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And STILL Spelling Bee Champeen of the World



Simon Alex Theodore [S.A.T.]


6'1    219 lbs.
The Halls of Educated Minds Everywhere

Theme: Theme from "Bill Nye the Science Guy"
Manager: Olivia Geekman
Finisher: NERD'S RULE!
Setup Move: Kick to the gut
Moveset: Kick to groin
Short Arm Closeline
Flying Cross body Block
Charging knee drop
Running Bulldog
Thumb to the eye
Texas Cloverleaf
Somersault Plancha / Tope Con Helo
Snap Suplex
Reverse Neck Breaker
Figure Four Leglock
Rings of Saturn
Death Valley Driver
Liger Bomb
Flying Kamikaze Headbutt
450 splash
Greco-Roman Arm Lock
Gator Buster
Nerve Hold
Scorpion Death Lock
3/4 Ace Crusher Face Plant
Asai Moonsault
Flying Leg Drop
Crucifix Piledriver
Corkscrew Plancha/Moonsault


Titles Held  
Still Reigning 1970 Spelling Bee Champion

Background Information  
BRILLIANCE PERSONIFIED is the only available phrase to describe the "eager achiever" Simon Theodore.

His past is full of high's and low from becoming the 1970 SPELLING BEE CHAMPION to his father forcing him into joining the College wrestling team to quote unquote "toughen him up."

Never very fond of sports, except for the debate team, Simon found himself striving for excellence in the world of education mastering his craft.



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