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Patrick Young


5'9    155 lbs.
Huntsville, Alabama

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Background Information  
Patrick is one of the CSWA's senior officals, with a tenure of ten years. A lifetime wrestling fan, who learned the ropes from his father, Carl, the first CSWA official who's career was tragically cut short when he suffered a major stroke in the Hornet/Windham SuperMatch at LAST CALL in 1993.

Young is well liked by the boys, and loves to claim he doesn't get out of bed for anything less than a Championship match. With an over-developed sense of the dramatic, like his father, Patrick is a fan favorite.

A devoted husband and father of three young boys, Young lives to open his professional life up to his family. Who knows, in another ten years the CSWA may see a third generation of Young, calling it as he sees it.

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