHING changed that day. Considering when the next CSWA match took place, I think that’s the only thing we can be sure of.

Seitzer: Troy and GUNS, one more time… By the way, Eli – you’ve been a big part of the CSWA for the past decade… I have a question of my own.

Flair: Hmmm?

Seitzer: Why don’t you have a match tonight?

(Eli glared at him for a moment.)

Flair: Don’t, Seitzer… don’t.

(He walks away, leaving Rudy holding the microphone.)

(CUTTO: CSWA SuperPRIMETIME in San Antonio -- July 15, 1997 – match joined in progress)

BB: GUNS goes to pull the trigger, but Windham has hit feet locked under that second rope. GUNS is trying to use his power to pull Windham off the top, but Windham takes another tack, again catching GUNS in the eye!!!! Windham gets a reprieve for a second and takes advantage.... DROPKICKING GUNS FROM THE TOP!!!! GUNS goes down and so does Windham! Troy rolls over for the cover!!!!! ONE....TWO....NO!! Windham couldn't hook the leg, and GUNS got that left shoulder up! Windham pounds on the mat, yelling at referee Patrick Young about the count. Referee Young gets in Windham's face yelling at him to worry about the match and not the count! But GUNS settles the argument, pulling Troy away from Young and sending him in for the ride again!!!! GUNS backs up the opposite corner turnbuckle as Windham hits for at least the third time in the other corner. Windham may have just passed out for a moment due to that back injury!! He doesn't even look like he's conscious. Referee Young is trying to ascertain Windham's condition... but here comes GUNS!!! Young starts to quickly back out of the way as the freight train appears to be coming through with the power of the Strongest Arms In The World driving it right toward Troy Windham!!!! GUNS comes in with the shoulder down....WINDHAM PULLS PATRICK YOUNG IN THE WAY!!!! Patrick Young just got caught between the immovable object and the unstoppable force....and it was because of Troy Windham!!!! I don't know if he came to and was reaching for the ropes, or if he deliberately pulled Young in the way!!!

CM: Marvin, cueup that replay for us!

BB: But either way, all three men hit the mat in a pile!!! Patrick Young to one side, GUNS toward the center of the ring, and Troy Windham still sandwiched in that corner turnbuckle. We've got mass carnage in the ring, no one to deliver a standing ten-count. This crowd is booing tremendously over what they see as a cowardly move by Troy Windham. But it doesn't appear to be an issue...because the only creature stirring in this house is GUNS, who is slowly coming to and getting to his feet!!!! And this crowd is going wild!!!! And just as quickly, they're booing the fire out of GUNS!!! What's going on here!?

CM: Not GUNS, Bill, but Junior Hornet, who's running toward the ring!!!!

BB: Not this again!!! Junior Hornet has a chair, and he's headed inside! HE JUST CRACKED THE CHAIR AGAINST THE BACK OF GUNS' HEAD! And this crowd is letting him know what they think of him....some are even throwing their trash at him. But Junior Hornet is revelling in it!!! But not for long......TIMMY WINDHAM COMES DOWN FROM ABOVE!!!! Timmy bungees down, and he is all over the man who tried to break his neck! Windham detaches the bungee and throws Junior Hornet through the ropes to the outside. Timmy goes over the top and catches Junior Hornet with a suicide dive! Timmy and Junior Hornet are going at it outside... and here come MARK WINDHAM and MJ DEAN to join in the fun!!! Inside the ring, all three men are still down....but that's not where Mark and MJ are headed. MJ Dean dives on top of Junior Hornet and starts dragging him back down the aisle! And now Mark Windham has got his brother all to himself again......and he's slapping the fire out of him!

CM: Troy Windham is slowly getting to his feet inside the ring, and I think he's just figuring out what's going on!

BB: Mark has Timmy wobbly, and now he grabs the chair that Junior Hornet used on GUNS! He just DRILLED Timmy right in the back. Timmy Windham is out at ringside....and Troy Windham is yelling at his older cousin!

CM: Oh good Lord....here comes The Living Psycho.

BB: You may be right, because Mark just turned on Troy, and he's climbing into the ring! Troy goes for the right hand, but Mark blocks it and drops his younger cousin with a right hand of his own! Mark turns Troy over... PILEDRIVER!!!!!!

CM: And that's victim #2!

BB: Mark takes a look over GUNS....

CM: Oh the carnage...we could have victim #3 on his way.

BB: But here comes HEAT!!! He dives into the ring, and he and Windham are all over each other!! HEAT grabs hold of Mark and sends him through the ropes!

CM: Is the locker room empty yet?

BB: And once again, Windham, GUNS, and the referee are down in the ring....but this time it's Troy Windham who is the only one stirring....he's up on his knees and trying to make his way over to GUNS. This crowd is booing his every move and yelling for GUNS to get up! But GUNS shows little signs of stirring... and now Troy covers him!!!! But there's no one to count the pin!!! Patrick Young is still out! And Mark Windham and HEAT are still giving it to each other in the aisle!!! Is there anybody who can officiate this match?

CM: Come on.....we've got at least two other refs back there somewhere....somebody's gotta get Young back up.

BB: This crowd is going crazy as someone comes down the aisle. IT'S HORNET!!! But he bypasses Mark and HEAT....letting them wage their own war! HORNET IS IN THE RING!!!! He's trying to wake Patrick Young....he drags Young over to the pin.....but Young is out. Hornet is motioning for the paramedics to come help out the official. Now Hornet's looking around....apparently for another official. There's no one to be found, and Troy Windham is still on top of GUNS. Hornet gets down on the mat...he's gonna count it!!!! He checks the shoulders! ONE.................................................... Hornet looks up, still looking for a CSWA official, Mark Windham in the aisle just realized what's happening, and he's on his way to the ring to stop his best friend from counting the pin for his younger cousin........ TWO.................... the shoulder is still down, this crowd is gasping..............THREE!!!!!!!!!! Mark is too late, still down the aisle. Troy Windham gets the three count......but will it stand????

(Buckley turns to Merritt....as does the crowd)

The world wants to know....................................


BB: You heard it here, folks. We have a NEW CSWA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION... Rhubarb Jones is announcing it to this capacity crowd, and they are furious!

CM: It was possibly the longest three count in the history of professional wrestling, Buckley.....it stands.

BB: There's certainly a pile of controversy surrounding this one!

CM: Live by the screwjob, die by the screwjob, Bill, dem's the breaks.

BB: Troy Windham is helped to his feet by Hornet, who has the CSWA World belt in his hands.....and he's presenting it to Troy! Troy can't believe it.....I think there are tears streaming down the cheeks of the King Of All Media, and now, the CSWA World Heavyweight Champion! Hornet is helping Windham climb out of the ring and make it down the aisle, amidst a torrent of garbage being thrown at them. Mark Windham is apparently nowhere to be found....it'll be interesting to see how *he* takes all this. But that gold over Troy's shoulder makes it all worthwhile from his perspective at least, I'm sure. Fans.... I'm still in shock over everything we've seen tonight, but this final match takes the cake. We'll see you in Key West for CSWA SHOWTIME!!!!

CM: (on a walkie talkie) Security, get out here, we're gonna need some cover.

RUDY: That’s the last of our “PRIMETIME moments,” fans. But right now, we’ve got time to make at least one more. After this final message, it’s Ryan, Windham, Hornet, and a branding iron…