500 Memories

They'll Let Anybody In These Days

Final Countdown

Math and History

It's Over?


Triple Threat:
Kevin Powers vs.
Evan Aho vs.
Steve Radder


There's Been A Change In Plans

Greensboro's Champ

Jean Rabesque vs.
Open Challenger


Um... Did Somebody Tell Him?


CSWA World:
Joey Melton vs.
Shane Southern


Hail To The Thief


Branding Iron Match:
Dan Ryan vs.
Timmy Windham
vs. Hornet

It's Over

Greensboro's Champ

(CUEUP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band. The crowd pops as Jean Rabesque appears, dressed in his wrestling gear with the CSWA Greensboro Title over his shoulder. He smacks a couple hands on his way down to the ring, and then climbs slowly in through the ropes. He immediately grabs a microphone from announcer Rhubarb Jones.)

BB: The Greensboro Champion is in the ring! Rabesque has held that belt an awfully long time, and he was looking forward to defending it here tonight on our 500th edition of PRIMETIME! But we’ve been told that Scotty Michaels missed his flight!

SB: The man never was that smart. He worked for Thomas after all. Hey…wait a second…

(Rabesque grabs the mic, and walks to the middle of the ring, facing towards the entrance ramp)

JR: Now it has come to my attention that Scotty Michaels will not be attending tonight's show. (Crowd boos) I'm not exactly sure what the reasoning is, but be it that I am on a quest to defend this Greensboro title to any and all comers in efforts to prove once and for all that I am the rightful CSWA World Heavyweight Champion, that upsets me a bit.

I guess we can just add it to the list of times where I might have an opportunity to prove myself yet again, where the things have been set up to work against me. But I know all the CSWA fans here in attendance, and they didn't pay good money to not see a match, and if they want a match, then I'll give them exactly what they want to see!

You see, when you're the rightful World Champion, fear or intimidation are not things that go on inside of your head. There is no one on this roster that I fear. For that matter, there is no one on this roster that I think can beat me! So therefore, I'm opening it up, and I'm putting the Greensboro Title on the line! Anybody in the back, anybody at all that wants a shot, step up right now!!!

BB: Rabesque has put out an open challenge, which means that somebody’s going to get an unexpected opportunity tonight. We’ve got several CSWA stars here tonight who aren’t scheduled, they’re just here to celebrate. Hold on, we’re cutting to the back!

(CUTTO: a shot in the locker room of the Hip Hop Express, BOOGIE SMALLZ and INFERNO ICE, watching the show from a monitor.)

BS: How long we been in tha CSWA?

II: I dunno. Maybe 10 years.

BS: And how many times have we heard fools step up in tha ring and make open challenges?

II: Are you kidding? This is the CSWA…so damn-near every show.

BS: (Ponders a thought for a moment.) Ya know when Rudy was axskin' us what our favorite PRIMETIME moment was…we struggled to come up wit' an answer.

II: True. True.

BS: Well screw that. I'm making my favorite Primetime moment TONIGHT!

II: What are you sayin', yo?

BS: I ain't sayin' ish. You just sit back and watch what I do. I gotsta get mine.

(Boogie Smallz gets out of his seat and exits the room. The camera cuts to Inferno who is sitting in his chair, looking perplexed.)

(Cut back to Rabesque in the ring, still making the challenge.)

JR: Here you go, right now, anybody want a shot? Let's give these fans what they want to see, right here, right now!

(CUEUP: "Black Superman" by Above The Law begins to pump into the arena. The fans begin to stir in their seat. The music plays for a few more seconds and Boogie Smallz emerges from behind the curtain and walks to the top of the ramp. Some fans begin to cheer, others seem confused. Boogie pounds his fist into the air in a Black Panther-esque manner.)

BB: What on earth is going on? Is this the answer to Rabesque's challenge?

SB: God, I hope not. I'm surprised Boogie hasn't been found dead in some Amsterdam hotel, as much dope as that guy is on.

BB: Will you stop it, Sammy? This coming from a bonafide lush.

SB: Recovering bonafide lush that is.

BB: You are ridiculous.

(Boogie pulls a mic out of his back pocket and begins to speak.)

BS: Ya know, Rabesque, I honestly have nothing against you. I am out herre on principle. Tha simple fact that I have been with this company for so long…and yet I never got a big break. I realize that sometimes thangs ain't given to you…you gotta go out and take matters into your own hands. And that's what I am doin'. But it ain't all about me, either.

I am out herre for tha fans. (Crowd cheers.) Because tha fans deserve better than to see this company's top guys fight each other week in and week out. It's time to add some new blood into tha mix. And more important than that, it's time for Boogie Smallz to step up to tha industry's supposed big boyz and show these fools how I gets down.

I see you up therre with a big grin on your face. And that's cool, smile all ya want. Roll your eyes. Scrape tha dirt out from under your fingernails, just act as bored as you want. I want you to think I ain't ish. I want you to underestimate me. Cuz that way, when I beat yo' punk ass down…you won't know what tha hell hit ya!

(Crowd cheers and Boogie begins to walk down the ramp, still talking into the microphone.)

BS: So herre I am. Tha mafuggin' answer to your bitch-ass challenge. (Grins.) Tonight at tha biggest Primetime of them all, PRIMETIME FI-HUNDRED!

JR: Yeah, yeah. Boogie Smallz, I've heard of you. I've seen you a few times when I've had the opportunity to check out some of the lower card matches. But I don't think you've been paying too much attention to the way things have been running around here. In case you haven't noticed, the tide has begun to change, and a little ‘New Blood' has infiltrated...... you're looking at him. You were too busy smoking some hash to jump on your chance. You see Boogie, there are two types of wrestlers around here. The first are the punks like you who sit back and wait for their chance to come. Well, I have news for you Boogie, the chance NEVER comes. Then, there are men like me, who go out do something about it, and EARN EVERYTHING! Now, are you going to continue to stand here and waste my time..... or are you going to do something about it? Because to be honest, I don't have time for any charity cases!

(Boogie now on the ring apron.)

BS: Charity cases? It's not like a got a tripod in tha back with a bucket hangin' from it, while I'm standin' beside it ringin' a damn bell! I ain't no Salvation Army, son. But I will offer you some salvation. (Pauses.) When I put this foot up in ‘dat ass and save you from your ignorance! (Crowd cheers.) You wanna look down at me. Oh, poor lil' Boogie…wantin' a handout. Well I ain't some homeless bum off tha streets axskin' for change. Ya know, tha ones that you usually just walk by and ignore. No, sir.

(Steps into the ring and walks toward Rabesque.)

BS: I'm right in your face and I'm callin' you out!

(Smallz is in Rabesque's face. Jean just smiles.)

JR: So you honestly think you have what it takes to step into the ring with the greatest technical wrestler alive today?

(Boogie doesn't budge and stands his ground. After an intense staredown, Rabesque takes a step back and turns his back to Smallz.)

JR: This is pointless…...

(Boogie grabs Rabesque's arm and swings him around. Smallz throws a few punches, before flooring Rabesque with a big haymaker. Rabesque regains his senses and charges at Smallz. The two men start trading punches and a referee rings the bell.)