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Malik Roland


6'4    290 lbs.
Brooklyn, New York

Theme: "Til the End" by Lloyd Banks
Manager: Not Appicable At This Time
Finisher: The Gore
Setup Move:
Moveset: List 6 to 12 general moves your character does; one on each line.


Titles Held  
sWc Heavyweight Championship 2x, LoC Team Champion, EdW Platinum Championship 2x (undefeated), iWEf Wrestler of the Year (2001), iWEf Television Championship 1x, iWEf Hardcore Championship, HcW International Championship 1x, XXX Tag Team Championship 1x (Undefeated), Plague Dementia Division Championship 1x (Undefeated, $250,000 'LoD Bounty', Held both Team Championships simultaneously, Longest reigning Team Champion in LoC History, & Longest reigning champion in any division, Undefeated in the history of EdW/eVo, etc.

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