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Kevin Kassidy Kenwright


6'4    245 lbs.
Harrison, AR

Theme: "Third Reich from the Sun" by Henzel und Gretyl
Finisher: WhiteWash
Setup Move: Hit out of nowehre
Moveset: God's Army General Suplex (Tiger Mask IV's Millennium Suplex)
White and Proud (Scoot Andrews' Force of Nature)
Hitler's Salute (Jun Akiyama's Sternness Dust Alpha)
Porch Monkey Swing (Alex Shelley's Shellshock)
Turnbuckle Bulldog
Modified Swinging Neckbreaker
Front Face Slam
Swining Neckbreaker
Shuffle Side kick
Right Hook
Triangle hold


Titles Held

RingRats Heavyweight Championship

Background Information

Kevin Kassidy Kenwright was born on the 2nd October 1984. He was the only child of Steven & Veronica Kenwright of Harrison, AR.

Kevin's childhood was pretty boring and uneventual. No mafia killing of his parents. No gang rapes. No full body burns. Not even a dead girlfriend that can be dragged out of the ground so someone can pretend to have sex with her in the ring.

He is a good, young God-fearing Christian. Sorry, let me say that again. He is a good, young God-fearing WHITE Christian. Being brought up in Harrison and with initials KKK, it's pretty obvious, Kevin and his parents were member of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

So, Kevin left home at 16 with the dream of becoming a wrestler. As an only child his parents supported him one hundred, but hoped he'd return to be a pastor.

Instead he finds himself on LoC telelvision with the capabilities of preaching to the nation about his faith. Will you listen? Of course you will. You want to hear him say nigger.

Other Info