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Incredibly slowly, but surely, the CSWA's seventeen-plus years of history and material are coming together in an updated History section. 

In kayfabe, it's the story of a fledgling fly-by-night wrestling company started by two guys in a dilapidated warehouse and how they become a regional, then national, then international leader in professional wrestling.  In "real life", it's the story of how two kids started their version of a game to fill the time, then how it went online in the infancy of the web, then became part of the largest fantasy wrestling website of all time.

We'll add more and more as we continued to get time to throw up things like scans of some of the early pen-and-paper matches and events that aren't archived.

For now, tide yourself over with some links on the left. 

To tide you over, take a look at the links on the left, including the brand new TITLE HISTORIES, showing ALL seventeen-plus years of the four major titles.

The old BACKPAGE has been updated with cards from 2000-01 recovered from the 2001 server crash (and more to come if I ever get time to piece them back together.  Cross your fingers for partial bits of A2K and ELVIS12).

More to come.  If you have something you'd like to see, or see any errors, let us know on RP Central.  It's just a matter of hunting through 100MB of data and the multiple boxes of hardcopies.

-CS Enterprises