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Mark McLean

"The God of War" Peter Lenex


6'4"    276 lbs.
Raleigh, North Carolina

Theme: "Burnt Offerings" by Iced Earth
Finisher: Eternal Darkness
Setup Move: Blach Haze
Moveset: Jumping Piledriver
Belly to Belly Suplex
Brainbuster DDT
Fisherman Buster
Death Valley Driver
Top Rope Samoan Drop
Downward Spiral
Gangsta Stretch


Titles Held

As noted above:
3x UWO World Heavyweight Champion
1x UWO Intercontinental Champion
3x UWO Television Champion
1x UWO Tag Team Champion
1x UWO Grand Slam Champion
1x ACW Champion

Background Information

He has been wrestling for 5 years, mainly within the UWO and ACW. Since the closure of both, he has been testing the waters in two smaller federations, the IWF and JWF, where he is currently undefeated in both.

In the UWO, where he wrestled for 5 years, Lenex managed to accumulate quite the success story, including
-3x UWO World Heavyweight Champion
-1x UWO Intercontinental Champion
-3x UWO Television Champion
-1x UWO Tag Team Champion
-UWO Hall of Fame
-2005 UWO Best Wrestler
-Runner-Up in the 2002 March Madness Tournament
-UWO Grand Slam Champion

He also fought a few months in the ACW where he defeated their champion to take home the ACW Championship. He has yet to win any notable titles in the IWF or JWF.

Other Info

He has shaggy black hair, grey eyes, and his face is scarred and burned from a past feud in the UWO.