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Triple Threat:
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CSWA World:
Joey Melton vs.
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Branding Iron Match:
Dan Ryan vs.
Timmy Windham
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It's Over


(CUTTO: Billy Buckley, somewhere in the upper deck, surrounded by screaming fans.)

Billy Buckley: We’re back from commercial! I’m Billy Buckley, and here I am, in the midst of the heart and soul of the CSWA, the fans!


In recognition of this monumental night, PRIMETIME 500, Rudy Seitzer and myself are spreading out all over the arena to talk to the fans, to ask you what you think are the greatest moments in PRIMETIME history! Rudy, are you there?

(CUTTO: Rudy Seitzer, near the ring. He's standing next to a man of about thirty, wearing an old school AMERICA'S TEAM shirt.)

Seitzer: I hear you, Billy, and I'm here with Randall Preston, who has been a CSWA fan since the beginning! Randall, how are you today?

Preston: Doing great, Rudy. CSWA RULES!

(The fans around Preston and Seitzer cheer in agreement.)

Seitzer: And you have a PRIMETIME moment to share?

Preston: I picked GUNS and MJ Dean from 1997, before the World Title Tournament.

Seitzer: Why?

Preston: Why not? The match was good, and it featured one of the best bitch – sessions from the CSWA front office, ever. It’s pretty likely that if Merritt and Thomas hadn’t started feuding over which belt was the more important, the World or the Enterprise – Merritt wouldn’t have bought him out, Red wouldn’t have been stabbed, and a lot of things in this ‘modern era’ of the CSWA wouldn’t have taken place. PRIMETIME moment? It’s one of the DEFINING moments in the company.

(The fans around him discuss their approval of this choice, and a few applaud. Rudy nods his assent as well.)

Seitzer: That may be true… Fans, our first fan “PRIMETIME Moment” of the night, from March 11th, 1997… it’s GUNS against MJ Dean.

(CUTTO: CSWA PRIMETIME in Orlando -- March 11, 1997 -- match joined in progress

BB: I have no idea...must've been during the match. But Sammy's right, folks, Co-Commissioner Stephen Thomas has joined Merritt down at his ringside seat, and it doesn't look like the two are having a very pleasant conversation, in fact, it looks downright ugly.

SB: Don't talk about Thomas like that, Buckley. He is one of your bosses after all.

BB: And you'd do well to remember who yours is. Dean is finally on his way back into the ring, and GUNS helps him back in....by the hair. Marvin, let's see if we can get a microphone down there by the Commissioners.

SB: You'd eavesdrop on your own bosses?

BB: The public has a right to know what's going on, Sammy.

SB: The public doesn't have the right to know spit.

BB: Okay, well then *I* have a right to know what's going on.

SB: That's better. I mean, if you're gonna do it, at least admit the real motive.

BB: A lesson in morality is a bit stale coming from you, Sammy. MJ Dean is still down on one knee; referee Ben Worthington is almost halfway through his ten-count. GUNS may win this one by count-out. May be only fitting since Dean won the last by disqualification.

SB: For goodness' sakes, how long does it take that stupid Parsons to get a mic lowered over there?

BB: I'm being told in my earpiece that we've got it, let's take a listen folks.

SB: Yeah, nobody tell, Buckley might get fired.

Thomas: What the h*ll do you think you're doing?

Merritt: I don't know what you're talking about.

Thomas: Don't give me that. You know *exactly* what I'm talking about. You pitch a fit, start hiring and firing, make a mockery of the previous World Title, create your own "Franchise", and then bring back Hendricks to beat the tar out of Honold?

Merritt: And your point is....

Thomas: My point is that you've made a mockery out of....

Merritt: (standing up and getting in Thomas' face) Hold it right there, Tard. The only mockery around here is you....yeah, that's right, you. The same guy who was more concerned with his wallet than his responsibility. So don't get high-and-mighty with me.

BB: GUNS has rolled outside, and he's pulling Dean back into the ring.

SB: Hush, Buckley, hush! I can't hear the fight!

Thomas: I should knock you off your sad *ss right now.

Merritt: Go ahead and try it, Tard.

(Thomas pulls back his arm, cocks his fist...only to find it restrained by CSWA Vice-President Samuel "Sticky Goo Head" Hendricks)

SGH: (shaking finger) Uh uh uh, that's not very nice. (lets go of Thomas) Don't you know the golden rule? Do unto to others what they would do unto to you.

Thomas: I don't think that's it....

SGH: I didn't ask you what you thought...

BB: CSWA Board of Directors member Steve Day is running down to where a fracas seems to be beginning. Inside the ring, even GUNS has stopped to take a look at this fiasco! Dean is still down on the mat.

Day: Don't do it, Hendricks! Or I'll have your *ss on a platter so quick your head'll spin.

SGH: What're you saying, Day? You don't want me to hit your favorite boss?

Day: I'm saying I want you to get the h*ll outta here.

SGH: I got it...just one thing first. (nails Day with a hard right cross, Day folds like a cheap hooker)

Day: (falling) Guppy.......Fund?

BB: It looks like Thomas is making a rather ungraceful exit while he's still got a chance. I can't believe what we've just seen.

SB: Um, are they going to bring out help for Day or just let him lie there?

BB: It looks like Merritt is calling for security to escort him out. Hold on! MJ Dean just caught GUNS from behind and rolled him up!! ONE....TWO....NO! GUNS kicks out, and the man with the Strongest Arms In The World is furious.

SB: Wouldn't you be if you took a break in the middle of a match to watch a darn good fight and somebody decided to try and pin ya?

BB: Dean just got tossed halfway across the ring by those massive arms on GUNS, but he's up. He comes across with a flying body press, and hits!!!! He's got the cover! ONE....TWO....NO!! Again, GUNS throws him off like a rag doll....but Dean is up again!!! And again, Dean comes across, this time with a crossbody!!! But GUNS catches him!!! GUNS has the big man in his arms, and he powers Dean down on that bionic knee for a modified backbreaker! GUNS hooks the leg! ONE....TWO....THREE!!! Ben Worthington counts to three, and GUNS has got the win as both these men head into the CSWA World Championship Tournament.

SB: Um, once GUNS is done, Dean might not be going home, let alone to any tournament.

BB: Maybe not, because GUNS has Dean up and it looks like MJ is going to get his second trip to the third row.

SB: GUNS shoots.....it's up....it's good!

BB: That wasn't funny. It doesn't look like Dean's getting up after that one.

SB: What, no masked men? I'm disappointed that Hornet couldn't join us.

ByB: That's the first of our fan-favorite PRIMETIME moments for tonight. We'll be back with more, and the Greensboro Championship match NEXT!