June 19, 2000

Featuring Deacon vs. Radder for the CSWA World Championship!


(CUTTO:  Deacon's dressing room. Poison Ivy is dressed for 'battle' tonight - the skirt, the boots, the sweater.... and she looks like she's about to snap on the first person that walks in the door.  On the bench in front of her, Susan is asleep in her child seat. Ivy is on the telephone with someone.... and it doesn't sound pleasant.)

IVY:  So what you're telling me is that you can't run any sort of check for this 'Insider' guy because you don't have probable cause? That's complete and total bullshit. .... No, you listen to me. My life has been filled with fear for my daughter's well- being ever since YOUR DEPARTMENT let your prime suspect die. I'm not going to accept anything less than you DOING SOMETHING about this guy, and I'm certainly not going to use Susan as 'bait' for this guy.

(A knock at the door.)

IVY:  Come in.

(Faith Hannum enters the room. She's dressed in a "FAITH IS THE EVIDENCE" sweatshirt.)  

FH:  Everything okay, Ivy?

IVY:  Yeah, Faith.... come on in.   (on the phone) Well FIND OUT!

(Ivy hangs up.)

FH:  Still having trouble with this guy?

IVY: Damnitt! Do you know how hard it is to do this? Not only do you have to be responsible for your own actions and well being, but the well-being of another person....

FH: You're doing the best you can.

IVY: .... Am I?

(The door opens again, and Chris Shepherd enters the room.)

CS: Ivy.... Miss Hannum. Is everything okay?

IVY: Yeah.... we're holding up.

CS: A welcome change, I'm sure. Well, Elijah and I will be in and out all night, so Ivy.... stay put and you'll be fine.

(The door opens once again - it's a stagehand.)

SH: Mr. Shepherd.... they need you out front.

CS: Alright.... be there in a minute.

IVY: Hey.... I never got a chance to thank you.

(They hug. Exit Shepherd.)

SH: Ms. McGinnis, I was also supposed to tell you that Commissioner Locke wants to see you.

IVY: Perfect.... Give me a second to collect Susan's---

(Ivy turns around to see Susan in Faith's arms. Faith is speaking in very calm tones to the baby.)

IVY: I guess.... can you keep an eye on her? I shouldn't be more than ten minutes.

FH: No problem.

(CUTTO: Locke's makeshift office.)

IVY: You wanted to see me, Boss?

JW: .... No.

IVY: But that's what the stagehand said. That's what.... what's his name? That's what Scotty told me.

JW: Hey, wherever he got his info from, it wasn't ME.

IVY: Huh.... that's strange.

(Exit Ivy.)

(U-62 fades in to a darkened arena, but only for a moment, as the patented CSWA light, laser and pyro show begins for the capacity crowd.)

BB:  Hello wrestling fans!!!

SB:  Do you always have to do that?

BB:  Welcome to CSWA PRIMETIME in Yakima.  I'm Bill Buckley, with my partner, Sammy Benson, and we're watching this crowd go wild as it celebrates its first live CSWA event here in Yakima.  

SB:  I'm not even gonna ask who booked this place.

BB:  And these fans in the arena, as well as you at home, are in store for a huge night, including the Main Event, as CSWA World Champion Deacon defends against the "Iceman" himself, Steve Radder!

SB:  You mean Radder is still with the company?

BB:  At least for tonight, Sammy.  He's got his shot, and he's gonna take it.

SB:  Not if Kevin Powers has anything to say about it.

BB:  Also tonight, the Presidential Title is on the line, as Alex Wylde defends against "Hot Stuff' Aaron Douglas.  The reinstated one, Blade, faces US Champ Lawrence Stanley in a non-title match to see if he can solidify a title match for Independence Day 2000.

SB:  Ummm, Buckley, Merritt does realize that it's almost June and we're still talking about Winter's Warriors, right?

BB:  You did get the memo, right?  It's "Independence Day 2000" now.  Don't ask me.  The top contender to Wicked Sight's Greensboro Championship, and his eventual INDY opponent, will be decided in a battle royal of top young talent.

(CUT TO: A spotlight shines on a cross section of the rafters, high above the arena in Yakima... the fans react as they notice someone is up there...)

SB: Speak of the devil...and he will come.  Whoops, that's just that Wicked Sight kid.

BB: Looks like it... I wonder what the Greensboro Champion is DOING up there?

SB: Maybe he wants good seats for the Greensboro Battle Royal?

