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Mike Coxon

Classy Mike C


6ft2    253 lbs.
Manchester, England

Theme: "Begging You" by The Stone Roses
Finisher: Texas Classyleaf
Setup Move: Boot to gut followed by take down
Moveset: 1. Inverted shoulder breaker
2. Gutwrench suplex
3. Bulldog
4. Double Arm DDT
5. Fallaway Slam
6. Fisherman's Suplex
7. Pile Driver
8. Atomic Drop
9. Death Valley Driver
10. Flying Clothesline (From the Top Turnbuckle)
11. Spinebuster
12. Neckbreaker


Titles Held

EUWC World Heavyweight Championship
EUWC United States Championship
2x EUWC 52 Wild Championship
2x EUWC World Tag Team Championship (with Jaz Moundfield)

Background Information

Mike C joined EUWC in 2003 after 2 years in the wrestling wilderness. With past glories fast fading and personal issues rife, he was determined to get back on track and impressed early on with a strikng of victories.

However, after the failed "Round Robin Tournament" where Mike C was the only reputable competitor, he was told in order to move up the card a change of direction would be required. Mike decided to take the opportunity the board presented to him, and called up his friend Jaz Moundfield to form "The Dream Team". After winning the tag team titles in their second match at Blood Bath '03 from Samuel Roundtree and Buck Naked, the team went on to drop the belts to Shock Therapy on the premiere show of EUWC High Octane. The pair recaptured the belts at Maximum Carnage '04 and went on an impressive run, feuding with both The Dominion and The US Express and becoming one of the longest reigning Tag Team champions of all time.

When the pair lost the belts and Jaz sustained a back injury, Mike C continued his feud with the Dominion, this time with Evol over the 52 Wild title. Mike C won the belt at eXile, only to lose it at the next edition of Main Frame again to Evol, with the help of Krimzon Fury. A "Best-of-Five" tournament followed in what was one of 2004's hottest feuds. With the scores tied at 2-2 going into Summer Sizzler, where Mike C was able to reclaim the belt in a scaffolding match.

Classy held the belt until it's unification with the US title, which he went on to win from Samuel Roundtree at the second attempt. Classy was drafted to Main Frame, dropped the belt to Nero at Blood Bath '05 and left EUWC on amicable terms. However, when Matt Pickstock needed someone to help him battle Sean Taylor, Classy returned and shocked the world by winning a Royal Rumble match and earning a shot at Taylor's world title at Superiority III.

After 3 years hard struggle, Mike C was able to defeat Taylor with the help of Matt Pickstock and win the EUWC world title, which he held for almost 3 months before dropping the belt to Jay Smash.

Mike C remains the leading light in Matt Pickstock's Army and recently joined Empire Pro Wrestling, where he has formed a tag team with fellow Englishman "Yours Truly" Adam Benjamin. He was also a competitor in the TEAM Tournament of Champions.

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