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John Carroll
tres lovely love



6'4    247 lbs.
Tokyo, Japan by way of Los Angeles, CA

Theme: "Taste in Men (Album Version)" by Placebo
Finisher: Wrist-Clutch Exploder
Setup Move: Shining Wizard
Moveset: Exploder Suplex '98 (standard finisher)
Cradle Piledriver (old-school finisher)
Undeniably Painful STF (old-school submission finisher)
Exploder Suplex
Sleeper Suplex
Half Nelson Suplex
Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex
German Suplex (Usually With Bridge)
Hard Kicks to the Chest and Back
Cro Crop Kick (A standing knockout kick to the head.)
This Beat Eli Flair (A simple toss head-first of the opponent into the steel post [over the top turnbuckle].)


Titles Held

fWo United States Title
fWo Internet Title
IOW World Heavyweight Title
CWA Tag Team Title (SJPW)

Background Information

Xias has quite the rocky history in the wrestling industry. A Native American orphan adopted early in his life to a wealthy Caucasian family in California, he became used to a life of privelage from a relativley early age. However, he also turned out to be a lifelong wrestling fan, and rather than follow his friends and siblings into college, Xias was in wrestling school from the age of 16.

Because of his size, he was taken in to the Super Japan Pro Wrestling dojo in Tokyo at age 18, and debuted there at just 19 years of age. He spent several years there as one of the top gaijins in the promotion, winning rookie of the year and gaijin of the year in 2001. In 2002, he finally came back to American shores with a friend he made in SJPW, Jason 'Shocker' Elliott, and made his debut as Shocker's bodyguard in the upstart Innovation of Wrestling promotion. Within months, he had his first major title, the IOW World Heavyweight Title, and then he shocked the wrestling world by jumping from IOW to the more popular Fans Wrestling Organization with the belt in early 2003, debuting in that year's Body Count match.

Xias's fWo tenure was a classic case of mixed results, as he got fairly over as a strong heel from the beginning, but injuries frequently sidelined him. Still, he captured both the fWo United States and Internet Titles during his time there, beating former CSWA superstar Eli Flair for the latter title. However, after being sidelined with yet another concussion in a series of them, Xias jumped from the fWo to the returning Jolt Wrestling in early 2005. And after being pushed strongly at first, being presented as an invading top heel without a contract, Xias walked out on his very real contract when they refused to give him the Triple Crown, and went back to Japan to wrestle a lighter schedule.

He's remained there ever since, for well over a year. Until now. He's back in the States, and it's for one reason and one reason alone- to become the CSWA Unified World Champion. They once called him the Undeniable One. The question now is, does he still have it?

Other Info

As you can tell by his moveset, Xias is strictly a power-based wrestler who relies on throwing his opponents all over the canvas with suplexes. He's also an incredibly good striker, who will more than likely win a striking battle with just about anyone. However, he's not as fast as some wrestlers, and his mat-wrestling could definitely use some work and he very well could get out-wrestled there (especially by someone with an amateur background).