April 23, 2000

Featuring Deacon vs. HaVoC for the CSWA World Championship!


(Fade-in to a skybox above the arena that has apparently been set up as 'CSWA HQ' for the evening.  CSWA Commissioner Chad Merritt and his Chief of Staff, JW Locke, are discussing some final issues before the show.)

JW:  And that way we should be able to increase merchandising revenues by about 15%.

CM:  (smiles)  I knew I hired you for a good reason.  And now that you've buttered me up, what's the 'favor' you wanted to ask?

JW:  I think you ought to reinstate Codine.

CM:  Blade?  Since you've put me in such a good mood...I'll humor you.  Why should I put an insubordinate whiner back in his spot in the company?

JW:  One, because we can draw with the Forsaken.  Two, because we can draw with some of the matches we can put him in specifically.  Three, because there are things he can do for us.  

CM:  Such as?

JW:  Just think of the good press you get in the locker room by 'changing your mind' and reinstating him.  And then Blade will be indebted to us...an eye for an eye so to speak.

CM:  I think I catch your meaning.  I tell ya what, I'll allow it on two conditions.  First, he keeps his match with Stanley at Yakima...but it's non-title.  Second, he gets a World Title shot when I say so...and not before.  And if gets out of line again...I'll make it permanent next time.

JW:  I think I can get him to agree to that.

CM:  Good, because it's non-negotiable.

(The two men stand up from the table and head down to the arena.)

(Chris Shepherd, Deacon, and another man are arriving just outside the arena.  The third man appears to be Hispanic, and stands to the right of Shepherd, who appears to be explaining the ropes.)

CS:  We've got about 15 minutes until the show starts.  I've got a pass for you here, and a floor-level ticket...you shouldn't have any trouble.  Afterwards, just show the pass to the security guard at the backstage entrance we'll go through...it should get you straight in.

(Now inside, the three men make their way toward Deacon's dressing room.  On the way back, they pass Steve Radder, apparently tying his shoe.  As Radder stands, Deacon's friend stops and watches Radder tuck a cross necklace back into his shirt.  Radder meets the stare of the stranger.)

SR:  WHAT?!  What are you staring at man?  Haven't you ever seen a guy tie his shoe before?

(The stranger shakes his head and quickly catches up with Deacon and Shepherd.)

(fade-in on a TV screen showing part of a former CSWA PRIMETIME.  The camera zooms in closer and closer, until it actually seems to go into the television.  As it does, another screen is shown with a different match, this time with sound.  The camera zooms in again, and again as it reaches the screen, a new TV appears with yet a different match and audio.  This continues, faster and faster, match after match, until the zoom-in stops as the final television explodes, and the CSWA PRIMETIME logo is displayed.  As Buckley begins to speak, the camera pans the packed arena, where the CSWA light-and-pyro show is coming to an end.)

BB:  Hello wrestling fans!!  And welcome to the sold-out Scope here in Norfolk, Virginia for CSWA PRIMETIME!  We have got a packed show for you tonight, which includes everything from some rookie matches to a special World Title match.

SB:  You mean we have to see the scrubs wrestle tonight too?

BB:  As always, I'm joined by the inimitable Sammy Benson here at ringside.

SB:  And you know you love every minute of it.

BB:  Coming off the heels of SHOWTIME, we've got some tremendous title matches for you tonight.  The top contenders to the Unified Tag Team Titles will be decided in a special battle royal.  New United States Champion Lawrence Stanley defends against Bobby Jackson.  Greensboro Champion Wicked Sight takes on his toughest challenge yet in Steve Radder.  And CSWA World Champion Deacon takes on the winner of his own 'lottery' to determine the next challenger....HaVoC.

SB:  Since Blade got fired...does that mean the Forsaken is already dead?

BB:  I'd tend to doubt it, Sammy...but I guess we'll find out tonight.  We've got a couple of other matches for you as well, and a very special interview with former CSWA World Champion Eli Flair!

SB:  You mean he's back?  Please tell me he doesn't have the Feminazi with him?

BB:  I'm told the interview was pre-taped, Sammy...Ivy's not in the building...

SB:  Thank goodness.

BB:  ...that I know of.

SB:  I hate you.

BB:  Before we head to the first match, I'm told we have some footage to show.  I apologize in advance, fans, but sometimes we have to cover even the idiots.  Marvin, let's roll the footage.

(FADEIN:  'COCKY' CRAIG MILES is standing near the van from which POISON IVY gave a response interview to MIKE RANDALLS just a few days ago. MILES is wearing a "We like Troy on the H-Bomb better" T-shirt, and black leather pants. He's also carrying a canister of gasoline.)

MILES:  "Hi, Ivy, y'know I heard you make a comment that you didn't need this anymore. And you know what in honor of 'FAT, OLD GUY' JOEY MELTON leaving this sport...THANK (bleep) GOD, I'd like to leave a *laughs* burning memorial."  (Miles starts drowsing the van with gasoline) Now, I know you're probably at home with ELI and that kid watchin' this. And I wish you or Joey were here to commemorate this, but I guess I'll have to do it on my own. This is in honor of BURNING (bleep)! *laughs* (Miles takes ten steps back takes out a flare rod, lights it and throws it at the van, which lights immediately) BURN BABY BURN! DISCO INFERNO! WHOOOO!"

