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'The Wolf' Mike Randalls


6'4    251 lbs.
Raleigh, NC

Theme: "In My Time of Dying" by Led Zeppelin
Finisher: 'Exit', 'The Devastator'
Setup Move: N/A
Moveset: Gunshot Chops
Leaping Roundhouse Kick
Various Suplexes
Various Drivers
Various Cutters
Space Flying Tiger Attack


Titles Held  
Unified World Champion
EN Champion

Background Information  
In the year of 1974, ‘The Wolf’ Mike Randalls was born, but his father’s life is where we should begin to understand why Michael lives with both a blessing and curse in his body. His father, David King was a highly-trained operative in the Vietnam War. The government won’t acknowledge what outfit, company, agency he worked for since truth be told, most of his missions were top-secret. A young man by the name of James Maurer, an Asian-American served with Randalls’ father.

Maurer and King were captured during the war and held captive for what King believed was 16 months. During this time, they were held in an undisclosed location never discovered by US forces. While there, King was turned into a lab rat – communist scientists from around the world working on a serum to enhance the strength of their guerrilla soldiers.

Something happened in King that he himself couldn’t explain despite all his years of training and acquired knowledge. He felt his body becoming extremely stronger and less receptive to the tortures of the Vietcong. Emotions that would trigger adrenaline were very powerful for David – when angry after the torture, he would describe in later journals that his bloodstream felt like it was coursing with hate.

But David knew he was getting stronger from the testing, and he knew the only chance to save his best friend James…was to continue until he believed he was strong enough to help them both escape.

On one fateful night, shortly following a 12 hour testing/12 hour confinement & torture, David King broke out of his cell, killing at least a dozen of his captors before setting the building ablaze and freeing his friend.

For 1 month, James and David had to survive in the jungle on their own – David breaking down several times, letting Maurer known what had happened to him…and how his body had changed. US Forces located the two, both men leaving a very important detail about their captivity in their reports and interrogations.

Once dispatched from the war, both men returned to David’s home in the Mojave Desert, California. David was ½ Native American and liked to live near his family. To make ends meet, both men started competing in a local wrestling promotion. Maurer was highly trained in Martial Arts, his father a member of the Yip Men and a Wing Chun Society member. King had wrestled in high school and the army on an amateur level – combine the duo’s military training and they were quite successful…eventually landing a job as a tag team on nationally traveling promotion.

David’s unmatched strength and stamina…which both men vowed to keep a secret, propelled them up the charts. On a tour of the southeast, David met two of his worst enemies. Booze and an attractive young lady. Mary Randalls was her name.

Three months later, a letter arrived through his company courtesy of Mrs. Randalls. She was pregnant and back then a white woman having a ½ blooded Indian in the Southeast while single…well, David knew she needed help. James agreed and both men packed their bags and headed for Raleigh, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, one year into their stewardship in a Mid-South promotion – David King was shot and killed by what some people believe was an angry promoter since he bet heavily against David and lost.

David and Mary’s baby, Michael was left fatherless at 18 months. On the way to the hospital, David made James promise 3 things.

-tell Mary everything about Vietnam
-vow never to tell another living soul
-and to protect his son

Once Mary dealt with this loss of her husband she became very afraid of her life. Without the protection of David she was open to the harsh society of the South. She quickly remarried a highly ranking police officer of her local town.

He turned out to be a very drunk and demented man. He beat Michael and Mary without mercy for 12 years. James pleaded with Mary to leave the man before something bad really happened, but she never would.

James did his best to start protecting Michael, training him in everything he knew from the Wing Chun Martial Arts to the amateur wrestling David had passed onto him. Michael grew rapidly physically and mentally with these teaching. Unfortunately, he still was not strong enough to defend himself from his stepfather…and Mary still told James to stay out of it, he wouldn’t understand what she would look like to other people.

As Michael hit puberty, his emotions were starting to rage out of control. His hatred and anger from the abuse was starting to overpower the teachings of Maurer. One night, Michael decided to stand up to his stepfather once and for all. He was beating his mother once again, so drunk that he dropped the liquor bottle and had blamed it on her. Inches away from digging broke glass into Mary’s face, Michael burst through the door.

There was a struggle.

Michael won by stabbing his stepfather through the kneecap with a knife. Police, paramedics, the media all arrived at once. A juvenile trial was set. His own mother testified against him out of fear of losing her husband. Only James testified on his behalf. It was agreed that Michael would have to be sent to a state psychiatric facility.

Michael spent the ages of 13-16 at the facility in solitary confinement, except for 3 days a week when James Maurer would have four hour training sessions with him. James finagled this through the judge, believing that Michael would still have a chance to become a productive adult.

Michael’s body still raged out of control – the decade of abuse from his stepfather not leaving his mind when he closed his eyes. He’d have violent, uncontrollable nightmares that required the hospital to strap him down and administer electroshock therapy. This increased over Michael’s stay, until the age of 16…

At first, Michael responded to the shock therapy but one year into his stay – they noticed his growing tolerance to it and felt a ‘special’ facility was much more indicative of this patient. Randalls was transferred to a top-secret North Carolina psychiatric hospital, where they heavily sedated him ½ the day while running grueling electroshock treatments at night.

They told James, they were helping control his nightmares when he visited twice a week instead of three times. When Randalls turned 16, scientists were amazed at Michael’s recovery speed and also very fearful at his growing anger with what they were doing.

Sedations failed.

Shock Therapy failed.

In fear, they released him out of custody…and into James Maurer’s…telling him of their tests and confirming his worst fear – Michael had the same blessing and curse as his father did.

