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Dan West

Professor Tremendous


5'10"    222 lbs.
West Newton, MA

Theme: "She Blinded me With Science" by Thomas Dolby melding into "Rockafeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim
Finisher: The Honor Roll
Setup Move: The MidTerm
Moveset: The Final Exam (an Inverted STF - Submission Finisher)

The Pop Quiz (a series of spinning heel kicks timed to hit just as the foe rises from the previous one)

Enziguri Kick

Top Rope Wheel Kick

An array of Suplexes (Snap, German, Straight Jacket, Butterfly, Dragon, Monkey Magic, etc.)

Sitdown Front Brainbuster

Wrap Around DDT


Violent Green Hold

Arabian Piledriver

Top Rope Rocker Dropper

Poke to the Eyes

Stiff Slap to the face


Titles Held

"UNIFIED* World Title" (Current)

2 x MBE World Heavyweight Champion, 3 x MBE North American Champion, 2 x MBE World Tag Team Champion (once w/ Star Rider, once with Tyrone the Tidy Giant and Allworld), MBE Extreme Champion, MBE Unified Champion, MBE Total Elimination "Sole Survivor, PBPro Global Tag Team Champion (w/ Mr Amazing), HLLUno Six Man Lucha Libre Champion (as El Tremendo #1), JoshiPro Womens World Champion (as the masked Madam Tremendaux),and that's not even counting all of the fake titles he has claimed to have held.

Background Information

The Good Professor is basically a self-absorbed, amoral prick. He considers himself the be all and end all of wrestling both skill-wise and intellectually; a trait which commonly ends up landing him in situations way over his head. But the fact that he is able to justify even the lowest of actions, as long as it benefits him, often helps him escape these exact same situations. Don't let the almost comedic levels of arrogance fool you, for underneath that exterior lies a highly skilled technical wrestler whose world travels have left him well versed in the American, Puroresu, Lucha Libre, Japanese Garbage Fed, and Martial Arts styles. Plus he is just damn lucky a lot of the time.

After several years of semi-retirement where he wrestled only ocassion bouts (mostly abroad), Professor Tremendous recently defeated Troy Windham in a match down in Rio De Janeiro to win the UNIFIED World Title and has dilligently been defending it around the World since that time (At least, that's his story, and he is sticking to it)

Other Info

Professor Tremendous is the founder and cult-like leader of TeamTremendous whose current roster includes such luminaries as Tyrone the Tidy Giant. The Olympic Silver Metalist All-World, Angleholic Anonymous, Tuss the FATSEXY Mark, The TeamT Midget, and a goat.

Also known as: Charles "Chazz" Tremendous aka Prof T aka The Good Professor aka The Extreme Technician