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Kris Barton

Jacob McKail


5'11"    212 lbs.
Bronx, New York

Theme: 'All My Life' by Foo Fighters
Finisher: 'Fearless Freefall'
Setup Move: 'Fearless Facebuster'
Moveset: 'Intensity' - Vicious spinning spinebuster.

'Downfall' - Frog Splash.

'Fearless Flight' - Shooting Star Press.


Dropkick from middle ropes.
Twumbleweed Legdrop.
Legdrop from middle ropes.
Hurricanrana from top ropes.
High Cross Body from top ropes.


Texas Clover leaf.
Figure Four leg lock.
Cobra Clutch.
Fujiwara Armbar.
Reverse STF.


Spinning heel kick.
Bionic elbow.
European Uppercut.
Dropkick to the knee.


Reverse DDT.
Swinging DDT.
Angle Slam.
Fall away Slam.


Titles Held

GCW TV Title

Background Information

acob McKail went by some other name in some other wrestling organisation for the better part of his career. He was considered to be a clown, not a real challenger to the mid or even higher card, he was just someone the bookers used to entertain the crowd.

Then his wife was diagnosed with cancer and everything changed. He took time away from the wrestling industry for the better part of three months to look after his sick wife, but the cancer she had was terminal.

He was by her side right until the end and with her dying words made him promise to follow his dreams. She wanted him to follow his dreams of success within the wrestling industry. To be the best he can be. To stop being the clown of the show and to be a real contender.

He hasn't looked back since.

Now he doesn't much care about anything other than succeeding in the GCW, everything else he considers to be irrelevant and a wast of time - including backstage interviews and 'making friends'.

Other Info