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"The Standard" Lance Spencer


6'6"    279 lbs.
Albuquerque, NM, US

Theme: "Elite" by Deftones
Finisher: 1) Shackles of Despair 2) Suspencer
Setup Move: No specific move.
Moveset: > Modified Heart Punch
> Double Chickenwing Suplex
> Hammerlock Suplex
> High Angle Backdrop Driver
> Reverse Russian Legsweep
> Explosive Powerbomb
> Double Chickenwing (Submission)
> Double Chickenwing ---> Forward Leg Sweep ---> Submission


Titles Held

Background Information

- Trained under his father, "Old School" Mike Spencer, at Hell's Gate Wrestling Academy, which is known as one of the finest wrestling gyms in the United States.

- The CSWA Gold Rush match will be his professional debut.

Other Info