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Those involving explosions, fire, blood and smoke...


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Sir Doobie Snacks

Craig Miles


6'3    241 lbs.
Seattle, Washington

Theme: "Machine Gun" by Jimi Hendrix
Finisher: North of Sanity
Setup Move: coldCOCKED
Moveset: MILEStone (Sitout Tombstone)

Spinning MILEstone

COCKring (Rings of Saturn)

TR Axehandle to Floor

KSZ taught Brainbuster

Reverse Side Russian Legsweep

Whiskey Plus Fire = DRAGONFIRE~!

Basic Suplexes (none of that German, Dragon, Tigger or Piglet crap)

Muhammed Ali Jabs w/ cigarette dangling

Blindside chairshots


Titles Held  
Unified Tag Team Champion
CSWA US Tag Team Champion
fWo Internet Champion
UWA World Tag Team Champion
UWA Us Tag Team Champion

Background Information  
Many have tried, many have failed...

Other Info  
Smokes Cigarettes often and wears silver sunglasses that see through the world, dammit.

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