BB:  He might want to think about getting ready for his title match tonight.  Wicked Sight called out Hornet...and now the Greensboro Champ has to put the title on the line against the former Unified Champ.

SB:  Why's he going after the Greensboro Title anyway?  Sure he hasn't held it...but is the man so egotistical he has to have EVERYTHING.

BB:  I think the belt's peripheral in this one, Sammy.

SB:  Hey Buckley, I know what peripheral means....but you might want to keep in mind that our audience averages a sixth-grade education.

BB:  That's enough insulting the fans, Sammy...it's not their fault you pull the average down so low.  We've also got tag teams in action as they get ready for INDY, including top contenders SWAT Team and Simply Stunning, who are scheduled to meet The Dark Carnival in a three-way dance at the pay-per-view.  But first, let's get started with some great undercard action as well!  Hit it Rhubarb! 


John J. Battles vs. Henderson Bramble

The former Texas Ranger and standout independent wrestler took on the former ABWA World Champion in his CSWA debut.  This one was no contest from the start, as the martial arts expert and Apache SuChi master took over from the opening bell.  A spinning heel kick followed with his  "Long Arm of the Law" clothesline put Bramble on the mat.  Battles waited for Bramble to regain his feet, rather than risking getting drawn into the amateur mat style Bramble is so proficient in.  Battles dodged the takedown by Bramble, following with the "Rapid Hands" kenpo technique, putting Henderson back on the mat.  JJB quickly finished the match by putting Bramble in the Apache Deathlock.  Before Bramble could even tap out, he lost consciousness,  leading to the end of the match by referee Ben Worthington, and the debut win for JJB.


Dusty Thompson vs. Shawn Stevens

   Evenly matched in age and size, these two had a knockdown, drag-out fight in this double debut.   The major differences seemed to be Texas Trish on the outside  for Thompson, and Stevens' edge in experience as a former TCW champion, and willingness to 'bend' the rules as necessary.

   The two traded blows early on, apparently feeling each other out.  Thompson made the first significant charge toward victory when he connected with a boot to the face followed quickly by a powerbomb.  Stevens kicked out just before the two-count, but Thompson was ready, dropping Stevens with a suplex and a piledriver.  The cover went to two, but no further, as Stevens used the ropes to break up the pinfall, then rolled outside for a breather.  Thompson seemed unwilling to follow Stevens outside until the former TCW World Champ began verbally assaulting Texas Trish.   As Thompson made his way outside to protect his valet, Stevens sucker-punched the big Texan before knocking him silly with a running shoulder breaker into the ring post.

   Stevens quickly rolled Thompson inside and went for the cover, but Thompson somehow kicked out after two.   That seemed to personally offend "Superman" Stevens, who devastated Thompson with his "Doomsday" reverse crucifix powerbomb, followed by the nonchalant cover  for the 1-2-3.


Evan Aho vs. Cancer

Cancer took control early, using his size and power advantage to keep Aho down on the mat.  About three minutes into the match, Cancer scored a quick two-count with a tremendous belly-to-belly brainbuster.  Cancer continued to wear down the groggy rookie, but couldn't keep the youngster down for three, even after seven or eight  pin attempts.  The turning point came as the big man turned his attention to a possible submission attempt.  While going for a half boston crab, Aho used his quickness and flexibility to maneuver out of Cancer's grip, kicking the big man into the ropes.  Aho quickly followed with a spectacular Implant DDT.  Instead of going for the quick cover, Aho quickly followed with a neckbreaker.  Cancer kicked out after two, but the momentum of the match had changed.  Aho stayed out of Cancer's grip and on his feet, allowing him to dodge and dart while delivering blows.  The final blow came as Aho was able to roll Cancer up following the setup move he calls "The Agony", a diving inverted DDT, giving him the victory in his CSWA debut match.

SWAT Team vs. Strictly Business

The former Unified World Tag Champs and top tag team contenders took on the up-and-coming team of John Cisco and Mark Davis, with their manager Terra Lopez on the outside.  Cisco fared well against Colt in the first few minutes of the match.  After both teams tagged out, however, Beretta took control of the match by nailing Davis with a stun gun, then dividing the ring successfully so that Davis could never get close enough to make the tag.  A frustrated John Cisco tried to save his partner a couple of times, but without the legal tag, was stopped by referee Patrick Young.  Unfortunately for Strictly Business, SWAT Team used these opportunities  to doubleteam the beleaguered Davis.  Beretta finished off Davis and the match with a tombstone piledriver.   The SWAT Team takes a winning streak on to their title match at INDY.

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