CSWA PRIMETIME  returns to the home of Disney Days!


MAIN EVENT:  Eli Flair vs. "Triple X" Sean Stevens

US:  Shane Southern vs. "Cocky" Craig Miles

Greensboro:  GUNS vs. Dan Ryan

Tom Adler vs. Evan Aho (non-title)

Hip Hop Express vs. Simply Stunning

Lance Liezure vs. "Good God" Kevin Powers

"Hot Property" Eddie Mayfield vs. Aelieas Fierte

Cameron Cruise vs. Nate Logan

Pete Hardy vs. Kin Hiroshi

Rob Sampson vs. Bobby Jackson

"Big Time" Michael Gettis vs. Larry Tact


 CSWA World:
Mark Windham

United States:
Shane Southern

Tom Adler


Unified Tag:
The Professionals

(Editor's Note:  With the long delay, I've gone ahead and done the majority of the card in short-form to get things moving.  For more info, check RP Central.)

(The NCN and CSWA logos fade onto the screen.)

V/O:  The National Cable Network, in conjunction with the CSWA and CS Enterprises, is proud to present the following LIVE broadcast.

(CUTTO:  "One By One" by Foo Fighters fills the O-Rena as multi-colored laser lights dance across the steel and concrete.  Spotlights join in as CSWA ring announcer Rhubarb Jones brings the crowd to a frenzy.) 

BB:  HELLO WRESTLING FANS!  I hope you can hear me, because I can't hear myself!  We're back in the home of one of the most famous PPVs in CSWA history, but tonight, this is CSWA PRIMETIME!  (crowd pop)

SB:  Wasn't someone supposed to make sure that Michael Eisner didn't wear the mouse ears in here?

BB:  Fans, as always, I'm Bill Buckley, along with evolution's sick joke, Sammy Benson.  

SB:  That's just uncalled for.

BB:  Now you know how it feels.  Folks, we've got a barnburner set for tonight.  Former World Champions collide, as Evan Aho continues to try to recover from his FISH FUND loss.  Tonight he takes on the current Presidential Champion, Tom Adler.  Members of the newly-formed "Intruders" and the GXW contingent meet as GUNS defends the Greensboro Championship against Dan Ryan.

SB:  Insert slightly-amusing steroid comment here.

BB:  (rolls eyes)  And speaking of the Intruders, Shane Southern has until later tonight to decide on a not-so-subtle suggestion to join the ranks of Miles, Mayfield and GUNS.  Miles and Southern will meet in the ring, either to cement a new partnership, or just beat each other's brains out.

SB:  We'll find out tonight just how smart Southern is.  It's not safe to be alone in the CSWA these days.

BB:  CSWA World Champion Mark Windham was supposed to join us tonight, but we've been informed that he's returned to Sweetwater for a family emergency.

SB:  Family?  What family does he have left?  His parents are dead.  The lunatic he thought was his brother has disappeared.  His REAL brother nailed the Slacknife on him after his title win... and his wife and child won't have anything to do with him!

BB:  There are several other matches we'll get to in just a moment, but not before we remind you of tonight's Main Event.  Former CSWA World Champion Eli Flair faces off against one of his true friends in this business, "Triple X" Sean Stevens.  Just exactly where is Ivy going to be in this one?

SB:  We know she'll stick her pointy little nose into things...the question is, will the man they call Bugbrain?

BB:  I think you and GUNS are the only ones that call Hornet that, Sammy.  Either way, the Main Event promises to be one that no one involved with this sport will want to miss.  So fans, let's get things started!  First up, it's "Big Time" taking on newcomer Larry Tact!

"Big Time" Michael Gettis vs. Larry Tact

These two were well-matched physically, with just an inch in height and less than fifteen pounds difference separating them.  That may have been part of what allowed the two wrestling veterans to put on a barnburner of an opening match.  Tact used his technical expertise to take command early, belly-to-bellying Gettis to the mat, then following with a German suplex and an early cover for a one-count.  Gettis tried to use the ropes to his advantage, only to be yanked away and caught in an armbar followed by an armbreaker.  Tact continued to work over the right arm of Gettis, locking in a full nelson leading to a full nelson slam and close pinfall. 

On a high knee attempt by Tact, Gettis made his move, basically falling out of the way, leaving Tact to hamstring himself on the ropes.  Gettis quickly caught Tact with a high dropkick, knocking him over the apron straight to the floor outside.  As Tact got up on the outside, “Big Time” stood on the apron and measured him, then came off with a huge twisting bulldog to the mats outside.  The Greensboro native pulled the New Yorker to his feet and rolled him inside, then followed up with an underhook DDT before Tact could recover.  Gettis quickly jumped to the top rope, raised his arms to the fans, then leveled Tact with “The Big Tyma” flying elbow for the pinfall win.