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Triple Threat:
Kevin Powers vs.
Evan Aho vs.
Steve Radder


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Jean Rabesque vs.
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CSWA World:
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Branding Iron Match:
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It's Over

Triple Threat Match
Kevin Powers vs. Evan Aho vs. Steve Radder

BB: We just heard from returning CSWA superstar Steve Radder on his favorite PRIMETIME moment, and now we’re about to see him in action in this special Triple Threat match to kick off the in-ring activity here at PRIMETIME 500!

SB: Steve Radder…. Steve Radder…isn’t he the guy that Eddy Love kicked to the wayside… twice?

BB: Let’s take a quick look back at our last PRIMETIME that saw these three men mix it up.

(CUTTO: CSWA PRIMETIME in Freeport – October 31, 2004
Kevin Powers vs. Evan Aho – joined in progress)

BB: Powers is signaling to the crowd! He’s ready to set up for that massive slingshot powerbomb we all know as “Kiss the Canvas!” The crowd is going wild! He turns Aho over and puts him over his head!

(CUEUP: “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against the Machine)

SB: What the…?

BB: Someone just came out of the crowd and rolled inside the ring! That’s STEVE RADDER! He clips Kevin Powers’ knee from behind and Powers and Aho goes crashing to the mat!!! Powers gets up… but Radder’s jumped to the top rope! ABSOLUTE ZERO!!! Steve Radder just dropped Powers and now he takes a powder before Evan Aho can respond!

SB: The one guy I like even less than Powers…blasted Canadian! Thomas will let anybody run around on this cruise ship!

BB: Radder left the CSWA almost two years ago after losing the CSWA World Championship and feuding with his former stable partner Kevin Powers. And now he’s back…and he just cost Powers a chance at redemption against Evan Aho

(CUTTO: A view of the entire Auditorium with spotlights criss-crossing the ring.)

BB: It’s time to send it down to Rhubarb Jones. Folks… this is PRIMETIME 500!!!

RJ: Ladies and gentlemen, the first match of the evening is a special TRIPLE THREAT Elimination match. Competitors will be eliminated by pinfall, submission or disqualification until one remains.

(CUEUP: “Bulls on Parade” by Rage Against The Machine. The spotlights zoom from the ring to the entryway while colored light cans move across the entire framework of the entryway.)

First, hailing from New York, New York, standing at six feet three inches and two hundred twenty pounds, he is a former United States Champion…

(CUTTO: backstage. Steve Radder walks up to the stairs leading to the ramp which will take him to his first professional wrestling match in years. He is still wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt, though now it is one that is blue in color, with the number "12" on the left pectoral in sharp letters. He stops right behind the curtain, waiting for the music to begin. There's a momentary pause, while he takes yet another deep breath.)

RJ: …a former CSWA World Heavyweight Champion. He is the master of the Absolute Zero… and he is BACK. He is… STEVE RADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDERRRRRRRRR!!!!!

BB: This crowd is obviously psyched to have a favorite like Steve Radder back in the CSWA fold.

SB: I’m surprised he’s back… didn’t Powers run him off once already? I mean, he’s been gone for what, sixteen years?

BB: Stop it, Sammy. He’s returning to the ring after being away for about two years.

SB: Sorry. But around here, two years seems like about sixteen. Wait…that’s means I’ve been working here for like 170 years….

(CUEUP: “Control” by Puddle of Mudd. For a single instance the video wall reads "AHO" in simple, bold letters before flickering into black and white footage of Evan Aho tearing down opponents with stiff strikes, punishing throws and sick submission locks.)

RJ: Now entering the ring, the Seattle native is the CSWA’s own wrestling predator. Standing at six-feet-three inches and two hundred thirty-four pounds, he is known as one of our sport’s truest technical wrestler. He is a former CSWA World Champion…. EVANNNNNNNNNNN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

(CUTTO: Aho whips aside the curtain and stalks to the the ring, seemingly oblivious to the fans reaching for high-fives as he makes his way down. In the ring, Radder pulls off his shirt and tosses it to the floor.)

RJ: Our final competitor in this match…

(CUEUP: “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” by Filter and the Crystal Method. The video wall shows a montage of images of Kevin Powers laying opponents down with the Kiss the Canvas.)

RJ: From Chicago, Illinois, entering the ring at six-feet-ten inches tall and three hundred twelve pounds… he is a former CSWA United States Champion, a former Unified World Tag Team Champion, and the AYATOLLAH of Rum and Cola… here is…. “GOOD GOD” KEVIN POWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSS!!!

(CUTTO: As the music continues to blare 'Good God' Kevin Powers make his way to the top of the rampway and is greeted by a huge pop by the crowd in attendance. Looking out into the crowd, Powers holds out his arms to make a 'T' pattern and, behind him, a white fountain like pyro goes off exciting the crowd even more. Once the fountain goes out Powers makes his way inside of the ring and continues to spark up the crowd by standing on the second turnbuckle looking out into the crowd.)

BB: The fans honestly like all three of these men, although I’m sure everyone in attendance has their favorite.

SB: Mine’s Eddy Love… wait… he’s not here!

BB: But the other two former members of the PLR are, and they’ve got enough history between them that there’s no love lost. Aho and Powers have had their run-ins in the ring as well, but Evan seems more focused on just getting down to business.

SB: Are we sure he isn’t on the Mike Randalls’ cocktail of mind-altering substances? The man just seems too single-minded. It’s like they keep in him in a blank room and just bring him out for matches.

(SFX: Bell rings)

BB: Ladies and gentlemen…this one is UNDERWAY!

SB: One day you’re NOT going to say that, and then Vegas will starting put odds on it.

