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'Superstar' Vince Jacobs


6' 5"    250 lbs.
Hollywood, CA

Theme: 'Ring Superstar' a special SVJ remix by Cypress Hill
Finisher: Star Struck
Setup Move: Kick to the gut
Moveset: Falling Star - Sleeper Hold into a Inverted DDT
Superstardom - Corkscrew Plancha
Four Star - Standing Figure Four
Five Star - Five Star Frogsplash
Starburst - Brainbuster
Shining Star - Flying Guillotine Leg Drop from the top rope
The Reason there is a Show - Asai Moonsault into a Inverted DDT
Star Light - Dragon sleeper with body scissors
Stars in the Skies - Inverted spinning DVD
Ego Check - Quick Spinning Sit Down Powerbomb
Star Gazer - Shining Wizard
Superstar Kick - Superkick
The Ratings Grabber - Shooting Star Press [Can also be done from the inside of the ring to the floor]
A Stellar Performance- Choke Bomb
A Star is born- A Spinning Spinebuster


Titles Held  
WWFW No Holds Barred Champion
CWF Heavyweight Champion
BCWF Heavyweight Champion [Undefeated Champion for six months]
WCWF Intercontinental Champion (2)
ICW Heavyweight Champion
ICW Intercontinental Champion
RLO European Champion(2)
IWF Extreme Champion
IWF Tag Team Champion(2) (w/DreamMaker)
IWF Heavyweight Champion
CWL Heavyweight Champion
hWo Tag Team Champions (w/CJ Trenton)
fWo Internet Champion
hWo Heavyweight Champion
ACW World Heavyweight Champion

Background Information  
Living in Beverly Hills, California, Vince Jacobs has always had the best things in life. He went to the finest schools and wore the best clothes. So it did come to a surprise to his parents when he told his mother and father at the tender age of 14 that he wanted to become a professional wrestler. You can imagine the disdain his parents felt toward this particular choice of lifestyle for their son..

But his parents supported their son in everything he wanted to do so they weren’t going to stand in his way in this endeavor. Vince’s parents took Vince to several teachers to get him started in the business. Vince was a very quick learner because this was something he really wanted to do…

At the age of 18 Vince was introduced to Nick Tucker aka Nocturnal. Nick taught Vince how to hone his wrestling skills in the ring and hone his abilities outside of the ring. Vince listened to everything that Nick had to say because he knew how long he had been in the sport and how he was respected by some of his peers. After training for several months with Nick, Vince’s parents died in a terrible plane crash leaving Vince by himself. Vince was not going to let his parents down so he was more focused than ever before. He knew he had to make it in this sport not for himself but for his parents being so supportive to him even though they didn’t want him in the business.

Vince trained under the tutelage of Nick Tucker for 4 years until he got his big break in the business. It was at a show for a small promotion called GCF where one of the top wrestlers in the promotion was running late and they needed someone to fill in against the world heavyweight champion that night. So they asked Nick if this kid could work the program with the champ. Nick told the promoter that he would be very surprised at the talent that this young kid possess…

So the promoter took this unknown kid and put him in his first match in professional wrestling with a champion nonetheless. Needless to say that Vince didn’t win the match but he did give the champion a great match. He also earned his moniker that night that has stayed with him for years later.. “SUPERSTAR”…

Vince Jacobs showed the world that night that he was the next rising star in this business. Vince traveled all over the world wrestling for promotion in the US and Japan. In 1997 Vince came back to the states and met a lovely young lady named Victoria Deveroux. Victoria and Vince met backstage at a wrestling event. Vince knew right away that this was going to be the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. At that time Vince never knew that Victoria was a manager in this business…

Once Vince and Victoria became friends, Victoria started managing Vince. Over time Vince and Victoria started to develop a relationship outside of work. But last year Vince did the biggest thing in his life and that was marry his manager Victoria. Vince Jacobs goes anywhere in the world to perform for his fans that he calls his “Star Gazers” and shows them and people that haven’t seen Vince that he is nothing more than a “Superstar”..


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