CSWA PRIMETIME  returns to the home of Disney Days!


MAIN EVENT:  Eli Flair vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens

US:  Shane Southern vs. "Cocky" Craig Miles

Greensboro:  GUNS vs. Dan Ryan

Tom Adler vs. Evan Aho (non-title)

Hip Hop Express vs. Simply Stunning

Lance Liezure vs. "Good God" Kevin Powers

"Hot Property" Eddie Mayfield vs. Aelieas Fierte

Cameron Cruise vs. Nate Logan

Pete Hardy vs. Kin Hiroshi

Rob Sampson vs. Bobby Jackson

"Big Time" Michael Gettis vs. Larry Tact


 CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Shane Southern

Tom Adler


Unified Tag:
The Professionals


Rob Sampson vs. Bobby Jackson

The newest ‘R’ in PLR took on one of the CSWA’s most colorful characters. Before Jackson could even get into the ring, the high risk specialist came through the ropes with a suicide tope. Both men hit the ground hard, with Jackson taking most of the blow. The bell rang even with both men on the outside, and referee Ben Worthington immediately began a ten-count. Sampson belly-to-belly suplexed Jackson on the rampway, then dove into the ring. It appeared that Jackson might get counted out, but as he began to climb onto the apron, Sampson took him down with a baseball slide. “Mr. Main Event’s” momentum took him through the ropes as well, but he quickly climbed back up on the apron. As Sampson threw himself heedlessly off the apron in a plancha, Jackson rolled halfway under the ring, leaving nothing but mat for one of the GXW’s finest. Jackson quickly leaped up, scooping up Sampson and dropping him throat-first on the outside barrier. Bobby quickly rolled his opponent inside, looking to finish him off with a brainbuster, only to get a two-count. He followed quickly, sending “Mr. Main Event” into the corner, but took an elbow to the throat for his trouble as he tried to capitalize. Sampson quickly hopped to the second rope and delivered a huge clothesline. Then it was just moments away… The Headliner… that inverted DVD into a pinfall for the one…two…three.

Winner:  "Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson

Pete Hardy vs. Kin Hiroshi

The muffin tycoon may stand the same height as the Newcastle fireplug, but Hiroshi was giving up eighty pounds to Hardy. The big man welcomed Hiroshi into the ring with a huge backdrop, giving way to a legdrop. Hiroshi tried to reestablish a vertical base, but Hardy quickly swept him off his feet with a full nelson slam. Hardy went for several early falls, but Hiroshi used his wits and flexibility to stay in the match.

Hiroshi's break came, not from a Hardy mistake, but from an amazing counter. As the Pitbull went for his super back body drop, Hiroshi actually hooked the head in mid-air, using his downward momentum to nail a reverse DDT, followed up with a neckbreaker. Then it was Hiroshi's turn to keep his opponent on the ground, setting Hardy up for a side Russian leg sweep and following with a half boston crab.  Hardy was able to make it to the ropes, but that didn't save him for long.  Hiroshi allowed Hardy to pull himself to his feet, then hit him with a huge crossbody that took both men through the ropes to the floor.  Hiroshi quickly rolled the dazed Hardy back inside, then headed up top to set up the Hiroshi-ma Bomb frog splash and the pinfall.

Winner:  Kin Hiroshi

(CUTTO: The backstage area, as EDDIE MAYFIELD is walking down the hall, wearing white vinyl tightpants, white boots with flames licking up the sides from the bottom of the boots, and a fresh 'PEE-ARE-OHS' t-shirt. Suddenly, from an adjoining hall, somebody suddenly puts their hand on EDDIES' shoulder, and in an instant, MAYFIELD grabs the guy by the shirt, and reels back to punch! The camera jerks over, as MAYFIELD yanks the guy outta the shadows, and we see it's SHAMON! The crowd watching on the monitor laughs, as SHAMON shakes his head violently, not wanting to get hit, and instead, wets MAYFIELD down with activator juice from his gheri curl! EDDIE shoves him away, disgusted, and contiues to walk, but SHAMON chases him down.)

SHAMON: (Grabs MAYFIELD again, points to the floor, then does a spin, ending in a flash kick/crotch grab/shoulder shrug. MAYFIELD just looks at the kid like he's nuts.) HEEEEEEEEEEE! HEEEEEE Heeeeeeeeee! WOOOOO! (Crowd WHOOOOS! in response) Eddie... HAH... Eddie Mayfield... (Spins) Listen Eddie, this whole Intruders thing... you think that I... yunno... can SHHHHHH... SHAMON! HEE! Shamonit... get in on that action? Yunno, your my FAVORITE... (pauses, then shakes out his hands like they suddenly combusted into flames) THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL NOW BABY...... (Grabs crotch and jumps) WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

MAYFIELD: What is your (BLEEEEEEP!)ng problem?  (SHAMON just shimmies to the side, rolling his neck) You wanna get into the Intruders, huh? (SHAMON starts hopping up and down!) I don't know about all that, kid, but... (thinks) maybe you can do me a favor....

(EDDIE pulls out a Camel, and produces a lighter.  QUICK CLOSEUP: SHAMON’S caustic, dripping hair, and EDDIE quickly puts the cigarette away)

MAYFIELD:  Listen, let's talk.  Not here though..."

(EDDIE walks past the camera, leaving SHAMON standing there, who can't stay still. Allovasudden, we hear MAYFIELD off-camera yell 'Come the (BLEEEEEEP!) on!' SHAMON hops, and runs past the camera, leaving us in an empty hall.  FADEOUT.)

