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6'1"    234 lbs.

Theme: Yea. It'll be Mary Had a Little Lamb. F*** off and wait for it.
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Titles Held  
"The White Title"(Still held. Beat Andre The Giant, Bret Hart, and Triple H for it. Only took seven Smackdown Coins too!)

Background Information  
If you haven't guessed it by now, you're f---ing retarded. No, anyways, although you really are, let me enlighten you feeble minded fools on some s--- here. I was created, in a f---ing video game. It couldn't even be a good one, it had to be a f---ing Smackdown game. Do you know what it's like to spend your better years as a half ass pixel man?

Do you have ANY idea what it's like to look like a retarded clown on someone's computer?

So you're wondering how I got here, eh?

See, there was this pathetic excuse for a teenager, who decided to try and be cool. Instead of being his own kind of cool, he used his warped ass life to bring me to life. He threw on the white clothes, the mask, and he runs around now calling himself Starks.

F--ing pathetic, ain't it?

Get used to it. It gets worse.

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