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SHOWTIME in Seattle
Mark Windham vs. Dan Ryan
Mark Windham vs. Eli Flair


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Stephen Thomas

"The Lost Soul" Mark Windham


6'5    243 lbs.
Sweetwater, Texas

Theme: "Pretending" by HIM
Manager: Mickey Benedict
Finisher: The Torture Rack
Setup Move: Tornado DDT
Moveset: Lariat
The Iron Claw
Boston Crab
Figure 4
Body Slam
Knee lift
Full Nelson
Sharpshooter (Taught By Hornet)


Titles Held  
CSWA Greensboro Champion (Retired belt by winning CSWA League title two weeks later in the spring of '88. Never beaten for it.)

CSWA Champion (Retired belt in summer of '88 by winning his first US Title.)

CSWA Presidential Champion (4/17/92)

4-time CSWA United States Heavyweight Champion
(6/88-6/90) (2) (8/90-10/90) (3) (1/91-10/91) (4) (6/93-8/93)

2-time National Heavyweight Champion
(6/92-6/93) (2) (9/93-7/94)

2-time CSWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Background Information  
Would take too long to fill out at this point. Maybe one day.

One of the original four members of the CSWA who competed in the First World Tournament in 1988.

Current Storyline  
Back after nearly a year out of wrestling to join forces with his brother-in-law Timmy Windham, and former family nemesis Mickey Benedict to run Hornet out of the CSWA.

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