(fade to black)

BB:  It's pathetic that a man with the former wrestling resume that Miles has feels like he's got to run down a retiring legend to make his name again.

SB:  Where have you been for the last couple of years, Buckley?  You think that's something new?

BB:  (sighs)  Let's head to the ring for our first match.  Newcomer Chris Petty gets his first test here in the CSWA against Carl Brigsby.

SB:  That's a test?

BB:  Well, apparently that was Petty's response, because he's added a stipulation to the match.  If he can't beat Brigsby in under ten minutes, Petty has agreed to shave his legs on national television.

SB:  Um...has somebody done a background check on this guy?  Are we sure he's not some sort of pervert?


Chris Petty vs. Carl Brigsby

(joined in progress, 6:30 into the match)

BB:  Petty continues to dominate this match...at this point, he's simply playing with Brigsby.  He could put him away at any time.

SB:  You think the kid's stupid enough that he'll forget he's only got another 3 minutes or so?

BB:  I sincerely doubt it, Sammy...he's not that green.  He's former military...I'm sure he's got some discipline.   There's another full nelson slam by Petty, quickly followed up by a DDT!  Brigsby is out, Sammy....this one's over.

SB:  Then why is Petty headed up top?

BB:  This is his chance to show the world what he's got, Sammy...and he's gonna use every second he can.  Top rope splash from Petty!  The ref goes down to count, but Petty simply rolls through.  He's headed back up top again...and now he's perched on the top rope, waiting for Brigsby to get to his feet.

SB:  Brigsby can barely walk a straight line as it is....and now he's waiting on him to get up after he's pummelled the poo out of him?

BB:  Did you just say 'poo'?  Brigsby is slow getting up...but he *is* getting up.  And here comes Petty.....missile dropkick from the top!!!  He calls that the "Attitude."  And that means he's setting up for his finisher...the "Punctual" powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.  He sends Brigsby up......and DOWN!   Good grief!  What a move!  And it looks like Petty is finally ready to end this one with a minute to spare!

(The lights go down briefly as Handel's "Fireworks Music" begins to play.  As musical notes dance around the arena, Contessa walks from behind the curtain, accompanied by a 'servant' who is carrying a silver platter with a large silver lid on top.  The lights come up to full as Petty watches the procession from inside the ring.)

BB:  That's the companion of "Maestro" Byron Blair.  What's she doing out here?  It looks like she's got something for...somebody.  Meanwhile, Petty better get moving...he's just under a minute to go before the ten-minute mark.  

(Contessa and the servant climb on the apron, distracting the referee.  Byron Blair hops the guardrail and slides under the bottom rope.  He has Contessa's purse, obviously loaded, and nails Petty in the back of the head as he's trying to return the ref's attention to the match.  Blair quickly pulls Brigsby on top of Blair!)

BB:  Blair has just leveled Chris Petty....the Maestro may cause him to lose his debut match here at PRIMETIME!

(Contessa and the servant step down to the floor, where they're joined by Blair.)

BB:  Referee Ben Worthington now sees the pin.  ONE.............TWO............NO!!!!  Petty kicks out!!!  He gets to one knee, holding his head...what was in that purse, a brick?

SB:  Probably just her makeup...look at her.

BB:  Petty rolls on top of Brigsby, who's still down.  ONE............TWO...........THREE!!!  Chris Petty wins this match, and he does it at the 9:50 mark...just ten seconds before his own stipulation would have gone into effect.

SB:  Apparently that's not good enough for some people.

BB:  Blair is back in the ring...and he catches Petty from behind AGAIN as Worthington goes to raise his hand.  Blair is all over this young man with that loaded pocketbook!   Petty goes down, and he still doesn't even know what hit him!   What are they doing now?

(Blair tosses the purse to Contessa as the servant comes in with the silver platter.  He removes the lid to show a straight razor.  The servant begins to shave Petty's legs as Blair and Contessa exit the ring.)

BB:  This is unreal.  Fans, we're going to go to commercial....we'll be right back.

Duke Williams vs. Cardigo Mysterian

In Cardigo's first match since being on the receiving end of a taser at SHOWTIME by CSWA Security, he was out to level punishment on "The Malice Man."  Williams held his own early, keeping Mysterian at bay with a series of power moves.  The action mainly stayed on the mat until Cardigo was able to slip outside and entice Duke to follow him.  Like a spider trapping a fly, Cardigo led Williams into a false sense of security by taking a shot to the steel post...but quickly moved aside as Williams tried to finish him off.  Cardigo followed by choking out Williams with a nearby power cord before the referee actually came down to the floor to break things up.  Cardigo continued the choking theme, using a boot to Williams' throat once the two were back in the ring.  Williams tried to fight back, but Cardigo stayed just out of reach each time before putting the boots back to Duke.  Finally, Cardigo ended the match with a vicious reverse neckbreaker for the 1-2-3.

BB:  Fans, we'll be right back!

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