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Pee Wee Troutman


5'6"    130 lbs.
St. Louis, Missouri

Setup Move:


Titles Held  
World Junior Title

Background Information  
"Pee Wee" Troutman has been an official with the CSWA for as long as records have been kept. At 5'6 and 130 lbs soaking wet, Troutman was never taken seriously when he applied to wrestling schools, and promotions. But, his love for the business wouldn't let him walk away from his dreams.

Troutman saw becoming an official as his only way into the business he's loved since a boy. Smitten with Carl Young's dramatic flair calling matches in the early days of the CSWA, Troutman dedicated his life to becoming Young's equal.

Along the way in building a stellar career, Troutman saw his dream of being a wrestler realized, as he wrestled a series of matchces for the World Junior belt in the mid-90s. A former champion, "Pee Wee" was forced out of action for good following a severe groin tear.

Over a decade later, "Pee Wee" is one the best. Still working. Still dreaming. As much of a fixture in Greensboro as Hornet, or Mark Windham.

Well, maybe not.

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