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Gary Freeland

Nate "The Raptor" Redman


6'5    265 lbs.
Chicago, IL

Theme: "Smoke on the Water," Deep Purple
Finisher: The Dirt Nap
Setup Move: The Kiss of Death
Moveset: Mafia Kick
T-Bone Suplex
German Suplex
Guillotine Choke
Arm Drag into MMA armbar
knee bar
Fisherman's buster
Flapjack into powerbomb
Bossmanslam into backbreaker
back cracker
crossface strikes


Titles Held

FTWO World Heavyweight Championship
SCW World Heavyweight Championship
WXW North American Championship
PXW Tag Team Championship (w/ Iceberg)
GXW World Television Championship

28-6 Overall Record

Background Information

Nate Redman needs no introduction. He burst onto the scene in FTWO, posting a 28-6 overall record, with a nearly 4 month undefeated streak.

He claimed to have connections to the largest criminal organization in the US, the Outfit, which largely proved true. In a series of startling events, including faking the death of his partners in crime the Gravano Brothers, taking over the Outfit and convincing the Suicide Kid to join his criminal organization, Nate Redman captured the FTWO World Heavyweight Championship at their biggest spectacle, Apocalypse.

Redman had a short, but dominant, reign as champion before he suddenly dropped off the map. Shortly after Redmanís disappearance, a letter showed up at FTWO Owner Anna Lynn Brewsterís office saying that he has quit the wrestling business, never to return. However, this was proved a farce during his shocking return to FTWO during the War Games Main Event at Full Circle, surprising everyone by knocking out Jonny B and giving the victory to his archrival the Suicide Kid and his coalition.

It was later revealed to us all that it was Jonny B who had kidnapped Nate Redman and sent the letter that cost him his precious FTWO Championship. The two men had a showdown in the Hell in a Cell in what was one of the best matches in FTWO History. The controversial ending sends Jonny B into superstardom and Redmanís life and career into a tailspin. Redmanís whereabouts have been unknown for nearly a year and has just now come back to his home in FTWO, vowing to destroy what he feels he created.

Other Info

Style: Ground and Pound, Submission (resembles Taz, Kurt Angle) Ė Rarely goes off the top rope. Hope that helps if you needed more moves. Feel free to use my character however you see fit for this match. Interested to see what you can come up with. Appreciate the opportunity to compete for CSWA even if it is for one night, been a big fan for a while.