CSWA PRIMETIME  shows up in Oklahoma City!


Top Contenders
For the Title Shot at FF13
Eddy Love vs. Mark Windham

CSWA World:
Evan Aho vs. Eddie Mayfield

Hip Hop Express and a mystery partner

Triple X vs. Dan Ryan

Tom Adler vs. Cameron Cruise

JJ DeVille vs. GUNS


 CSWA World:
Evan Aho

United States:

Tom Adler

JJ DeVille

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Simply Stunning

BB:  We're back here on PRIMETIME.  I've just been handed a note, but I'm not sure what it means.  It says something about a former CSWA manager returning at FISH FUND to offer that person's services to a current CSWA superstar.  I have no idea who it could be or exactly what it means.

SB:  It's not me, I can tell you that.

BB:  You mean you won't be leaving the booth?  What a shame.

SB:  Kiss it, Buckley.  You know you love having me here.  We both know it could be worse.  (shudders again)

BB:  Triple X and Dan Ryan are scheduled up next, but let's head backstage first for a look at Evan Aho as he gears up for his match against Eddie Mayfield.

(CUT TO:  CSWA Heavyweight Champion Evan Aho is making his way down a hallway in the locker room area, his prestigious gold nowhere to be found.  As he passes a locker room, the door opens and out emerges Mike Plett, ready to go to the ring for some mic time.)

MP:  Hey Evan... I’ve been meaning to catch you.

EA:  ... What is it, Sight?

MP:  I know you don’t see things my way, I know you aren’t... as Hornet would say... “for the cause”... but I need to let you know, I am not GXW.

EA:  (shrugs) OK.

MP:  Don’t give me that stoneyfaced stare, Aho, I’m letting you know that Mike Plett’s allegiances lay here.

EA:  Not that I care about all this GXW stuff, Mike, but somebody in the CSWA is a turncoat... and I’m only trusting myself.

MP:  Like always... suit yourself, man, I’m just letting you know where I stand.

(Plett walks away, and Evan just stares into the doorway.  The camera zooms in on a black t-shirt with white and red lettering that says “G - X - W”.)

SB:  Superfreak is still trying to convince everybody that he's a good guy.  He's about as annoying as Bugbrain.

BB:  Speaking of Hornet, he's been one of the most vocal in taking Plett to task for his stint in GXW.  Hornet says Wicked Sight is to blame for what happened to Evan Aho, by going over on GXW TV and shooting his mouth off. 

SB:  If there were a world championship for shooting your mouth off, I think Sight would win hands down.

BB:  It's time to head back down to the ring.  GXW World Champ Dan Ryan takes on former Presidential Champion "Triple X" Sean Stevens!

"Triple X" Sean Stevens vs. 
"Ego Buster" Dan Ryan

(CUE UP: “Zero” – The Smashing Pumpkins)

BB:  I can’t wait for this match, Sammy- and for Dan Ryan to finally get his just rewards for everything he’s said and done to the CSWA wrestlers and fans so far.

SB: What’s he done? Doesn’t the GXW Champion get some special consideration?

BB: Don’t you have ANY CSWA loyalty, Sammy?

SB: Loyalty? To the company that fired me once in favor of a midget and once in favor of a game show host? To the boss that framed me for murder? To the organization that doesn’t let me drink? Oh yeah, Buckley… my heart bleeds CSWA.

BB: Forgive me, Sammy… I forgot who I was talking to. The GXW World Champion has made it to the ring, brandishing his belt to all the CSWA fans – and he seems to be enjoying these boos IMMENSELY.

(CUE UP: “’Til I Collapse” – Eminem”)

SB: And do you expect me to root for the guy with the Feminazi in his corner?

BB: Of course not . But listen to the change in moods for this crowd as ‘Triple X’ Sean Stevens and Poison Ivy enter the arena! Triple X doesn’t need your support, Sammy – he’s got the fans of the CSWA on his side!

BB: Well isn’t that special? You want me to root against Dan Ryan? Let me see him against my Main Man with the Top Female in wrestling in his corner.

BB: The Top Female in wrestling, according to most sources, Sammy, has just entered the arena.

SB: She’s a nice piece of tail, I’ll give you that, but between you and me, Buckley… how many times a day do you think Stevens here has to tell her to shaddup?

BB: I think she heard that, Sammy.

SB: Protect me!

BB: Will you get out from behind there? These two men have shared a pretty brutal war of words so far, it’ll be interesting to see who backs it up. Poison Ivy giving a last bit of instruction to Triple X, and there’s the bell! Patrick Young is going to have his hands full in this one!

SB: Patrick Young is worthless.

BB: Well YOU’RE in a mood tonight. Ryan and Trip lock up, and Ryan locks on a side headlock! Trip sends him into the ropes, but Ryan comes back off with a neckbreaker, and he locks on another headlock! Say what you will about Dan Ryan but he knows the basics!

SB: Of course he does. You don’t become a World Champion anywhere with a weak forearm and a shoulderblock.

BB: Triple X is looking for a way out of this one – he sends Dan Ryan into the ropes again, but Ryan reverses it! Trip off the other side – KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! Ryan doubles over, and Triple X with a DDT! A quick hook of the leg, ONE… TWO… KICKOUT by Dan Ryan!

SB: Fast count!

BB: … He kicked out.

SB: So?

BB: Never mind. Dan Ryan to his feet quickly, and he blocks a right hand from Triple X! Headbutt from Ryan! Triple X staggers backwards, and Ryan hooks him around the waist – BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Ryan drops an elbow on Trip’s face! Triple X rolls to the outside, and Dan Ryan is mocking this capacity crowd!

SB: Like I said, he’s allowed.

BB: Patrick Young starts counting, and Dan Ryan measures Trip from the ring apron! His back is turned, and Ryan looks about to drop a double axehandle! NO! Trip turned just in time! He grabs Ryan by the ankle and pulls him off the ring apron! Ryan hit the corner of the mat with the back of his head! Triple X whips Ryan into the ringpost! SUPERKICK BY TRIPLE X! Dan Ryan might be out on his feet! Trip sends him back into the ring, and covers! ONE… TWO… THR—KICKOUT! Ryan to the outside, and Sammy, it looks like he’s bailing out!

SB: And why not? He’s a World Champion, and therefore above a pedant like Triple X.

BB: These fans are booing like crazy, but he doesn’t seem to care! Triple X is calling for him to return to the ring while the referee counts him out! WAITAMINUTE! Poison Ivy has just grabbed Dan Ryan by the arm and turned him around! She appears to be telling him to get back to the ring and finish the match!

SB: Bad move by the Feminazi.


SB: Naaah, she got in his way, she gets what she deserves.

BB: Triple X is outside, immediately, and Ryan shoves Ivy into him and continues his walk to the back! Patrick Young had counted him out, and this one is over, with Triple X taking home the win via countout.

SB: Pretty weak victory.

BB: It looked like Dan Ryan didn’t want any more from Trip, but they’ll get into it again at FISH FUND, Sammy. Nowhere to run for the GXW World Champion there!

SB: You say ‘run’ like it’s an act of fear. Why should he waste his time with a nothing match like Trip when he’s got a US Title match to prepare for at FISH FUND? The great ones know how to prioritize, Buckley. You think Eddy wouldn’t have done the same?

BB: How did I know you couldn’t get through a single match without bringing up Eddy Love? We’ll be right back, fans.  It's JJ DeVille and GUNS, next!