For so long, James tried to control this in Michael…but when Michael walked out of that facility at 6 feet, 200 pounds of muscle – full of hatred and animosity…he only prayed his custody could alleviate this.

Two years went by James and Michael training more than ever, Michael getting accepted by the US National Team for Amateur Wrestling, 4th degree black belts…but Michael was using James, plotting his revenge on a world that tortured him without mercy.

Randalls nearly broke an opponent’s neck in an amateur contest, indefinitely suspending the young man from the US National Team and North Carolina State University. James saw no remorse, Randalls never had any. A verbal fight ensued between the two with Randalls packing his bags and breaking all ties with James.

He decided to fly to a world more suited to his mind. At 17, he flew to Thailand…and met the wrong people. A white kid in pit-fights was a sure massacre to happen…and that’s where the money was to be made. He was flown to Japan at 18 and started to wrestle…each physical, torturous night feeding his body and making it stronger.

In 1993, he returned to the United States of America and joined the SLWA and WCFW wrestling federations. Nobody in the states had seen anything like Randalls – the precision, the agility, the meanstreak, the bloodbaths. With a few titles under his notch, he ventured into the CSWA late in ’93 for a second tryout.

Within two months he captured the vacated EN World Championship and started calling out the Unified Champion of the *P Wrestling Circuit, Hornet. In his first title shot, he lost when Hornet cheated by electrifying the cage – do unto others as they do unto you, the fans loved it. Randalls wasn’t fazed and used his rematch clause one week later, destroying Hornet with the aid of Craig Miles.

Randalls was suspended by the CSWA three times from the years of 1993-1998, the first being the most important one. In between his first and second Unified Title reign, Randalls abandoned all titles except ‘the one’…but during that time a man by the name of GUNS had decided to challenge Randalls’ self-imposed throne on the wrestling circuit.

The war waged over several feds coming to a close at a special CSWA PPV titled “Apocalypse.” The main event would be an I Quit, Anything Goes match between Randalls and Guns inside a cage. In one of the most bloody matches ever witnessed, Randalls won by taking a wooden stake from a broken, wooden chair and driving into Guns’ kneecap while applying a Texas Cloverleaf known as ‘The Devastator’.

Randalls was banned in the United States after the match, leaving to continue his off and on again love with his Japanese wrestling outfits. But he hadn’t had his closure, he wanted to destroy the Unified Title and all that the CSWA represented.

He tricked Chad Merritt into letting him back in, by agreeing to lose a staged ‘I Quit’ Match to Guns. Randalls took the loss, saying the words and making the world believe he meant it. He dropped the nickname ‘Devastating’ Mike Randalls soon afterwords, as well as the television time he’d use to push ‘the darkness’ festering inside of him.

What came back was The Way and the ‘The Wolf’ Mike Randalls. The style wasn’t different, but rather than using a stake to end your career, Randalls would try and do it in the ring. He won the SWA World Title by breaking Scotty Michaels neck with a TR Piledriver. He ran Tom Adler out of the AAWC. In his third Unified Title reign, he tore Julius Godreign’s ACL with the new ‘Devastator’ (Bridging Cloverleaf Leglock).

In his 4th reign, the title was disbanded and retired. The politics, drama and rash of in-ring injuries surrounding his title matches drove the belt out of popular favor – the CSWA detaching itself from the committee and participation.

First Objective Complete.

Randalls walked into the CSWA in 2000 to try and complete his second and last, final objective. Take down the CSWA. He secretly contacted Hornet and Eli Flair, playing on their own frustrations with Chad Merritt and getting them to agree to join forces.

The Claimstakers were conceived.

Over two years, they waged war against Chad Merritt until they were broken apart in 2002 – Merritt bringing back Guns in desperation to take out Randalls, while Hornet and Eli Flair broke ties over their internal feud.

The future of the CSWA, though…had died. Eddy Love was never the same, nor was Troy Windham. Wicked Sight, Steve Radder, Alex Wylde, Cardigo Mysterian – the men who Chad Merritt envisioned as the future were gone.

The plan with Guns backfired as he didn’t chase after Randalls, instead starting ‘The Intruders’ who took off where the Claimstakers left.

In his own crowning moment, Mike Randalls had the opportunity to pin an unconscious Eddy Love and capture the CSWA World Championship. He forsaked the title, pulling out an electric razor and bloodying Love – then shaving his famous Ric Flairesque blonde locks. A DQ followed.

Steve Radder won on a technicality, but was never heard from.

Randalls had succeeded, but he felt empty inside. At a recent CSWA event, he had saved a baby which Poison Ivy cared after…stirring up emotions he hadn’t felt since the age of 12. His beliefs were starting to unravel just when his level of dominance was reaching a peak.

He left the CSWA after receiving a letter from his mother on her deathbed.

It was how James Maurer also nearing death, himself…found Randalls and told him the truth about his father, the truth about what’s inside his body.

Everything shattered in Randalls, his beliefs, his anger, his hatred…his mind couldn’t handle it. He attempted suicide after breaking a mirror in a motel bathroom and ripping the shards up and down his inner forearm. Paramedics arrived finding him in a pool of blood and shattered glass. He was DOA…or so they thought, when 13 minutes later…

His blessing…his curse…

He survived.

And he had to accept that everything he had done was because of his lack of faith and knowledge. That his anger was blind, his hatred made him weaker and confined the limits he could truly reach in the sport.

The traumatic experience left him completely broken. He had lived the last ten years of his life without remorse, regret or conscience…and it all was flooding in like an ocean being pelted by a meteor shower.

Those thirteen minutes were another story…

Those thirteen minutes was something he’d never forget.

Its where he earned his second chance…and now leaves him obsessed with Salvation.

The question is…can he do enough to attain it?

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