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El Asso Wipo and Señor Bag of Crap


Mexico City, Mexico

Theme: Human Piñata - The Voodoo Glow Skulls
Finisher: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor.
Setup Move:
Moveset: El Asso Wipo:
Individual Finisher: The Courtesy Flush
---Lung Blower
Five Common Moves
- Various Luchadore Flipping, Flopping and Flying.
- Standing Suplex
- Dropkicks. Lots and lots of Dropkicks.
- Cheating.
- Running and Hiding.

Señor Bag of Crap
Individual Finisher: Santo Guano
--- Top Rope Flipping Neckbreaker
- More Generic Luchadore Maneuvers than you can shake newly passed immigration laws at.
- He cheats too, probably more so.
- Also runs and hides like a huge coward.
- Again, with the dropkicks.
- Armdrags and Armbars.


Titles Held

Titles? We don't need no stinking titles. Actually we do. Badly.

Background Information

The Mexican Toiletries were once lucha libre legends. Now, they currently work at the Casa de Comída, a large Mexican restaurant in Southern Los Angeles.

They no longer wish to work there.

An open contract means another chance to make a living doing what they love and, for once in their lives, gain a modicum of respect.

Other Info

El Asso Wipo
-5"10', 215 lbs.
Asso wears brown short tights with a white line that runs halfway up the ass from the bottom. His boots, elbow and knee pads are a faded yellow. Never seen without his mask, which is also dark, chocolate brown.

Señor Bag of Crap
- 6"0', 225 lbs

- Wears long yellow tights with brown boots, knee and elbow pads. Has "Bag Man" written in yellow letters on one leg, and a giant sack decal with stink lines on the right hip. His mask is faded yellow with an open top, allowing long, brown hair to fall down on his face.