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CSWA PRIMETIME in the Meadowlands
March 15, 2004
Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey

Mike Randalls vs. Lawrence Stanley

In a matchup of former rivals, ‘The English Gentleman’ Lawrence Stanley squared off against ‘The Wolf’ Mike Randalls in a singles match, the first for Stanley since his injuries suffered in his quest to capture the Ultratitle.

Last week at ON TIME, Randalls took on Cameron Cruise in an atypical match, where ‘The Wolf’ never attempted an offensive maneuver on Cruise until Cameron became frustrated and struck him with a chair. Randalls survived the thirty-minute match, which left the fans in Greensboro slightly curious…but for the most part, disappointed, in the lack of firepower you’d normally see from Randalls.

As soon as the match started, the fans in the Meadowlands who had seen the last ON TIME realized that once again, Randalls would be wrestling the same style he used against Cameron Cruise. However, the New Jersey Turnpike faithful that had not seen CSWA’s latest show reacted with quite a bit more venom towards Randalls as Stanley dominated the match for 18 minutes.

Stanley, looking like he hadn’t lost a step since his last match in 2003, overpowered Randalls, hitting ‘The Wolf’ with punishing moves like an Oklahoma Stampede, a Piledriver and a TR German Suplex.

Yet, Randalls managed to kick out of Stanley’s pin attempts – thwarting him from victory, while frustrating him at the same time…

Stanley hit two vicious powerbombs on Randalls and attempted another pin cover, only for Randalls to kick out once again. Stanley brought Randalls to his feet and hoped to end the match with a top rope guillotine, but Randalls managed to push him off and catch him with a sunset flip from the top for a near pinfall of his own.

And that’s when all of a sudden, what started as a small pop grew to a low roar. Fans throughout the arena stood on their seats craning their necks toward the aisle…


SB: What's going on?

BB: It's Evan Aho!

(The former CSWA World Champion marches directly to ringside and grabs a microphone from the timekeepers table.)

SB: Just when I thought it couldn't get any more excruciating...

(With a microphone in his hand, Aho, uncharacteristically, talks to the two combatants in the ring.)

AHO: Why don't you quit playing around?

(Stanley manages a surprised glance at Aho but continues his assault. Randalls looks back, almost expectantly, at the interruption. Evan doesn't hesitate during his walk up the ringsteps and along the apron. He ducks under the top rope and slips into the ring.)

Aho: No, I'm serious. Stop. Larry, stop.

(Evan extends a flat palm to Stanley but keeps his eyes locked on 'The Wolf'. 'The Gent' holds up in a mix of confusion and curiosity. Aho continues his slow pace between the two combatants and stops just off Randalls’ shoulder. He pulls the mic back up with a poker-faced stare.)

AHO: Quit playing.

RANDALLS: What is your point, Evan?

AHO: That this isn’t even wrestling. You’re making a mockery of this. You’re nothing but a sideshow.

(Randalls walks up into Aho’s face, his emerald eyes glaring straight into Aho’s cold stare…)

RANDALLS: And what would you have me do, Evan?

AHO: Why don’t you wrestle like it means something to you, like it means something to these people. Or were your words last year just a lie?

(And just at that moment, Randalls looks around to the arena, the fans cheering what Aho has just said. Randalls immediately rolls out of the ring and walks down the aisle. Aho stands there perplexed as the referee starts a ten count, while Stanley looks at Aho in slight anger as the bell rings signaling ‘The English Gent’ garners a countout victory.)

(The crowd boos, upset that a potential five-star match amounted to very little in the end.)

Tom Adler vs. Kin Hiroshi

As Tom Adler handed the United States Heavyweight Championship belt to Ben Worthington, he smiled knowingly. An in-ring chess master, Adler loves the games between he and his opponents as much as the physical contact itself.

There’s not a man in the business who doesn’t lift regularly; to travel week in and week out, beating your body meticulously, widdles the bad ass in every man to a nub. Survival of the fittest is a mental theme. His body aging, tattooed with bruises that are so old, they’re easily mistaken for birthmarks, Tom remains a giant in the business because his mind, his genius is so well persevered.

The knowing smile, because as the bell rings and Kin and Adler lockup Adler’s at checkmate with the first move.

Not that it was easy. The former Greensboro Champion, a rising star in his own right, matched his more accomplished elder move for move.

High-risk, a chair, table and prayer, a broken neck takes precedent over amateur skills today. The Meadowlands crowd knew they were treated to something of a rarity: a technical duel usually reserved for their overseas peers.

Testing Adler’s resolve to work hard tonight, Kin controlled the early going attacking Tom’s left knee.

An STF Adler barely got out of, a half-Boston crab that lasted a good sixty seconds, eight minutes into the match, Kin had the US title all but around his waist.

The answer, “Yes.”

Adler was willing to work as hard as it took. The champ side-stepped a sliding tackle attempt then caught Hiroshi with a short clothesline.

A quick knee to Hiroshi’s gut, Adlerplex with a following two-count. A double-arm powerbomb, tested Kin’s resolve. He responded as well, catching Tom coming off the ropes, with a running leg lariat.

Then the mistake: Hiroshi’s German suplex attempt. Reversal, and Adler executed the move flawlessly.

Belly-to Belly.

Tiger suplex.

Superkick as Hiroshi’s word still spun.

As the Jersey crowd stood and applauded, Adler knelt over a weary opponent attacking with his finisher, The Adlerlock!

10 seconds in, Kin fought.

15 seconds, NO.





20...checkmate. Hiroshi’s forced to tap.

The Meadowlands saluted both men. Kin held his ground and on another day, Adler might have fell.

For Tom though, a victory and a date with The Franchise next.

WINNER: Tom Adler