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"The Disease" Jay Smash


6'7''    265 lbs.
Long Island, New York

Theme: "Now is the Time" - Dope
Finisher: The Smash Attack
Setup Move: The Vitamin Jay
Moveset: 1. Belly to Belly suplex
2. Flipping Armbar
3. Snap suplex
4. Backbreaker
5. Flipping Neckbreaker
6. Shoulder-Back Breaker
7. Fisherman suplex
8. Jump Swinging DDT
9. Spinebuster
10. Triangle Hold

Original Moves
1. Smashed – (runs behind opponent, stops with a superkick to the back of opponent’s head.)

2. “No Hope” Leg Drop – (Smash springboards off top rope with a leg drop to opponent.)

3. Jay Locke – Inverted (Triangle Hold - spelled “Locke” after his wife)


Titles Held

XOW World Heavyweight Championship(2x)
EUWC United States Championship
EUWC World Heavyweight Championship(2x)
XOW Tag Team Champions (3x)
NeWave Intercontinental Champion
NeWave United States Champion
ICW International Champion
ICW Television Champion
XCWA World Heavyweight Champion
WWFWC Tag Team Champion
OCW United States Champion

Many Others in a lost title history list.

Background Information

"The God of No Hope" has struck the EUWC with the intent of "spreading the disease" and becoming one of the greatest superstars in EUWC history. Jay Smash’s life is quite a story, but it’s only a matter of whether or not you want to sit and listen…

Jay Smash, born Jameson Franklin Smash on February 16th, 1974 in Secaucus, New Jersey was raised by his father James Smash and mother Abigail Smash. Jameson was a very bright child, but knew very little about the world outside. He spent most of his time with his father, living a wonderful life, until his birthday on February 16th, 1979. On that night, Jameson lost both his mother and father in a car accident that shook the wrestling world. His father was legendary, and was known for defeating most of his opponents with what is now known today as the “Vitamin Jay”, a jawbreaker off the top turnbuckle.

After the loss of his mother and father, Jameson was left as an only child to his Uncle Michael. Michael was a wrestling trainer for the XOW, a wrestling organization which had its show of good times and bad times. Jameson watched his new family wrestle every night, learning all different styles of wrestling from all different types of people. Jameson went through High School as a lonely student, described by all of his teachers, never trying to gain a friend, and hating himself for the death of his parents.

Jameson went into amateur wrestling at school, and did very well. He was one of the smartest teenagers in his school, one of the brightest they had on the East Coast. After he graduated, Jameson followed his dreams, and took his father’s footsteps into pro wrestling. Jameson legally changed his name in order to forget his past, and start over. Jameson Franklin Smash became Jay Smash; Jameson Franklin Smash was dead. Jay Smash joined his uncle’s wrestling organization as Cobra. From ages 19 to 21, Jay Smash earned Tag Team gold with his partner Annihilator (now known today as Abe Smash). Jay Smash learned to wrestle even better as a Tag Team, until his good friend, his partner, his other half injured himself. It was during that time, Jay Smash went on to retain his tag titles alone for two months before losing them in a cage match to Demon and Brimstone. After that match, Jay Smash was introduced to Katie Locke by his friend Annihilator. One year later, Jay Smash married Katie and 9 months later Katie had a baby boy. Jay Smash continued to join several more wrestling associations and has won many tournaments throughout the entire world. With his family at his side, Jay Smash was on an undefeated streak.

At age 25, Jay Smash and his family moved to Long Island, New York when Smash joined NeWave, the federation that would give Smash a run for a his money. Smash went through so much pain, with more blood, sweat, and tears than he ever thought possible. It was at that time, that he began to enjoy the pain that came with it. Every night he wrestled, he would leave with bruises all over his body, but a smile on his face. When NeWave closed down, contracts to bigger wrestling federations began to come in the mail, on the computer, or even offers over the phone. He was wanted by half the world, but only one federation would gain a superstar with a soft spot for pain.

At age 28, Jay Smash joined EUWC. For several months, Jay Smash was once again on an undefeated streak. He became a United States champion, he won the EUWC’s Royal Rumble at Maximum Carnage by coming out #1 and lasting 63 minutes and 22 seconds. Jay Smash won a chance to fight for the EUWC World Heavyweight Title that night, and became a target to those who wanted to defeat the man that could not be beat. Jay Smash continued his winning streak, though losing the his Untied States title, without being pinned, he gained the EUWC World Heavyweight Title at Superiority. One month later, an injury changed his life forever.

Jay Smash lost his first match in the EUWC at Aftershock, after holding the World title for 28 days. He was defeated and put on the shelf with an injury to his leg. More than a year went by until Smash could walk with his own two legs. During this time, Smash was unable to take care of his wife and son, and he suffered the worst pain possible, when his wife and son were killed in a car accident that brought back childhood nightmares. Smash lost everything during the summer of 2005, and wanted the world to make sure they endure the same amount of pain as he has for the rest of his life.

At age 30, Jay Smash was back, and got his shot at the World title in two separate occasions; Ultra Brawl and Blood Bath. Jay Smash lost at Ultra Brawl only to come back to discover that loss was a sacrifice to become the “God of No Hope”. Jay Smash won at Blood Bath by disqualification, and did not regain the World title. One week later, Jay Smash disappeared. It is still unsure of what he was doing through the months gone, but at age 31, Jay Smash was not going to end his career there.

Jay Smash now lives alone in Long Island, New York. He continues to relive nightmares of his childhood, and most recent, the death of his wife and child. Jay Smash has only one thing left in his life that he has had all along… Wrestling is his life, and he cannot stop. He loves the pain, and wants more… He continues to fight to become that person he once was… Undefeated… a champion… “The New Disease” Jay Smash.

Other Info

Three strengths my wrestler has:

1. Talented in all areas and styles of wrestling. (Due to his childhood)

2. He is intelligent. A very bright individual.

3. Loves pain… makes him happy…. It gives him strength.

Three weaknesses my wrestler has:

1. Left quad Injury. Surgically repaired.

2. Old neck injury. Surgically repaired.

3. Mental state unstable (due to the death of his family)