Cameron Cruise vs. Nate Logan

The second member of PLR up tonight took on the former Presidential champ in a match between two former friends that turned ugly early. Both men went back and forht in the beginning, before Cruise decided it was time to take it outside. Cruise tossed Logan outside, then decided it was time for he and Nate to take a new ‘step’ in their relationship, literally. After tossing Logan into the steps, Cruise tried to hit a DDT on the rampway, but Logan blocked and backdropped Cruise back down to ringside. Logan began to take control, using the apron to work over Cruise’s back before wrapping his arm around the ringpost. Logan rolled the Jacksonville, NC native into the ring and began to try and take him apart. He worked Cruise over from pillar to post, but couldn’t keep Cruise down for a three-count. Finally, Cruise got payback for his earlier mistake, backdropping Logan onto and over the ropes.

The fight headed back outside, but this time with an extra added bonus. Former CSWA World Champion Steve Radder made an appearance, backing up his words in the recent argument between he and Logan. As Logan tried to send Cruise into the post, Radder responded with a picture-perfect dropkick to the back of the head that knocked Logan into the apron, and set him up for a huge DDT by Cruise. The melee continued as Rob Sampson came out to make the save, and both men had been counted out.

Result:  Double Countout

"Hot Property" Eddie Mayfield vs. Aelieas Fierte 

With the rookie Fierte in the ring, “Voodoo Chile” began to play, eliciting massive boos from most of the audience.  Eddie Mayfield swaggered out to the rampway in front of CSWAvision, but stopped there with a microphone in hand.

MAYFIELD: "Ok allayall, I gotta few things to say, especially to this cat here in the corner. (points to Fierte) Listen kid, no offense, but you don't ask Barry Bonds to come in and pinch hit at tee-ball games, and you don't ask T-Mac to come outta the stands and play fifteen for the Martin Luther King High Panthers. And Aereola, whatever the GOOD GOD-(BLEEEEEP!) your name is - When I called out Hornet for this show, I wind up with YOU. (MAYFIELD looks him up and down as the crowd boos - some hardcores clap in the audience) So what I'm doing right now, is, being MUST-SEE TV, that means that EYE call the shots when we're on TV, so I'm making an executive decision, and I'm gonna put on a mid-season replacement, because you don't DESERVE to get rub off of one half of the PEE-ARE-OHS, off of one fourth of the Intruders, and most importantly, The Greatest Show on Earth. (Smirks) So Areola - have a good show tonight, and music man, SEND IN THE CLOWN!"

Mayfield threw down the microphone and left as Shamon came down to “Beat It.”  Fierte waited patiently for Shamon to enter the ring, showing no sign of frustration or anticipation.  But once Shamon came in the ring and started moonwalking, Fierte struck.  Aelieas kicked Shamon in the gut, eliciting a high-pitched squeal, then nailed the much smaller man with a sitdown powerbomb.  Shamon never quite recovered (unless you call kicking and screaming like a woman recovering).  The thirty-year old Frenchman showed no signs of letting up, suplexing Shamon around like a rag doll.  In the merciful end, the 300-pound big man, picked up the 180-pound Shamon, and executed an over the head sit-down frontface powerbomb he calls the “Ecrasez Votre Ame,” otherwise known as the “Crush Your Soul.”  Shamon lay prone in the ring, long after he suffered the pinfall.

Winner:  Aelieas Fierte

Lance Liezure vs. Kevin Powers 

Lance Liezure has suffered the most abuse at the hands of the new PLR, bar none.  And stepping in the ring while giving up eight inches and eighty pounds, many thought Liezure was signing his death warrant.  What happened was anything but.  Liezure held his own against the big man and former US Champion.  “Good God” concentrated on using his edge in power, but Liezure kept taking the punishment, reminiscent of Steve Radder’s infamous bouts.  After bodyslams and choke slams, clotheslines and suplexes, Powers still couldn’t the shoulders of the “Luscious” one down for three.  The leader of the PLR took a scare as he went for a Power X-Treme:  Liezure took control from the top rope and brought the big man down with a huge hurricanrana that garnered a two-count.  Powers quickly gained momentum, but still, nothing he did was enough to give him the match.  In the end, Logan and Sampson made an appearance, helping Powers spike piledrive Liezure, then nail him with the Kiss The Canvas slingshot powerbomb.  While it gave Liezure the match by disqualification, the trainers were called out to attend to the winner.

Winner:  Lance Liezure (by disqualification)

BB:  It's time to cut to another break, but first, I'm told we have a HUGE arrival in the back!

(CUT TO: The front of the arena. A white limo with plates that read "MRCSWA" pulls up. The driver-- a hot blonde in a skimpy chauffeur's outfit comes out and holds the door open and out comes Troy Windham to huge cheers from the crowd. Troy is accompanied with three blondes who all look the same-- wearing skimpy tank tops that all read on it " TROY 'S TOYS." Troy gives a little nod towards the camera.)

TROY : Playtime is over. Now, it's all biz-ness.

( Troy sticks his cheek out and all four girls give him a peck on the cheek.  The grin then escapes Troy 's face and he walks right towards the arena.)

BB: Well, here he is... Mister CSWA. Troy Windham, always the center of controversy. Who KNOW what he'll be up to tonight.

SB: I just wish he'd bring the ladies out with him so I can play with Troy 's Toys!  TROY IS BACK BABY!

BB:  Fans, we'll be right back!