BB: All three men react at once… Radder charging Powers, but getting caught with an elbow, while Aho comes in behind and hits a dropkick to the back of Radder that sends him careening BACK into Powers!!! Powers and Radder collapse in a heap, and Evan Aho has scored first blood here!

SB: First blood? Oh you don’t actually mean… hey wait a second, I think Radder’s already got a split lip! How’s that for ring rust?

BB: Powers literally throws Radder away from on top of him and into the corner, and now he and Aho are facing off. Powers charges…Aho sidesteps.. Powers off the ropes… NECKBREAKER by Aho!!! What a leap!!! And he takes the big man in the match off his feet! He quickly follows up with a roaring elbow… LOOK OUT!!!!


BB: Radder just came off the top… HUGE SPLASH!!! Aho barely backed off or he would’ve gotten hit too! Instead…Powers takes the huge hit! Quick cover! One-count by senior referee Patrick Young. Radder’s up, Aho has backed into the corner, and Powers is still on the mat. Radder drops an elbow, but Powers smartly moves!

SB: Smart? Please. It’s the alcohol poisoning…it causes involuntary shakes.

BB: Either way, Powers moves to the ropes. DROPKICK by Aho sends Radder flying across the ring into the neural corner! Powers tries to take advantage, by Aho’s ready! SNAP SUPLEX! Both men up… Powers whips Aho into the ropes and sets up for a backdrop… ROLLTHROUGH by Aho! He catches Kevin from behind… he jumps on his back and hooks a full-nelson!!! Powers tries to force his way out, but Evan has it locked on tight!

SB: Poor Gulliver’s getting beat down by the Lilliputians.

BB: A literary reference? Yikes.. .what’s happened to you?

SB: I have to do something when I’m trying to stay on the AA bandwagon.

BB: Powers tries to pull Aho over his head… but there’s Radder!!! Dropkick from the second rope!!! He sends Powers rocketing back into corner, and Evan Aho just got squished!

SB: Is that the technical term for it? Squished?

BB: Powers charges out and levels Radder with a clothesline! Now he pulls him up and whips him across the ring toward the corner…and he collides with Aho!! Radder comes stumbling out… and walks into a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER by Powers! Cover! ONE…. TWO… NO! Radder kicks out… and now Aho comes out of the corner with a boot to the face that sends Powers reeling!!!! That’s not a characteristic textbook move like we’re used to from Aho, but it was effective!!!! Radder to his feet…but Aho drops him with a DDT!!! Another cover! ONE…. TWO… NO! Again, Radder kicks out!!!

SB: He’s like a little bug that you can’t squish. See.. I can use the technical terms too!

BB: Radder rolls out of the way of an Aho elbow. Aho hits the mat, and now Powers is back in the fray! LEGDROP from the big man… but Radder’s right there and drops his own elbow onto Powers!!! This one is fast and furious, folks!

SB: And that’s not just a DVD plug!

BB: Radder back up… a boot to the back of Powers’ head as the big man tries to get up. Aho rolls under the fracas and is on his feet…he looks over at Radder…. Both men pull Powers to his feet and whip him across! DOUBLE DROPKICK!!!! Shades of CS Express!!! Powers tries to get up… DDT by Aho!!! Cover! ONE….. TWO…. NO!!!! Powers BENCHPRESSES Aho off of him and sends him out of the ring through the middle ropes!!! He quickly gets to a knee, but Radder is ready!

SB: Oh joy…

BB: Radder hooks in the full nelson..he’s trying to jack Powers up for it… I think he’s got it! Look out!!! ABSOLUTE ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!! He just dropped Powers with that face-first slam out of the full nelson! He hooks the leg! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE!!!!!!! THREE!!!! THREE!!!! Steve Radder has pinned Kevin Powers… and he’s ecstatic!!! Kevin Powers has been ELIMINATED and he can’t believe it!!!!

SB: Maybe he thinks he’s still overseas in that movie Lionheart.

BB: Patrick Young is ordering Powers out of the ring, and Radder has jumped up onto one of the turnbuckles, celebrating with the fans!!!! But Evan Aho is still in this one, and he just rolled back in the ring!!! Aho charges the corner… and he’s climbing up behind Radder!!!! TOP ROPE BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD!

SB: He just slammed HIMSELF to the mat!!!

BB: But he may have just knocked Radder unconscious when his head hit the mat!!!! Aho is groggy, but he’s trying to shake it off and cover Radder, who literally BOUNCED across the ring!!! He lays an arm over Radder! ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!! NO! NO! Radder got a leg on the ropes and Young saw it!!!

SB: Maybe Radder’s been drinking too.

BB: Aho pulls Radder to his feet and sends him into the ropes… but Radder stumbles and actually falls INTO the ropes! And that may have been lucky, because he dodges a backdrop from Aho! Instead, Evan pulls Radder out of the ropes… SNAP… NO! Radder hooked a foot under the ropes and dodged the snap suplex!!! Standing switch!!! Belly to back by Radder!! But Aho rolls through! ONE….. TWO… NO! Radder gets out, barely!

SB: He just won’t die, will he?

BB: Aho with a series of knife-edge chops, backing Radder into the corner! He sends him into the ropes one more time and goes for the backdrop again!!! Radder uses the ropes… LIONSAULT!!! Aho gets knocked down hard!!! Radder charges over the turnbuckle as Aho stumbles back up to his feet! Radder on top!!!!

SB: Make or break moment…let’s hope break. A bad one.

BB: TOP ROPE MISSILE DROPKICK!!!!! Radder climbs over and hooks the leg again! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This crowd is on its feet as Steve Radder overcomes a two-year absence and ring rust to pin both Aho and Powers in the same match!!!! Folks, we’ll be right back here with CSWA PRIMETIME 500 on NCN!