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Final Countdown

Math and History

It's Over?


Triple Threat:
Kevin Powers vs.
Evan Aho vs.
Steve Radder


There's Been A Change In Plans

Greensboro's Champ

Jean Rabesque vs.
Open Challenger


Um... Did Somebody Tell Him?


CSWA World:
Joey Melton vs.
Shane Southern


Hail To The Thief


Branding Iron Match:
Dan Ryan vs.
Timmy Windham
vs. Hornet

It's Over

Greensboro Championship
Jean Rabesque vs. Open Challenger

SB: The bell just rung, is this official?

BB: It appears that way. Boogie Smallz may be taking Rabeqsue out of his element… two very different wrestlers in this one. Boogie is one of the biggest brawlers in the sport. That is how he has led the Hip Hop Express to so much success.

(Rabesque gets in a good shot and Boogie begins staggering around. Boogie is hunched over and Rabesque sets him up for a snap suplex. Smallz is able to block it and retaliates with a swift kick to the groin. Rabesque loses his hold and begins rolling in pain on the mat.)

SB: I hardly call winning the tag titles a few times “success”.

BB: Boogie is taking it to Rabesque and making this impromptu match into a Pier 6er.

SB: A Pier 6er? Hey, I tried that drink once. I think it has absinthe in it. I started seeing things. I thought I was invincible.

BB: For a guy that thought Boogie would be found dead in a hotel room, maybe we should start worrying about you.

(Boogie stomps away at Rabesque and then lifts him to his feet. He whips Rabesque into the corner, but Rabesque counters and sends Boogie face first into the corner. Smallz bounces out and is greeted with a picture-perfect dropkick to the chin. Smallz hits the canvas hard and Rabesque gathers himself and takes a small breather.)

SB: Come on, Rabesque.

BB: I thought you hated Rabesque?

SB: I do, but I think I hate Boogie Smallz even more.

(Rabesque measures Smallz and drops an elbow across his throat. Rabesque sits Smallz up and clamps on a rear chinlock. Boogie reaches around to try and counter it, but to no avail. Rabesque releases the hold, bounces off the ropes, and levels Smallz with a flying clothesline. He then grabs Boogie’s arm and put on an armbar submission, in an attempt to wear him down.)

BB: Rabesque has been able to sway the momentum and make this his type of match. That methodical pace that has made him a star.

SB: Yeah, that and the fact that Boogie Smallz is proving why he has been in a tag team most of his career. He sucks. I bet he was wishing Inferno Ice was in the corner to make the tag.

BB: He very well may have picked the wrong man to battle, in an attempt to gain respect.

SB: He started off strong, but Rabesque is wearing him down.

(Rabesque releases the hold and lifts Boogie up to his feet. He delivers a snap suplex to the big man and then follows it up with a kneedrop to the skull.)

BB: Rabesque is shaking his head, is if to say “what is Smallz doing in the same ring as me?”

SB: He obviously has no business in there. Look at him flop around like an idiot. Rabesque is taking this kid to school. No gimmicks needed, baby.

(Rabesque stands Smallz up and forces him into a corner. He delivers several knife-edge chops to Boogie and then a disrespectful slap to the face.)

BB: Oh wow, he just slapped the taste out of Boogie’s mouth.

SB: He hit him so hard…I felt it!

(The slap somehow revitalizes Smallz and snaps him out of the predicament he was in. Smallz quickly reverses his position and tosses Rabesque into the corner. He throws a few knife-edge chops and then looks at his hand. He shakes his head, balls up his fists, and starts pummeling Jean Rabesque with vicious lefts and rights. Smallz throws in a few kicks to the gut for good measure and moves out of the way. Rabesque steps out of the corner and falls flat on his face.)

BB: Look at that! In an instant, the tide has turned once again.

SB: He didn’t like that slap to the face one bit and now the Rabesquedor is paying for it.

(Boogie, in a rage of anger, lifts Rabesque to his feet, whips him into the ropes, and catches him in a sidewalk slam. Smallz stands to his feet, measures Rabesque, and drops a knee to his skull.)

BB: Smallz is relentless. This man is pissed off and it’s showing.

SB: Maybe he should smoke up some ganja and calm his nerves. I knew he was a pothead, but a case of roid rage too? He must have a death wish.

BB: You and your accusations. One day someone is going to shut you up.

SB: The FCC? Those guys wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for me and Janet Jackson! They need me on this wall…they WANT me on this wall!

BB: Shut it!

(Smallz lifts Rabesque to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Rabesque wraps his arm around the top rope and prevents himself from bouncing off. Boogie charges at him with a vicious clothesline that sends both men over the top and to the floor. They both lay on the arena floor, attempting to gather their senses.)

BB: These men could be counted out right here.

SB: Oh come on! Haven’t we had enough countout and DQ matches in the first 499 episodes of PRIMETIME! For once, can’t we have a show without a cluster(BLEEP) ending!?

BB: Sammy, go take a shot or something.

SB: Take a shot? I got a bottle of Hennessey IVed to my veins. I’m good to go! It’s an endless shot, baby, and it feels good!

BB: The referee is up to 7. Boogie groggily gets to his feet and slides under the ring and back to the floor to break the count. Boogie lifts Rabesque up to his feet and instructs the cameraman to move out of the way. He whips Rabesque into the guardrail…NO! Rabesque reverses it and sends Boogie into the rail!

SB: Ouch.

(Rabesque tries to regain his senses and slides under the ring, then back out, breaking up the count. He walks over to Boogie and drills him with a few European uppercuts. He wrenches around his waist and drops Boogie on the cement floor with a belly-to-back suplex.)

BB: That suplex seemed to take a lot out of Rabesque.

SB: He’s just setting Boogie up for the kill.

(Rabesque up to his feet and walks over to Smallz. He lifts him up and tosses him in the ring. Rabesque follows him in and immediately goes to work on Smallz. He hits him with a snapmare. Rabesque hops to his feet, comes off the ropes, and dropkicks Smallz.)

BB: Smallz is up, but Rabesque has him! FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! And he bridges! ONE! TWO! THREEEEEE!!!!

SB: Foot on the rope!

(CUTTO: Boogie Smallz foot on the ropes just as the referee’s hand comes down for the three-count. Referee Ben Worthington’s eyes are glued on the shoulders, not on the feet.)

BB: The referee is raising Jean Rabesque’s arm, but now Boogie is in his face! Rabesque quickly pushes the big man away, and we’ve almost got a brawl on our hands… but Worthington forces himself between the two men! Jean Rabesque retains the Greensboro Championship, but we may not have heard the last of this one! Folks, we’ll be right back, after this PRIMETIME moment, and some commercials to pay the bills.