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Erik Zieba

'Good God' Kevin Powers


6' 10    312 lbs.
Chicago, Illinois

Theme: '(Can't You)Trip Like I Do' - Filter and The Crystal Method
Finisher: 1) Kiss the Canvas (Slingshot Powerbomb), 2) Power Extreme
Setup Move: Fallin' of the Wagon
Moveset: Chokeslam
Series of Punches
Series of Elbows
Powerzone (Sitout facebuster)
Last Call (Short Arm Lariat Clothesline)
Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker
Dragon sleeper
Snake Eyes
Guillotine leg drop
Jumping clothesline
Running big boot
Running DDT
Reverse STO
Jackknife Powerbomb
Walking Sidewalk Slam
Big Boot
Snake Eyes
fallaway slam
Swinging neckbreaker
Power Outage (Inverted DDT)
Stinger Splash
Frog Splash


Titles Held  
CSWA Tag Title x2 (First with Eddy Love then with 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe)
GXW Unified World Heavyweight Champion
MWC IC Title
TCW TV Title
HEW Extreme Title
NthWA World Title
NthWA Owen Hart Memorial Cup Tournament
EWO Tag Champion (With Poe)
SCW Television/Extreme Champion
SCW Tag Team Champion (With Poe)
SCW Unified Champion
SHOW Tag Champion (With Poe)
IOW Tag Team Champions (With Poe)

Background Information  

Other Info  
Overall style: Power/Hardcore/Submissive

Finisher name: 1) Kiss the Canvas (Slingshot Powerbomb), 2) Power Extreme

Finisher: 1) Powers picks up the oppoent in a jacknife powerbomb, but first drops him on the ropes. He then takes the momentum, turns around, and drives him into the canvas for the finish and win. 2) Just like the Powerzone except he sets his opponent on the top turnbuckle, climbs to the second, jumps back and hits the move.

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